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11 inventive ways to make $1000+ [starting this weekend]

Making money online is now easier than ever if you use the right strategies. We break down 11 different ways you can make $1000+ online effectively.
Feb 19, 2020 • 15 minute read
Updated on Jul 21, 2020 by Closed User
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Learn how to make at least $1000 onilne 

Maybe you've just lost your job, maybe you're stuck at home waiting for the CoronaVirus debacle to blow over or maybe you just need some extra moolah, the good news is that thanks to ever-evolving tech solutions, now it's easier than ever to start a successful side hustle.
We've come up with 11 highly lucrative methods for making $1000 or more online. It might take a day, it might take a single weekend, or it might take a few weeks but one thing's for certain, if you're hungry enough, it will happen.
Lets jump right in.

1. Funk up Linkedin profiles

Linkedin is a very competitive platform, with over 610 million active users, what could you possibly do to get yourself noticed?
The simplest (and sometimes most effective) strategy is to spruce up your profile picture. Almost all Linkedin users understand the advantage of a professional profile picture, but they either can't afford a professional photoshoot or just don't have the time for one.
This is where you come in.
If you're a skillful photoshop operator, you can approach Linkedin members and offer to pimp up their photos for a fraction of the cost of a pro photographer.
Most phone cameras produced some incredibly professional shots now, so you could get candidates to take photos of themselves on their phone and then send them to you for some magical editing.
Tweaking a few levels and applying some color grading is usually all it takes to complete transform an average photo into an outstanding photo.
If you charge $25 per photo, you'll only need 40 clients to make that sweet $1000.
Start by emailing your current connections, then when you're done, offer your services to new connections. Just make sure you notify them of your intentions in a customised invitation note.
To do this you will need to click on "add note" after selecting "connect"
linkedin personalized invitations
Here is a sample customized you can edit and use:

Hi [insert name],
I'd like to help you make your LInkedin profile more impactful. I'm a professional photo editor and I can profoundly enhance your photo for only $25 (if you don't like it you won't pay). Ask me how.
Looking forward to your reply
[insert your name]

By adding "...if you don't like it you won't pay…" you will create irresistible intrigue that will get most people enquiring about your services.
It's important to keep in mind that sending a single email is never enough. Most emails get lost beneath an ever growing layer of incoming emails, so you absolutely need to follow up via email if you don't receive a response within 2-3 days.
If you are a gifted illustrator, you can take things even further.
Having an illustrated profile pic on LInkedin is growing in popularity. This is common among marketers, advertising agencies, and even funky tech startups, so you'll need to target this demographic.
Here is an example of a powerful Linkedin profile pic transformation:
linkedin profile example
Linkedin illustration profile
For maximum effect, you should have a portfolio of previously completed work to show each potential client.
If you have never had any clients, do some prep work beforehand and create a portfolio. Choose 5 - 10 random Linkedin profiles and make illustrations for them. Then when you're done, you can email those people and offer to sell them their new pics (just make sure they're watermarked when you show them). That way you might even make some money from your preparation efforts.
Hot tip:
The best method of contacting startups is by looking up coworking space websites. They almost always publicly list all of the startups they cater to. Then it's just a matter of searching for them on Google and contacting them through their website
If you're not a talented graphic designer you can still make money through this strategy, simply outsource all of your design work to freelancers, and focus on just reaching out to clients.

2. Become an affiliate

This is a great option for those that have an innate gift for closing sales. Here is an overview of the process:
i) Find an affiliate program with high paying commissions
ii) Sign up as an affiliate.
iii) Create a landing page explaining the software in great depth and include your affiliate link in the call to action button.
iv) Contact prospects and provide them a link to your landing page to read more about the software.
Selling software you are most passionate about is best because selling it will come naturally, so if there is a particular solution you love using, check if they offer affiliate partnerships on their website.
Alternatively, here is a list of some high paying affiliate programs. Some of them pay up to $7,000 per referral!
If you've never built a website before, follow this checklist to learn the process. The great thing about setting up a website is that if it is SEO optimized, you will naturally start attracting website traffic free of charge, so you could literally be making money while you sleep!
After your landing page is complete, reach out to your target audience on Linkedin. Send a direct message summarising the software and leave a link to your landing page. Because you'll just be offering an opportunity to learn more about the solution on your website rather than instantly pushing for a sale, most of your leads will be likely to click through and investigate.
And if your website is designed to incentify conversions, most of your qualified leads are likely to convert.
If you're exceedingly successful, you could contact the software provider, show them proof of your outstanding sales record and request to be regularly sent a list of leads to follow up on. This will save you a tonne of prospecting time and keep those commissions rolling in at full speed.  
Now why is this money making option ideal for people who are particularly gifted at sales?
Because to be a successful salesperson, you should  always be willing to follow up with leads via a phone call. This is what will separate you from other affiliates, so on your website include the options for leads to speak with a 'representative' for more information. To book a cool, have them fill out a form with their contact information (phone + email).
If you really commit to this, you could grow this into a 6 or 7 figure business, simply hire freelancers to help you with the overflow of work (following up on calls, chatting with leads etc). 

Featured Work in Graphic Design

Portfolio item image
3D Product Modeling and Rendering
by chie77
Portfolio item image
T-shirt Design
by adingph
Portfolio item image
Customer Onboarding eBook Design
by contrivance14
Portfolio item image
Skull - Tshirt Design
by rezkifauzan98

3. Become an instagram engagement expert

The secret to naturally growing an instagram account with real followers is not the strategic selection of hashtags or even exquisite photos, the only method that works 100% of the time is engagement.
Engagement is interacting with other Instagram users, the best way to do this is by commenting on posts. Not with generic phrases a robot could emulate, but with sincere enquiries that actually relates to the post. This takes a lot of time (multiple hours each day) so most IG account holders, though they understand the importance of it, just don't have the time to do it.
Here is the complete step-by-step process to growing an instagram account with this engagement method.
Let's say you were growing the instagram account of a real estate photographer.

Step 1: Search for a relevant hashtag

A relevant hashtag to search would be #newhome.
If you can't think of a relevant hashtag, you'll find some great hashtag ideas if you click on a related post and peruse through their hashtags.
instagram post engagement

Step 2: Click on a relevant post

Not all posts are relevant to the hashtag, so you might need to choose the one that most accurately reflects your search query. In the screenshot above, all posts are relevant so we'll click on the first one.
instagram post engagement

Step 3: Engage with active users

Here is where the magic happens. You should target everyone that has commented on the post and liked the post because they are active users. 
To see the list of people that have liked the post click on "others"
Now, meticulously click on every profile, look through their posts, and comment on 1 or 2 (max) of them. Questions work best because they incentify engagement and make your comments seem more legitimate.
Here is an example of a great comment. It demonstrates the author actually paid attention to the post:
instagram post engagement
Why does this engagement strategy grow instagram accounts?
When you leave genuine comments like this, people are highly likely to click on your profile to learn more about you. If they see value in your posts, they'll follow you. If they want to learn more about your business, they will click on the web link in your profile.
So if a business gives you access to their instagram account, and you perform this engagement process, multiple hours a day, every week, you will significantly grow their Instagram followers and customer base.
To make life much easier for you, you should use software that allows you to access multiple instagram accounts from a single platform. Hootsuite is a great option that will allow you to service multiple clients.
Finding clients that would be interested in this is easy. Find the instagram account of businesses, click on the website in their bio and then submit a contact form request, or send them an email directly.
You need to cover three points when you contact them:
i) Tell them how you can help them.
ii) Explain why they should trust you.
ii) Let them know how much you will charge.
Here is a sample message for you to edit:

Hi [insert name],
I came across your instagram [insert instagram handle] and I noticed you only have [insert number of followers]. 
You're missing out on a lot of potential high quality followers and I can help you grow your account naturally.
I'm willing to put my money where my mouth is and discuss my proven methods with you. 
When is a good time for me to call?
I am based in [location] and my number is [insert your number].

Looking forward to your reply
[insert your name]

Be upfront about your location and don't lie. Businesses are most likely to consider you if you're based in the same country but there are many that don't mind, as long as your pricing is reasonable and you deliver great results!
Integrate the next money making tip to also include IG post creation as a service. Then you could potentially grow this side hustle into a successful instagram marketing agency

4. Create highly engaging Instagram posts

Most businesses don't have time to design creative posts, so if you can offer an effective instagram posting solution you will sell your services like hot cakes!
If you've ever watched someone scroll through their Instagram feed, you would have noticed how incredibly fast they move down the page. If you can create posts that will interrupt this mindless scrolling action, you'll have a unique sales proposition that clients will find irresistable.
So what kind of posts unequivocally attract attention?
Comics tell a story and stories are engaging. And because comics are hand drawn, these stories are the most fun to read.
This is why Gary Vaynerchuk creates his own custom comics to engage with this followers:
instagram post engagement
If you're a graphic designer, you can create these posts yourself, if not, just hire freelance designers to create the posts for you, and focus on managing all of the operations.
Because comic posts are so rare and require a talented hand to create them, you should have very little trouble getting businesses interested in your offering.
Here is a sample email template you can edit when reaching out to clients.

Hi [insert name]
I want to be 100% honest with you. Your instagram [insert handle] posts are not very engaging.
I want to offer you my help. I specialize in creating comic posts similar to those made by Gary V. They will significantly increase your enagments and blow your competitors out of the water.
Could I send you some samples of my work?
Looking forward to your reply
[insert your name]

Always, always, always, have a portfolio of previous work to showcase to interested leads. Nobody will hire you if you cannot prove your expertise. So either create some samples yourself or get designers to create the samples for you.

5. Branding for startups

Most startup founders are terrible designers, and because they assume it'll cost a fortune to get their branding sorted, they usually (woefully) attempt to do it themselves.
poor design
This is where your saving graphic design services come in.
Peruse through the public listings on coworking space websites, contact each startup and offer them a new logo design.

Featured Work in Website Design

Portfolio item image
Golden Domes - Landing Page Design
by meteh
Portfolio item image
E-commerce Website Design
by pilipenko2001
Portfolio item image
Website Design on Mobile
by asu5a0ae85373caa
Portfolio item image
Interior Studio Landing Page
by balasinski
You could even offer to have their logo printed on apparel and coffee mugs. Startups are always desperate to rep their brand, even in their sleep! Printful is a great print on demand service you can use for this and Placeit is a beautiful solution for creating stunning mockups. 
design mockups
You can even upsell your website creation services to them, startups are highly unlikely to have a website. If you aren't a talented web developer, outsource the work to freelancers and reap the benefits.

6. Photo editing for real estate agencies 

It's absolutely crucial for real estate agencies to have stunning photos to effectively represent the luxurious appeal of their properties.
if you peruse through a few real estate agent social pages and websites you'll notice that many of them use boring unattractive photos and videos they captured on their phones.
If you're a photoshop wizard it will only take you a few minutes to apply a beautiful color grading that will completely transform the photos.
If you're not a photoshop expert, that's ok, just outsource the work to photoshop designers. It'll also save you from having to pay the expensive photoshop subscription fees!
To maximize the chances of agents hiring you, take one of their photos and give it a complete makeover, then send it to the agent to demonstrate your artistic capabilities.
You aren't only limited to real estate agents, you can approach any business heavily depended on prestigious representation, such as restaurants, recipe pages, influencers, models etc.

7. Local SEO for businesses 

When you search a location based query in Google the top results are nearby businesses that relate to your search terms.
Here's an example:
local seo
Local SEO is imperative for all brick and mortar businesses, but most business owners don't know how to get listed in Google's local directory. 
This is where your expert services come in.
You can approach business and offer to do their local SEO for them. Getting listed in the directory sometimes only takes a few days so clients will almost immediately start noticing positive results and recommend you to their friends!
If you're not sure how to perform local SEO, you can learn all about it in our guide.

8. Write blogs for businesses 

If you're a talented writer you are an incredible asset for all businesses. To rank well in Google and to keep their followers engaged, businesses need to publish a regular stream of high quality blogs and articles. 
To find potential clients, search for a business related keyword in a niche you feel most passionate about (it will keep the writing exciting for you).
For example, if you are passionate about fitness, you could search:
"Personal trainer New york"
Then, keep searching different cities to expand your lead list.
For example:
"Personal trainer San Francisco"
Look through all of the websites listed in the results and contact each relevant business owner via the contact form.
If they haven't posted a blog in a while, you can point this out to maximize the impact of your pitch.
Here is an example email pitch:

Hi [insert name].
I noticed your latest blog titled [insert blog title] was published on [blog publish date]. I'm a professional blog writer and I'd love to help you publish blogs more frequently to help you rank well in Google.
I'm incredibly passionate about fitness so the blogs I create for you will have maximum impact.
My rate is [insert pricing].
Could I send you some samples of my written work?
Looking forward to your reply!
[insert your name]

You should do some prep work beforehand and have a portfolio of 3 - 5 blogs in that niche to send to businesses. Almost every business you contact will agree to see your sample blogs.
If a website you come across has no blogs, adjust your pitch slightly:

Hi [insert name].
Apologies if I missed them, but I did not notice any blogs posted on your website.  I understand writing blogs takes a lot of time and effort, so I'd love to help by writing your blogs for you.
I'm incredibly passionate about fitness so the blogs I create for you will have maximum impact.
My rate is [insert pricing].
Could I send you some samples of my written work?
Looking forward to your reply!
[insert your name]

9. Start a web design agency

Starting your very own web design agency is easier now than ever. Simply contact businesses with terrible looking websites (there are so many!) offer them an upgrade and outsource all of the work to freelancers. This will allow you to start and grow a successful web design agency with literally zero web development experience.
Here's how you do it:
Target plumbers, electrical and construction businesses, they usually have the least appealing web designs.
Perform location based searches for each industry in every city and contact as many as possible.
For example:
"Plumber new york"
"Plumber ohio" 
"Electrician boston" 
Here is a template you can use when contacting these businesses:

Hi [insert name],
I searched [insert Google search query] in Google and came across your website.
To be honest, your website isn't designed to maximize conversions and you could be missing out on plenty of clients.
My professional web design team can create a new website for you for only [insert pricing]. Most of your competitors have much better looking websites and they're stealing your customers.
When is the best time for me to call, to further explain how we can help you?
Looking forward to your reply!
[insert your name] 

When your orders start piling up flick over all of the web design work to freelance web developers.
But don't just stop at web design, you can upsell other relevant services like:
Local SEO 
All electricians, plumbers etc need to implement local SEO, upsell this package and outsource the work to freelance SEO specialists.
Logo design
If the business has a terrible logo, offer a new one and outsource the work to expert graphic designers
Content writing 
If the content on their website is poor, offer to have it rewritten and outsource the work to expert sales copywriters
You could even sell them an ongoing blog writing package. 

Freelance Experts

User Avatar
Flag of Om Infowave
10 USD / hour
5.0 (283 reviews)
Website Design
Graphic Design
Logo Design
Visit profile
User Avatar
Flag of Xportsoft Technologies
12 USD / hour
4.7 (258 reviews)
Website Design
Graphic Design
Logo Design
Visit profile
User Avatar
Flag of acepro
15 USD / hour
4.9 (788 reviews)
Website Design
Graphic Design
Internet Marketing
Banner Design
Visit profile
User Avatar
Flag of Designgot Agency
25 USD / hour
4.9 (653 reviews)
Adobe Flash
Website Design
Graphic Design
Banner Design
Logo Design
Visit profile

10. Close high commision sales deals

This one is different to being an affiliate. What you'll be doing is contacting businesses and offering to close all of their sales from unresponsive leads.
So you'll be contacting all of the leads that signed up to their sales funnel and convincing them to take the final leap and convert. Because these are warm leads that have demonstrated an interest in the solution it isn't that hard.
There are two reasons why clients will be highly likely to hire you:
i) You'll offer to be solely paid in commissions, so there's no financial burden on the client's behalf. If you don't close a sale you won't get paid.
ii) These are sales that the client would have otherwise completely missed out on, so they have nothing to lose and everything to gain.
Now here is where things get interesting.
Because these are sales that would have never occurred without your intervention, you could ask for a commision of 50%. The client is unlikely to have an issue with this distribution, 50% of something is better than 100% of nothing right?
To make this worthwhile you'll need to target expensive solutions. There are plenty of packages on the internet that are priced between $2000 - $10,000, so you could make anywhere between $1000 and $5000 from closing just a single sale!
Finding these high commision sales opportunities is not hard with some clever tactics:
Create a profile on
Create yourself a profile on Freelancer and market yourself as a sales professional. Summarize your sales expertise and clearly specify what sets you apart from other sales people (are there any special tactics you use, do you follow up via email as well as a phone call, etc).
With your profile set up, you'll be instantly available for hire to anyone searching for a sales professional.
Update your Linkedin profile
High quality sales professionals are in very high demand, so recruiters are always on the hunt for them. Recruiters perform most of their canvassing on Linkedin, they do this by searching specific keywords, so you need to make sure your profile is optimized for salesperson queries.  
Post an ad for high commision sales jobs
Many job posting websites offer a free posting option, and they get a surprising number of views. Post a job asking for businesses to hire you. Be upfront with your audacious commission requirements, but justify them with your expertise. Businesses don't mind paying top dollar for the best candidates.

11. Create a mobile app

If you've got a great idea for an app, it could potentially be worth millions. But if you're not a skilled app developer, that shouldn't stop you. Just hire a mobile app developer to build it for you.
You don't need to worry about anyone running off with your idea, you can get the developer to sign an NDA and your secret app will remain a secret.
Once the initial version of your app is built you can then start approaching investors to raise funding.
With enough funding you'll be able to hire staff and turn your once dormant dream into a reality!

Final thoughts

We're living in very fortuitous times. You can now start a successful business without leaving your room, while in your underwear even. Follow any of the above money making tips to make your first $1000 (at least!) online.
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