11 ways you can use Quotes to increase your income

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The new Freelancer.com tool “Quotes” helps freelancers sell more services and get more work. This negotiation tool allows you to send a proposal or quotation for your client to review and approve.

When to Use the Quotes Feature

Over time, you’ll find that using the Quotes feature helps you get more work in specific situations. These 11 opportunities are not an exhaustive list, but this is a good start.

  1. Rehiring for a New Project

  2. Upselling

  3. Avoiding Scope Creep

  4. Help Them Persuade Their Boss 

  5. Help Clarify Deliverables 

  6. Offer Complementary Services

  7. Pitch Different Services

  8. Bulk or Long-Term Pricing

  9. Just to Say, “Hey, I’m Still Here!”

  10. Dealing with Complex Projects

  11. Helping a New or Super Busy Client 

  1. Rehiring for a New Project

As you chat with a client you have worked with before, it can be a long and involved process to explain to them how to hire you again. Don’t settle for a milestone on an old project! Send the client a Quote, which creates a new project, then improves your general stats, and gets you a new review!

  1. Upselling

You may find opportunities to upsell the client on additional services as a project goes along. You can use the Quotes feature even before your current project is complete. So, suggest an additional service using Quotes to lend a professional edge to your add-on suggestions. 

For example, one Freelancer writing 6 blogs a month for a client used the Quote feature to suggest increasing the volume to 10 blogs per month. This Freelancer understands the value of persuasion, so they included information about how the client’s website was new, so the additional blogs would help SEO rankings. Of course, the client considers their Freelancer an expert, so they took the advice and now the Freelancer has 4 more blogs to write every month. A 66% increase in sales!

  1. Avoiding Scope Creep

You’ve had it happen. A client asks for something beyond the scope of your original contract. Sometimes it can be hard to know how to react. The Quotes feature makes it easy to clarify the new deliverable without upsetting the client. 

  1. Help Them Persuade Their Boss 

Sometimes the final decision-maker is not the one you chat with on the platform. You feel like you do a good job convincing the person you are talking to, but in the end, rather than giving you the job, they say they need to ask their boss. So, give them a proposal through the Quotes feature to help their boss know you are the right person for the job.

  1. Help Clarify Deliverables 

Sometimes the client doesn’t seem entirely able to clarify what they want. This is an ideal application for the Quotes feature. Outline the project as you understand it. Let the client know that each element is open for discussion until you finalize the project together. 

  1. Complementary Services

Many Freelancers offer a variety of services that complement each other. When a client only takes advantage of a subset of what you do, let them know all of what you provide by sending them a Quote. For example, if you create content for a website, offer your blog writing services. Or if you developed their website, suggest your SEO service. 

  1. Pitch Different Services

Some Freelancers offer a wide range of different services. When you work successfully with a client in one area, they already trust you. Ask about their company’s other needs. You might be surprised that many clients don’t know that Freelancers offer such a variety of support. Let everyone know about everything you do!

For example, if a client hires you to write a landing page, they might not be aware that you’re also a professional designer and programmer. And while you’re browsing through their website, you notice the website design is bland and unlikely to yield results. Let your client know that you can spice up their site to make a positive impression on visitors. 

  1. Bulk or Long-Term Pricing

The first time you work with any client, it is always a “trial.” It is not until they ask you to do something the second time that they truly become your client. If you have a client looking for long-term support, or bulk work, use the Quotes feature to outline how you can offer exclusive pricing. 

  1. Just to Say, “Hey, I’m Still Here!”

It is worthwhile to go through your inbox every so often to connect with clients you haven’t seen lately. Use the chat and a Quote to let them know you are thinking of them and you are still available to help. 

One Freelancer tells of a client who finished a project over 3 months previous. The Freelancer created a Quote saying, “The trend in your industry for 2022 is _____. Therefore, I suggest you add more articles to your site following this trend, along with the keywords _____ to increase the organic traffic for your website. I have researched the trend very carefully, and I’m happy to complete the articles for you.” Guess who has a job writing some industry-specific articles on this trend? 

  1. Dealing with Complex Projects

Sometimes a mammoth project involves several stages of focus and planning. The Quotes feature is ideal as you progress. It keeps each section in a separate chat and makes the milestones easier to keep organized. 

  1. Helping a New or Super Busy Client

The Quotes feature simplifies the user experience for the client, which makes it much easier for those new to the platform and super busy clients. No more explaining how to hire you or post a milestone! The prompts on the client’s end are completely intuitive. 

In Summary

Chances are you’ll find even more situations in which to use the Freelancer.com Quotes feature both on and off the platform. The Freelancers who are already using it find it saves time in negotiations and streamlines the hiring process. Also, clients love how quick and easy it is to hire Freelancers now, too!


Posted 16 March, 2022


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