2015 Content Marketing Trends

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2015 -- this year is going to be a year of new ideas and new strategies. This year will probably be a year when content marketing will become bigger than any other forms of advertising. Content marketing is definitely not a new idea, but two to three years ago, the marketing gurus thought it was not really important or relevant to their business. But as the popularity of Internet grew, they now know the fact that the traditional way of advertising and marketing is not going to be just enough for the business. Content marketing is a must for all brands in this age. The Guardian predicted that 2015 will be a year when content marketing will be even bigger. Even Forbes cannot ignore this trend now, and they are also talking about content marketing. Here are some content marketing ideas that will be big in 2015 according to major business websites:

  • Simple strategies
  • Social media marketing
  • Rise of content advertising
  • Engaging content
  • Search Engine Rankings

The most important part of content marketing is strategy. The marketing managers need to plan an idea that is clear and understandable for everyone. The more transparent and simple the plan the better it will succeed in market, so all the big companies have to come up with some new, simple ideas for marketing. This will be the main job for all the marketing gurus to create strategies with clear vision.

Social media will probably play even bigger role in marketing. Some companies are already using websites like Twitter, Facebook, and Google plus to market their products. In 2015, this trend will reach an all time high according to recent media reports. Today, all marketing heads know that social media is important too when it comes to right publicity. Content media marketing and social media marketing will be connected now. These two marketing strategies will be a very strong combined force.

According to recent media reports lots of companies already prefer branded content advertising than the banner advertisement which are still very popular. These banners of course play a big part in giving the visibility to the brand, but these days no content advertising failed to create much awareness about the brand in people. It is absolutely important for the marketers to create effective contents along with the banner.

Contents need to be effective and entertaining. If the public do not find the content engaging and it’s all about just the product or brand info then they will not read this. So we will see many more interesting contents from the marketers.

Another important thing will be search engine rankings, today no one calls anyone to find out about a product. They search the product on the internet. The websites that are featured in the first pages of search results get the most visibility of all. So SEO based content will be bigger than ever.

Some reports also suggest that this year will be the year where the customers will finally have a say in creating content of the product. The marketing heads know that if they do not listen to their employees and customers in a daily basis then they will never know what the people really wants, the power of creating content will be distributed among many sections.

Since the content marketing will become bigger the content writers also will step up. No need to create a story, just to the point engaging content that’s the brands want for them. Here is hoping for an exciting new year in content marketing.

Posted 21 December, 2014

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