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There are many ways in which you can improve your branding game. You can take a look at the emerging trends in logo design, and determine whether they can be effective in your line of business. You can study a specific string branding project to see what you can learn. You might also consider what this could mean for your business if you tried to improve, putting yourself in the position of a branding expert, even if the thought is scary.

Surrounding yourself with those who have made it big, both digitally and physically, can help improve your own game. Below is a list of design firms you ought to follow on Instagram to learn a thing or two. All these firms have either been recognized by the How International Design Awards, or the How Logo Design Awards for their identity design skills and brand strategy. We recommend anyone who wants to brand their business follow these firms for a constant dose of inspiration.

Spark brand

Instagram account: @sparksbrand.

They make brands not only meaningful, but also measurable and memorable. This company tries to find the connection between human emotions and branding. Spark works with their clients to create new experiences, with the aim of igniting an emotional connection which will move people to act.


Instagram account: @siegelgale.

Siegel+Gale is a global strategy firm that specializes in design, naming, customer experience, strategy, and research. The firm runs the motto ‘simplicity pays’, which is also their hashtag line. According to a recent study carried out by the firm, organizations that invest in simplifying their workplace tend to benefit from greater retention, advocacy, trust and innovation among employees.


Instagram account: @wearemucho.

Another Instagram branding pro we recommend you follow. With their main tagline being 'design with meaning', this firm believes a great design not only speaks to a client’s head but also their heart. If it makes them feel different, it’ll make them think differently too. Great designs make you remember and respond. The firm aims at crafting designs with sensitivity, precision, and intelligence.


Instagram account: @hyperquake.

A brand evolution agency whose main tagline is ‘Evolve or Fade Away'. Hyperquake champion themselves as the purveyors of brand integrity.

Hybrid Design

Instagram account: @hybriddesignsf.

Hybrid Design is a graphic design studio located in San Francisco. This firm puts the consumer experience with their clients’ brand first. Since the firm understand how much people love brands, they add story and meaning to engage their clients’ audience, regardless of the medium.

Studio Papa

Instagram account:  @studiopapa.

An independent design and branding studio located in Perth, Western Australia. The firm works on a wide array of project types and sizes for clients who dare and care to do things right.

Test Monki

Instagram account: @testmonki.

A creative Instagram branding firm that uses their powers for good to help your product or business look, sell, sound and smell better. Test Monki is an award-winning brand that not only specializes in experimental firming and strategy, but also designs that deliver unique brand experiences.

Design Ranch

Instagram account:  @design_ranch.

A nationally recognized design agency that specializes in corporate collateral and branding. This Instagram branding firm has been reinvigorating and creating forward-thinking brands for the past 20 years, even before Instagram was introduced as a social media platform. Design Ranch drive results with creative, sincere and compelling messages that are designed to establish brand presence, awareness, and mindshare brilliant enough to be taken to the bank.


Instagram account: @builtbycivilization.

Civilization is a design practice working with partners, causes and clients that share the firm’s commitment to promoting greater awareness in the world, and creating positive change.

Trüf Creative

Instagram account: @trufcreative.

An Instagram branding firm and creative studio located in Los Angeles, whose main obsession is designing better brands. This firm believes in sweating the details to see the big picture, thus putting in work that gets the brand design right.

Works Progress Design

Instagram account: @worksprogressdesign.

A digital experience and umbrella brand for nonprofit, technology and hospitality organizations that want to matter more. This firm was founded back in 2008, with the aim of creating a comprehensive approach to brand experience. This Instagram branding firm believes in building brands that build a culture.

John McNeil Studio

Instagram account: @johnmcneilstudio.

This studio is among the big fish in Instagram branding firms. The company itself is a creative studio with numerous talents including motion and image, innovations, technology, production, and design.

helium creative

Instagram account: @heliumcreative.

An Instagram branding firm and award-winning, brand-centric design studio you should be following. This firm is a concept-driven agency that is passionate about progress and whose employees give their head and heart to clients who are ready for change.


Instagram account: @duffydesignx.

Duffy creates designs that enrich everyday life. This branding firm builds brands for their clients that not only stand out but are also seen, felt and heard.


Instagram account: @noise13design.

Noise 13 is a women-led design and strategy firm. They believe any brand can become a lifestyle, including yours. Over the years, Noise 13 has been helping companies and individuals grow successful brands.


Instagram account: @landorglobal.

This branding firm prides itself in being a global leader in design and branding. Landor helps create agile brands.


Instagram account: @mightmain.

Another Instagram branding firm doing great thing in the branding and designing market. The company is located in Portland, Main. The firm finds its inspiration from a rugged practicality, which in turn finds beauty in honest simplicity.

Leibowitz Branding & Design

Instagram account: @leibowitz.

This is a full-service branding and design company that has taken its services to social media. The firm, based in New York City, believes that critical thinking fosters creativity.

If you are looking to brand yourself or your business through social media, feel free to contact any of our branding experts on freelancer.com.


Instagram account: @realstreetsense.

Streetsense is a pro branding firm on Instagram that will help you up your branding game. This firm offers its clients an experience-focused strategy, as well as design collective. The company prides itself on being able to connect with people on an emotional level.

Terrain Collective Inc.

Instagram account: @terraincoinc.

Even though this company is small, it is run by big creatives. Terrain Collective Inc. is also a pro branding firm that has delved deep into the social media marketing platforms.


Instagram account: @5ive_mpls.

A major league branding firm on Instagram that could help take your branding skills to another level. The company itself is a brand experience and innovation agency based in Minneapolis. This firm’s main aim is to invent, develop and resolve thoughtful brand experiences.


Instagram account: @latitudeelevates.

Latitude aims at elevating brands and humanity through design and experience. This pro branding Instagram firm is definitely worth following.


Instagram account: @thoughtmatter.

A big player that has amassed a huge following on social media, specifically as an Instagram branding firm. It is a branding studio with an artful perspective... which also happens to be its hashtag line.

Jones Knowles Ritchie

Instagram account: @jkrglobal.

This branding design agency has been in operation for the past 27 years. The firm believes in regular social media activity, big ideas, and small egos.  


Instagram account: @st8mn.

An Instagram branding pro located in Nashville. This branding firm boasts of a laid-back company culture, coupled with powerful design chops.


Instagram account: @ustwo.

This digital product studio has worked with big brands such as Ford, Google, and Adidas. Their Instagram presence is surprisingly personal, and is worth a look.

Martin Agency

Instagram account: @martinagency.

This company has worked with a wide array of clients including Oreo, Geico, and Chevrolet. It is also among the top creative agencies to follow on Instagram.


Social media has grown to become a powerful tool for smaller companies looking to build their brands. With big branding pros on Instagram, you can borrow tips on how they establish themselves by following any of them for inspiration.

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Posted 27 November, 2017


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