5 Tips for Startup Success

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Sometimes, beginning can be the hardest part for entrepreneurs. You’ve got one great idea, but resources, people, products, and a lot of other factors have to be made from scratch.

There is no guarantee to sureball success, but there are always guidelines. Here are some tips if you’re just a rookie in the business world.

Build an online presence.

This is the biggest aspect a startup can never overlook. There are two things to remember: (1) you should create a website and (2) be present on social media. Needless to say, your website is your business portal, and your social media channels are your way of interacting with consumers.  A website alone isn’t enough, as well as traditional marketing efforts. Being present on channels like Facebook and Twitter allow you to better connect with a huge herd of customers, and acquire and retain them.

Keep up with the competition.

Even if you think your product is the first of its kind or something never heard of, it never hurts to be a devil’s advocate. Scrutinize aspects for improvement, scour the market for products and services that’s relevant to yours, because you just might stumble upon something useful to you. Keep an eye out for the latest trends--in technology, design, and other similar industries and see how you can rise above it or integrate it to your business concept.

Be open to advice.

Any piece of advice can be completely wrong at one point then be completely right all of a sudden. You don’t want to be a Ron Wayne--the guy who sold his Apple shares for $800 in 1976. He missed out on an approximated $35 billion. Consult as many professionals as you can, be open to opportunities, but be wiser and more critical. You don’t want a goldmine investment gone to waste, or you losing all your money in false hope.

Establish short term and long term goals.

Successful startup entrepreneurs say building a business is more like a marathon, not a sprint. At face value, you’d take that as preparation and a continuous effort, so the idea of giving up should always take the backseat. But more importantly, that means establishing short and long term goals. Short term goals should lead to long term goals. And just like preparation for a marathon, don’t forget to have fun and take care of yourself. How else are you going to run your business when you’re all sick and burnt out?

Delegate jobs.

As the head of potentially something big--a graphic design firm,  a Web solutions company, or anything in those ranks, you should realize that you can’t do everything on your own. In cases like these, you have to learn the difference between working harder and working smarter. Allow a freelancer’s expertise to assist you in various fields. Also, surround yourself with people you see yourself working with for the long haul, while at the same time seeing how you can get immediate and actionable results from them to ignite your startup to success.


Posted 24 September, 2015

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