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With the current technological trends, there has been a significant shift in the manner which companies and brands use social media platforms. Although community building and brand awareness are essential, they are no longer the focus of social media marketing. As brands employ the use of social media teams and highly sophisticated tools, the opportunities available continue to increase.

For any marketing campaign to be successful, your brand has to leverage on social media platforms and learn industry best practices. This allows you to achieve the most value from your marketing ventures. Alongside SEO and link baiting, another effective way to improve your social media marketing efforts is to focus on influencer marketing. Influencers are individuals on social media who have a large following, and have the ability to wield authority over a specific sphere of influence. The biggest advantage of using influencers is that your content automatically becomes available to a wider audience, and even to those who don’t follow you directly.

How to Get the Most Out of Influencers

By placing emphasis on influencer-targeted content, you will be able to augment your reach and viewer attention, as well as earn links that boost your search engine rankings. This is important in SEO campaigns because it spreads your content to the relevant audience. If generating influencer-targeted content feels like a challenge to you, do not hesitate to enlist the services of professional freelancers from For an SEO campaign to be successful, you have to concentrate on building three types of links, such as:

Links from high-domain authority sites

These links direct to any page on your site including internal pages, your homepage, news section or blog. High-Domain Authority sites are those that have a large following and thus, more authority and influence. When such pages link to your site, viewers will give your site the same level of significance.

Links from similar sites

When many sites bear the same content link to your site, you automatically have significant authority within that particular topic. This gives your site higher rankings in search engines such as Google, and more authority in your sphere of influence.

Links to specific pages with high-value keywords

Unlike the first two that are people-centered, this focuses more on improving the individual rankings of any URL used. The keywords used should link to a particular anchor text within the targeted pages.

By focusing on influencers, you are able to get more links from other sites, as well as those from high-Domain Authority platforms. It is important to note that although there are many different types of influencers, their main goal is to generate interesting content. Some of the common expert influencers include authors, bloggers, conference organizers, content marketers, editors, journalists, and researchers among others. In attempting to create quality content, influencers need several resources that fill gaps in information.

Filling the Gap in Influencer Resources

By filling the gap in influencer resources, you will be able to attract more of the seasoned ones in the industry. This can significantly contribute to the success of your influencer-targeting campaign and SEO strategy in general. If  you face difficulty in creating a workable plan, contact a freelancer specializing in SEO to guide you through the process.

When trying to rouse the interest of social media influencers, focus on the following gap-filling components:

Data analytics

This mainly involves the provision of relevant data and statistics required to both challenge and support assertions and arguments. It also lays the foundation for industrial coverage, and progression through different steps. Statistical data and information is critical, as it is applicable and easy to cite. This data attributes to you as the original creator or collector, and is unique in various circumstances.

Therefore, as the editorial creator of such statistics, it is necessary to make yourself visible to the people looking for you through the information you provide. This means you have to use industry-specific terms such as "charts" and "data" to ensure you are easy to find online. This can be quite challenging because according to your keyword research, the number of people searching for such information is relatively low. It is, therefore, prudent to enlist the services of an expert in the field, ensuring your analytics are relevant.

It is important to understand that this data influences driving brand success and conversion. Leveraging on statistical data allows you to understand the significance of optimizing the reach, and overall impact of your campaigns on social media platforms.

Visual content

Using visual content is an essential part of an SEO campaign, because it adds interest to your content. Through the use of attractive and eye-catching content, you will diversify your content and encourage people to go deeper, especially if you are focusing on written content. The most common categories of influencers that use visual content are bloggers and content marketers.

However, most of these individuals do not have the resources required to generate original content. They will often use visual content from sites such as Pinterest, SlideShare, Instagram, Flickr, and Google, and then link to the source or give credit.

Addressing the needs of influencers, looking for authentic and relevant visual content allows you to interact with them, thus recognizing you as their preferred source in such cases.


Also known as contrarian opinion to prevailing information, it allows you to fill the gap between expectations. This is because many individuals don’t just want to hear what people know, they also want the opposing views. Both contemporary content and journalism focus on providing two perspectives to any issue - the good and the bad. By acting as a trustworthy source of information that challenges conventional wisdom, you can attract more influencers. It will also let you bring in more viewers, as it is an effective method of link baiting.

Providing counter-opinions works better in conjunction with comment marketing. On social media platforms, comment marketing involves building a brand that is popular for providing contrary opinions. Therefore, most influencers will consider you as an authoritative source of counter-opinions on a particular topic. This means the influencers will also be able to direct any potential readers seeking such information to your site.

By implementing the above strategies, you will be able to reach a wider audience and earn most of the links that improve your SEO rankings through selected influencers. The influencers you choose to work with will also affect the keywords and phrases used on your site, as well as the growth of your general Domain Authority.

In the most basic sense, a social media platform enables you to interact closely and discover relevant influencers within your niche. These influencers then go on to become advocates and ambassadors for your brand or business. It is advisable to not only place emphasis on influencers who augment your relevance, but also those that boost your revenues. This is achieved by developing an efficient framework for converting engagements between your brand influencers and viewers into strong leads that eventually become customers.

Final Say

Generating influencer-targeted content is an effective way to increase industry coverage, link building, and user engagement. By developing appropriate links, your content permeates to a larger audience, thereby increasing the rate of conversion. This lays the foundation for any successful SEO campaign. It is important to note that the success of your SEO activities does not depend solely on the reach achieved, but also on the type of impact these activities have on the objectives of your business.

The selected influencer needs to be someone who is interested in your brand. The more interested they are, the higher the probability of engagement. Failure to do this will result in the downfall of your SEO campaign and brand in general. This is crucial because engagement can provide meaningful social insights and patterns, thus affecting your brand one way or another.

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Posted 21 September, 2017


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