Five Features of a Good Project Proposal

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On, writing a winning bid calls for creativity and a proper understanding of the client’s requirements. A great proposal can move your career to the next level of success, as it can help you stand out from a gazillion of other interested—sometimes equally or even more qualified—individuals who are bidding on the same project. Unfortunately, not all superbly crafted proposals win, mostly because of the price. When the bid price and competition is low, some scantily written bids are still likely to win. 

Good project proposal

Hundreds of projects are posted on the site every minute, and you're going to want to reduce the risks and improve your chances of winning. The rule of the game is that you lose some, and win some. But for the times that you do get lucky, focus your efforts on impressing the client. If things don’t go your way, find out what you might have missed and try to improve on your future efforts. Here are five important features of a good project proposal.

1. Compelling Content

Your bid is the initial contact you have with the client. Therefore, try to wow them with compelling content, and give a lasting impression. You should indicate how the work will be done and stick to the project requirements. Clearly define your areas of expertise, share your portfolio, and give them a feeling that you know what you are talking about. Note that some lazy competitors don’t even bother adding a proposal to their bid, so this is an added advantage.

2. Flawless Language

Assume the position of a client – will you consider a proposal dotted with spelling, grammar, and other language-related flaws? In as much as some technical jobs may not require language prowess, at least make an effort to write decently. This is also important for project discussion because dealing with language barriers can be quite the challenge.

3. Client-Focused


It is a competitive world, and everyone wants to place and win as many bids as possible. It is unfortunate that there are more freelancers searching for jobs than employers. In this regard, you should try to customize your proposal to suit every client. Generic bids are mostly ignored as some employers place caveats within the project, asking bidders to include some specific details, which are then used to weed out individuals who don’t bother reading. Also, be human and start your proposal with a salutation.

4. Pricing

You may have fifty years of experience, handled more than a thousand similar projects before, and have a masters degree in the relevant field. Congratulations on your life achievements! Unfortunately, not many people will pay attention to your qualifications if you quote way above the proposed budget. On the other hand, you might be showcasing your desperation and telling the client you don’t care for quality if you bid too low. Unless the project is sealed, compare the prices of other qualified bidders and be strategic. Don't bid too low or too high. Note that some employers don’t mind paying a premium for quality work; it depends on how you package your proposal and trigger negotiation with the client.

5. Brief and to the Point

A project proposal on an outsourcing marketplace such as is not a chance for you to share your memoir or request for donor funding. Say as much as you want to say about yourself in just a few sentences; a paragraph is long enough. You can then request the client to contact you on chat for more details. Reading long essays may be overwhelming, considering that some projects attract hundreds of bids in minutes.

Your success as a freelancer actually depends on the quality of the proposal and your commitment to meeting clients’ requirements. You should take every detail very seriously if you want to succeed. Happy bidding!


Posted 18 June, 2015


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