Freelancer Friday: Laxman Kafle

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Name: Laxman Kafle
Freelancer Username: niwomb1
Location: Kathmandu, Nepal
Member Since: April 2011
Skills: YouTube Marketing, Social networking, Internet marketing, Social Media Marketing


What are the things that make you happy as a freelancer?

I have always wanted to freelance, and when you are able to do what you’ve always wanted while being paid, then there’s nothing better. For me, that’s my greatest achievement, and I am happy.

What are the most challenging things in freelancing?

Bidding is the most challenging part of freelancing. You have to bid with the most competitive freelancers worldwide and stand out in order to win a project. It’s also difficult and challenging to trust when working online. I have had some experiences of being economically bullied and being unpaid even after completing projects. So it’s best to be careful and choose projects only from trusted employers.


What’s your strategy in winning a bid for a project?

When bidding, I assure potential employers of the quality of my services and a money back guarantee if I fail to complete projects on time.

Do you prefer working individually, or with a team? Why?

I prefer to work individually so I can work at my own pace – as the word “freelancing” suggests!


If you could describe your freelancing experience in one word, what would it be?


What does it take to be a successful freelancer?

To be successful, you need to commit to delivering quality service, have enough patience, and of course, the power to persuade!

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