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Google is a multinational search engine organization that recently released a how to hire an SEO video. Today, many content writers depend on search engine optimization to improve their search rankings on Google. Google's advice on this subject should be accepted as genuine and worth listening to. Judging by the success of Google, many content creators are bound to learn and succeed from practicing the tips provided in the video, making it a must-see for people searching for an effective SEO consultant. It can also help existing SEO consultants to improve their skills.

SEO is not black magic

According to Maile Ohye, a tech lead in program development at Google, there is never a shortcut in securing high site rankings using SEO. It’s the quality of the website or business that determines the success of SEO. Many people who had the notion that SEO is black magic should instead focus on improving their SEO in order to propel the website to greater heights. Success will not happen overnight - it needs a lot of work to lay a strong foundation, so beware of people who promise instant rankings. These people are likely to produce bad results, or no results at all, and may conduct questionable practices on the website which will end up damaging its visibility on search engines.

For long term success in SEO, you should understand there are no quick fixes which can propel the website to number 1. Effective SEO looks into improving the website to ensure it ranks appropriately. Optimizing a website is a broad process which requires determination, skill, and patience. Good SEO should pay special attention to enhancing the searcher experience from the moment someone spots the site, to clicking on search results, landing on the site, and converting leads into customers.

Good SEO, according to this video, recommends the best process for a search-friendly website. This will include basic procedures such as descriptive page titles for small business blogs. More complex procedures include language markers for multi-lingual international sites. SEO should ensure visitors get a good experience regardless of whether they use a computer or a mobile phone. The responsibility of increasing organic traffic towards a site lies with SEO.

How long does it take to get results from SEO?

According to Google, it takes between 4-12 months to see notable results from SEO. This estimate is practical, although many potential clients anticipate results sooner.

Maile Ohye further reinforces the need for SEOs to back their recommendations with a documented statement from Google. It is important to request videos, articles, or Googler responses that highlight any issues, and how to resolve them, in order to optimise rankings. This prevents an organization from hiring a bad SEO who may give poor recommendations such as buying links, or increasing the number of keywords in a Meta tag. Google is very clear when it comes to these options, and warns that such measures do not result in high website rankings.

Concentrating on the best approach to improve SEO involves doing the best for the customer. Some of these good practices include making the website mobile friendly. This is especially important in this era when people are increasingly using their mobile devices to access the internet. In addition, people can incorporate efficient navigation within the website, and ensure they have a great brand. Improving SEO includes being able to meet some of the technical debt the site may have, such as investing to improve the site’s infrastructure to make it implement features faster. This video is a must-see for local businesses seeking to increase their online presence.

How to Hire an SEO

1.   Conduct an interview with the potential SEO

A good SEO focuses not only on the search engine ranking but how they can improve the business. They should be able to raise questions to help them establish how to achieve positive results. They will want to find out:

·         What it is that makes the content, business, or services so unique that customers would find it valuable? This information is essential and should be included on the website for all to see.

·         What do the company’s target customers look like, and how do they find the website?

·         How does the business currently make money? Can SEO help it make more money?

·         Does the company use any other social, or offline channels for advertising?

·         Do you know your competitors, and what they do both offline and online?

If an SEO shows little interest in wanting to understand what the business does, it is better to look around for someone else. Success in SEO cannot be achieved without understanding the business customers, goals, and the efforts already in place.

2.  Check references

Establish past clients the SEO has worked with. Try to find out about their experience and how efficient they were. Did they interact well with employees? Did they provide effective guidance? Were they comfortable to work with? Did they incorporate long term measures? Did they educate the staff on the effective operation of search engines?  Good SEOs should be people who focus on the overall success of the business.

3.   Request a search and technical audit

Provide a restricted view of the company’s analytics data, and Google search console data. Small businesses can request an audit, and recommendations for what should be done to improve the website. Larger businesses can hire different SEOs to suggest improvements and compare their recommendations. This enables them to find out the most competent SEO they would be most comfortable working with.


Components of the Audit Structure

The audit structure should contain the following

·         The issue

·         The recommended improvement

·         An estimation of the whole investment in money, time, and energy it will take the developers to effect the improvements. This should include the time it will take for customers, Google search, and researchers to notice the improvement

·         The anticipated positive business impact

·         A strategy on how to improve and iterate on the implementation, and how to carry out an analysis should the results be below expected standards

Maile Ohye indicates that funding the audit services is essential to determine the best SEOs available. Custom search and auditing takes time and requires a qualified and experienced SEO specialist. Be very careful with those who offer free audits. They are likely to do a shoddy, unprofessional job by running the site through an automated program to produce their reports. Good SEOs strive to prioritize on ideas that bring the most improvement to the business. Of course, long term improvements take time to implement.

4. Decide whether or not you want to hire

Individuals should engage the entire workforce when hiring an SEO analyst. This encourages active participation, contribution, and cooperation to optimize the likely success of any potential improvements. Google’s Ohye concludes by noting the biggest hurdles to SEO improvement may not be the SEO’s recommendation, but the business taking a long time to implement their suggestions.

Currently, technological advancements have revolutionized the way people do business. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the future of any business that strives for great success. Following the above tips offered by a giant SEO organization is a sure way to ensure future success in business.

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Posted 6 September, 2017


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