How to Make It Up to Your Employer After Screwing Up

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So you screwed up. What do you do?

You know what they say, “fall back seven times, get back up eight”?

Mistakes come with any career. Some people shrug it off while others get eaten up by anxiety. Well, for starters, chill out. When you make a mistake, the first question that should come into mind is HOW TO FIX IT.

We listed 3 simple steps to resolve your work blunder and make sure you get back on your feet.

1. Don’t panic -- and fix the issue ASAP.

It’s so easy to slip into panic when you made a mistake, but trust us, you can safely skip that step and take responsibility. You don’t want to look too worried and pass on the stress to your employer. Don’t over apologize either. Get the issue under control and make sure your employer sees you got this.

Now, breathe in, then breathe out. Identify the source of the problem and see if it’s a quick fix. If not, then explain yourself and get an action plan ready to straighten things out. How are you going to fix the problem and when can you accomplish it? Keep your employer updated.

2. Maintain credibility.

You’re a professional and you know your worth. The last thing you want to happen is for your employer to discredit your skills and capabilities. Make sure this doesn’t happen by delivering top-notch work or more than what is expected. Prove that you are bigger than your mistakes and you only learn and improve from them. Show that you’re worth it and believe that you are.

3. Rebuild your client’s trust.

What could your employer want with the project that you did not include in your milestones? Think of something more you could do. Go the extra mile and impress your employer with the abundant talent that you already have. This shows your willingness to make up for your blunder and your capacity to do so. Hopefully, this wins your employer’s trust back and even consider to hire you for another project.

The worst-case scenario is you losing the chance to get re-hired, but, don’t set your sights on that. Be positive and stay in command. This is your freelancing career and you have to stay focused on your goals -- despite hiccups along the way.

All the wrong turns lead you to the right one. Don’t get derailed even if you think it’s a major setback. Get back on track and learn from it.


Posted 23 June, 2016

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