Paving the Path to Success: Habits to Cultivate as a Freelancer and Employer

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We know the path to success isn’t an easy one, whether you’re a lone ranger in the freelance industry or a starter in the business world. And while you’re at it, it helps to hear the right words so you can take the right routes that will eventually lead you to success.

Dream big.

Dreaming is free, and if you’ve got a vision, set it into action. Ideas that haven’t been heard of, when turned into reality, may make out to be one of the biggest accomplishments of all time. Henry Ford, founder of Ford Motors, had a vision at a time when most people thought they only needed a faster horse. He had a brilliant idea, and invented the car. While necessity is the mother of invention, an exceptional mind also works. So get out there, be inspired, and be the the inventor of something life-changing.

Take calculated risks.

There’s a difference between being critical and being judgmental of your idea or your work. Being critical means seeing the pros and cons and strengths and weaknesses, seeing areas for improvement, and potential for greatness. Being judgmental is being hypercritical, and can be deprecating and disparaging of possibilities. Tip: act more--and judge less. But definitely assess your ideas and your work. How can it be a game-changer in the industry, and how will it pit against competitors in the future?

View failures as challenges.

Failure is just a matter of perspective. Listen to scientists when they say experiments only have results. That is a fact. Labeling a result as a failure is okay, just as long as you don’t quit on it until it becomes a success. Remember Thomas Edison when he said he didn’t fail but just found 10,000 ways that won’t work? It’s really just a matter of perspective. Plus, great things take time. If success were easy, everyone would succeed.

Hear what people have to say.

Bounce off ideas not only from like-minded individuals and professionals, but also your target market. What would a genius do? And just as important, what does an average person have to say about your idea? Never be closed off and seek singular advice from the same crowd, because sometimes, the best ideas can come from random people and situations.

As a starter in the business world or a newbie in freelance industry, make sure you cultivate good habits, as these will easily become the foundation of your career. These are just pieces of advice to keep in mind so that you head in the right direction until you make it big.

Posted 4 December, 2015

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