Startup Tips: Edge Out Competitors with Powerful Visuals

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Every type of business, big or small, can be found on the Internet, and rightly so. It's not surprising that business owners have taken to the Internet to market their products and services. Seen as a more cost-effective marketing avenue, the Internet provides businesses with a better alternative to traditional media marketing. Business startups should take full advantage of online media platforms – particularly social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter – because millions of consumers worldwide are on their social media accounts practically 24/7.

Startups should bear in mind, however, that online consumer behavior is geared more towards what they see rather than what they read when deciding whether or not a certain product or brand is worth their time. It goes without saying that images are critical to a successful marketing campaign.

Imagine walking down the street and someone catches your attention. What made you stop to have a better look or do a double-take at the person that you walked past? Chances are, it's the whole exterior package. The same goes for image marketing. To engage online consumers, you first have to catch their eye. This is where your creativity will come into play.

But first, what is image marketing? In a nutshell, image marketing is an advertising strategy that leverages on the power of images to create a unique brand for your company, products, or services. When creating your brand image, you should take into consideration the kind of positive reaction you wish to receive from your target audience. What emotions do you want your images to evoke? Keep those emotions in mind when creating your images.

To help you get started, below are a few image editing apps that you can use. Some of these can be used for free for an unlimited period while others are offered on a free 30-day trial. Either way, you should take advantage of these online tools for your branding images.

1.  Canva - This is a free online tool that you can use for your marketing designs. From social media graphics to design presentations, Canva provides you with everything that you need for your image-creation project: stock photos, vectors and illustrations; photo filters, icons, shapes, and fonts.



2. SEO Chat's Image Resizer. This is an online photo editing tool specifically designed to help users re-size images according to social media platform standards. This Facebook, Google+, and Twitter resizer automatically scales down image sizes according to the most updated requirements of these social media platforms. No need to manually resize each one for your accounts! Simply select the photo file that you wish to resize and the application will do the rest. When resizing is done, download the file and then upload on your profile or timeline.


3. PicMonkey. Perfect for users with little to no experience in digital photo editing, PicMonkey lets you edit photos and make it look like they were done by a professional graphic designer. Edit, touch up, design, and create a collage using this tool. Basic editing and design creation tools can be used for free, but an upgrade to the paid version opens up a number of extra features.


There are many other online image-creation and editing tools available online. And remember that when it comes to online marketing, startups should never underestimate the power of an image.

Don't know how to get started on your image-creation project? Then hire a freelance graphic designer for the project you have in mind! 

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