14 Tips For A Positive Customer Experience

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Success in sales is entirely dependent upon your ability to create a positive experience for your customers. Developing a distinct advantage is essential for the success of any business; it is not entirely product-based, but is all about creating an unforgettable experience for customers making them loyal to you for life. Treat a customer right, and they’ll go out of their way to recommend you to their friends.

Customers should be respected, assisted, and awarded gratitude. Positive customer service includes being greater than their expectations, and being exceptional enough to create a positive impression. Customer experience will help take your company to the next level of customer loyalty.

Dr. Parson has given some exceptional tips to create an unforgettable experience for customers.

1. Maintaining a favorable attitude

Maintaining a positive attitude is a vital factor when it comes to dealing with customers. Be available and eager to solve their problems. Think about the long term impact of the relationship with customers, as this will certainly produce great business in future. Goodwill pays in various ways and repeat business is one of them.

2. Be actively involved in the customer’s requirements or concerns.

Always pay attention to what your customer is saying to you. It is irritating for the customer when they realize they are not getting heard, or when they have to keep repeating themselves. To create a loyal customer foundation, you need to create a brand they will relate to. This can be done by firstly defining your target market, and then developing your brand according to the provided information. With the support of customers, you tend to do business in a better way.

3. Your customers should be foremost on your mind

Make customer interactions as effective as possible. This can be done by placing all your information, including contact number, visibly on your website and using all forms of credit cards so it’s easy for customers to pay. Whether the customer is irritated or frustrated, you need to be focused and be on your best behavior. Just focus on your main aim. i.e., to look out for their needs, and amicably resolve any problem or issue.

4. Your communication should have clarity and honesty

If a customer is angry due to any issue on the part of the company, admit your fault and go about trying to resolve it. Help them by providing all information directly and positively.

5. Acknowledge the customer’s resentment and look for solutions

Always remember that if the company has caused the problem, never criticize the company in front of the customers. And never blame customers directly, even if they’re wrong. It’s best to just look for a solution that will reduce their annoyance. When a solution is found, confirm it has been agreed upon by the organization, while keeping customer service in mind.

6. Resolve the problem amicably

If you mentioned a solution being implemented to the customer, make sure you come through. Keep them informed about what’s happening in the company regarding the issue, and then follow up with the customer to make sure they’re satisfied. Always go one step further than the customer expects. A bad customer experience will create problems if you fail to meet their expectations.

7. Don’t forget to thank customers

Treat your customers as important and valued colleagues in your enterprise. Spending a little extra time with them will ensure they are fully satisfied, and you will benefit in the long run. People always want to feel a little special, so giving them extra time will result in a favorable experience for them. This will result in positive word of mouth for your company. Remember; your strategic objectives cannot be completed without customer satisfaction.

8. Be sure to provide basic services

If the customer is satisfied with your services, you will notice you’re always welcome when you meet them again. It goes without saying that happy and satisfied customers tend to greet you with enthusiasm and respect. This is the feedback you get for the excellent services you provide.

The phrase ‘customer-centric’ is used by many companies, and it means putting the customer first. Make sure this does not remain just a phrase, but is followed by everyone in your organization.

9. Get direct feedback from the customers

There is no better judge than the customer about what’s working and what’s not. Direct customer feedback is valuable, especially when it comes to new enterprises because it’s an opportunity for improvement. Make sure you respond to your customer’s feedback, to make them feel their viewpoint is valued. Sometimes even negative reviews give you an opportunity to build a profitable and loyal customer relationship.

10. Advise customers instead of just giving them what they want

Instead of just concentrating on selling your product, offer some advice to customers on what’s best for them. Such professional guidance will help to build trust, and also contribute towards a positive and long-lasting relationship with your customer. You can advise them to buy alternative options if they are not satisfied with your product. This might lead to an initial loss in sales, but customers will certainly remember your honesty and come back to you in the future.

11. Creating an integrated company culture

Make sure the value you give your customer starts at the top, and goes to all other employees in the company. If you are the only person who puts the customer first, it will have no impact. Make sure everyone hired goes through vigourous training in the ways they should treat customers.

These tips will help your organization in creating positive experiences for customers. Treat your customer experience not as one of the aspects of your business, but as your main business. Just remember one vital point. Don’t think that repeat customers are loyal; rather it is the truly satisfied customers who will be genuinely loyal. Thus all enterprises should emphasize a customer-focused strategy for nurturing commitment and cultivating life-long loyalty.

You are now well aware of how powerful social media networks are. Customers can communicate their contentment - or discontent - with your organization very quickly. So it is essential to satisfy every customer, making their experience a positive one. Customers who are respected, valued, and appreciated have an instant emotional connection with your organization.

We’re sure these 11 tips will come in handy when you want to enhance your customer experiences. Ace up your sales by making them loyal to your organization for life. Want to add some thoughts? Share them with us below!

Posted 6 September, 2017


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