[Warrior TV] Growth Hacking with Sujan Patel, Co-Founder of Content Marketer

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If you can’t get enough of content marketing and growth hacking strategies, join us on our next Warrior TV event featuring the co-founder of ContentMarketer.io, Sujan Patel. This will be on October 8, Thursday, 7PM EDT.

Watch Sujan’s video invitation in this link.

Who is Sujan Patel

With over 12 years of Internet marketing experience, Sujan has shared his expertise with Fortune 500 companies like Sales Force, Mint, and Intuit by leading their digital marketing strategies. He is also the co-founder of Narrow, a tool that helps you build targeted Twitter following, and the VP of Marketing of When I Work, a Minnesota-based startup. Aside from these roles, Sujan is the co-author of “100 Days of Growth”, a growth hacking ebook.

Sujan created Content Marketer (a tool to promote content, increase traffic, and build relationships) to automate content promotion. When the tool worked for him, he made it available for all marketers.

Sujan, a remarkable entrepreneur and marketer, is passionate about solving problems and helping others. Aside from nurturing his entrepreneurial spirit, Sujan regularly writes for huge online publications such as Forbes, Wall Street Journal, Inc, and Entrepreneur Magazine. Off from work, you might see him jumping out of a plane, skydiving, or racing on his car or motorcycle.

Ask Sujan Anything

Want to submit a question to Sujan? These are the topics from which you can draw your questions:

  • Growth hacking
  • Content marketing
  • Content promotion/outreach
  • Email marketing
  • Cold emails/outreach
  • SaaS marketing
  • How to secure guest post on Forbes, Inc. WSJ, etc.
  • How to pitch for speaking gigs
  • Influencer outreach

To join this Warrior TV event with Sujan Patel, sign up here for free.

About Warrior TV: Warrior Ask Me Anything Events: Hosted by Warrior Forum,Warrior Ask Me Anything (WAMA) events are Q&A video interviews where the world’s top Internet Marketers and entrepreneurs share their strategies that have helped them become industry icons.

Posted 5 October, 2015

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