Why Launching a Freelancer Contest is the Way to Go

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Business owners normally consult one freelancer or one agency when outsourcing jobs. With Freelancer, this doesn’t always have to be the case. While posting a project is the go-to, we also provide contests as a way for business owners to maximize results, save money, and get design inspiration.

Here are the reasons why hosting a contest can be beneficial for you:


It’s affordable to host a contest and also cost-efficient because you get several entries to choose from. The best part? You’ll only ever have to pay for one. Working with one freelancer can give you several options, but the advantage we give you is seeing how different freelancers interpret your idea and transform it into your dream project. Also, note that the higher your budget, the more entries you get.

Design Inspiration

By hosting a contest, you get to choose from a wide variety of submitted projects. From there you can see what fits for your business and even get inspiration for current business and future projects. Remember that you’re tapping a global talent pool, so you know you’re getting the most from around the world. Plus, you get all the solutions you need in one place. Directly compare one freelancer’s entry with another, and easily see all the entries together.

Money-back Guarantee

Satisfaction matters and you’re sure to get it by hosting a contest. If you think you didn’t get what you asked for, then we’d be more than happy to assist you so you get the results you’re looking for.

Here’s how you can host a contest:

Step 1.

Go to https://www.freelancer.com/contest/ and click Start Your Contest.


Step 2.

Fill out the job category and skills required, and name your contest.


Step 3.

Describe what you need. You may attach the necessary files--image pegs, text, and others.


Step 4.

Determine your budget. The higher the budget, the more entries you get. We suggest finding the sweet spot between your funding and the number of entries you plan on choosing from.



Step 5.

Indicate the contest duration. When do you need the project completed, and how long do you want freelancers to work on your project? You can also select the URGENT option if you need your project completed in 1-2 days.


Step 6.

Pick how you would like to promote your contest. Selecting “Guaranteed”, “Featured”, and “Top Contest” offers you some of the best possible results.


Step 7.

And finally, post your contest.


Now give it a try and post a contest today.


Posted 3 November, 2015

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