Why Milestones are Best for Local Contractors

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There are a lot of benefits when hiring local contractors. They can handle tasks and provide services that require a physical presence, such as lawn mowing, house painting, cleaning, and babysitting, among other things. The number one factor that cements a relationship between contractors and employers is the assurance that the payment will be made when the job is finally done. Some people however are skeptical about some employers’ ability to keep their side of the bargain due to past experiences where clients vanish after the job has been completed.

Hire local experts

This shouldn’t be the case when you hire local freelance service providers on Freelancer.com because you are encouraged to set a Milestone Payment. Milestones are highly recommended because they assure the contractor that the client has the money to pay and the employer is also at liberty to only release the payment upon receipt and review of the work. You must therefore ensure that Milestones are set before the project commences. In case of any disagreements between the parties, there is a transparent dispute resolution process that you can turn to.

Guaranteed Payment

Freelancers are motivated by the financial gains they stand to make upon successful project completion. In this regard, contractors must ensure their confidence by setting the agreed upon Milestone through the site. If it is a long term project, you can set up a series of Milestone Payments, say on a weekly basis. Milestones are perfect for fighting fraudsters preying on unsuspecting and desperate professionals struggling to make ends meet.

Quality of Work

A freelancer whose payment is guaranteed will go out of their way to deliver excellent work. There is always this feeling of securing future assignments with the clients that most freelancers have that encourages them to give their best. Everyone knows that the job market is competitive, and no one can afford to risk losing a client because of poor quality work. Impression is very important and since you interviewed and hired the best, then you shouldn’t expect anything but the very best. Furthermore, freelancers are also out to build a reputation on the site, which is measured by the number of projects completed, completion rate, timely delivery, adherence to the budget, and most importantly, the employer ratings. To gain a 5-star rating, you have to surpass expectations.


Local jobs hands shaking

You cannot establish and nurture mutually-beneficial relationships in the absence of trust. It is the foundation of successful business partnerships, and contracting freelancers is not an exception. Setting Milestone Payments is a sign of trustworthiness, and a way for the client to communicate to the contractors that the client trusts them with their money. For the other party, the Milestone makes them understand that they have to deliver value for the money put upfront. With this in place, chances are higher for the two parties to work together again after a successful transaction.

Note that Freelancer now supports a number of local currencies. This means that the freelancer, once paid, won't have to convert the funds and incur extra charges. There are also several ways for the money to be withdrawn, including one that directly deposits the money to a local bank account.

Both freelancers and employers need a solid online reputation, which can be established by the Milestone Payment System. It's a huge help, especially for jobs done right in your neighborhood.


Posted 18 June, 2015


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