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Looking for flyer design, front and back for Spirit of London - an alcohol delivery company operating on QuiqUp, UberEats & Deliveroo. They will be distributed in the local delivery ar...

3 £80 GBP Jul 19, 2018 3 days, 23 hours Post a contest like this

Create a photorealistic render of - image_1 on a pure white background The layout must be exactly the same as in - image_1 with the box standing up on one side and the box laid flat...

12 £40 GBP Jul 19, 2018 5 days, 21 hours Post a contest like this

We are in need of an ELEGANT high qulaity looking box design for a new product. Please be sure to read all the points needed to this project. 1. matte black color finish (Black 7 CP...

10 $300 USD Jul 19, 2018 1 week, 6 days Post a contest like this

I am looking to upgrade m,y current movie poster to include movie still shots into the design for promotion release. Use the uploaded graphic in your design concepts. Special note, I ...

26 $25 USD Jul 19, 2018 1 day, 5 hours Post a contest like this

I need a name for my dating app that I'm launching soon. I would like the name to start with the letter V. I'm open to all kinds of names. It would be great it could find a name that r...

216 $20 CAD Jul 18, 2018 5 days, 3 hours Post a contest like this

Please create one page flyer from the attached spreadsheet. Please note that I don't care about colour scheme or design. What i have in excel spreadsheet is just a summary. Please fill ...

69 $70 USD Jul 18, 2018 4 days, 13 hours Post a contest like this

My company is called Bamor Tech, and we need a strong logo, from this company will derive business in area like renewable energy, civil construction and bank finance for popular homes. ...

434 $100 USD Jul 18, 2018 4 days, 10 hours Post a contest like this

we are in need of 3 service logos. They are as follows and need the TM on them. Petconomy, PetExpress, PetFirst Class. All three services are ground pet transportation. Petconomy is th...

68 $390 USD Jul 18, 2018 1 week, 4 days Post a contest like this