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Spanish, demystified.

Hi. In the attached layout, I decided against reverse text for ease of reading and took a minimalistic, yet wow-factor approach. The copy is approachable, and content-wise, I sort of filled in the blanks. Since many online courses are pre-recorded or statically designed, I assumed that the service was closer to this than a live seminar, and hyped-up accessibility and convenience. I avoided alienating facts, and instead painted an identifiable picture of epic proportions to promote a sense of tension and excitement in the potential user. I created and adhered to a theme and concept that balanced the (for many) monumental task of learning a new language with the (at least equivalent) super-awesome return for doing so. I really hope this works for you and was along the lines of what you had in mind. If not, I hope it comes as a pleasant surprise. Will be glad to make any edits to make this better adhere to the specific details in the service you are providing :)

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