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Benefits of using the Freelancer Desktop App


Establish Trust

Build trust with your employer. Show your progress to increase chance of getting repeat work.

Increase Earnings

Automatically track hours without disrupting work! Our data shows that users of the app increase their earnings by up to 300% more*


The screenshots are tools for getting employer feedback. You can still improve your work and revise it before the deadline!


Pay Productive Hours

Every billed hours tracked are accurate, making the billing process worry and hassle free!

Open Communication

Tracking a project's progress is easy and effortless. Know what your freelancers are working on up to the last minute.

Work Together

Review notes on screenshots from freelancers. Collaboration is easy, fast, and effective!


Automatically tracks the hours you have worked on an hourly project.
Easily switches tracking from one hourly project to another.
Chat with your contacts while tracking your hours.
Share files easily.
Periodically takes screenshots of your desktop to capture your work progress.
Manually take screenshots and leave notes for review.
Automatically invoices hours tracked on the project.
Offline Tracking to prevent losing worked hours.

More features coming soon!

Desktop App Success

Believe me, my earnings have increased over the time because of this. A fixed project might take more time than I'd actually thought of while bidding and accepting. But, hourly project done using the Desktop App makes sure I get paid for every single minute, even seconds that I commit into the project.

- Sankalp, UI/UX Designer

Establish work you can trust. Get the app and track your hours.

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*Comparison of average freelancer earnings between timetracker app users and non-users from January to June 2016.