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    Group of Telemarketing Professionals
    112 Reviews

    Experienced team of telemarketing and search engine optimization experts. Vast experience in telemarketing, social networking, Facebook marketing, Google Plus and Twitter.

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  • CCharles1's Profile Picture
    Proficient Telemarketing Expert
    38 Reviews

    Proficient telemarketing expert reliable in sales. Experience in telephone and internet marketing, 100% Real, Organic, Natural and Targeted Likes/Followers.

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  • rodrirosa123's Profile Picture
    Telemarketing Expert
    28 Reviews

    Search engine marketing and telemarketing Expert providing high quality at reasonable rate. Other services include Facebook marketing and bulk marketing.

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  • millian01's Profile Picture
    Telemarketing Team Player
    9 Reviews

    Reputed team with more than 5 years experience in Telemarketing, Google Plus, Facebook Marketing, Pinterest, Twitter, PHP and social networking. Recommendable person.

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  • nabila66's Profile Picture
    All around Telemarketing Expert
    107 Reviews

    Very perfect in Telemarketing with great experience of over 10 years. Offering critical solutions for online presence and growth. Experienced in web development and management.

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  • FarhanSidiqui's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Jhang Sadar, Pakistan
    9 Reviews

    Working as Virtual Admin Manager from 4 years successfully. Before this, I was working as a field manager in L'Oreal Cosmetics. I am available for project management and virtual assistance work. I can manage your team, can hire a team for you if you need, can handle your projects, can make resources available for your...

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Finding Telemarketers on Freelancer

Why hire freelance telemarketers? Telemarketing is one of the most utilized methods of business marketing today, capable of quickly reaching both current and potential customers for the purpose of having a conversation regarding a particular product or service.

Telemarketing campaigns come in all shapes and sizes—high call volumes over a short duration, high volumes over a long period of time, shorter campaigns over several days or weeks, and small, ongoing telemarketing campaigns.

The topic and subject matter of the campaign can vary as well, from highly technical products, to financial services or even lawn care just to name a few. When approaching a telemarketing campaign, it is important to ensure that the proper telemarketers are selected to ensure the maximum impact of telemarketing activities.

Telemarketers should be knowledgeable of the product and field that they are discussing, as to be capable of intelligently and clearly communicating with the recipient of the telemarketing call. An intelligent, capable agent lends credibility to the organization and the telemarketing campaign and increases the number of sales that might be made as a result of the telemarketing efforts.

That being said, choosing the right telemarketer is absolutely critical to the success of the campaign. Where can these qualified telemarketers be found?

The answer is Freelancer.com. Freelancer.com has an incredible wealth of freelance telemarketers for hire that are sure to meet your telemarketing needs. You will be able to find a telemarketer with ease using the plethora of tools available to employers using the Freelancer platform. It’s as easy as posting a public project. Post your project for free. Simply write a detailed description of your telemarketing needs and in no time telemarketing specialists will be flocking to your project, offering competitive bids for their services.

Does your project require a certain set of skills or experience? Not a problem! Use the Freelancer Directory to find the perfect telemarketing specialist to work your campaign. View his or her public profile and offer to hire them directly from their profile.

With all of the talented telemarketers on the site, it’s completely understandable if you become overwhelmed by the decision you’re about to make. It’s a good problem to have! Fortunately, the Preferred Freelancer Program has identified the site’s top telemarketing talent and made it directly available to you! By hiring one of Freelancer.com’s talent recruiters, your project will be shared with the best telemarketers on the site.

Just like public projects, these Preferred Freelancers will offer competitive bids along with their proposals on how to make your telemarketing campaigns the very best they can be. Talk with the Preferred Freelancers and your Recruiters about the bids and from there you can make an informed decision on which telemarketing specialist to proceed with.

Still having trouble deciding? Your Recruiter can even provide their personal recommendation as to which telemarketer to hire! Between your Preferred Freelancer and Recruiter, you’ve got a winning team!

Finding a telemarketer on Freelancer.com is as easy as ever, so what are you waiting for? Kickstart your telemarketing campaign today by finding your next telemarketing specialist at Freelancer.com.