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    Write step by step procedure describing the formalities that are required to successfully, register, connect and use the Telegram API from a Windows app. Create and deliver simple C++ Windows application to send text messages to a Telegram user or channel. (Only text messages) If the request returns an error, parse and show it. Please use C++ Bu...

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    I have a dummy python interface code which needs integration with a C++ application. The interface is simple and underlying executable isn't overly complex to work with. The interface and executable run on Windows platform. I will share the executable with you to get you started. The dummy code is written in python + kivy framework. I can share the

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    write code in python that will perform what is asked in the pdf. with simple UI and it has to be a desktop application the program will have to work on windows without support from other third-party software will have to be well written with comments for others to understand full code to be provided at the end. if any questions please ask

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    Develop a Simple Barcode scanning Application for - - Scanning barcodes for raw materials coming in through Goods In process. - For stock check of Raw materials. Note: Two attachments showing GoodsIn flow for Barcode process. Hardware: The available handheld devices run on Android/Windows CE operating systems. If Android then we will have to write the

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    ...looking for someone to write a simple C# application (source code provided) that is able to pause directX rendering, resize the window to a custom resolution (for example 5000 x 5000), let directX render 1 frame at the resolution, then return to the previous window resolution and unpause directX rendering. I have already gone through a proof of concept...

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    I want a software that can con compile lua script into a 64 bit exe. the application should be able to take a simple lua 5.1, luajit 2.0, wxlua, sql, C and C++ scripts and compile them into an executable 64bit program for windows, EXE. that way i can write a simple lua script and compile it to exe, a standalone program on any

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    ...Cloud computing utilize virtualizations among other things to provide cloud services. You are asked to install Linux on top of a virtual machine. There are no restrictions on 1. Linux distribution 2. Virtual machine (VM) Write about your experience including (not limited to) the reasons of choosing the preferred VM, and the preferred Linux distribution

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    ...from ShareX open source c# application. Or you can edit any open source project too. I have a api based upload/share website. which is very simple. only upload file for 24hour. There will be user login. After user login to WEBSITE, there will be unique verif code for user. They will use it for auth on APP. I want a windows app which works like ; Can

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    I need is a simple windows service to monitor the serial port and listen to specific command so it can shutdown or hibernate whatever configured from the UI of the program. need that as a windows service because it should run even there is no user logged in. also, need to write this from C# or VB.net and I need the code. I have an Arduino connected

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    ...but, .. is it possible to have a very very simple list from the --> ip's ->> from where these messages comes? We want it simple (Terminal application - Windows, Mac) or just Windows. You can choose the programming language you will use for this purpose. To ensure, that you have read this auction carefully, please write at the END...

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    We require a custom-made application (text or GUI based) enabling users to easily create a Linux distribution based on Ubuntu. It should preferably be written in Python3 and usable in Linux, Windows and Mac, although this is not a strict requirement. It shall automatically replace the distribution name, version and logos in all applicable places, allow

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    ...projects that will act as a framework for the project e.g. [login to view URL] and create an overlay on the Windows 10 desktop (if compatible with Windows 8 a big plus). You may have to throw out some stuff, it should be possible to sell the tool. 2. The objective of the project is to create a desktop application that you launch and

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    Write a simple Python script or C# Windows application that: 1. Sorts the lines of the given txt file (see example attached) ascending, by the first column (before semicolon). 2. Writes the results to another txt file. 3. Input and output filenames are passes as command line parameters to the script.

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    ...pretty simple - basically port an old Java application from Windows XP to Windows 10. I have in the past ported it to Windows 7, but I forgot to write down how I did it and can't be bothered wasting the time playing around with Java and Windows 10 to get it to work again. My guess is if you are skilled at porting Java application it...

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    - write a desktop application to: - fill pdf form fields using values in windows form textboxes, allow user to preview, print output file, select printer as well. - sample two files are available. - any dll library used must be free for commercial use license. - project must not have any external dependencies. - simple project, only bid if you can do

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    ...for C developer to create MySQL connector application. I use AutoIt script and I need a STABLE way to communicate with MySQL servers read-write data to databases-tables. Your developed application need to work as an gateway between Windows and MySQL servers which running on Linux machines. Your application can take input data and provide results base...

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    OWAL is a computer vision company that send alerts for specific events. We want to send these alerts as email to SureView (an video command center application) via their simple Generic stream integration. (API docs and Test harness will be shared upon job acceptance) >> YOU WILL CREATE AND TEST AN SMTP MESSAGE FORMAT THAT SETS NOTIFICATIONS WITHIN

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    ...have to build a User Mode Driver (UMDF V2) for USB device for Windows 10. [login to view URL] The USB device is present in available. There are available github sources for Linux implementation in C++. It contains 11 driver functions (read/write/status):

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    I need a cautious and talented freelancer to complete my convenient error message control that I have started. Download the attached small visual studio project; follow the basic inline instructions which can also be read using the Visual Studio task list using the comments drop down. The instructions are for the completion of an error message box

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    ...hours! I need existing small conversion application written in C# using Visual Studio to be modified as noted below under "Project Details". Please note that this file will be installed onto 4 different computers, each having a unique ID to be explained below. The existing application is a simple application written in Visual Studio which ...

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    Write a program (Windows Forms App with C#) using Microsoft® Visual Studio® (Community Edition) that will simulate the Game of Life1 using consecutive application of simple rules to create new generations from initial population that live on the orthogonal 2-dimensional grid of cells.

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    I have a working C++ simple BitTorrent application (downloading and seeding). I need to port it into a Windows application I am building. C++ app was written on top of [login to view URL] libraries (most used libraries for torrents). Current C++ application works 100% downloading and seeding. Seeding requires to manually open a port on the ro...

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    I need a developer to build a Xamarin Forms based user interface. The interface will be hosted within iOS and Android native apps using the new Forms embedding feature. A few custom renderers may be needed to deliver some of the visual effects on both platforms, but most of the work will be standard Forms work. There are 14 different screens, nearly

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    We would like to create a native application for Windows WPF / iOS that will import HTML as the front end UI according to a strict specification. The HTML should be rendered as Native UI and not WebView in both iOS and Windows WPF. We have a more detailed specification including front end example we are happy to share with you to get your feedback

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    ...value of a directive, we must take it into account right away. Example: separately_logs = true means that the server backs up the logs for that user, but if it is changed to false, the server must immediately stop backing up the logs for that user (without restarting the server). NB: you can add to the server a "configuration reload" via a "golang

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    *Application Tracker Project Details* I need a simple application tracker in Delphi or VB, with the following features: • Monitor every application opened (active) and log the time • If no user activity in 1 minutes, will be logged as idle time • Also monitor and log the domain of the web page opened using any web browser • No need to l...

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    I want to create a cross platform desktop application which will sync with a web application if an internet connection is found. I don't want you to develop the application, I will develop it myself with my [login to view URL] demo application will have only One Form to perform basic CRUD operations. The work is more regarding setting up the installer...

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    We are looking to develop a simple facial recognition prototype application that utilises Microsoft Dynamics, or Azure based SQL Server database repository of facial images and utilises Microsoft Cognitive Services - Facial Recognition API to analyse and identify the facial image. The input can be either static photographs or streaming video (via

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    I have a big problem…that might be small for you. I’m looking for someone who can help me to solve a problem with an embedded software/device. I have a computer RLC-ARM-Plus working on Windows Embedded CE 3.0 (not recent). This has a processor RISC Intel StrongARM with color display TFT VGA. This computer is interfacing a medical ma...

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    I am looking for the cheapest programmer who can write a simple and light chat software application for windows. An application that'll be able to share files, chat, and support calls too... There might be more to come with this request if well done according to my requirement. Remember the key word here is #Cheapest & #Negotiable

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    We need a basic written specification for developing an MSI (Microsoft Installer) for our Java application. This job is only for writing a text document. No development is required or should be done! The specification will in turn used as the requirement for the next stage of our MSI project - posted as a separate job/project. The document

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    ... we need a solution so our php web based point of sale application can communicate with our credit card terminal through the O.P.I (Open Payment Initiative) through XML and TCP/IP. Please read here more informations about O.P.I: [login to view URL] We need you to do following: Create a simple html file

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    We're looking to develop a small desktop application. We're collating & migrating our company's data from spreadsheets to a database, which needs to be designed, created, and accessible from both Mac OS and Windows environments. The application will require a simple user interface for read/write/update, sorting & report...

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    ...-end user selects a storage plan on website (paid or free) -user then downloads the windows desktop app (from link on website) which allows them to then sync files from their local pc, and send to the storage server (just as dropbox,carbonite,etc etc.) right from desktop Problem #1: (server-side) Well, the website worked a few years back, but

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    I want a console application (with source code) written in C++ that hooks the endscene() function from directX to display text on a Directx window. I'm looking for a freelancer to write this application for my own learning purposes, so please comment the code and make it as simple as possible. The application should display "H...

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    I want a console application (with source code) written in C++ that hooks the endscene function to display text on a Directx window. I'm looking for a freelancer to write this application for my own learning purposes, so please comment the code and make it as simple as possible. The application should display "Hello Freelancer...

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    Hi there. Looking for someone to write me a simple c#.NET API which will run commands on an _already running_ console application when it receives POST commands. I have attached an example of the application. It is written in Matlab. I have compiled an EXE --- which I am happy to use. But even better if someone lets me operate the program from

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    You have been tasked with deigning a supermarket management system which will be based on a simple SQL database. A number of tables should be included: Products, Orders and Customers. Deliverable 1: A fully implemented database design with [login to view URL] code to complete the following tasks.  Add, Remove, Update and Delete for each of the following Pro...

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    ...individually listen to a question in English and then provide their answer, (and I can immediately assess whether they understood the question, how good their accent and grammar are etc). To test each student, I write short interactive applications using PHP language and run these on my laptop using a web-server application (WampServer) which runs

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    The goal of this app is to take output from a restful API and output CSV files to a target directory. Build in C# This is a simple windows app with no frills. (5) inputs w/ labels 1) working directory: input box that is static and is saved when program is closed. Save full path including drive 2) Target directory: (not saved from run-run

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    ...awarded you must write a demo intercepting for example "B" key and replacing it with 0xF0 0x9F 0x94 0x8B (f09f948b) character globally. If demo works you get awarded with this project. links: [login to view URL] [login to view URL]

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    ...can provide the offsets. A simple windows form application is enough. Example CE Script: [ENABLE] //code from here to '[DISABLE]' will be used to enable the cheat alloc(newmem,2048,"[login to view URL]"+offset) label(returnhere) label(originalcode) label(exit) newmem: //this is allocated memory, you have read,write,execute ...

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    I need to create a windows application run locally on a pc. This application can be run by any user logon on the computer. The application displays all images in an assigned folder within a windows computer environment dynamically (in row and column format as thumbnail picture size) whenever there are images in the folder. Whenever ...

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    I need a stable software that can login into my multiple Dropbox accounts and download any file inside the Dropbox folders with original folder and file names. As [login to view URL] website requires a Captcha after the second or false login, you will need to use the Dropbox windows application to emulate the login. It is easily explained, the software

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    Write a simple Android application for a tablet using C# in Visual Studio. Preferably, utilize Xamarin so the application also runs on iOS and Windows tablets. The application is for prototyping purposes only. It will have an initial screen that allows selection of a model type from a list of 9 options (selection box drop dow...

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    Hello, I have a simple windows form application which runs x64 process and needs to acces a x32 bit dll function. I need a wrapper so i can do this. Only freelanchers who have done this before. Write "I have done it" to see you know what it is about. I will question everyone to see who can do it and i may provide documentation. Visua...

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    For a detailed description open the included MS-Word file PROJECT20170102.DOCX. This is just a brief summary: OBJECTIVES Write Java software to import structured text files into MySQL database. There are 17 file types and up to 18 files to import into 18 database tables. The import is straightforward: every file is mapped to a table of the

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    We need a windows installer created for our windows application using Caphyon Advanced Installer. Our application has one exe and multiple dll files. The application can read and write to a local or remote MS SQL server. If an instance of MS SQL server is not available, then the installer will download MS SQL Server 2014 express and run a<...

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    We need a game bot for the game AION, that does the following: Game installation: Download address [login to view URL] Your browser may not support display of this image. Click and download the above 11 files and install the game clients. Please contact us for game account login details. _____________________

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    We are looking for a golang software developer for a quick simple task. we run a virtualized environment using KVM, and we host a lot of windows VMs on this environment, we do attach a channel to each VM so we can send data to the VM from the host server. the channel on the host is a unix socket and on the VM it's a virtio-seria...

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