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    matlab project 9 days left

    Hello, there? Please contact. I am very interested in your project and hope to work with you. We can discuss in more detail about budget and so on. I will guarantee the quality of work and you can get good result. Waiting for you. Thanks.

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    ...Don't fall off of the face of earth... stay in communication. 3. Use the tracker. Don't come up with lame reasons why you can't use the tracker ("It crashed" or "I forgot to use it" or “it doesn’t work on this device.”). For clarification, the tracker is the part that takes screenshots of your work and keeps track of your time for you. It IS NOT you adding manual time. 4. Don't try to change the parameters of the job to make things easier on yourself. Accommodate what I need done. 5. The job is hourly. Don't try to negotiate a flat rate. 6. You must speak English well so that we can communicate properly. 7. Don't ask what my budget is. I'm usually talking with several freelancers to find the best price. So g...

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    I need someone who have experience in Matlab and speech processing

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    One time small project. I need a number to pop up on the screen. No need for excellent graphics or advanced visualization. I have a similar program but Freelancer doesn't allow me to post the link here. Main requirements: i. Can log in and change parameters when necessary, ii. Multiple players can play multiple times iii. Ability to download data in excel or any other form Full details: Goal: Eat or don't eat berries (numbers). 1. Show a histogram of frequency of good berries by size (numbers will show on the screen and individual click eat or avoid). Use a random number generator to develop this histogram. Then the histogram will different each time. e.g. histogram of normal with mean 40 and std dev 10 just as in the gold/silver game in the link above. So t...

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    Hello, I am working on a controller design to determine the duration of traffic lights using Matlab's ANFIS toolbox, and I am looking for a experienced freelancer to model the system by the model by using Simulink and make connection between the SUMO Simulation Software by using Traci4Matlab). In addition to that, the most critical part of this project is that the ANFIS controller will receive the input parameters by communicating with the Sumo simulation program. In order to establish a connection between sumo and matlab program as I mentioned you need to be experienced in using Traci4matlab to make connection between SUMO and Simulink. Finally, If you have worked with traci4matlab before, please tell me about your project #Simulink #Matlab #S...

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    Need Drupal Developer 6 days left

    • Develop core site structure using Drupal • Develop templates for various sections or features • Build a completely optimized website with robust architecture • Adjust site parameters as needed • Provide high-speed and reliable site assets • Offer best practices for site hosting and maintenance • Manage all uploaded media under compliance requirements • Work and collaborate with other team members and guide them as needed • Ensure best practices to maintain high performance website in production • Troubleshoot any site-loading delays, UI/UX bugs, and other errors or issues as they arise • Implement site changes and technical team feedback as it is finalized into deliverables • Sprint planning with the team • Suggestio...

    $750 - $1500
    $750 - $1500
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    ansys analyser 6 days left

    simulate a 4-point bending test

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    Hello, I Preksha Jain here I enter some valid and valuable data from pre-written notes from jpegs into a Digital Document. File is already pre-written with main vertical category. We don't require any proofreading or corrections into the data such as spelling mistakes spacing or punctuation etc. but only simple typing of data which you'll see on the PDF files/Images. Any one who has basis skills of copy typing and data extraction can easily manage this project. No experience required we just need you to act as we'll instruct you and will available all the time to help you during project. we're looking for someone who must be a Computer Expert with Nimble Typing accuracy and must have some good knowledge of Microsoft Office. if you think yourself eligibl...

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    Hello I need to access a website, and 3 more parameters. This api response a json, I need python code to solve this question.

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    bet365 Roulette 8 days left

    Hi Dionysios I would like to know if you could develop a system for betting on bet365, specifically on roulette. It must run from a VPS. I would like to be able, based on the result history of each roulette, to make automatic bets based on strategies. The system should allow editing of strategies and their parameters, including the use of Martingale (with editable multiplication factor). Regarding the parameters, I would like to be able to select: - Which roulette wheels will be monitored and will participate in the bets - Types of bets (Red, Black, Even, Odd, Major, Minor, 1st, 2nd and 3rd Dozen, 1st, 2nd and 3rd Column, Numbers 1-12, 13-24, 25-36). The system should monitor how many consecutive occurrences of each case. - Number of consecutive occurrences before placing th...

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    I need a python application that could use the keyword extractor using any natural language processing tool to extract one, two and three words keywords. The user must write the program such that it 'reads' the web-link from the excel sheet (input) and then 'write' the keywords in excel sheets in front of its respective web-link (output). Here is the example attachment.

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    Modify XML 5 days left

    The software should have the Wxpython as front end and latest python libraries as backend. Generic XML should be able to be loaded on to the program as a file input. An XSD file also will be given along with the program to validate the XML. Basically the xml parameters should be taken and shown as parameters to be edited as a tabular form. Browser window at left side as table of contents in tree diagram should be present. Edited file should be able to be saved in particular format in need. More details can be discussed after confirmation.

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    Data extraction 5 days left

    I have an excel document of 23500 product lines. I need to scrap a website to match each product code with the corresponding category. I am offering £25

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    ...linked scripts and CSS files need to be downloaded and included in the offline package. Our patrons do not have Internet access. This task will probably involve opening CKEditor in it's own window. The user experience will be to browse a home directory structure using elFinder. Click on HTML file. The file opens in CKEditor. When the user attempts to make a hyperlink, elFinder opens in a modal window to allow the user to link to another file in the home directory structure. (Or type in a URL or upload a file...) Most importantly, documenting the whole process so that others can update their installations in the future. (Sure, some steps may change over time, but we want start with good documentation that can itself be updated...) We use Uniform Server, our choice f...

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    I need someone who have experience in matlab to do a small project about speech processing

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    Create a script that lists an nft on looksrare. The script has to be done with python and use the looksrare API directly. I code some python myself, but struggle as I can't manage to install "".

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    Audit of Open Source Database 5 days left

    We are basically looking for Two Highly experienced (4-8 Years), professions (Mongo DB and Redis Server) Who can professionally conduct the Audit of Database Parameters, Integration related activities with application and Operating system. The project also includes the confirmation of server sizing like CPU, RAM and Storage etc. The project is Onsite, Mumbai, for a period of One month each.

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    I need you to create a humanoid robotic model and solve the inverse kinematics for a specific movement. I need you to create a robotic model with 70 degrees of freedom.

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    Total 2 parts has to be made which are very easy and also ansys simulation has to be done on of the part. Its for my B.E. Mech project work. Required urgently. I am attaching the sketch of parts for your refrence.

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    I would like to populate an HTML table vertically, pulling USA states from a database. Instead of the USA states in the database being populated left-to-right in rows... I want the USA states in the database being populated top-to-bottom in columns. There is a max of 4 columns. The max number of columns that will fit in our modal is 4 (four). So populating the states, or any other additional entities we want to place into the database, should distribute the columns with even amounts in the first 3 columns... with the fourth (and final, right-most) column allowed to have less than the first 3 columns. So, as we can see in this example of 51 states: 13 in column ONE, 13 in column TWO, 13 in column THREE, and 12 in column FOUR. But... we may have data with different total states, so...

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    Apply kernal PCA, fisher linear, Laplacian to sort image (machine learning) Other feature extraction techniques are welcome Need to arrange free call first Python is acceptable but need to be discussed first

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    Mathematical modeling of a grid connected microgrid consisting of PV, wind, diesel using mixed integer linear programming algorithm on matlab or GAMS

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    Phd proposal writing 4 days left

    I need a PhD proposal that makes Three contributions.. Should be network security and in this case-MANETS… it could be to improve its security,reliability,etc. I also need someone who is good in simulations and more so MATLAB. We will walk a journey together to the very end

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    We have a Laravel application and users have some campaigns in our app. We have some integrations like Google Analytics, Facebook and so on. Now we would like to have also Google Adwords. - Deliverable: Only one file `GoogleAdwordsController` that have following methods...would like to have also Google Adwords. - Deliverable: Only one file `GoogleAdwordsController` that have following methods: - List of all adword accounts > User select one and assign it to a store - List of all campaigns > User select one and assign it to the campaign - Store campaign and account id in the database. - List of all parameters like CPC, CPA, and so on > User selects from the list & stores in campaign_data table - A JSON method to return parameters and values for given campaign...

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    Modal photoshoot 4 days left

    Want a beautiful Indian girl wearing saree photo for product demonstration

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    ...nodes. 6. The load balancer assigns the job to a node by sending it a message to work for X seconds. Nodes will receive job requests and wait for the required time. Once a job has finished on a node, a message will be sent back. I need to produce separate programs for: 1-A load balancer 2-General worker node (no hard code names, no IP address etc into this but instead have these passed in as parameters on the command line) 3-A program for sending jobs into the system These need to be included in the separate programs: 1. have different programs 2. make use of multiple classes in each program 3. ensure that the relevant functionality for the class is contained within it 4. link classes together to form the overall algorithm 5. use rnulti-threading where necessary ...

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    The URLs for filtering use canonical correct but I need to set all the URL with including filter parameters as ‘?orderby=’, ‘?min_price=’, ‘?filtering=’, ‘?max_price=’, ‘?filter_product_brand=’ , ?rating_filter= and more as noindex since Google now index all the search filter parameters and we receive many duplicate content issues. I do use Wordpress/Woocommerce with the plugins RankMath and Pro Filter Everything

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    I've write paper, but there are few technical mistakes inside, due to which SCI Journal is not accepting the paper, I've everything. Area: Electrical Power Engineering Matlab Programming Targetted Journal: SCI Journal

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    I have a text classification model that uses Simpletransformer to train. I want to serve it as a web service with the FastAPI and dockersie it. Deploy it on an AWS cloud instance and make sure the model is served with GPU power. A few things to do 1. build the RestAPI for the model the model will take two parameters, a text plus an array, a probability score for the return example request: { "text1": "texta", "text2": ["texta","textb","textc"] } and example response { "ai_classifier_score": [ { "text2": "texta", "classifier_score": 0.9946354627609253 }, { "text2": "textb"", "cla...

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    We are creating some simple micro-services in Python to analyze websites for different criteria. The ideal candidate has experience with scrapy/scapyd and api frameworks like flask. It would be basically sufficient to wrap the scraper into a flask app and POST parameters to it. The results will then be posted to another API. If you are also a Python generalist who can help with more Python apps, even better (like Sentiment scoring etc)

    $14 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $14 / hr Avg Bid
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    I need to extract articles from any PDF file like the sample attached. You can find a sample of how the texts and regions are extracted here: Here's a tool that promised to do the same but it's offline: You're supposed to developed an article extraction that generates a JSON or XML file from any newspaper or magazine PDF file. In the image "" you can see how it should be extracted from. Technologies accepted: Java, Linux, Kotlin - open source, it can't depend on cloud or any other paid services. Step1 - Development - You generate a json/xml from a pdf that follows these rules and you win the project. Step2 - Tests - You send us the JAR (executable)

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    Identify Data to be migrated ⯀ Identify the Condition of the Data to be migrated ⯀ Minimum three (3) years of historical data to be migrated for accessing. However, in some areas like, employee data of HR module, protocol & activity data may require beyond 5 years of Data Migration. phase to determine the best approach for migrating historical data taking into consideration data access and system performance. ⯀ Design the migration process and map the fields to be migrated between existing legacy systems and the ERP system application. ⯀ Develop and finalize the data migration scripts in preparation for the execution of data migration. ⯀ Assist in Data Cleansing and Extraction. Setup and configuration data will require some manual data entry by Implementing P...

    $12248 (Avg Bid)
    $12248 Avg Bid
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    you must be expert in your field and have fluent English as well

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    We are finishing up modules for a student information system, and we have multiple modules that need additional functionality or production from scratch. We're on a timeline, and we need basically full-time help to bang these modules out. We'll provide detailed information about the parameters of each module as we progress. We are a PHP/Laravel/Vue/Vuetify shop. These modules would be the Vue development only; we would provide the data schemas that the modules need to use.

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    Simulation of the Saab 340 The aim of this project is two-fold. The first is to develop an integrated desktop simulation of the new Saab 340B based on the current set-up for the Jetstream J31. This will involve integrating models with a yoke and FlightGear visuals. The second is to transfer the model into the centre’s Engineering Flight Simulator. Milestone for the project: 1. Build Simulink model of the saab 340B aircraft. 2. Link the Simulink model with the flight gear software. 3. The Simulink model should run on separate machine and flightGear on separate machine.

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    ... There should be authentication using nextjs-auth(session token based authentication) Common for all pages 1. search bar for looking up people 2. View public profile of user Guest Pages 1. Dashboard mostly blank page with a message to login/register (Search people functionality should still work using the search bar) Login process 1. Login should be using a modal. Guest user from any page should bw able to login/register. After login, refresh the same page to show the loggedin view 2. Login based on email, google and facebook (using nextjs-auth) 3. Registeration fields are fullname, email, username User pages 1. User profile Same as public profile + settings button 2. User settings - Change name, username, Add or remove social profiles(fb

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    Write JavaScript code to apply an outer artwork frame with a pattern onto an image in Fabricjs and allow user to change the border width by typing in parameters I need JavaScript source code, using Fabricjs library, solve this problem. The code should do the following: - Apply outer border to the fabricjs image, border should adapt to image’s dimension - Allow user to change the border width by typing into input field - When user resize the artwork, keep the border width constant - Give the border a pattern (we will provide the resources per your request)

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    Methane thermal decomposition 3 days left

    Methane thermal decomposition in ANSYS Fluent

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    Golang modification of signoz 3 days left

    1. Modify OpenTelemetry Collector to include ejdb (or sqlite) and s3 option. That way opentelemetry can be deployed on vm independently. 2. Develop client installer plugin for OpenTelemetry collector for Windows and SQL server(~10 parameters ex: query idle time, sql memory, used memory etc.). 3. Rewrite or Simplify clickhouse and query. We can discuss and simplify backend tables and query.

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    Purely contactless vitals screening – No external device or hardware required. Our AI solutions are available to use whenever and wherever they are needed. It can run on a web browser or any application and is designed to connect with existing technical infrastructure. Preventive screenings and early detection of various health parameters augmented with Careplix health risk classification are enabling organizations to make informed decisions. Careplix's concept is to make remote healthcare accessible to everyone. The Demand for Video-based Health and Wellness Monitoring is Growing. With the primary goal of making people healthier.

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    Hi, Static structural analysis need to be performed for the attached impeller model using ANSYS APDL. The details of material property, boundary condition and rpms are provided in the attached PPT. Freelancer is required to do the analysis for two conditions. 1. Creating own APDL mesh (tetrahedral mesh is sufficient) and analysis for attached cad model. 2. Structural analysis for given mesh file. Note: CAD file and mesh file will be provided after confirmation of order. General information is present in attached PPT. Only experienced APDL users can bid. Files:

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    ...html?p1=v1&currency=CAD&p3=v3, then set the currency to CAD if the URL like , then set the currency to SGD if the URL like , then set $currency to NULL Here are some references: We will send our custom M2 module to you after we awarded this project to you. Using the object manager directly is not allowed....

    $55 (Avg Bid)
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    I have a matlab and software engineering job that i need be done quick..detais will flow

    $14 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    I have Engineering IT/CS questions on daily basis and need a freelancer who can h...questions on daily basis and need a freelancer who can help me to solve them daily. I can Provide 50 INR per question and if you are approved after 10 successful submissions, you can take as many questions as you want, and based on your performance we'll pay you (Bonuses Available). The difficulty of the questions is mostly Easy to Medium only, like questions on: DBMS, Programming, Discrete Maths, MATLAB, Web Development, ER DIagrams, etc. NOTE: No plagiarised answers are needed from Google, attempt questions only if you'll be able to solve them by yourself in easy steps that would be more than enough. No auto bids are allowed. Type "SOLVE" at the start of your bid. We can work f...

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    Adenocarcinoma (AC) and squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) are frequent reported cases of non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC), responsible for a large fraction of cancer deaths worldwide. In this study, we aim to investigate the potential of NSCLC histology classification into AC and SCC by applying different feature extraction and classification techniques on pre-treatment CT images. The employed image dataset (102 patients) was taken from the publicly available cancer imaging archive collection (TCIA). We investigated four different families of techniques: (a) radiomics with two classifiers (kNN and SVM), (b) four state-of-the-art convolutional neural networks (CNNs) with transfer learning and fine tuning (Alexnet, ResNet101, Inceptionv3 and InceptionResnetv2), (c) a CNN combined with a...

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    Extract URL's from excel cell and populate them into different columns

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    build basic php scarping tool 2 days left

    Blog URL input with submit button that will return 5 parameters: 1 - How many blog posts were released in 2022 and how the monthly cadence looks like (Jan 2 blogs / Feb 5 / ..) 2 - Length in amount of words (min, max, med, average / how many 500-1000 / 1000-1500 / 1500 + ) 3 - Type of content (how-to, thought leadership, announcements) 4 - Technical/No technical (look for diagrams, code snippets) 5 - Who are the contributors and how many of them Its should be on blank WP template underscore.

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    We have a big excel mailing list. Columns for name, address, address 2, city, state, zip (postal), country, etc. My issue is this: right now we are spending too much time formatting the postal code cells by country. Different settings for all these countries for formats. Would be ...Columns for name, address, address 2, city, state, zip (postal), country, etc. My issue is this: right now we are spending too much time formatting the postal code cells by country. Different settings for all these countries for formats. Would be interested in a solution for this to automate it a bit more, perhaps checking the countries and then auto-formatting the postal code to necessary parameters, or something similar. We are not XLS experts so this must be easy to use and work in a Windows env...

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    62 bids