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    Welcome! I am looking for an experienced programmer to help me with various tasks related to Swift, SwiftUI, and SQLite. Backing me is an extensive background in programming, and my current preference is for the iOS and Android platforms. I require assistance that ranges from debugging existing code to developing new features, adding enhancement and integration support with SQLite databases and other related technology. My ultimate goal is for the successful completion of the projects at hand, and a polished product that I can be proud of. I am willing to assign relatively more complex tasks and I am hoping to find someone who can complete the tasks in a speedy, efficient, and cost-effective manner. In the past, I have worked with developers on the iOS platform and I am ver...

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    We have a html form (attached in the zip) that on submitting data will save that data in an sqlite database. Some of the fields in the html form need to be populated with data from another sqlite database. All fields to submit are text fields, but one of them involves uploading an image file. Technologies used: - PHP 8.1 (server) - Sqlite (database) - bootstrap (html form) Files provided by us: - → sqlite database that contains 3 tables: consoles, publishers, genres (used to populate form) - → sqlite database with one table: games (used as where the form data is saved) - → a bootstrap html form containing the fields that need to be submitted (These are already attached here, so have a look) Please read the attached for detailed inst...

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    I need 19 existing SQLite .db files converted and imported into microsoft SQL server. Each file contains rows of one table. There are a total of 8 million rows of data split into 19 files. A sql server database already exists and the files are all being imported into a new table in that database. I need this today today please. I will send you the files (around 20gb) and you would then connect with my pc (anydesk) after converting and import into my existing sql server db which is on my local pc.

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    Hi, We have found a opensource digital signage solution which we want to deploy on our server. The following requirements are: Ruby 2.4.6, 2.5.5, or 2.6 Rubygems Imagemagick, GhostScript, Poppler-Utils LibreOffice Webserver (Apache/Unicorn/Thin/Nginx) Rack interface to the webserver (Passenger, FastCGI) ActiveRecord-compatible database (Mysql, SQLite, Postgres) Nodejs as the javascript engine (as of version 2.4.0) If you have knowledge of the above and can help us to with these project, or know about another digital signage product please contact us immediately. Please put the word *RUBY* in your proposal so I know you have read this carefully.

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    We are Hiring Technical expert (Xilinx Vivado) Position: Academic Technical expert Freelancer Experience: 2+ years Qualification: Masters or Doctorate in Electronics & Communication Engineering Skills Required: Turbo Decoder VLSI Xilinx Vivado FPGA Verilog Machine learning Specific area: Need a Verilog, Xilinx Vivado and Machine learning expert Time: Part-time/Freelance Job Description: Require a Freelancer, who can do coding will be done on Xilinx Vivado. Implementation will be done on FPGA using Verilog/ system Verilog language

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    I have a python code that integrates with OpenAI API turbo gpt3.5. The code allows for the embedding of local files in a folder called "docs" so that the chat interface will be domain specific. I am currently using Gradio as the chat interface but would like a custom-built interface based on my Figma design. What i will provide: 1. Figma file 2. Current code zip file i have What needs to be done: 1. Building of front-end interface according to my Figma design 2. 4 main views of front-end (will explain next section) 3. Document referencing source link - when a question is asked, the bot will use the documents in the folder "docs" to get answers, when the response is generated we want the bot to list at the bottom from which document it pulled the info and whe...

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    I'm looking to use a SQLite database on my computer drive, but need help integrating it into a React framework. I have experience with databases like MySQL and PostgreSQL, however, SQLite is the one I'm currently looking to use for this project. Because of this, I'm looking for an experienced developer who has experience working with SQLite databases and React framework. The full scope of the project will be discussed in detail once I've connected with the right person. Thanks in advance for your interest and I look forward to a great working relationship!

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    1. Overview 1.1 This GUI will be used by a team to process jobs on their local laptops. 1.2 The data is captured by an upstream system, and for the purpose of this project, an SQLite database is provided to simulate the upstream data. 1.3 After this project has been successfully delivered, we will populate the stubs and link this GUI to the upstream data source. 2. Technology components 2.1 Python 3.11.2 (Windows) 2.2 wxPython and its dependencies (requires VS & C++ component to build the .whl; we can supply a pre-built Python wheel to save time) pip install -U --pre -f pip install -U --pre -f wxPython 2.3 A pip package might be necessary to report on memory usage per subprocess. 2.4 Please ask before importing other pip packages

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    $25 - $50 / hr
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    It is a desktop programme that could be compared to the union of a spreadsheet and a graphical calculator that helps students with their data science projects. Using the DB Browser for SQLite or by creating unique Java code connectors that download data from the network, they manually load data into the internal SQLite database. Then, they write custom Java batch formulas that utilise the data in the internal SQLite database to provide new results. They then use 3D graphs to visualise all the data. You don't need to be an expert in every facet of data science; you only need to establish a long-lasting framework that is data-agnostic. (You will be contacted to apply for the position and given more specific information.

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    BeBanjo Code Test This is a pretty basic Rails application with a couple of models and a handful of controllers. It requires Ruby, Rails, and Sqlite. This simple app allows Users (employees at media companies) to manage their Schedulings (scheduled media content). Setting up the application Traditional way 1. Setup Ruby in your machine (see .ruby-version file) 2. Setup everything with bin/setup (see the script for details) 3. Run the test suite with rake 4. Start the app with rails server 5. Visit (login as any user in tests/fixtures/) With Docker If you prefer, you can use Docker: 1. Build the required Docker container: docker compose up. This command will create the container, but also will install dependencies and will boot the local web server. If you ne...

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    I have an existing meditation App on the iOS App store. It needs updating, but the Xcode Project is returning a SQLite Error --- No such module 'SQLite' --- I have seen this error before and fixed it but as it's some time since the App was updated (2 years) the error cannot be fixed this time for whatever reason following the instructions I have. I have a couple of deliverables. 1. Fix and return the xCode Project running successfully in the simulator. 2. Provide step-by-step instructions on how to fix the error if it occurs again. Thanks Andy.

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    $30 - $250
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    It is a desktop application which could be described as a 'marriage between a graphics calculator and a spreadsheet' to assist students of data science projects. They load data into the internal SQLite database manually with DB Browser for SQLite or by writing custom Java code connectors that download data from the network. Then they use the data inside the internal SQLite database to create new results by writing custom Java code batch formulas. Afterwards they visualize all the data with 3D plots. You just have to provide a sustainable data-agnostic framework for years to come and do not need to know about all the details of data science. ( You will be contacted to apply for the job and will be given more detailed information you are expected to render i...

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    ...similar to WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, where I can send text based messages and receive responses from an OpenAI chatbot, using my own OpenAI API key. Requirements: Develop a basic chat interface that allows me to input text and receive responses from the OpenAI chatbot run locally. Create text field in the source code where I can add: a. My OpenAI secret key b. Model engine (e.g., "gpt-3.5-turbo") c. Text assign a role (e.g., "you are a therpist, help the user" or "you are a friendly AI assistant, help the user"). Deliverables: Complete Python source code for the chat interface and integration with OpenAI API. Demonstration that the application can successfully run locally and exchange text messages with the OpenAI chatbot. Please provid...

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    I have an existing python script based on gpt-3.5-turbo and I need it updated to include functionality. The main purpose of this upgrade is to make the script remember past messages and create new answers based on them. Currently I give the script Information from txt files, the script reads the info, adds the answer, then writes it to another txt file. I need to add a functionality that remembers the past answers, like on so that I save up tokens. Knowledge of GPT-3.5-Turbo and Python programming language is essential in order to complete this project successfully. Furthermore, understanding of how customization of the script should be done in order to achieve the goal of more accurate replies with more natural language understanding is also vital. This project

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    Ionic App for tracking bicycle ride Collect location information from the device (GPS) when a ride starts and calculate speed, distance and Elevation and write these data to sqlite database installed on the device. The location service runs in the background even if the app is closed (or the process is killed) and starts automatically when the device is restarted. Stops only when the rider taps the stop button from the app ui. Ionic 6, SQLite, Android, iOS

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    Looking for a developer to help with a small task. Needs to be done quickly

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    I am looking for someone with experience in working with very large datasets in mobile applications. Our maps are approx 1gb in size when saved as a geopackage. We are building a mobile application that will...building a mobile application that will display these maps using OpenLayers and cordova. The application is built for the most part with most of the functions and elements working well. We are looking to make this application 100% capable of working offline. Right now it is reading from a GeoServer. We are looking for the best method for storing and recovering data. We are open to using NoSQL, SQLite or almost any other method that will allow quick data processing at the lowest package size. We are looking to talk with someone through freelancer and will pay you for ...

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    I need to build a simple CRUD android app that uses SQLITE as the database. I am looking for the simplest project ever as this will be used as a blueprint for some students.

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    Code requirements: Import the current product's name and description from the BigCommerce product page the code is loaded on. Display the API's response in a text box below the BC product page reviews. I will do the prompt coding. Must use code for the new ChatGPT model. I've got working code for the ChatGPT API call. I just need a way to populate the var product and var description with th...loaded on. Display the API's response in a text box below the BC product page reviews. I will do the prompt coding. Must use code for the new ChatGPT model. I've got working code for the ChatGPT API call. I just need a way to populate the var product and var description with the current BC product page data. Must be able to inserted and run on all BC product pages. Sample ...

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    Code requirements: Import the current product's name and description from the BigCommerce product page the code is loaded on. Display the API's response in a text box below the BC product page reviews. I will do the prompt coding. Must use code for the new ChatGPT model. I've got working code for the ChatGPT API call. I just need a way to populate the var product and var description with...loaded on. Display the API's response in a text box below the BC product page reviews. I will do the prompt coding. Must use code for the new ChatGPT model. I've got working code for the ChatGPT API call. I just need a way to populate the var product and var description with the current BC product page data. Must be able to inserted and run on all BC product pages. Sample Cod...

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    My Flutter App crashing with SQLite Error. Need to fix asap on Remote. This is pretty small project. Kindly bid accordingly. Please dont waste time.

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    I have a 'faceted' model of a wall-mounted bull's head, bought from Turbo Squid, and need 10 to be printed, delivered to the UK. Ideally the material would be PLA/a bioplastic, but this is not vital. In relation to size, this is probably a conversation we'd need to have, but ideally it would be around 60cms in height, so relatively large. I think a freelancer based in the UK is likely to be best, because of the fact of these being physical models that would need to be shipped. timeframe is that we would like these in around 4 weeks latest. Thanks.

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    ...prototype in order to get more funding. Your dedication and willingness to take on this project will be deeply appreciated with the continued production of the full product. 1st Product - Simulation: GPT-3 model with Google Text-to-Speech + Whisper Speech-to-Text. We want to fine-tune the model to provide simulated cases for interaction. 2nd Product - Customer Service Tool (internal use): gpt-3.5-turbo + Database (Xata or Pinecone or any recommended). We want to allow internal staff to ask questions easily, draft email based on the knowledgebase of the company. This will be used internally. We also want to have a front-end method of uploading to the database easily, as staff might not be IT experts. -- Do send in your proposal, understanding and questions about this proj...

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    ...the highest authority to view student information, teacher information, course information, modify and delete teachers and students, and add new students and teachers Basic information of students: student number, name, password, gender, contact number, department, major, class Basic information of teachers: job number, name, password, gender, professional title, contact number Database: using SQLite or MySQL Front end: Vue Student interface: 1. Course information 2. Attendance management (only one can be selected for check-in and leave) Teacher interface: 1. Student attendance (set the attendance time, the default student status is to be signed in. If the student goes to sign in (or ask for leave) within the specified time, the status will be changed to signed in (ask f...

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    Project Duration: Within 1 Hour Project Type: PHP Script Bug Fixing Script Type: PHP REST - POST Project Overview: We have a script that makes a request to the OpenAI API, using the gpt-3.5-turbo model - There seems to be an error in our script that is no returning a response from the API. We would like this fixed 5* FEEDBACK WILL BE LEFT FOR YOU

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    I want Chat-GPT to produce content based o...There is a text limit in Chat-GPT that I can send, and even if i copy paste text from these pdfs in pieces into the chat, the chat gets stuck (My plan was to ask him to base content on chat history). I have also tried putting all these pdfs in a google drive folder and sharing the open link, but it cannot access external content so it didnt work. I have read that it is possible using GPT-3.5-Turbo, however i believe requires scripts and python skills This is what I found:

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    ...You can read more about the APIs and early partners’ use cases here. ChatGPT API The new Chat API calls gpt-3.5-turbo, the same model used in the ChatGPT product. It’s also our best model for many non-chat use cases; we’ve seen early testers migrate from text-davinci-003 to gpt-3.5-turbo with only a small amount of adjustment needed to their prompts. Learn more about the Chat API in our documentation. Pricing It’s priced at $0.002 per 1K tokens, which is 10x cheaper than the existing GPT-3.5 models. Model updates We are constantly improving our Chat models, and want to make these improvements available to developers as well. Developers who use the gpt-3.5-turbo model will always get our recommended stable model, while still having ...

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    The purpose of this project is to create a system that simulates a ChatGPT session by e-mail. 1. Sender sends e-mail to dedicated Gmail address 2. Body of the e-mail is inputted t...project is to create a system that simulates a ChatGPT session by e-mail. 1. Sender sends e-mail to dedicated Gmail address 2. Body of the e-mail is inputted to ChatGPT 3. New e-mail is sent back with ChatGPT response Administration Control Panel Functions: 1. Add/remove approved e-mail addresses to receive requests from 2. Statistics, such as most active users Components: ChatGPT API (gpt-3.5-turbo) Gmail API (receive, send, and delete e-mails) Control Panel (add/remove approved users & track statistics) Powerpoint presentation containing the framework is attached. Maximum budget of this p...

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    I'd like to create a chatbot with the ChatGPT 3.5 turbo API where the chat is embeddable and accessible based on the round button at the corner of the screen. The chatbot is to provide answers based on my documentation (which is a website), and to be automatically updated once the documentation is updated or every set internal (daily, weekly, etc). Responses of the bot is to be virtually instantaneous, and with a clean UI. Kindly let me know how the chatbot is going to be hosted, its running costs, and how I can continuously refine the chatbot. The chatbot is to have some-kind of failsafe should a user use up a lot of prompts in a short duration to avoid raking up lots of token fees. The UI is to be similar to ChatGPT's where we can see it type instead of it g...

    $185 - $554
    $185 - $554
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    ...including Chat GPT 3.5 Turbo and Whisper AI, to provide efficient and accurate guidance to operators. The application should allow operators to consult on all aspects of CFR 49 192, 199 and part 40 regulations, Georgia PSC rules while ensuring compliance with all the regulations specific to natural gas operations in Georgia. The app should be able to handle both text and speech input and provide text output for writing manuals and plans needed to comply with regulations. The final product should be accessible on both iOS and Windows platforms, providing maximum flexibility to users. By incorporating the latest advancements in AI technology, the app will be able to help operators comply with regulations and minimize errors, ensuring safety for all. The use of Chat GPT 3.5 Tur...

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    We are currently having trouble with the data in our ZOHO Books balance sheet balancing in Intuit turbo tax. We have everything done up to this point. We are looking of some online assistance in getting these numbers to work out. We want this to be done via screen share as we are not giving out any passwords.

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    All details are provided in the attached PDF

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    All details are provided in the attached PDF

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    Have to install pysqlcipher3 on windows machine and run from pysqlcipher3 import dbapi2 as sqlite (DATABASE_NAME) to verify the installation

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    Setup TradingView Strategy to send orders to Interactive Brokers via webhooks. use Python, Flask, Redis, SQLite and asyncio. release job working on desktop PC.

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    Need help make a sqlite browser code fot execute my budget is what you bid.

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    From one dql file to another sqlite browser make the code editable with .bat script my budget is what you bid.

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    The project is to help me shift my current system of financial equity research from Excel based working to python and take my data to sqlite within Python. Also, since i intend to keep excel for GUI for most of my working, the knowledge of xlwings library is seeked along with the usual Pandas / Numpy / Seaborn (or underlying matplotlib) libraries I am not looking for a one time project but more like a co-development project on a consistent basis so please apply ONLY and ONLY when you have atleast 6 months of foreseeable availability. I will be actively involved in each and every step. Am finding little time to code myself because of other engagements but would want to co-discuss and co-develop the project. I foresee around 20 hours of active engagement on weekly basis. Can incr...

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    On my WordPress website, I have a checkbox and a field where the user can enter data. I need to take this data, combine it with additional information from me, and use it as input to generate a response using ChatGPT/midjourney. After generating a response, I need to combine the text output from ChatGPT with relevant images from midjourney and display the result back on the website. If you have an experience with similar task, show me your work.

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    Setup of server and installation of PHP script with Laravel framework. Its using latest standards for encryption (like Sodium library) and security, made without use of JavaScript. Requirements: PHP 7 SQL Database (MySQL,PostgreSQL, SQLite, SQL Server) Elasticsearch Redis

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    I want the turbo to have a joint in his mouth ,with red eyes like he is stoned and have a see thru background. and a spot to write the strain and weight. The front with the face and the back like the second pillow

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    I want the turbo to have a joint in his mouth ,with red eyes like he is stoned and have a see thru background. and a spot to write the strain and weight. The front with the face and the back like the second pillow

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    Help solve problems that are encountered will working on an iOS application using Xcode 14.2+, Swift 5.X, SwiftUI, and SQLite This phase of the project is a migration of this application to SwiftUI/Swift 5.x. All the code/function that powers it currently exists, the job is to tie the SwiftUI to the functions and update the existing swift code when needed. --- Phase 1 (2 hours): Populate screens with data for the SQLite database

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    I need someone experienced with SQL or MySQL or SQlite to import two dataset formatted in csv. And connected them together. And after connecting them, the data should be updated automatically when updated in the csv files. I need this to be done as soon as possible + I want to be able to understand the steps you did. So I can be able to do it myself.

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    Update existing Proxy Python to refresh sqlite daily and make a new installer

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    i want to import data from SQLite to MS SQL Server here I want to import the identity column value to the same in SQL SERVER I Try Then It gives an error identity column not insert I using entity framework core in C#

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    $11 / hr Avg Bid
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    I need a node js app that will run LOCALLY and need to have these functionalities: 1. Handle two types of files via file upload: XML and CSV - no need to store files 2. Parse data from files to an array of JSON objects - not all data from files will be stored. I need a part of it. 3. Store JSON data to SQLite DB 4. Select and remove JSON objects based on criteria via API calls from a WebApp

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    We have a project that uses a JSON file to read data from a device. Now we want to change it so that instead of loading from a file, we look up the JSON from a SQLite database, then pass that object straight to the read function. I know we could do it by removing the JSON entirely and using pure SQLite, but I notice that since SQLite 3.9 there are actual JSON functions and operators. It seems like we can do the whole thing in less steps to use these.

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