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    I have a current 3D model which I'd like to enhance. The focus of this project is on improving the model's surface connections, specifically achieving high-poly (realistic) smoothness. Some key details: - Purp...experience in 3D modeling and surface smoothing. - Experience with high-poly, realistic modeling is preferred. - Attention to detail and an eye for aesthetics are crucial for this task. Please provide examples of your previous work in this area, particularly any experience with surface smoothing and high-poly modeling. I'm looking for a freelancer to cooperate. The model will be milled on a 3-axis CNC, so it must be symmetrical, it can be delivered as a whole (3D) A simple model has been made, as well as an auxiliary drawing, the curves can be slightly e...

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    4 bids internal one closer to the edge, calculating their loads, ultimate limit state, serviceable limit state, demand bending moment, demand sheer force, demand compressive force, bending check, sheer check, compression at supports and deflection check. Additionally calculations for one timber post (probably glue-lam) determining the demand stresses making sure the bending stresses about y and x axis are both 0, determine strength capacity (design for compressive and bending strength) check cross section resistance adequacy and check member stability Finally with a rough working out to calculate the transfer load of column needed for a clay stiff pad foundation in my design Skills & Experience: - Proven civil engineering background with a heavy bias on structural design - ...

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    13 bids what shapes the sails into a 3-dimensional mesh instead of a flat piece of fabric which would flap in the wind.) In this example (See attached) you can see how the first 2 diagonals (B-D & B-E), divide the sail into 3 flat triangles. However, because the mount points are not on the same plane, to calculate A-D, A-C and C-E you need the variations of the mount point positions on the vertical axis from the horizontal base plane. This means you can create the additional triangles – calculate their angles and from there calculate the correct length of the remaining diagonals. The program needs to recalculate this if any height, edge, or diagonal measurements are changed. Ideal Skills & Experience: - Experience in software development, specifically programs i...

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    Hi Hafiz Ahmad H., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat. Calibrate the X and Y axes, note the real dimension of X-axis is 15 320mm • Measure the length of all the external walls; name it Ext. Wall-All-01 Your measurement should be in the Dimension Group “Drawing-Exercise_1- 2”. Timeline : Tuesday 16th of April 2024, at 8pm UK time. Thanks.

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    I'm in need of an experienced developer or programmer who can create a modified bar graph for me. The project will require: - The modified bar graph should have basic text labels on the vertical axis. - The design should be clean and professional, ensuring a good user experience. Ideal applicants should have: - Proven experience in creating bar graphs. - Excellent knowledge of the technology needed to implement such a graph. - Strong attention to detail to ensure the labels are correctly aligned and clearly legible.

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    ...line chart in Excel that requires modification. I am seeking someone who can add vertical lines to the chart to indicate different phases of the data over certain years. The output must remain in Excel format. Key requirements for this project include: - I need the chart to show three distinct phases based on the years on the x-axis. - The first phase should be from 2013 to 2016, the second from 2017 to 2023 and the third from 2024 to 2030. -underneath the x axis labels (years), the phases should also be marked (i.e., phase 1 under 2013-2016, phase 2 under 2017 to 2023, phase 3 under 2024-2030) Desired Skills: - Proficient in data visualization - Experience with both bar and line charts - Skilled in integrating vertical lines to show time-based phases - Experience with...

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    I'm in need of a java script developer who can help me to complete the light animation that I have started. I have three circles (RED) aligned. On X axis they are moving as expected But they should also interact with mouse Y in a rotation way. when Y = circles should rotate clockwise while remaining aligned when - Y = the opposite

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    ...(to .log files) approximately every 30 seconds. The logs are all in text form and will need to be manipulated to gather the relevant data, and then display this data on graphs. For the graphs, the X axis will be time, and should be adjustable (i.e. I should be able to narrow or expand the timeframe I’m looking at). Since the logging is provided every 30 seconds, and I will likely be looking at the data on a daily, weekly, or even 2-3 month basis, the ability to aggregate / reduce the number of points on the graph will be important to ensure the graph is not slowed down / laggy. The Y axis should be one of 5 variables (and I should be able to look at 1,2,3,4, or all 5 variables at once). Each of these 5 variables should be plotted on their own Y axes, so they all f...

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    ...the associativity for set associative. Why did you choose these parameter values? Results What were the hit rates for the different configurations? Create plots to show your results. x-y plot of hit rate vs cache size, with separate lines for FIFO and LRU x-y plot of hit rate vs block size, with separate lines for FIFO and LRU Make sure your plots are labeled on the x and y axes. y axis should be hit rate, x axis is independent variable. Give units on the independent variable (e.g. bytes) Conclusions How does cache design (direct mapped/set associative/fully associative) affect hit rate? How does hit rate change with the two replacement policies? How does cache size affect hit rate? How does line/block size affect hit rate? You must submit the following: A screen capt...

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    Desired is a skilled developer to create unofficial APIs for PhonePe, Paytm, and Axis BHIM Pay, as well as for the IRCTC Connect app. - For UPI Apps: - Register User - Check Balance - Check Pending Transaction - Approve Payment - List Of Added Banks - For IRCTC Connect Application: - Login - Train Search - Passenger Submission - Bank Selection - Ticket Booking Proficiency in decrypting and encrypting data is crucial, along with an understanding of the respective apps. A proven record in API development is a plus. Please bid with confidence.

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    I'm looking for a proficient Python or C++ programmer with a solid background in integrated machine control (IMC) systems. You will be tasked with developing a CNC software to work on a Windows environment. The software should integrate the IMC motion control, be able to probe objects along one axis and cut according to the template probed on an X and Z axis CNC lathe. Requirements: - Proficiency in Python or C++ programming language - Experience in IMC motion control - Understanding of CNC functionality in terms of probing and cutting - Knowledge about Windows operation system - Ability to customise the screen to a desired colourful graphical interface based on a provided illustrator document. Appreciated Skills & Experience: - Previous work on CNC software cr...

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    ...examples of your previous work in your bid, and outline your experience in developing Sketchup extensions. Certainly, here's a revised version for clarity and presentation: Short term Task Summary: Task 1: Material Estimation Automation Description: Refine an existing Ruby script to automate the estimation of roofing materials within SketchUp. This script should: Flatten roof sheathing to the Z-axis base level for simplified dimension measurement (Length x Width x Height). Identify and catalog different sheathing materials. Calculate required material quantities. Export the material list for ordering purposes. Task 2: Building Perimeter Isolation Description: Develop a method to isolate the perimeter outline from an imported DWG file within SketchUp. This can involve: S...

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    I am currently seeking an expert in C Axis programming for my lathe machine, focusing primarily on grooving operations. The material used for this project is aluminum. The ideal freelancer would have: - Extensive experience in lathe C Axis programing, ideally with a focus on grooving - Familiarity working with aluminum in a lathe machine setting - Ability to troubleshoot and problem-solve issues that may arise during the grooving process - Strong communication, ensuring the process and progress are easily understood.

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    ...joined by vectors, it's very minimal yet interesting And this is the site it will be applied to. The animation will replace the hero illustration on the right: Wish list: 1. It should be lean and fast loading. I don't want it to adversely impact my google lighthouse score 2. It should be interactive, but only on the X axis, e.g. the logo rotation should be constrained to horizontal only 3. It should be responsive. It should remain to the right of the screen, and then display full-width on mobile. Again I know very little, if threejs is like any dom then I can make it responsive myself. 4. Cool factor is crucial, but keep it minimal. I want clients to say, "oh wow, that's neat" and not say "well that's really distracting"

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    I am seeking an experienced mechatronics engineer / Raspberry Pi developer to create a plotter that can be controlled remotely. The mechanism will be used to control a phone via a computer on a different WiFi network. The phone will be laid down and there will be a stylus above the screen whic...different WiFi network. The phone will be laid down and there will be a stylus above the screen which can move in X Y directions as well as lift slightly on Z. There will be a camera facing the phone to see what is happening on the phone in real time. There will be an interface for controlling the mechanism remotely which includes the camera feed as well as buttons to move the stylus on each axis. The final design will look similar to this:

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    postprocessor , solidcam 2020 , mach3 5 axis milling machine-- like on picture .also need some machsim

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    I'm seeking a professional with proficiency in Excel to interpret and visualize my company's sales data. The project involves transforming our...have a solid background in data analysis and preferably in sales data interpretation. This project requires accuracy, attention to detail, and ability to deliver within tight deadlines. Graphing details are: 1. Revenue per provider (provider initials) and clinic (overall sales)per month. 2. (Growth) monthly comparisons from years 2020 to 2023 and partial 2024. 3. Vertical axis = Revenues in dollars. 4. Horizontal axis = months Jan thru Dec 5. Chart name.= Average daily revenues per doctor and clinic. 6. Separate chart (#2) plotting R column. revenues/provider vs. each year 2020-2023. 6b. Chart name = Average daily r...

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    I'm in need of an expert qualified in PowerMill to develop toolpaths for a 4-axis router with a swing head/spindle. The material we will be working with is wood. Ideal Skills: - good experience in PowerMill. - Knowledgeable in 4-axis routing, particularly with a swing head/spindle. - Experience working with wood as a main material. -

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    I'm in need of an ...effect) - how to add motion blur (transform effect, use motion blur and set shutter angle to 180) - how to encode with a transparent background (alpha, using QuickTime settings) - how to fade out audio - how to reverse a clip - how to speed up a clip (Change speed to fast) - how to slow down video (slow motion) - how to export an MP4 file (H.264 encode type) - how to flip a video (on both X and Y axis) Style: Follow the examples set here: @RDKtutorials/videos - Every video needs to have at least 1920x1080 HD resolution or higher. - You'll need to digitally zoom into the frame as you adjust settings, etc. - Start every video with, "Hey everybody, today we are..." - End every video with, "I hope this helps you on your current and future...

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    ...description: Solution needed for data acquisition and visualisation. The data has to be collected from a sensor using Modbus RTU, the data needs to be read from the register and logged into a .csv file with timestamp attached to each readout. This however also needs to be visualized realtime as the data collection takes place preferably on a rolling chart with "x" axes being time and "y" axis being the value read. The distinct points should be connected on the graph with a straight line. The time delay between measurements should be as little as practically possible. Available hardware for the task: - "node mcu ESP32s3", or "Panlee WT32 SC-01 plus" the latter has built in RS485. - Nvidia jetson nano - ...

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    ...Python script to connect to the API, retrieve historical gold price data, and store it in a structured format - Implement graphing functionality to visualise the historical price data - Incorporate simple mathematical equations for basic analysis (calculating averages, averages excluding certain years, etc.) - There’s 6 different - Overlay current year’s data and the averaged data on the same x axis. - Enable exporting of graphs in PNG format and logical naming convention If you possess the necessary skills and can meet these requirements, please submit your proposal detailing estimated timeline, and cost. Please allow for a 5-10 minute phone/video call to go through the project requirements and familiarise ourselves. This is a research task and the speed to write ...

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    Looking for someone that can convert these PDF drawings of shipping containers to a precise 3D Model of two diferent types of containers (20ft and 40ft). The outcomeof each container has to be: 1. BIM Model in Revit (2020) 2. Ceiling Plan in .dwg (2020) 3. Floor Plan in .dwg (2020) 4. 4 elevations in .dwg (2020) 5. 8 sections 3, different axis (vertical and two sides) in .dwg (2020)

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    I am currently looking to make alterations to an existing VBA Skyline chart. Specifically, I need assistance with: - Adding dates to the Form Labels. The dates in question will be the Plan Date, Actual Date, and Forecast Date. - Adjusting axis labels. - Changing the chart's color scheme. The ideal freelancer for this project should have substantial experience in working with VBA Skyline Charts and data labels modifications. They should also have a keen eye for aesthetic details such as color schemes.

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    ...need them to be shown outside of the indicators table (like this: ). The child category titles must have an h2 tag. 2) When the "Histórico" button is clicked, a modal with a chart opens. This chart utilizes the script. I need you to modify how the chart is displayed, so it resembles this example: On the X-axis, the months of the year should be displayed, and a line for each year should be shown. For example, if it needs to show 2023 and 2024, it must display two lines, one for each year. The reference boxes (like this: ) must indicate which color represents each year. If you have read this, please comment "pink elephant" so I know you have read it. 3) When the chart modal

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    *Data Transformation Page* - The “new column” functionality under “column operations” side menu should include calculations or formula for the row values. - The changes to the table should be made in real-time instead when the su...graph should be made in real-time and not when the submit button is pressed for all the options under “Additional Settings” tab. - Fix the color scheme option. A continuous color scheme should be applied to the respective charts. The color scheme should be applied from the front-end. - Implement a dropdown menu for user to select which column should be used for applying the color scheme, e.g. x-axis, y-axis, colors, data values. - Implement the show data points options for all chart types from the front-end. Righ...

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    ...graph should be made in real-time and not when the submit button is pressed for all the options under “Additional Settings” tab. - Fix the color scheme option. A continuous color scheme should be applied to the respective charts. The color scheme should be applied from the front-end. - Implement a dropdown menu for user to select which column should be used for applying the color scheme, e.g. x-axis, y-axis, colors, data values. - Add input for adjusting trace sizes of charts. E.g, scatter plot - size of the dots / circles line chart - thickness of the line box plot - size of the box histogram / bar - size of the bar pie chart - size of the whole pie etc... - Implement the show data points options for all chart types from the front-end. Right now, this option ...

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    ...graph should be made in real-time and not when the submit button is pressed for all the options under “Additional Settings” tab. - Fix the color scheme option. A continuous color scheme should be applied to the respective charts. The color scheme should be applied from the front-end. - Implement a dropdown menu for user to select which column should be used for applying the color scheme, e.g. x-axis, y-axis, colors, data values. - Add input for adjusting trace sizes of charts. E.g, scatter plot - size of the dots / circles line chart - thickness of the line box plot - size of the box histogram / bar - size of the bar pie chart - size of the whole pie etc... - Implement the show data points options for all chart types from the front-end. Right now, this option ...

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    My Fanuc robot i...issue. The specific error message isn't clearly defined, so a strong understanding of a range of Fanuc robot issues is necessary. - Quick Problem Solving: The ideal person for this job would be able to swiftly diagnose and address the root of these error messages. - Expert Knowledge: A thorough understanding of Fanuc robots, their software, and potential errors is crucial. Familiarity with both axis overload, servo amplifier faults, and system alarms is ideal. - Tight Deadline: I require the repairs to be completed as soon as possible, so a freelancer capable of providing immediate solutions would be an excellent fit. Your strong background in robotic repair and quick problem-solving skills will be greatly beneficial to swiftly get this robot back in ...

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    Project Overview: Briefly describe your air mouse concept, its functionalities (3-axis motion control, Bluetooth connectivity for PC), and target platforms (Windows and Mac). Hardware Specifications: Specify the desired functionalities: 3-axis accelerometer for motion detection Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) for wireless connection Battery type (consider rechargeable Lithium-ion battery for extended use) Button layout (left click, right click, scroll wheel, etc.) Housing material and size requirements Software Development: Outline the basic functionalities for cursor control on PC (Windows and Mac compatibility is a complex task, be prepared to discuss options with the freelancer). Mention any additional features you envision (e.g., programmable buttons, power management). Delive...

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    This project aims to conduct a systematic review of vertical-axis wind turbine control. The main goal is to identify gaps in the existing body of knowledge. The review should focus predominantly on active pitch control and structural stability control. A comprehensive understanding of state-of-the-art control strategies in the areas above is vital to achieving this goal. I have written a literature review, and I want an expert writer to convert my literature review into a systematic one. The writing should be plagiarism-free and free AI detectable. * Ideal skills for this project include: * A strong background in control engineering * Deep understanding of wind turbine technology * Experience in technical writing or systematic review It is expected that this project wil...

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    I'm seeking a competent python developer well-versed in aerodynamics to assist with my vertical axis wind turbine modeling project. Key tasks will include: - Conducting wind turbine simulations - Algorithm development for turbine efficiency optimization - Implementing the DMST model The goal of these tasks will be two-fold: - Gaining a deeper understanding of turbine performance - Identifying optimal design parameters High accuracy is an absolute necessity throughout this project, particularly when implementing the DMST model and developing efficiency optimization algorithms. Previous experience in aerodynamics, Python development and algorithm optimization will be very beneficial. Looking forward to productive collaborations.

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    I'm seeking a skilled architect/designer with proficiency in Revit to renovate a modern, unique home. The original home shape was derived from a cube, rotated diagonally in both the x and y axis, then sliced in half horizontally through the middle of the cube. The desired renovation detail is to create a cube shape, acting as a connecting wing to access a new Master Bedroom. The new bedroom will be designed under a separate contract. The attached PDF is of a model depicting the existing house in color. The first draft of a cube to connect a new Master Bedroom suite is shown in white cardboard. The last page of the pdf gives the address of the home. Look up more pictures on the airbnb web site to get a better feel for the look of the home. The ideal freelancer sho...

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    29 bids explained below. - previous_consideration: To give an accurate graph of the price change. Find the time where price difference is more than 1%. Consider all points after that as well as 5 seconds before it. We consider 5 seconds before it as well so this algorithm is easier to code and understand. - All graph points are always shown, never cut short. - Graph grows from left to right. - Price axis on right. - Top bar which shows: market being monitored, account USDT balance, current profit, current price relative to starting point. - Panic Sell option to cancel all current orders and place market sell. - List of orders including time (), usdt value, order price, order size, filled % - Overall dark look and feel, modern look, gradient graph of dark to light blue (see image)

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    I am looking for a skilled professional that can create an intuiti...Histogram? Replicate the Dashboard in that Tableau public link Links to an external site. Requirements Dashboard Size: 1300px by 800 px # of Sheets – 1 Create a divergent bar chart, showing the frequency of average life expectancy (by country) for males and females Match tooltips, which are pretty simple Match colors (Nuriel Stone) X-axis range is locked from 30 to 95 Y-axis range is dynamic based on the data and changes per year (but is identical for female/male) A small hint: you are allowed to reshape the data if it makes it easier for you to build the chart. If you do reshape the data, use built-in Tableau Desktop or Alteryx features. Include both files in your submission.

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    We already have our own app development team, we just lack an algorithm. You only need to write an algorithm and use the mobile phone's acceleration sensor, gyroscope and magnetometer to determine the three-dimensional g value of the vehicle where the mobile phone is located. Here's what I'm looking for: - Leverage data integration from the accelerometer, gyroscope, and magnetometer. What I want to see in your code: - Filter out misjudgment interference caused by operating mobile phones - The position of the mobile phone can be placed arbitrarily. - Can filter out some clutter interference. Ideal skills and experience: - Proven experience in sensor data integration and manipulation on Android devices - Strong background in physics, particularly in acceleration and grav...

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    ...Solidworks to create a body for a roller coaster wagon. This project requires a keen eye for aesthetics, as well as a solid understanding of mechanical engineering principles to incorporate a working seat restraint mechanism with a lock system. The design will be built upon an existing base that includes a differential-like mechanism for the front and back wheels, allowing rotation on the front axis for track twists. Objectives: Futuristic Body Design: Develop a 3D model of the roller coaster wagon body. The body should seamlessly integrate with and conceal the underlying "gear box" mechanism, incorporating side panels for a sleek look. Functional Seat Restraints: Engineer a working design for seat restraints for four seats, including a lock mechanism that ensures pa...

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    I need a professional portfolio website to display the wide range of services my company offers. These services include: - Network infrastruct...intrusion design and installation - Consulting services - Surveillance camera systems design and installation - Remote solar solutions - Data center server room design and build - ICT structured cabling design and build - VOIP voice services and telephone plans These services should be highlighted prominently on the website. The website should be completed within a month. We are BICSI and Axis certified. Ideal skills and experience you should possess include: - Proven track record in building portfolio websites - Knowledge in network infrastructure, security installation, and ICT would be a plus - Ability to deliver within the set...

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    ...need the quadcopter, in the Zipped project folder, to generate thrust from the 4-individual motors. The drone is flown with a drone controller, so if you make the updates using an Xbox/PS contoller, please remember to reset the input controlls to how they were before! The rest of the blueprint is good as-is, but I would like the force produced from the 4-individual motors, and the PITCH/ROLL/YAW axis, to be initiated via the 4-motors, like in real life. Please take a look at the videos below, for a better example of how it works in real-life. If the quadcopter is facing forward Bottom Right = Motor/Propeller 1 Top Right = Motor/Propeller 2 Bottom Left = Motor/Propeller 3 Top Right = Motor/Propeller

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    I am looking for someone with experience in designing and developing a stabilizer system for a arm that i need kept vertical. This project involves the use of an Arduino board and requires moderate precision for optimal functionality. We need 2 x relay outputs to drive a actuator that will keep the arm vertical Key requirements: - Extensive knowledge of Arduino board - Experience in creating stabilizers - Ability to achieve moderate level of precision - Knowledge in programming Arduino for stability is a plus. Your main task will be designing, programming, and testing the stabilizer to ensure proper balancing capabilities in the robot.

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    Design a control system project using Matlab for Single-Axis Solar Tracker using two light sensor has multi-input and multi- output. (explain everything in detail and cover following details) Introduction

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    This job requires urgent attention. I am in need of a freelancer who can adeptly transform a picture into a 3D model for a leg. This 3D model should be designed strictly for machining on a 5-axis CNC Homag using Woodwop 7.1. Here are the specific details for the project: - The dimension: the finished model should measure 420mm x 170mm x 170mm. - Design preferences: the leg should be modeled according to the picture will be provided once the project begins. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in creating 3D models - Prior experience in CNC machining projects - Competence in using Woodwop 7.1 software - Deliver quick turnaround as the job needs to be accomplished ASAP.

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    ..."To powinieneś spróbować tego masażera" for massager background ATTACH FILES! "unitled" ! MUST READ THIS ! Dont make in first 2,3 seconds video looks like promotion, you can do funfacts about pain you can do anything but just dont video looks like promotion because people is going to skip it. FONT: Komika Axis [ONLY] [READ THIS] IT CAN BE some funfacts, in first seconds and then you show massager anything that can make it VIRAL. [READ THIS] you can do texts in english and after i like your BID i will write you to change it to polish words because this video will be in polish language. in attach files i send you bad and good example VIDEO SHOULD BE 12-20 SECONDS (BEST 15SECONDS) I WILL CHOOSE FIRST

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    ...can work on modifying a Javascript post processor for Fusion 360 milling operations. Skillset should include: - Proficient in Javascript and Fusion 360 operations - In-depth understanding of CAM Task Details: I need someone to modify a post processor for Fusion 360 milling operations. I need to add movement on an additional axis to make up for tool wear. Basically, for all G1 and G3 xy moves, I need a command added to move a proportional amount in another axis (U). Z-only moves and all rapid (G0) moves should be ignored. The scale factor for this move should be adjustable in the "Post Properties" dialog. The scale factor will likely be in the .001 range. So for an XY move of length 100mm, U would move -.1mm. Since the moves for xyz are absolute, I think the...

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    ...the model view to ISO. - **Center Model on Screen:** Centers the model in the current viewport. -Last configuration active should be Default. 2. **Graphics Properties Adjustment: - Adjust Graphics Quality Always set to Coarse but consider files with special Custom Properties -For assemblies, set to apply on Children Parts 2.1Graphic display     For all : Hide the following : Sketches Axis Origin Planes Planes Origins Coordinate Systems Annotation 3. Unit and Precision Configuration: - For all, Set Units to mm and Kg: Configures units to be using mm and KG for all ( set the precision digit to .01 for all, tested with material and weight values) 4. Drawing Configuration Adjustments: If drawing : - Modify Drawing Document Settings (e....

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    ...still accurately and continuously track A. (4) Person A’s body is blocked by other people. After the blocking behavior ends, Person A can still be tracked. (5) A person can still be tracked correctly even if he has similar clothing and height to the people around him. 2. Software and hardware integration The tracking function needs to be able to match the three-axis motion of the hardware's roll axis, yaw axis, and pitch axis. 3. Output The solution provider should provide a set of Tracking SDK (including Android and iOS) and packages the SDK into the existing APP to become the tracking function of the APP. Ideal candidate qualities: - Experience in developing tracking apps. - Proficiency with location services and geofencing tec...

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    I'm seeking a talented individual to accurately recreate a line plot for me. I only have access to the existing plot's axis information and the plot—no raw data is available. The x-axis and y-axis are both labeled, providing some guidance on the data trend and scale. Ideal Candidate Should Possess: - Experience in data visualization - Proficiency with graphing software (e.g., Excel, Python's Matplotlib) - Keen attention to detail - Ability to estimate data points from visual cues Project Requirements: - Replicate the original line plot format - Infer data points based on axis labels and plot trend - Ensure recreated plot is high-quality and presentable - Deliver plot in editable and image file formats Success in this project will require ...

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    I need a mod menu for Subway surfers with free design, but one important feature: I want it to have the option to move the camera in the x, y and z axis and rotation while running in the game So you can play like in the picture

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    11 bids, I'm looking to educate myself in using the Axis Direct trading platform. I seek assistance in not only the initial account setup, but would also like comprehensive guidance on the basic operations and navigation of this platform. A thorough understanding of technical analysis is crucial for me. In particular, I'm interested in learning how to manage investments across three main segments - Stocks, Mutual Funds, and Derivatives. Also price action, intraday, stock market ,option trade. I expect freelancers applying for this project to have extensive experience and deep knowledge on Axis Direct, as well as a clear, easy-to-follow teaching methodology for beginners. Ideal skills and experiences for the job: * Mastery of Axis Direct trading pla...

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    I'm seeking an experienced developer to craft a custom software for my project, which involves integrating a set of 2-axis galvo scanners, a USB camera, and a focusing lens. Here are the details of what I need: KEY REQUIREMENTS: - Develop in Python or a language of your choice for ease of use and flexibility. - Enable precision control of galvo scanners for accurate positioning. - Implement speed adjustment capabilities. - calibration capability - Incorporate pattern engraving functions with reliability. FUNCTIONALITIES: - Intuitive user interface to control galvo movements. - Real-time adjustments for speed and positioning. - Streamlined process for pattern input and engraving execution. - Seamless USB camera integration for monitoring and control. IDEAL SKILLS: - Proficie...

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    ...Here are the specifics of my requirements: • Two key elements need to be changed in the graph that I attach: 1. Instead of the trend line growing up and down like valley and mountain, I need to have it replaced with a stair with four steps building up in time (z-axis) and along the x-axis. I imagine the steps as rectangles, but I am open to better representations. Steps should be labeled with their name (Phase 1, 2, 3 and 4). Phase 1 should start early in time, and be represented on the z-axis close to the origin. The z-axis goes for 14 years. Ideal freelancers for this project are those with experience as graphic illustration. An understanding of graph/chart reading as well as good communication skills to understand what needs to be highlighted wo...

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