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    I am an American having trouble finding remote work. I need an assistant that can shop my resume and apply to 5-10 jobs per day through various job boards. Prior Experience preferred

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    Seeking a proficient frontend developer specializing in HTML/CSS, JavaScript, and React to develop more than 10 web pages/screens for an engaging user experience. Key Responsibilities: - Develop interactive web pages utilizing HTML/CSS, JavaScript, and React. - Implement custom animations and transitions for a dynamic user experience. Preferred Skills and Experience: - Proficient in HTML/CSS, JavaScript, and React - Proven experience with custom animations and transitions - Ability to develop multiple web pages - Strong attention to detail and keen eye for aesthetics.

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    I am looking for a mobile app developer to help me build an app. The project has three main components to be considered: Deadline: 2 days

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    I'm in need of an app developer who can assist me in ensuring that my application is compliant with Google's policies. Key Tasks: - Write code for Google policy compliance - Build the app from scratch - Optimize existing code for Google policy I need someone who is well-versed in Google policies and can ensure that my app is fully compliant. Experience with app development, particularly for Android, is preferred.

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    I am looking for someone to create an Ecommerce website for a haircare brand. It would need to be SEO friendly and have a speedy response optimization. I want the website to have quick responses and smooth transitions. Deadline: open

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    I'm looking for experienced web developers to build a compelling e-commerce site. The project entails integrating the following functionalities: - User registration and login: Enabling personalized experiences for sho...project entails integrating the following functionalities: - User registration and login: Enabling personalized experiences for shoppers. - Product catalog: Organizing a comprehensive online display of products for customer convenience. - Shopping cart and checkout: Implementing an intuitive system for seamless purchase confirmation. The ideal candidate should possess expertise in e-commerce web development, emphasizing user experience and site functionality. Your portfolio should showcase proficiency in integrating user registration, product catalogs, and ch...

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    I'm seeking a skilled developer to help create a fantasy role-playing game (RPG) using Unreal Engine. Key Responsibilities: - Developing RPG using Unreal Engine Our perfect match will have: - Proficiency in Unreal Engine

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    I am currently in the development stage of my project and I require a professional to facilitate the communication between different Electronic Control Units (ECUs) through CAN bus. This is a crucial phase of the project and requires expertise in the following areas: - Message Filtering and Control: You need to ensure that only relevant information is transmitted through the CAN bus, reducing unnecessary data transmission. - Error Handling and Diagnostics: Implementing a robust error handling system is vital to ensure the reliability and performance of the overall system. - Data Logging and Analysis: The candidate should have experience in setting up a functional data logging system for future analysis. - Verify the code with CANoe: You will be required to verify the CAN bus implem...

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    ...NaukriGulf. This project's primary aim is to secure me an actual job offer. Your role is not to merely practice job application skills or gather data on the job market, but to actively engage in the application process on my behalf. Key Responsibilities: - Applying to 100 mid-level engineering positions on NaukriGulf daily - Utilizing filters effectively to narrow down job options - Reporting on the jobs applied to and any responses received Ideal Candidate: - College student or someone with a decent amount of free time - Proficient in using online job portals - Exceptional attention to detail - Strong engineering industry knowledge This is a long-term project and payment will be made for each job applied. Please reach out if you're confident in your ability to rep...

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    I'm looking for a skilled WordPress developer to craft a website similar to...easy for visitors to find and navigate through the content. - Testimonials Section: An area dedicated to showcasing client testimonials. Post-Launch Content Management: I plan to regularly add new content to the website. Consequently, I'd like the site to be structured in a way that makes updating and managing content intuitive and straightforward. Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in WordPress development - Strong understanding of UI/UX principles - Experience with creating and implementing contact forms - Previous work creating and managing blog sections - Familiarity with integrating and designing testimonials sections Please provide examples of previous work that demonstrate your ability to meet...

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    As an existing WordPress site owner, I'm seeking a talented developer to create a user dashboard using the User Regis...dynamically update data such as the number of entries they've accumulated, and current entries into the draw. - Table Entry Creation: Users should be able to create new table entries, with clear and intuitive interface. I'm looking for a professional with proven experience in: - WordPress Development - User Registration Plugin - Subscription Management - Dynamic data display - UI/UX design for user-friendly dashboard The ideal candidate should be well-versed in WordPress, proficient in backend development, and have a good understanding of user interfaces. The project budget is $300 AUD MAX as I had previously requested the whole webstie to ...

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    I'm in need of a skilled app developer who can create a comprehensive tenant app for both Android and iOS platforms. The app requires a robust set of features and functionalities to cater to the needs of tenants, property owners, and administrators. Here's a breakdown of the project: - **Frontend and Backend Development**: The app will need to have a clean and user-friendly design. It should be intuitive for users and aesthetically pleasing. The backend should be efficient and secure, ensuring smooth operation and data protection. - **User Registration and Login**: The app should allow for easy registration and login for all types of users - tenants, property owners, and admins. - **Property Search and Listing**: Tenants need to be abl...

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    I'm seeking an experienced Wordpress developer to create an E-commerce website for me. The purpose of this website is to sell fewer than 50 distinct items. The ideal freelancer for this project should have: - Proven experience in Wordpress development. - Specific skills in E-commerce site creation. - An understanding of user-friendly design principles. As part of this project, I require: - A sleek, modern design that reflects our brand. - A logical site structure with easy navigation. - An intuitive shopping interface for visitors. Please note, due to an oversight, the specific functionalities for this website are yet unidentified. We should start with the basics and potentially expand to add other features later. I look forward to your proposals.

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    I'm looking for a skilled web developer with experience in e-commerce websites to build me an online store. The purpose of the site is to sell physical goods. Key Requirements: - The website should be built with SEO in mind, ensuring it's optimized for search engines. - The e-commerce functionality should include a shopping cart and seamless payment gateway integration. - I'd also like to incorporate customer review features, as this is a crucial part of my branding and marketing strategy. Ideal Skills & Experience: - Proven track record in developing e-commerce websites, ideally with a focus on online stores for physical goods. - Strong understanding of current SEO best practices and how to implement them within a website. - Experience with implementing customer revi...

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    I need an expert in Python programming to develop a bot dedicated to stock trading. Your task will encompass: - Creating a bot capable of automating repetitive tasks - Programming this bot to provide answers to frequently asked questions - The bot should also provide customer support Desired skills include proficiency in Python and familiarity with stock trading. Experience with creating trading bots or automation tools will be extremely valuable. Efficiency, attention to detail, and clear communication are crucial for this project.

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    I need a project progress dashboard for regular updates. - The dashboard should include the following: - Tasks completed - Remaining tasks - Project milestones - Risks and mitigation - Key achievements - Cost vs current for...completed - Remaining tasks - Project milestones - Risks and mitigation - Key achievements - Cost vs current forecast vs Last Month Forecast - Decisions and Approvals - Key next steps - Timeline - The updates should be monthly. Ideal Skills: - Experience in developing project management dashboards - Proficiency in the programming language suitable for the platform (Web-based, Mobile app, Desktop application) - Good understanding of project management and data visualization - Strong communication skills to gather requirements and...

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    ...developer for my website and app, with a strong emphasis on responsive, intuitive design. Requirements: - Create and implement a responsive design that is fully optimized for mobile, tablet, and desktop platforms. - Enhanced user experience across all devices. - Prior experience and understanding of website performance and compatibility across different platforms. - conduct a thorough review and analysis on the current platform -submit a list of suggested upgrades and changes -implement the changes successfully Website: App: Dawraty Important: - The project timeline is within a month, therefore the ability to work efficiently under this time frame is crucial. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Extensive knowledge and experience in front-end development. - Ex...

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    I require a mobile app to be developed using React Native. The app is intended for both Android and iOS platforms. This project demands remote work from the developer. Essential features for the app include: - User registration and login - Push notifications - GPS tracking The primary purpose of the app is to serve as an e-commerce platform. Key feature expected in this regard is an integration with Rozarpay for smooth and secure transaction processes. Ideal candidates should have: - Solid experience in React Native app development for both Android and iOS - Skills in implementing user registration and login features, as well as push notifications and GPS tracking - Familiarity with integrating Rozarpay as the payment gateway in an e-commerce ...

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    ...require a professional to handle some specific tasks in the backend and optimize the site for search engines, particularly Google. The main tasks include: - Database Optimization: I need someone with expertise in WordPress backend development to optimize the database for better performance. - SEO Optimization: I need assistance in technical SEO aspects such as site speed and mobile optimization. Additionally, I need support in off-page SEO including backlinks and social media strategies Ideal candidates should have: - Proficiency in WordPress backend development and experience in database optimization. - Proven track record in improving the SEO of WordPress sites, particularly in technical and off-page areas. - Knowledge of Google Admin Console for updating content and ...

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    I'm in immediate need of a skilled WordPress developer, capable of integrating payment methods in an already-built website. Tasks: - interface for booking site - Ensure seamless Credit/Debit Card Processing, G Pay, and Phone Pay integration Requirements/Experience: - WordPress Development Proficiency - E-commerce website creation - Experience with multiple payment processing methods - Strong attention to detail I need this project completed as soon as possible. A professional with similar project experience would be highly preferred. I request applicants to provide examples of their past booking websites. I'm looking forward to working with a skilled developer who can understand my needs and deliver a top-notch interactive booking website.

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    I want an Android App with 2 screens: Main Screen and Settings Screen. Settings Screen: You should be able to select audio input audio device (With a list of all available input audio devices) audio output device (same) input language (list, default: chinese traditional,chinese simplified) output language (list, only english) Send API URL (Dont validate¡) Receive API URL (Dont validate¡. e.g. ) Send API Interval (Number in seconds) Receive API Interval (same) Main Screen: Will have a start/stop button that will start or stop the functionality, and the text of the Receive API should be displayed on the screen. The Settings Screen must be accessed through a latteral menu. Functionality: Using the [[audio input audio device]] it will transcribe the audio in...

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    I'm looking for a skilled developer to create a web-based share trading platform that includes real-time stock market data, a secure payment gateway, and user profile management. Key Features: - Real-time Stock Market Data: The platform should be able to update market data in real-time to ensure the most current information is available to users. - Secure Payment Gateway: The platform must have a secure payment gateway to facilitate transactions and protect users' financial information. - User Profile Management: The platform should enable users to create and manage their profiles, including personal information, trading history, and preferences. If you're interested in this project, please include examples of your past work in your application.

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    ...should be able to handle and display new content daily in a clear and organized manner. - **User Interaction:** It'll be great to have user interaction features, specifically a comment section under articles and user polls on match predictions. These features can help engage the audience and foster a sense of community on the platform. Ideal Skills and Experience: - **Web Development:** A strong background in web development and design is necessary for this project. The website should be visually appealing, user-friendly, and optimized for different devices. - **Content Management System (CMS):** Knowledge of CMS systems will be an advantage, as it can help streamline the content publishing process. - **User Interaction Features:** Experience in implementing and mana...

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    Dashboard Backend Car Ocassions - Car Categorie management, create edit , add logo brand - Add vehicle , Name Type, Pictures, Videos, assign vehicle to categorie brand - Auto fill car details from RDW trough license check - Car options, features, color etc everything, car description - Price, lease option button (add link to lease calculator) - Ask for demo drive / enable / disable option - Assign Member to Car (seller) if not assigned automatic Show Car Dealer Name logo and Phone Number - Overview cars by categorie ( brandname, transmission, color, min and max price) Car APK appointments - Show Callendar with actual planned APK for cars - Show upcoming appointments with time customer name, phone car license - disable car apk appointments module if disabled not show on frontpage Tire...

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    I'm looking for a talented developer to create a new social networking platform specifically designed for teenagers. This project will require the following: - **Teen-Oriented Design**: The platform must have a vibrant, engaging design that appeals to a teenage audience. Pr...**Responsiveness and Security**: The platform should be responsive across different devices and secure to protect the privacy of our young users. - **Testing and Feedback Incorporation**: I would like the developer to work closely with me during the testing phase to incorporate feedback from our target audience – teenagers. Ideal candidates should have experience in social networking platform development, particularly with a focus on young users. Experience with photo and video sharing functional...

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    I'm in need of a simple, elegant website that will be the face of my business. It should follow a green and gray color scheme. The sit...should be informative, highlighting key aspects of my business. I have a reference site that you can use for inspiration. Key features needed: - Contact Form: A simple contact form where visitors can reach out to me. - FAQ Page: A page that addresses common questions about my business, its services and more. Ideal skills for this project would include: - Proven experience in website design and development. - Proficiency in using the preferred green and gray color scheme. - Strong communication skills to understand my business needs and translate them into a user-friendly website. - Past experience in creating similar informational websites w...

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    I'm in need of a skilled web developer for a project that involves creating a you create - Full responsibility for the website's design: I'm looking for a completely custom approach, so you need to be comfortable working from scratch - The site is set to be unique and visually appealing, so a flair for design is essential - An understanding of user experience and interface design principles is a must - SEO knowledge is a bonus Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in web development languages and frameworks - Experience in creating e-commerce sites, informational sites, or blogs - Strong design skills and creativity - Ability to work with minimal supervision - Good communication skills. I'm open to further discussion about the project and I'm eager t...

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    ...Historical Data Utilization: Your primary task will be to employ historical betting data to create a reliable predictor capable of achieving an 80% success rate. It's crucial that you are proficient in handling and analyzing data for accurate predictions. - Python Proficiency: As per the project requirements, you must have strong expertise in Python. This is the chosen programming language for the development of the predictor. - Deployment: The final product should be a desktop application. Hence, you should have experience in building and deploying desktop applications successfully. Ideal Candidate Skills: - Extensive experience in Python programming - Proven track record in data analysis and prediction models - Previous experience in betting platforms or similar project...

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    I’m in need of a specialized professional capable of creating a new, web-based system. The system must include functionalities such as user authentication, data storage and retrieval, and comprehensive reporting and analytics. The primary users of this new system will be customers or clients. Anyone with proficiency in database management, user interface design, and analytical reporting will be highly preferred. High efficiency is expected in the finished product's operation, hence requiring deep knowledge in creating user-friendly interfaces. I'm looking forward to working with a seasoned software developer having a remarkable portfolio in similar projects.

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    I'm in need of an experienced web developer for our soon to launch local swim school. The project revolves around building a user-friendly, engaging, and informative website. The primary target audience will be both children and adults seeking swim lessons. Key Features Include: - Home Page: This would be the "digital welcome mat" of the school where general information about our school and highlights will be displayed. - About Us Page: This page will contain more in-depth information about our school, our team, and our mission. - Classes and Schedule Page: This will be the page where users can find the types of classes we offer, their corresponding schedules, and respective age brackets. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven records in designing and building informati...

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    I'm looking for a skilled app developer to create a robust social networking platform for both professional workers and customers. The app needs to be compatible with iOS and Android, and it should have the following features: - Profile Creation and Customization: Users should be able to create and customize their profiles to showcase their skills, experiences, and areas of expertise. - Messaging and Chat Functionality: The app should support real-time messaging between users. This feature should be seamless and user-friendly, allowing for easy communication and networking. - Job and Task Posting: Users should have the ability to post job opportunities and tasks on the app. This feature is essential for creating a platform where users can connect and engag...

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    I'm seeking a skilled mobile app developer with proven experience in both iOS and Android platforms. The primary aim of this project is to create a utility tool specifically designed for task management. - Required Skills: Proficiency in iOS and Android app development, along with a keen understanding of the intricacies of task management tools. - Job Details: The app should be as intuitive and efficient as possible, making it easy for users to manage their tasks. Its functionality should include but not be limited to, creating, prioritizing, and tracking tasks. Also, including features for reminders and notifications would be an advantageous aspect. - Ideal Experience: Prior experience in developing similar utility apps, especially task management ones, ...

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    ...looking for a freelance developer to help me create a comprehensive system for managing my business' inventory and sales. This project doesn't include building an ecommerce platform. Key Features: - Inventory Management: The system needs to help me keep track of stock levels, automatically update inventory counts when sales are made, and alert me when stocks are running low. - Sales Tracking: I need a tool to monitor sales, generate invoices, and keep track of customer transactions. - Financial Reporting: The system should be able to generate financial reports automatically, helping me to assess the performance of my business. Platform Compatibility: - Web: Primarily, I want this system to be accessible through a web browser. - Mobile (Android): I also need an Androi...

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    29 bids - Backend Functionality: The system should store this user content, along with the necessary Facebook credentials. - Access Token: The system should use the stored credentials and an access token to create a post. This access token will be provided. - Scheduling: The cron job should publish posts every hour. Ideal candidates should have experience in: - PHP development - Working with the Facebook API - Handling cron jobs please answer: 1. How long will it take you to complete this project? 2. When can you start? 3. How many revisions are included in your proposal? This is a very simple project for a Professional who knows how to do it. Moreover, there is a chatGPT can coding most code. It should take maximum 2-3 days. This is not necessary, but I prefer to work ...

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    I need an expert software developer to create a custom IQ PC software with the following specifications: - Operating System: The software should be compatible with Windows. - Features: The software should have robust data analysis capabilities and real-time monitoring functionalities. I have a tight deadline for this project, so I need someone who can deliver high-quality work within a month. Please include your relevant experience in your proposal.

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    ...sending of professional invoices. Additionally, it should support the automated generation of payment reminders, ensuring timely settlement of due amounts. - Expense Tracking: The platform must include functionality for tracking various types of expenses, particularly purchases, salaries, and wages. This feature is crucial for maintaining a clear overview of my financial outflows. Regarding the development process, I'm looking for someone with a solid understanding of accounting principles and experience in creating similar platforms. Exceptional attention to detail, strong problem-solving skills, and good communication are essential for this project. If you're confident in your ability to deliver a high-quality, user-friendly accounting website that meets these spe...

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    As a consultant supporting international humanitarian agencies, I'm seeking a proactive freelancer with the right skills to help me grow my business. Key Responsibilities: - Conducting thorough market research: The ideal candidate will be adept at scouring online platforms where contracting and consulting opportunities are listed. This includes identifying potential clients and upcoming projects within the humanitarian sector. - Weekly Report Creation: You should compile all significant findings into a comprehensive and insightful weekly report. I'll require this by the end of each week, specifically in an Excel spreadsheet format. - Understanding of the Consulting Industry: A background in consulting and a deep understanding of how the industry operates is a must. This will e...

    $17 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    I'm in need of a SharePoint expert to help me buil...third-party applications are crucial: - Microsoft Office Suite - CRM system - Project management tool The intranet is expected to serve less than 100 users and should contain features like content approval, ticket management, and training. A clear, user-friendly interface is essential to help my team make the most of this tool. Ideal candidates should have demonstrable experience in: - SharePoint development and customization - Integrating SharePoint with Microsoft Office Suite, CRM systems, and Project management tools - Building user-friendly and efficient intranets - Working with small to medium-sized businesses in a similar capacity. Please respond with your relevant experience and a clear plan on how you would delive...

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    ...e-commerce sites. - **Content Updates**: Bloggers and content creators use it to track changes on their own sites. 3. **How It Works**: - Users input a URL and select the area of interest (e.g., specific text, image). - Visualping captures an initial snapshot. - It periodically checks for changes and alerts users via email or other channels. 4. **Developer Tasks**: - **Front-End Development**: Create an intuitive user interface for inputting URLs and defining monitoring parameters. - **Back-End Logic**: Implement the monitoring process (capturing snapshots, comparing changes). - **Notifications**: Set up email notifications or integrate with other messaging services. - **Database**: Store user preferences and historical data....

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    ...Developer/Architect. Proficiency in ESRI ArcGIS suite of products (ArcGIS Pro, ArcGIS Online, ArcGIS Enterprise). Strong skills in GIS data visualization tools (e.g., Tableau, Power BI, Mapbox). Experience with cloud platforms, particularly Azure, and familiarity with Azure Maps and Google Maps. Proficiency in programming languages such as Python, JavaScript, React.JS, C#, and SQL. Experience with GIS web development frameworks (e.g., ArcGIS API for JavaScript, Leaflet). Strong understanding of spatial data models, geoprocessing, and spatial analysis techniques. Excellent problem-solving skills and attention to detail. Strong communication and collaboration skills. Preferred Qualifications: Experience with additional cloud platforms (e.g. Azure). Familiarity with DevOps practice...

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    I'm looking for freelance writers with less than a year's experience to write articles for my online platform. Ideal Skills: - Excellent command of English - Attention to detail - Proficient with online research - Basic understanding of SEO Job Details: - Write engaging online articles - Meet deadlines - Follow content guidelines Even with less than a year's experience, if you are creative and have a passion for writing, this is an excellent opportunity for you. Apply now and let's grow together.

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    70 bids

    ...looking for an experienced Android developer to assist in implementing a new Aviator-style lottery game within my existing app. The primary goal of this game is to incorporate gambling elements into the app, creating an exciting and engaging experience for users. Key Responsibilities: - Implementing an Aviator-style lottery game within the Android app - Incorporating gambling elements to enhance user experience - Ensuring the game is seamless and bug-free - Suggesting design and feature improvements to enhance user engagement Ideal Skills and Experience: - Prior experience in developing gambling or lottery-style games for Android - Proficiency in Android app development, particularly with games - Strong understanding of UI/UX principles and best prac...

    $355 (Avg Bid)
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    15 bids
    Freelance Content Writer 6 days left

    I'm seeking a skilled content writer for my blog that primarily focuses on travel topics, with occasional dips into other niches. We are seeking a dedicated writer to achieve a monthly target of 100,000 words. Compensation ranges from ₹9,000 to ₹12,000 per month. This opportunity is “outside of this platform”, and you will receive a joining letter as well as a certificate upon successful completion. If you are interested, please message me for further details. Ideal skills and experience include: - Proven track record in creating engaging, SEO optimized blog posts - Knowledge and passion for the travel industry - Ability to research and write about other niche topics - Understanding of how to adapt writing style for different niches, keeping content engaging and in...

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    I'm looking for someone to create an Augmented Reality (AR) application for product packaging. It's essential for the AR tool to feature interactive 3D models and a product informati...information The final product should be fully compatible with iOS and Android devices. Your work will involve ensuring smooth operation on these platforms. Activation Method: - The AR packaging application will be incorporated with image recognition technology to be activated or triggered. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience developing AR applications - Proficiency with iOS and Android development - Knowledge of 3D modeling - Familiarity with image recognition technology If you have the required experience and skills, and think you can produce this AR packaging tool, I would lo...

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    30 bids

    I am looking for an experienced software developer for a non-web-based application that will help streamline the operations of my small martial arts school with less than 100 students. Key functionalities needed include: - Attendance tracking: Keeping track of student's daily attendance. -...and requirements: Feature to plan and announce testing schedules and the associated requirements. - Email Blast: Ability to send mass emails to students and prospects. A possible additional requirement could be to integrate the software with my existing website. The ideal freelancer would have experience in building similar educational management systems. Knowledge of Windows software development is a must, understanding the specific requirements of a martial arts school wo...

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    45 bids

    I am looking for a skilled web developer to create a website for my business. The primary function of the site will be providing information and facilitating communication with our users and clients. This is a crucial platform for our operations and we need it to be user-friendly and accessible to a broad audience. Key Requirements: - Develop a professional and visually appealing website that prioritizes information sharing and communication. - Integrate an online payment system, specifically for accepting direct bank transfers. It's important that the payment process is secure, reliable, and user-friendly. - Ensure that the website is fully responsive and compatible with various devices and browsers, as a wide range of users will be accessing it. - Implement an effective content man...

    $54 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    50 bids

    I need an enthusiastic entry-level salesperson who can help me expand my client base in the technology sector. My main offering is software development. You should be able to: - Identify and target potential clients in the technology industry - Communicate the benefits of our software development services in a compelling way - Facilitate client acquisition and maintain strong customer relationships The ideal candidate would be eager to learn, capable of understanding the finer details of software development services, and willing to keep up-to-date with industry trends. Previous experience in tech sales would be an advantage but not necessary. If you find joy in sealing a deal and have a knack for fostering positive relationships, this job is for you.

    $406 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    I need an enthusiastic entry-level salesperson who can help me expand my client base in the technology sector. My main offering is software development. You should be able to: - Identify and target potential clients in the technology industry - Communicate the benefits of our software development services in a compelling way - Facilitate client acquisition and maintain strong customer relationships The ideal candidate would be eager to learn, capable of understanding the finer details of software development services, and willing to keep up-to-date with industry trends. Previous experience in tech sales would be an advantage but not necessary. If you find joy in sealing a deal and have a knack for fostering positive relationships, this job is for you.

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    ...efficient mobile and tablet application. The app will be used for conducting inspections once every 4 months and managing yearly contracts. The ideal candidate should have experience with database management and creating seamless data collection and storage solutions. Key Features: - Data collection and storage: The app should allow for the collection and storage of inspection data. - Paperless: The aim is to eliminate the need for paper and facilitate a more environmentally-friendly approach. - Mobile and tablet compatibility: The app should be designed for use on both mobile phones and tablets. - Automated data entry: The new system should reduce manual data entry to a minimum, with exceptions for specific cases. - Customer database: The app should include...

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    55 bids

    I'm looking for a freelance influencer with an American accent to act as an existing user, giving a positive review of a software tool for monetization. The call should be 10 minutes long and must emphasize on key product features and functionalities. Key Requirements: - Required Duration: 10 minutes - Desired Product: Software tool for monetization - Key Features to Highlight: User Interface, Payment Methods, Analytics and Reporting - Additional Information: The call should also discuss the product's ease of use and how much potential earnings a user can anticipate. Ideal Candidate: - Must have a native American accent - Experience in influencer marketing or product reviews - Excellent communication skills to present information clearly and engagingly - Understanding of...

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