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    As a developer, I am looking for a skilled professional capable of providing development services focusing on FreeSwitch configuration. No existing code will be provided, so the individual chosen should be proficient in working with the platform without any starting points. I am counting on the ideal candidate to bring knowledge and skill in the development space to make this project a success. I need candidate to develop WEBRTC Server with a webrtc client to integrate with different CX platform. Post completion of the project, I will need proper documentation in order to install WebRTC server internally for my project.

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    Hello, I am looking for an experienced developer to create a unique Minecraft sniff/packet log tool. Th...create a unique Minecraft sniff/packet log tool. The tool will be a comprehensive log-gathering mechanism that can capture game traffic and alter game variables (packets) from the server similiar with wireshark and such sniffers, but those cannot get the ips from minecraft servers due to theur protection, needed something, with shown proof before buying that works, it will work as mod/python, will log in a .txt the Ip and port of server we are connection, also if we change between "ips" within the same server, it should log that with the packets. If you can help, please get in touch and let me know about your relevant experience and any questions you may have. T...

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    Hypixel skyblock is a minecraft server. The server includes an auction house on which items are listed and sold for coins. Sometimes items are listed below their actual value, making it a flip and if you purchase this flip, you are able to resell it for some profit. A pageflipper opens the auction house, and starts scr...through the pages of items, each page, it gets the nbt values of the items and sends them to coflnet api, the coflnet api then returns the correct pricing for the items, based on historical data. If the sell price in the auction house, is a certain amount below the correct historical pricing, the software will purchase the item. This can be coded as either a java minecraft mod, or in javascript using chattriggers (a mod which allows other mods to be created u...

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    CentOS Web Panel and almalinux 21 hours left

    ...Nginx, PHP, SQL, Apache need to be optimized for Magento Services install and config: o Nginx 1.18 o PHP 8.2 o Redis 7.0 o Opcache latest version o Composer 2.2 o Elasticsearch 8.4 o SQL o MariaDB 10.6 o RabbitMQ 3.9 o Varnish 7 o Apache 2.5 o Nodejs latest version o NPM latest version o Yarn latest version o Spam Removal o Malware Scanning & Removal o Server Security o Mod Security Configuration o Website Security o Backup Configuration o SSL Installation o SPF & DKIM Configuration o FFMPEG Installation o WebServer Configuration o CWP-Secure Kernel o CWP-Secure Kernel Custom Rules o Scheduled System/Security Updates RAM: o SQL 30G o PHP 12G o Elasticsearch 12G o Varnish 4G ...

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    I'm looking for an experienced full stack web developer to create a hosting website with a store for me. The website should be coded with HTML/CSS and is expected to take 3 days from start to finish. I do not have an existing website yet, so t...Ryzen 9 3900X For all the VPS CPU's VPS Expert- 250GB Storage 16GB RAM 1 IP Address (If they want more, they need to make a ticket in the client area.) AMD Ryzen 9 3900X For all the VPS CPU's And for same for fivem hosting, rust hosting, Garry's Mod hosting, minecraft hosting.. all the hosting menus/server ram/storage selector is the same EXCEPT!! VPS Hosting. That will come in packages in the store under the VPS category. Hosting I will be selling: Rust Minecraft Discord Bot Hosting - Python, NodeJS, & Jav...

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    Hello, I'm looking to create MOD app for the popular social media platform, Tiktok.

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    Hi! The Oblivion Construction set uses a modified form of Java. I'm looking to create a mod which allows the Player to engage in random dialogue with NPCs. When entering the dialogue menu with an NPC, the world freezes and enters a menu with dialogue options. When an NPC engages in dialogue with another NPC, the NPCs talk in real-time which is audible and without pause. The mod/script I'm looking to have created either labels the Player as an NPC to allow this or with some other fix, allows the Player to engage in randomized conversations like NPCs.

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    Hello, i am looking for someone could help me install call center script. Will be provide full installation tutorial. Installation come with auto file. (One click installed .sh file) Please only take this jobs if you could install immediately. Server is ready. I attached the installation step and file on below...please review

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    i want create mod application specific android app

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    Hey there looking for you to create a basic explainer video to promote my SEO business, it is 60 seconds in total Look at this example

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    There is this 1.12.2 mod found here (). I would love to use this mod in 1.16.5 with pixelmon 9.1.3 however it obviously isn't compatible.

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    We are currently seeking experienced Minecraft Plugin Developers and Mod Developers to join our team at Arcane Studios. As a Minecraft Plugin Developer and Mod Developer, you will work on a variety of projects ranging from $100 to $1000+ depending on the client's needs. Responsibilities: - Develop high-quality Minecraft plugins and mods based on the client's requirements. - Work closely with the client to ensure that their needs are met. - Debug and troubleshoot any issues that arise during development. - Keep up-to-date with Minecraft updates and changes to ensure compatibility with the latest version. Requirements - Proven experience as a Minecraft Plugin Developer or Mod Developer. - Strong knowledge of Java and experience with Minecraft modding APIs, s...

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    hi i am needing a rust dev to make a rust mod for more stuff in one stack so instead of just 1000 in a stack add it to make it more like 10000 more and then another one for backpacks and another for people to be able to name their clan and powerless turrets the highest ill do is 40 and the only way i am accepting if it is in a folder so i can just move it to my plugins

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    Hello Looking to hire some sort of Game Developer that knows how to make a ESP for a game Called Project Reality which is a mod for Battlefield 2, This kind of Mod has been Created in the past already and I have linked some Videos showing it, All I want is to be able to see all Players in a multiplayer Match using ESP / Box Like settings similar to the Video. I do not want Aimbot only Wall ESP, The modification needs to be minimal so it will work for a very Long Time and be UNDETECABLE I would also be ok with something like this that changes the Color of Player Models to make it easier to

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    To customize an open source browser (Chromium), by removing the ordinary warning message (Connection is not secure) in relation to some special domains registered on our blockchain (like ). List will be provided. For those special domains there is no certificate verification (CA) but instead a consult of the blockchain via API to confirm the domain exists and connection is safe. For all other ICANN domains the browser will work unchanged. The message of " Connection is secure" should read : (Padlock) "This browser verified the entries pertaining to this website on the IPPAN's blockchain" Blockchain Information (--link to the relevant entries in the IPPAN blockchain) (Padlock) [unchanged]

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    Finishe FreeSWITCH with DialogFlow integration The current status is: - FreeSWITCH installed and configured 100% working - UniMRCP module purchased, installed and working for Google DialogFlow, STT and TTS integration licenses. () The job is: - Finishe the configuration to complete the integration with DialogFlow. It's partially working. Connects, recognizes what is said but does not vocalize the response. Deadline for delivery: Mar/08/2023

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    Hello, Im looking for someone who can help me to mod pokémon masters EX game for Android. I dont understand about android programming so I need the help of anyone who can do this. This game is a gacha game so I have found a few people who can "inject" Items and pokemon from the gacha and I dont know if someone can be able to do this for me, explaining me the process so I can do that to. Thank you in advance

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    A mod manager extension for HABBO with web three technology to expedite legally thank you. ♍️????

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    ..._try_load_conftest(current, , rootpath) File "c:python374libsite-packages_pytestconfig", line 574, in _try_load_conftest self._getconftestmodules(anchor, importmode, rootpath) File "c:python374libsite-packages_pytestconfig", line 603, in _getconftestmodules mod = self._importconftest(conftestpath, importmode, rootpath) File "c:python374libsite-packages_pytestconfig", line 651, in _importconftest self.consider_conftest(mod) File "c:python374libsite-packages_pytestconfig", line 732, in consider_conftest (conftestmodule, name=conftestmodule.__file__) File "c:python374libsite-packages_pytestconfig", line 489, in register ret: Optional[str] = super().register(plugin, na...

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    We are not strong on adding formulae so need someone with this skill. I have a simple Excel spread sheet 2 people use to manually calculate addup/total small project costs and quants for then placing in quotation sent to client. We now wish to turn it into a inhouse calculator thats more automated and we can use instead of hardcopy. We have 2 ...quants for then placing in quotation sent to client. We now wish to turn it into a inhouse calculator thats more automated and we can use instead of hardcopy. We have 2 users and we wish to simply add quantities, drop downs on each line then it adds (via you adding formulae) Further SMART advancements for use across our team of 2 is invited. The sheet attached. WE must be able to LATER make mod/changes to quants, amounts, detail et...

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    I have most of the mods i want, i just want to make sure there are no glitches and make a mod that makes Pams harvest craft/brewery mods compatable with Tough as Nails

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    APK: HIGSS DOMINO ISLAND WEBSITE : in this game apk there is a guess 2 card game (BANDAR QIU QIU) , which you want to edit this game, so I can see what card will win.

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    Someone experienced and adept with frosty mod manager, (0nly). Thanks.

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    I would like a function created in ida pro or other software that will tell an or to load up a gsc mod menu when a game is started. Will probably use hex code and C++

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    Job Description: Se doreste implementarea unei aplicatii de de preluare de a ofertelor turistice de pe un site partener pe situl nostru. Datele se preiau prin apelul CURL. Conform manualului cu intructiunile API

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    Thank you for Putting in the Effort to Read this Friend, =]. I am Working on a Nintendo Switch Operating System (Horizon) Mod where you can go Online with Multiple Nintendo Switches at the same Time, and Boost your Hours in any given Game. I Managed to Retrieve my NSOs of my Nintendo Switch and have Imported them into the Disassembly and Decompiler of my Copy of Ghidra. I am Looking for Someone to Help me Further Develop this because I have Hit a Rut. Thanks again!

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    I need a freelancer to mod jerseys, logos, courts and a scoreboard into NBA 2k22.

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    Hi, I would like to upgrade a Magento website to the latest version, before that i have a staging site as a subdomain, you can try it before move...php74 7.4.33-0redhat.8.221109.0743 phpmyadmin 5.1.1-2.centos.8+p18.0.41.1+t220207.2342 postfix 3.5.9-2.centos.8+p18.0.41.1+t220207.2342 psa 18.0.41-2.centos.8+p18.0.41.1+t220207.2342 psa-api-rpc 18.0-2.centos.8+p18.0.41.1+t220207.2342 psa-autoinstaller 3.41.0-1centos.8.220114.1630 psa-backup-manager 18.0-2.centos.8+p18.0.41.1+t220207.2342 psa-logrotate 3.8.2-2.centos.8+p18.0.41.1+t220207.2342 psa-mod-fcgid-configurator psa-proftpd 1.3.7c-2.centos.8+p18.0.42.0+t220118.0900 resource-controller 18.0-2.centos.8+p18.0.42.0+t220117.1118 roundcube 1.4.13-2.centos.8+p18.0.41.1+t220207.2342 rsyslog

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    Looking to have a damage meter mod created for the game Wild Hearts. Nothing fancy, just something to track damage of each person in the party for each hunt.

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    Try to find out mod of tango app

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    DM me fast fast .. Very urgent

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    Need a custom CDR and DID report page. Please DM me for more info. Please note that a video interview is required before this project begins.

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    Check error logs and make mod security adjustments, and any other required changes

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    Required administration training on Freeswitch

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    Hi, I need some help to setup some computer hardware. I'm trying to set up an obstacle detection system, so the connection needs to be reliable. I think I need help with 4 off esp32 cam modules, sending data over wifi, on a jetson nano, using python. (I have had some trouble with reliability of the connection, so maybe another option would be better or i'm just not setting it up properly.) I also need some help to setup the rplidar a1, so that the code can be read in python. (I have an image to python guru working with me but he doesn't know anything about hardware. I have all the equipment here and I have read/watched a few articles and I cant get it to work properly..... preferably the you speak english and can do a video call to work through these things with me.....

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    Link up a cfm based app with the LIBLXP shared object in Apache.. so Windows can talk to linux servers A potential million-dollar-idea. Must be an industrial-strength LXP programmer Rob..ob. b

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    ...AND I CAN'T. IF YOU REALLY DON'T HAVE EXPERIENCE, DON'T TAKE THE JOB. Hello! I'm having some problems getting Puppeteer to work. I had already saved all the installation commands and just ran it and everything worked fine. But due to some change/update of the libraries, it doesn't work anymore. This steps: apt-get update apt-get install nano apache2 zip unzip -y apt-get install php libapache2-mod-php -y apt-get install php-curl php-zip php-cli php-json nodejs -y /etc/init.d/apache2 restart Ok, at this step, we installed apache + php + nodejs. All works fine! So, I really need the puppeteer plugin working on /var/www/html, and I need that when the file is opened on the web, it shows the output. Now, we install rest of plugins: cd /var/www/html chm...

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    @p0358/removing-wlan-wwan-bios-whitelist-on-a-lenovo-laptop-to-use-a-custom-wi-fi-card-f6033a5a5e5a I am looking for a person that will connect to my Lenovo Y70 via Anydesk and do bios modification so that any wifi card works with it. Windows 11

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    I came across an opensource project and would like to work on it. I'm looking for someone patinate about this project to work together. Skills required includes : - Ruby - Python - Docker - Git

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    - Develop CTI pop-up in salesforce and upload it on salesforce marketplace - Use or any other method to manage SIP registration, Call, Recording and other necessary features(Outbound call, Inbound Call, Blind Transfer, Attended Transfer, Mute, Unmute). - VoIP PBX is based on FreeSWITCH Language -Javascript, Node.js, APAX (Or any other needed for salesforce CTI pop-up)

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    AMA with 67,2,30 gap, if gap(current bar)>gap(previous bar) the paint green else red Alert as parameter for Color change

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    Hi! we are looking for Level Designers for our game project Cybershift - We are currently working on multiplayer and planning a map editor for the future. We require: - Creating scenes for individuals - Scenes for multiplayer - Scenes for CTF mod "Capture the flag

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    It’s a realm in Minecraft bedrock , I need it to be designed with custom dungeons and builds , they is lore and the origins mod on it , I’d pay you to join the realm and build a lot of the builds , and have you help me set up a boarder to keep players in the map , I’ll explain more when you pick it up and answer any questions you have, the image attached is the map we are using , the map will be 5000x5000

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    We are looking for freelance expert who can work an a specific set of agenda to explain and deliver it's outcomes

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    I want mod of melbet normally if we want to play game then we have to deposit real money in it. So i want to try my strategy on game so i want demo balance/money in it. So if anybody can make melbet mod in which there is unlimited money then i can play game multiple times and test my strategy.

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    ...allow targeting of users by location, and keywords that target users by interests in subs. Mod tools must include ability to moderate multiple subs. Must have premium version for users which removes adverts and gives users coins to buy awards or "trophies" to give to posts or comments. Users must have profiles which show profile of posts and comments, with option for picture and biography. Users must have a settings page with options like show/hide profile posts and comments and other settings. Must have a report feature for posts/comments that break rules. Must have a private messaging feature. Must have an appeal feature for all bans, including escalate to admins for denied appeal mod bans. Mod bans must be done by a vote among mods of that sub. Mu...

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    I need someone to port a client side mod called bobby from fabric 1.19.2 to forge 1.19.2

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    To customize an open source browser (ungoogled Chromium), by removing the ordinary warning message (Connection is not secure) in relation to some special domains registered on our blockchain (like ). List will be provided. For those special domains there is no certificate verification (CA) but instead a consult of the blockchain via API to confirm the domain exists and connection is safe. For all other ICANN domains the browser will work unchanged. The message of " Connection is secure" should read : (Padlock) "This browser verified the entries pertaining to this website on the IPPAN's blockchain" Blockchain Information (--link to the relevant entries in the IPPAN blockchain) (Padlock) [unchanged]

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    Trophy icon Logo Design Ended

    Comfy & Mod is a company for marketing products in the world of sleep - mattresses and adjustable beds We are interested in a logo design that will convey luxury, modernity and approachability. Attached is the company's color palette - we would like to use these colors only

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    Hi, We have OpenSIP (with WSS) with RTPEngine configured but we are not able to make audio calls working for the webrtc based client. Our flow of calls is like this: WebRTC client -> OpenSIPS -> FreeSWITCH The system is deployed on Azure. We are looking for experienced person who has done such work and quickly help us.

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