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    I am in need of a skilled photographer to provide quality photography for 1 Airbnb listed apartments. Property is located in Ashford TW15 - Photography Locations: you will be shooting mainly in apartments. - Types of shots: Comprehensively, I want both interiors and exteriors captured. - Quantity: The project will involve 1properties. Minimum 10photos 1920x1080 - 10mb 3 bedroom apartment The photographer should have experience in property photography, specifically in capturing the essence of living spaces in an enticing way. Your portfolio should show experience of both interior and exterior shots. Experience shooting for Airbnb is a plus.

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    I'm seeking expertise to craft an informative brochure that'll elegantly showcase our townhouse development. An enticing depiction of the architectural design, location advantages and facilities services is the primary objective. I'd like to focus on: - The unique exterior design: It's inspired by modern architectural trends and really sets us apart. - The spacious interiors: These are thoughtfully designed for maximum comfort and utility. - The modern amenities: A range of facilities to cater to contemporary, urban lifestyles. The ideal candidate would be experienced in creating engaging marketing materials for real estate projects, with a solid understanding of layout design and content development. If you're skilled at capturing an audience's atten...

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    ...framework that integrates symbolic reasoning with AI capabilities, aimed at revolutionizing architectural analysis and visualization. **Requirements:** - Expertise in Unity for developing realistic 3D architectural visualizations. - Strong background in AI, particularly in implementing systems for symbolic reasoning and architectural analysis. - Proficiency in creating textures and designing basic interiors, ensuring that visualizations strike the perfect balance between aesthetics and detailed architectural accuracy. - Ability to work with intermediate-level detail in 3D modeling, focusing on achieving a synthesis of textures and basic interior lighting that breathes life into each design. **Ideal Skills:** - Advanced understanding of Unity and its application in generating ar...

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    I'm seeking a highly skilled 3D renderer to bring to life a commercial space with a focus on an elegant and realistic interior perspective. The project demands a freelancers with a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of lighting, textures, and the arrangement of fu...furnishings, giving a realistic and inviting feel. - Work closely with me to understand the vision and specific elements to be included in the render. - Suggest creative solutions or additions that could enhance the overall impact of the visualization. This project is perfect for individuals who excel in creating realistic and detailed architectural visuals, specifically tailored to commercial interiors. Your work will help bring a concept to life, providing a clear and impactful presentation of the spa...

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    I'm in need of someone proficient in 3D rendering with an emphasis on creating medium-detail renders of buildings and interior spaces. These renditions should incorporate specific materials and textures, including: - Glass - Wood - Brick - Veneer - Wallpaper The final product must accurately depict the spaces and their core elements, offering a realistic view with a medium level of detail. Ideally, the freelancer will have prior experience with architectural and interior rendering, with a strong understanding of material application. I look forward to viewing your portfolios and discussing how you can bring my vision to life.

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    ...close to my heart and serves as a creative outlet rather than a commercial endeavor. Given the project’s personal nature, I’m looking for someone who can bring a touch of creativity and personal flair to their work. **Requirements:** - **Expertise in SketchUp and Blender:** The project demands a high level of proficiency in both tools to create detailed architectural models along with basic interiors. Experience in architectural visualization is crucial. - **Creative Input:** While technical skill is essential, I value creative input that can bring the project closer to my vision. - **Understanding of Basic Interior Modeling:** Basic yet visually appealing interior modeling skills are required to complement the architectural design. **Ideal Skills and Experience:...

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    ...contemporary tastes while also ensuring the functionality and comfort of each area. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proficiency in modern interior design principles - Strong portfolio showcasing residential projects - Ability to select and suggest materials, finishes, and furniture - Expertise in space planning and layout optimization - Familiarity with lighting design suitable for modern interiors - Strong communication skills and responsiveness to feedback - Experience in managing project timelines and budgets **Project Requirements:** - Develop conceptual designs for the living room, bedroom, bathroom and kitchen that align with modern design aesthetics - Recommend furniture, color schemes, and decor items that complement the modern theme - Provide detailed drawings or ...

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    1 bids I'll provide. The goal is to create STL files for 3D printing within one hour. Speed and accuracy are essential. **Requirements:** - **Skill in Fusion 360**: You must be adept with Fusion 360, capable of converting photos into accurate 3D models quickly. - **Model Specifications**: The objects are of medium size. They require smooth surfaces as specified, without textures or hollow interiors. - **Purpose**: These models are for prototyping purposes, needing a balance between high detail and quick turn-around for 3D printing. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - **Proficiency in 3D Modelling:** Extensive experience with Fusion 360, especially in creating models from photographs. - **Attention to Detail:** Even with a fast turnaround, the models should be precise i...

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    Visualize Tall Building in 3D 5 days left

    ...Experience in creating visual presentation models - Ability to work with basic shapes and massing (LOD 100) for 3D visualization Project Requirements: - Develop a 3D BIM model focusing on the building's exterior shape and size - Ensure the model accurately represents the building's dimensions and overall design intent - The model should not include detailed structures, mechanical systems, or interiors, staying within the scope of LOD 100 - Surrounding buildings and landscapes are not required to be part of the model, focus solely on the commercial building This project is ideal for someone who excels in creating clear, straightforward visualizations and has experience with early-stage design presentations. Your work will be instrumental in helping the project team and...

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    I'm in need of a skilled photographer specialized in product photography, more specifically home decor. The products to be photographed consist predominantly of various bedsheets among other home decor items. - Ideal Skills: Experience in home decor/interiors photography, attention to detail, great lighting skills, and potentially styling abilities could also prove beneficial. - Job Details: The photography project involves capturing the aesthetic and details of each product, which requires creative angles and accurate color representation. Your portfolio demonstrating similar projects would be highly valued. Though what is most important is your ability to depict the uniqueness and vibrancy of our home decor products through high-quality imagery. Looking forward to bringi...

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    ...Experience in designing sports cars that are both visually appealing and functionally superior. - Knowledge of aerodynamic principles and how to apply them to vehicle design. - A solid understanding of automotive engineering, specifically around integrating dual fuel systems (petrol and CNG) without compromising on performance or aesthetics. - Creativity in design, especially in crafting luxurious interiors that stand out. - Proficiency in 3D modeling software to bring the concept to life in visuals that can be easily shared and refined. **In summary,** I'm looking for someone who can combine the thrill of sports car aesthetics with the practicalities of everyday commuting and energy efficiency. If you have a portfolio that demonstrates your ability in these areas, I'd...

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    ...Experience in designing sports cars that are both visually appealing and functionally superior. - Knowledge of aerodynamic principles and how to apply them to vehicle design. - A solid understanding of automotive engineering, specifically around integrating dual fuel systems (petrol and CNG) without compromising on performance or aesthetics. - Creativity in design, especially in crafting luxurious interiors that stand out. - Proficiency in 3D modeling software to bring the concept to life in visuals that can be easily shared and refined. **In summary,** I'm looking for someone who can combine the thrill of sports car aesthetics with the practicalities of everyday commuting and energy efficiency. If you have a portfolio that demonstrates your ability in these areas, I'd...

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    ...project’s planning phase, and I have specific requirements that need to be met. - **Purpose:** The main aim is to visualize the architecture of the building, assisting in the overall design process and decision-making. Will use ur work for elevation and room planning. Deliverables: Sketchup BIM models for Exteriors, Stilt Floor, Corridor and rooms, Terrace. - **Interiors:** The model does not require detailed interiors. The absence of interiors should not impact the model's effectiveness for architectural visualization. - **Exterior Detailing:** I expect the exterior to have medium-level detailing. While the model should not include textures and materials, it should accurately represent the building's shape, structure, and basic architectural ele...

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    I need someone who can convert photos of buildings into 3D models suitable for virtual reality. I also require help in deciding the level of detail needed for the building interiors, but it might range from basic shapes and colors to medium or high resolution textures and models. We may need to add detailed features to the interior walls such as decorations. Since I'm not familiar with 3D model formats, I'll need your guidance there too. Ideal Skills & Experience: - 3D Modelling - VR Design - Knowledge of suitable 3D model formats - Attention to detail - Ability to work off photographs to create accurate representations

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    I'm seeking a talented 3D interior designer to reimagine my residential bathroom with a modern theme. My vision includes a sleek, functional space that incorporates the latest in bathroom design trends. **Ideal Skills and Experience** - Proficiency in 3D design software (e.g., AutoCAD, SketchUp) - Strong portfolio in modern residential interiors - Experience in bathroom design and layout optimization - Knowledge in selecting modern materials and fixtures - Ability to incorporate energy-efficient and eco-friendly design solutions **Project Requirements** - Create a detailed 3D model of a modern bathroom - Suggest and visually incorporate modern fixtures, lighting, and materials - Provide 2-3 design variations for the layout - Offer practical solutions for space optimization -...

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    I'm looking for ArchiCAD experts with a deep understanding and proficiency in 3D modeling. Based on provided documentations I need freelancers able to deliver design development in ArchiCAD. • STAGE 1 I will provide: 1. ArchiCAD file of the structural architecture with all partition walls. Like this one: 2. Concept design for each area of the restaurant 3. Hand sketches and inspiration images for each main ID elements : (Opening frames, Doors, Floor Layout, Ceiling Layout, Wall description.) The freelancer will have to deliver the ArchiCAD archive file with all the stage 1 elements included. PLEASE NOTE WHAT IS NOT NEEDED NEITHER EXPECTED: No texture work, No lighting work, No renders. • STAGE 2 I will provide 3D models of the following: 1. All built in cabinets, lik...

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    ...freelancer to personally visit a hotel near Kasauli that I've booked, ensuring its condition matches online depictions and assessing its accessibility via public transport. This task is crucial for my upcoming travel plans, and I require detailed insights to verify my accommodation choice. **Key Responsibilities:** - **Hotel Evaluation:** Capture a comprehensive video covering all public areas, room interiors, amenities, and services. The footage should be high-quality, with attention to details that verify the hotel's condition against its online presence. - **Transport Accessibility:** Evaluate the hotel's proximity to the nearest bus stop, ensuring practical travel solutions for guests relying on public transportation. This includes: - *Checking bus service ...

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    I'm looking for a skilled 3D designer to breathe new life into my home. My goal is to revamp the living room, bedroom, and kitchen with a fresh, modern look. Each area needs to reflect a sleek and contemporary style while maintaining functionality and comfort. **Requirements:** - **Experience in Modern Interiors:** You should have a strong portfolio showcasing your experience with modern design aesthetics. Your work should demonstrate an understanding of clean lines, minimalism, and the use of space. - **3D Design Skills:** Proficiency in 3D modeling software (such as SketchUp, AutoCAD, or similar) is a must. You'll be expected to provide detailed models and renders that accurately represent the envisioned space. - **Creative Consultation:** I value input and suggestions...

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    ...establishment. The project should start immediately as the time frame is within four days. Key Requirements: - Proficient in using 3D Max and Vray for rendering - Can provide four different shots showcasing different perspectives of the interior - Focus on high detailing including furniture and textures Skills & Experience: - Extensive portfolio in the field of commercial establishment interiors - Prior experience with fast-paced, detail-oriented projects - Expertise in 3D Max and Vray. If your profile matches these specifications, please present a quote reflecting your rate for this four-day project. Please also include previous work samples of high-detail 3D rendering you've completed, preferably of commercial establishments. Looking forward to working with...

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    Client Growth Guru Needed 1 day left
    VERIFIED to court, convert, and retain clients. - Innovative thinker with a knack for identifying and tapping into new markets and opportunities within the realms of interior design. - Exceptional communication skills, with the ability to tailor messages that resonate with a diverse clientele, from homeowners seeking to revamp their living spaces to businesses looking to redefine their commercial interiors. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience in sales and marketing within the interior design, architecture, or closely related industry. - Strong portfolio showcasing previous success in client growth and retention. - Familiar with digital marketing tools and platforms that target both residential and commercial clientele. - Excellent networking abilities, with a solid track record...

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    I am looking for a proficient CAD designer who specializes in creating highly detailed truck models focusing on both interiors and exteriors. The main purpose of these designs will be for use in various marketing materials. **Project Overview:** - The project entails generating CAD images of trucks. - The images must encompass high-level details of both the interiors and exteriors. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Strong proficiency in CAD software, preferably with a portfolio showcasing detailed vehicle models. - Experience in designing vehicles with a keen eye for detail. - Capability to interpret and translate conceptual ideas into high-quality CAD images. - Knowledge of marketing material standards for visuals would be advantageous. - Good communication skills to e...

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    I'...task will involve making scenes with up to twenty characters. An artist with a keen eye for details is particularly sought after as the setting varies significantly, taking readers on a journey across landscapes and spaces. Key requirements: - Skill in creating realistic comic art featuring multiple characters - Ability to work on a variety of settings including cityscapes, nature/outdoors, interiors of buildings/houses, railway stations, inside an auto-rickshaw, inside a car, rooftops, a cycle drive, and a college scene - Strong attention to detail to ensure consistency of characters across various scenes This task may suit someone with a background in graphic novels or detailed storyboard work. A portfolio showcasing previous works that align with these needs would b...

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    ...product uploading and management, is highly desirable. Your ability to forecast market trends and adapt to the fast-paced startup environment will set you apart. This is an opportunity to contribute to an exciting platform at the intersection of technology and interior design. Your work will directly impact our growth and the satisfaction of our customers. If you are passionate about modern interiors and have the technical skills to match, I look forward to your application....

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    ...the industrial theme but also known for their durability and ease of maintenance. This is crucial for the high-traffic nature of the locker room. - **Ventilation and Lighting:** Propose solutions for efficient ventilation and lighting that maintain comfort and visibility, especially in the shower areas. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proven track record in designing large-scale industrial interiors. - Strong portfolio showcasing sophisticated space planning and utilization. - Expertise in choosing durable materials suitable for an industrial setting. - Ability to adhere to safety and building codes specific to public changing and shower facilities. - Creative outlook in blending functionality with industrial design elements. I believe this project requires a thoughtful app...

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    I'm seeking an experienced sketch up or other equivalent app user to create detailed, custom plans for my two-story home. I have plans of my house in pdf. This is to help us reconfigure the layout of our house and to serve as a valuable tool in finalising the interiors of our home. We've envisioned a spacious layout that does not compromise on the personal touch and functional design. **Key Requirements:** - ability to convert pdf to 3d design - good understanding and use of planning apps . - good eye for detail **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proficiency in architectural design software - Previous experience with residential projects, especially two-story houses. - Ability to merge aesthetics with practicality in design. - Strong communication skills are essential...

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    ...This project is vital for impressing my clients during presentations, where conveying my vision with precision and creativity is key. IDEAL SKILLS AND EXPERIENCE: - Proficiency in 3D rendering and animation software, preferably with a focus on architectural projects. - A strong portfolio showcasing previous works in architectural visualization, particularly those with a high level of detail in interiors and landscapes. - Ability to work closely with me to understand and capture the essence of my design intentions. - Expertise in lighting, texturing, and rendering to create photorealistic images. - An eye for detail and a passion for pushing the boundaries of realism in digital representations. - Excellent communication skills to ensure the final product aligns with my expectatio...

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    ...condition - no repairs are needed. This means we can focus on the painting aspect without the need for preliminary fixes. - **Preferred Finish**: Semi-gloss is my finish of choice. I'm looking for someone who has experience working with semi-gloss paints and can ensure a smooth, durable finish that brightens up the space and is easy to clean. **Ideal Skills:** - Experience in painting residential interiors, particularly large, open spaces. - Proficiency in achieving a flawless semi-gloss finish. - Ability to work cleanly and efficiently, respecting the home environment. - Attention to detail, ensuring edges are neat and the finish is uniform. - Good communication skills to keep me updated on the project's progress and discuss any recommendations you might have. **What...

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    ...exterior . The goal is to spotlight our accent wall panels in various lifestyle situations. we need to create individual pictures to be used as part of our contents and marketing tool for our website , marketing , social media and catalogs. Key Expectations: - Main subjects: Wall panel, interior design, accent wall panels incorporated naturally into lifestyle scenarios. - Settings: Primarily home interiors, but also outdoor spaces where feasible. Ideal Skills & Experience: - Extensive experience in lifestyle photography, particularly interior design photography. The ability to mix artificial light with natural sunlight is a plus. - Ability to suggest suitable lifestyles to depict our wall panels creatively will be valued. - Experience in staging and photographing quality ca...

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    ...currently looking to enhance the interior of my private jet with less than 10 aesthetically-driven pillow replacements. My objective is to integrate these new additions smoothly with the existing decoration, adhering strictly to my predefined color scheme and design theme. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proficiency in interior design, specifically with experience in working on aircraft interiors or luxury spaces. - Strong sense of aesthetics and attention to detail. - Ability to source or craft pillows that meet specific design and color criteria. - Versatility in working with various materials that are both luxurious and suitable for aviation use. **Requirements:** - Consultation to understand the current interior, my specific color scheme, and design theme. - Proposals o...

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    I a...transparent materials. **Skills and Experience Required:** - Strong portfolio in modern interior design, especially projects that involve transforming spaces from traditional or separate room layouts to open and modern designs. - Proficiency in 3D modeling and visualization tools to present design concepts. - Knowledge of current trends in materials, finishes, and furnishings suited to modern interiors. - Ability to source materials and manage contractors for execution of the design. The ideal freelancer will be someone who can not only envision a modern and cohesive space that blends the kitchen and living room seamlessly but also guide the implementation process to bring this vision to life. I value creativity, attention to detail, and effective communication highly in thi...

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    $1500 - $3000
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    I'm on the hunt for a talented and creative interior designer who can work magic on a budget. With less than $1000 to spare, I aim to refresh the look and feel of my house. The spaces are of medium size and need a fresh, invigorating design without breaking the bank. ### Ideal Skills and Experience: - **Budget-Friendly Design Mastery:** Experience in designing stunning spaces on tight budgets. - **Creative Space Optimization:** Ability to make medium-sized spaces look bigger and better through innovative design solutions. - **Material Sourcing Savvy:** Capable of sourcing affordable materials and decor that elevate room aesthetics. - **Visualization Skills:** Expertise in presenting design concepts through sketches or digital renders to help me visualize the end result. This project...

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    ...enhance images of interior spaces for my online portfolio. The final goal is to have these images stand out, showcasing the vibrant and true colors of the interior designs. **Key Requirements:** - **Proficiency in Color Correction:** The ability to adjust and correct the color in the photos, ensuring they reflect the real-life ambiance of the interior spaces. - **Background in Photo Editing for Interiors:** Experience in editing interior photography would be highly beneficial, understanding how light affects colors and spaces. - **Deliverables in PNG:** The edited photos are required to be delivered in PNG format to maintain the highest quality without loss of detail. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Expertise in photo editing software, specifically tools focused on color c...

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    I'm in the process of creating an immersive real estate simulation game, combining the exhilaration of game development with the cutting-edge realities of virtual reality (VR), and I need talented individuals to bring this vision to life. Key Responsibilities: - Develop a VR-compatible real estate simulation game for PC and Mobile platforms. - Create realistic 3D designs of buildings, interiors, and landscapes. - Implement engaging gameplay mechanics suitable for a real estate simulation. - Ensure smooth, immersive VR experiences across different devices. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Unreal Engine for high-quality game development. - Expertise in 3D design, specifically within real estate or architectural visualization. - Strong experience in developing for ...

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    6 bids storage and minimalist aesthetics. ### Preferences: - I have a strong preference for neutral colors throughout the home to maintain a coherent, serene ambiance. - I love the idea of open spaces that allow for easy interaction and a sense of freedom within the home. ### Your Proposal Should Include: - Examples of previous projects that highlight your ability to create modern, minimalist interiors. - Initial design concepts or ideas for how you would approach this project. - A brief overview of how you plan to tackle the challenges of designing for open spaces while ensuring functional living areas. ### Ideal Timeline: I'm keen to start as soon as possible and would appreciate an indication of your availability and estimated timelines to complete this project. This p...

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    I'm seeking a professional interior designer to transform my large office space of 2500 sq. ft. into a modern workspace. My budget for this project is capped at $500, which requires a creative approach to maximize impact while minimizing costs. Freelancers bidding should be able to demonstrate: - Expertise in modern design principles. - Prior experience with large space interiors. - Resourcefulness in budget management. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficient in design software (e.g., AutoCAD, SketchUp). - Strong portfolio showcasing modern interior designs. - Experience in selecting and sourcing cost-effective materials. - Excellent communication and project management skills. I want someone who can think outside the box to deliver a stunning, modern office interior witho...

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    ...designed to reflect the intended use, aesthetics, and design elements. - **Outdoor Landscaping:** The surrounding landscape should complement the architecture and enhance the overall visual appeal. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proficiency in 3D modeling and rendering software (e.g., 3ds Max, SketchUp, Lumion). - Strong portfolio showcasing architectural visualizations with a focus on both interiors and exteriors. - Attention to detail, especially in texture, lighting, and materials. - Ability to work from architectural plans and sketches to create a realistic walkthrough. - Experience in landscaping design visualization is a plus. This project is ideal for someone passionate about bringing architectural designs to life through immersive visualizations. I'm looking fo...

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    As a keen innovator desiring a new level of architectural understanding, I am looking for a skilled 3D artist to create a detailed 3D module of residential building interiors. This would be using 3DS Max for the design process with a clear focus on room layout and design. The perfect freelancer would: - Possess deep expertise in 3DS Max software. - Have experience in architectural projects, especially residential interiors. - Understand architectural principles and designs. - Produce high-resolution and detailed 3D models. The main goals are: - To provide a visual representation of the room design and layout. - To identify potential design improvements. - To communicate aesthetic and functional designs effectively. Let's bring my visions to life in the most vibrant...

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    I am in need of a professional photographer who can bring my real estate listings to life. With a focus on both the interiors and exteriors of 1-5 properties, I require someone skilled in capturing the essence of these spaces. Moreover, aerial shots via drone photography will add a unique perspective that I’m keen to include. These visuals will be pivotal across multiple platforms, including our website listings, printed brochures, and social media promotions. - **Photography Requirements:** - Interior photography that highlights space, light, and features. - Exterior photography that showcases property aesthetics. - Drone photography for an aerial perspective of the properties. - **Project Scope:** - The project involves 1-5 properties. - Each property will requir...

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    ... aligning with a modern and classic design ethos. The primary goal is to significantly enhance the aesthetic appeal of the ship, ensuring every area reflects sophistication and style. **Design Scope:** - **Public Spaces:** Focus on the lounge, bar and dining area, creating inviting and visually appealing spaces. **Preferred Skills and Experience:** - **Portfolio of sophisticated and modern Interiors:** - **Spatial Optimization:** Expertise in making the most of available space keeping in mind the functionality. - **Material Procurement and Installation:** Ability to manage the entire lifecycle, from selecting the right materials to overseeing installation. - **Ship Design Experience:** Prior experience or understanding of the unique challenges of ship interior design is highly ...

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    ...inches, allowing for a commanding presence in any space it inhabits. - **Calligraphy Style:** The name "Judah" should be crafted in an elegant and cursive calligraphy, exuding sophistication. The strokes and flourishes should convey a sense of nobility and grace. - **Color Scheme:** The artwork should be rendered in a classic black and white palette, ensuring it can complement a wide range of interiors without clashing with existing color schemes. - **Artistic Harmony:** It's imperative that the calligraphy and lion image are harmonized within the design, creating a seamless integration between the grace of the script and the strength of the lion's visage. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - **Proficient in Calligraphy:** Demonstrable skill in creating elegan...

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    I am in need of exceptional graphics for social media posts to promote my home interior design service. The posts will be designed to increase brand awareness and will be featured across Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Ideal experience and posts to promote my home interior design service. The posts will be designed to increase brand awareness and will be featured across Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Ideal experience and skills include: - Proficient in creating engaging and aesthetically pleasing social media posts - A solid understanding of the home interior design industry - Previous experience working with home interiors or related fields - Strong knowledge of Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn platforms - Experience in increasing brand awareness through soc...

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    I'm in need of a professional CAD designer who can craft a simple yet elegant interior layout for my recreational fiberglass boat. The CAD design should include the basic layout and essential dimensions tailored to maximize comfort and functionality. Ideal Candidate Skills: - Proficiency in CAD software - Experience with marine interiors - Strong understanding of fiberglass material usage - Ability to translate concepts into practical designs Job Requirements: - Create a basic CAD layout of the boat interior - Ensure all dimensions are accurate for recreational use - Provide a clear and navigable design file This project is a great opportunity for a designer with a passion for boating and an eye for functional aesthetics. If you can deliver a straightforward, practical CAD ...

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    I'm looking for a proficient interior designer to transform my h...planning expertise with chic home decor creating a visually aesthetic space - Portfolio with residential projects What I Expect: - Propose design concepts for the entrance, dining room, sitting room and 1 bedroom. - Selection of furniture, materials, and color schemes - Detailed layout plans - Strong communication and presentation skills Ideal Experience: - Previous work on modern residential interiors - Adept at creating functional living spaces Working with me, you'll have the creative freedom to make recommendations while respecting my preference for a beautiful serene home within a modern design framework. If you have a passion for transforming houses into homes, I'd love to see your portfolio ...

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    I'm in need of a proficient 3D modeller who is skilled in developing medium-detail (LOD 200) 3D models, especially georeferenced ones, from LiDAR point cloud data. The task involves generating a precise model of a plot (1000m2) and a two-floors building, both exterior facades and interiors included. The ideal candidate should have: • Experience in developing 3D models from LiDAR point cloud. • Ability to flawlessly incorporate shapes while maintaining the required level of detail (LOD 200). • Proficient knowledge of Autodesk software to ensure compatibility of the final 3D model. Export to RVT format. This project will require careful handling of data and meticulous attention to detail, to effectively capture the complex structures and features from the provide...

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    I'm seeking talented individuals to translate my vision of a modern residence into an exquisite living space. My requirements include: - Residential space Planning & Design: Focusing on a modern aesthetic. - Interior & Architectural Expertise: Experienced in creating cohesive interiors that are both functional and stylish. - Atmosphere Crafting: Ability to work with modern finishes and furniture. - 3D Renderings: Showcasing the potential of the space. Ideal candidate traits: - Strong portfolio in residential design, specifically modern styles. - Expertise in space optimization. - Proficiency in design software (AutoCAD, SketchUp, 3ds Max, etc.). - Attention to detail and a creative eye. - Good communication for translating ideas into reality. I'm excited to par...

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    $11 / hr Avg Bid
    24 bids

    REQUIREMENTS 1 - We want a HIGHLY DETAILED 3D Model of the EXTERIOR of a building in Blender 2 - Only a 2D illustration and photograph exist for this building. 3 - We have a rough estimate of the Length, Breadth and Width of the building (60'L X 50'W X 40'H 4. We have a VERY rough floor plan as a PDF if it will be helpful 5. We do not have any other plans, materials or documents for this work. 6. INTERIORS do NOT need to be modeled. 7. Work delivered must be as 3D model source file for Blender 8. Price your bid FOR FULL PROJECT. Hourly bids are not acceptable. Multiple bidders will be awarded. Price changes are not allowed once the bid is done. If you suggest a change in your bid once placed, Freelancer will be notified. 9. A reward is set for $100, but can be adjus...

    $200 (Avg Bid)
    13 entries

    I require a skilled 3D artist to perform an interior rendering of a kitchen space. The design must reflect a modern style, ensuring a sleek, futuristic aesthetic. - Expertise required: * Proficiency in softwares like 3Ds Max, V-ray or similar, sketch up,. * Prior experience in rendering modern kitchen interiors is highly advantageous. * An eye for detail and a deep understanding of modern interior design principles. Let's elevate the vision of my kitchen space transforming it into an artistic and stylish 3D model! I need photo realistic. Quality matters. It’s time sensitive I need done by Wednesday

    $108 (Avg Bid)
    $108 Avg Bid
    96 bids

    I'm searching for a talented content creator who specializes in crafting visually appealing, modern interior design content for Instagram. I need images and reels. Here's what I need: - Creative, high-quality posts showcasing modern interiors. - A keen eye for design and attention to detail. - Consistent and unique content to engage my audience. IDEAL SKILLS: - Proven experience with interior design photography or graphic design. - Strong portfolio in creating modern-themed content. - Proficient with Instagram's format and best practices. I believe this will enrich my social profile and attract a like-minded audience. If you have a passion for design and a knack for social media, I'd love to see your portfolio and discuss how we can collaborate!

    $403 (Avg Bid)
    $403 Avg Bid
    50 bids

    I'm seeking a creative and experienced interior designer to provide a fresh, cohesive look for my entire home, encompassing both the ground level and the first floor. **Key Details:** - Full interior design for a 130 m2 house. - Open to ...outlining the design process. **Skills Required:** - Proven experience in residential interior design. - Knowledge of modern design trends and themes. - Excellent communication and visual presentation abilities. - Ability to work with architectural software for renderings. **Areas to Design:** - Living room - Kitchen - Bathrooms **Proposal Requirements:** Please include a portfolio with home interiors you've designed, paying special attention to modern concepts. I'm looking for tangible proof of your eye for design and abi...

    $917 (Avg Bid)
    $917 Avg Bid
    65 bids

    I'm seeking a talented and experienced Interior Designer to help with the...redesign of my entire home, aimed at creating a modern and inviting living space. You should have a knack for designing residential interiors that are not only pleasing to the eye but also practical. Responsibilities: • Redesign all major areas of the home, including the living room, kitchen, and bedrooms. • Incorporate a modern style into all design elements. Skills & Experience: • Proficient in design software like AutoCAD, SketchUp or similar. • Proven portfolio of residential design projects, preferably including modern style designs. • Excellent communication and understanding of client’s needs. Bid if you're up to the challenge of reinventing the inter...

    $10 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $10 / hr Avg Bid
    26 bids

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