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    I want to set up the following: 1) Wireguard server on a webserver (Hetzner) 2) Wireguard client on an OpenWRT router What is the usecase? The OpenWRT router is connected to the internet (at different customers) via WAN cable connection and is connected via LAN to multiple printer (pos printers port 9100). The web application can print things on the clients pri...via LAN to the internet). Customers are only using our system single days (they log into our homepage and receipts get printed at their location). Possibility of dynamic IP at the customer, NATed connection, different ISP, no port forwarding etc. Are further jobs possible? Yes, if the prototype is working I want to scale it with multiple clients. Forthermore, I may need a programmer for the webservice (Kotlin, MariaDB and...

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    ...data via HTTP trigger, massage the incoming data (like null validations), converting the request body into a SOAP API Request object and returning the data Key Tasks: - Develop Azure Functions: The ideal candidate should be able to build Azure Functions using C# that can accept data in json format, validate and transform data into a model that the SOAP service can accept, pass the data to SOAP webservice and return the service response. Prior experience in this area is crucial. - Integrate Azure KeyVault: You will be required to integrate Azure KeyVault into the project. The URL of the SOAP Service, along with the the client certificate for authenticating with the service will be stored in Azure KeyVault. Please ensure you have a good understanding of this service. - Consume SO...

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    I need to connect my POS-PHP system through a web service or API to the software of a Colombian technology provider that provides this service. I attach the webservice manual and an example of the xml that my program must generate to call the information. I need to connect my POS-PHP system to the software of a Colombian technology provider that offers this service through a web service or API. I have attached the webservice manual and an example of the XML that my program must generate to call the information. Please contact me if you do this - +91 9598514789 The project is in Spanish language

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    The plugin needs to have 2 basic functionalities - Create a Chrome plugin that read a google document and send the information to a Webservice every 5 minutos (or less ) or every time you click a button - A web hook that you can send a text and its going to add that text at the end of the document

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    Module is API webservice 1. Update module for latest API requirements (authentification changes from username/pass to API key); 2. Module Itself has too much dev/unused code debugging functions/logging implemented. Clean it up and optimize performance wise for PHP 8.1 on Prestashop8.

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    Hi, I need a webservice to test if a MSISDN has RCS capactity to receive RCS using Jibe API. Only I want collaborate if you have real experience in this Jibe API. If you have real experience this service will be so fast and easy for you. We only pay when I can test service in real time in your demo server and I have the source code.

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    ...Objectives: - Architect and develop a secure, efficient integration API that meets our platform's functional and scalability requirements. - Produce comprehensive documentation and SDKs to assist third-party developers in integrating their applications. - Implement a robust testing framework to ensure the API's reliability and performance. - They also need to know how to host the middleware webservice on cloud Key Responsibilities: - Utilize programming languages such as JavaScript (Node.js), Python, PHP, or Java to develop the API, selecting the most appropriate technologies based on project requirements. - Apply frameworks like , Django/Flask, Spring Boot, or Laravel to structure and streamline the development process. - Employ tools such as Postman for API ...

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    ..."ORDER BY") By clicking on one of the items, the detail must appear (IMAGE03) The colors into IMAGE01/02/03 are just an example. They must not be used. No database, no local files. All information will have to be taken from webservices. Project requires User-interface design and display data retrived by http/https calls. It is necessary to provide a contact form. The data will be sent to a webservice which will take care of sending the message. -------------- No back-end needed. No database management. Further details will be provided during the project (for example which icons to use in the lists, which fonts, how to distribute the text, what to do in case of crash, ...) No upfront. Milestone is one only, at the end of the project. Daily updating is mandatory. If...

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    We are having a very simple internal webpage (Hosted on Server A) and using jQuery to load Data from an second internal server (Hosted on Server B). The Server A with the webpage is providing https. The Server B with the data/json webservice is providing http and can not be touched. We have to lower or fix the CORS-Policy-Stuff or change the jQuery-Code that it is running. Or we have to build a small own middleware in PHP to create a workaround. Problem-Description on Client-Side: Access to XMLHttpRequest at 'http://xxx:yyy@' from origin '' has been blocked by CORS policy: No 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header is present on the requested resource. We can not provide the sources -> the job have to be done within

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    I'm looking for Java programmer who can correct web service definitions in existing project that use JAXWS 2.1.7. WebService has added new methods. We are implementing those methods with new wsdl definition file and subsistent * and * files There is an error at () call. error message: : : 4 counts of IllegalAnnotationExceptions XmlSchemaType annotation is not allowed on this kind of property. this problem is related to the following location: at @(namespace=, type=class $DEFAULT, name=dateTime)

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    Hello, We have a self hosted instance of ConnectWise Screenconnect running a previously created custom service that enables our software to directly make contact with the support software server and create an instance that our support staff can connect to and remotely control their system. The custom service was operational until last week where we had to upgrade Screenconnect from 19.6.29490.7513 to due to a severe security issue. After this update, our custom service is no longer working. If we try to call the service, we do get an error message when trying to open our hosted ScreenConnect website; Server Error in '/' Application. Compilation Error Description: An error occurred during the compilation of a resource required to service this request. Please review...

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    More details: What features do you want the flight booking webservice to have? Search and compare flights, Book flights online, Display flight details and prices What payment methods would you like to offer for booking flights online? PayPal Which platforms do you want the flight booking webservice to be accessible on? Web browser

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    ...generating a label that can be printed directly (for regular mail and via csv files for DPD). - **API Integration with PrestaShop:** It should seamlessly integrate with PrestaShop via webservice API, ensuring real-time data exchange for order information. This would require handling authentication, data retrieval. - **Usability:** Designed with the end-user in mind, the interface should be intuitive and user-friendly, allowing for easy navigation and minimal training requirement for staff. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proficient in Windows app development - Understanding of PrestaShop's webservice API (Prestashop 1.7 / 8.0) - UI/UX design skills for creating an easy-to-use application **What I'm looking for in a freelancer:** - Someone who communica...

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    ...consideration: Detailed Requirements: Authentication: Implement email/password authentication using Firebase Authentication, with 2-factor authentication and email verification processes in place. Main Screen: After login, show a main screen with a scrollable list of tiles. Each tile will display a logo, a title, and a description, fetched from a /appList webservice. Example JSON response from /appList webservice: json { "apps": [ { "appname": "App Name 1", "appId": "23d4-886a-8941", "logoUrl": "", "description": "This is a short description for app 1" }, { "appname": &qu...

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    ...simple mazes, generating a list of directions as output. This tool is aimed to streamline processes that involve basic maze navigation by automating the decision-making paths. **Requirements:** - **Proficiency in Python:** The script needs to be written in Python, so extensive knowledge and experience with Python are critical. - **Experience with RESTful APIs:** As the script will perform webservice calls, familiarity with consuming RESTful services is a must. - **Algorithm Development:** A solid understanding of basic algorithms is necessary to devise an efficient method for maze navigation. - **Problem-Solving Skills:** The ability to tackle problems creatively and efficiently is key, as the mazes, despite being simple, require a logical approach to navigate. **Job Detail...

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    I am looking for an expert in WordPress and WooCommerce to help update my e-commerce website. The updates involve importing XML (webservice) products and updating their information such as: - Product descriptions - Product images - Product prices It's important that you're familiar with handling XML files in WordPress and know how to apply these updates on a WooCommerce platform. I have a specific theme in mind for the website, so I'd appreciate it if your programming approach can align with this theme. Your experience in UI/UX design would be ideal for this project. The goal is to import products and update their information seamlessly without disrupting the user experience on the site.

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    ...this website: Modernizeing the look and feel and make it work better on mobile. And pages need to be editable and lists for some pages to it can be dynamicly grow. We are running the Swedish version of a global serie in Karting and some design elements should come from this website: Result lists should be fetched from a open webservice (Under development at the moment) that will deliver the lists and data in JSON format. Upload of document for this pages: Race calendar on a yearly basis with possibilities to have different images etc Edititing

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    No Xamarin, Flutter, Android Studio, Jasonette, ... XCode, Kotlin, Objective C, Swift,... or other tools. None of these! For a new APP to be written using ONLY using B4A/B4I tool (Basic4Android/Basic4ios), I'm looking for a mobile developer. Application will be an EASY web browser. It's alse required to display the notification text (like image in attachment) retrived by a webservice. An initial splash-screen is appreciated. Previous experiences on B4A/B4I are mandatory. (completly free) No upfront. No back-end needed. Source-code required for test (no payments before test). Full documentation is mandatory (from installation of environment until APP distribution)

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    I had linking iis windows, http ip into https, also problems with webservice made on c# and webforms. I need to fix now

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    More details: What specific functionality do you want the Prestashop module to have? Order synchronization What type of order synchronization details are necessary for the Prestashop module? Update order status Does the update order status feature need to reflect changes in real-time, periodically (in certain time intervals), or manually upon request? Periodical updates

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    need a html file with a form in GET method to be consumed with a webservice (REST), data received will be in JSON format so it should be shown in a way a person can read it. The input data is sent through parameters in the querystring and its use is authorized by a unique token that is sent in the header with the name AUTHORIZATION. The input parameters are as follows: cedula idUsuario nombreUsuario oficina division Autorization code

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    webservis que se utiliza para cargar archivos mp3 convirtiendolos en base64 y descomprimiendolo en el servidor de la nube .Se necesita validar que los archivos que estan en cola de subida ya se hayan subido correctamente esto con una validacion de tamaño de archivo comprar tamaño local y tamaño de la nube , luego actualizar el estado en la tabla. Mostrar mensaje al momento de carga de archivos ejemplo: SUBIENDO ARCHIVO - MOSTRAR LISTA DE ARCHIVOS QUE SE ESTAN SUBIENDO Programadores que sean de Perú , Mexico , Costa Rica , Venezuela

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    I am looking for a web developer to finish a webservice that will interact with a payment system that will ask for pending debts. The database and web based administration system is already done in node js and mysql Specific requirements for the web service: - I have a detailed list of features that I would like to be included in the website. Ideal skills and experience for the job: - Experience in developing web services. - Strong knowledge of web development languages and frameworks If you are interested in this project, please provide examples of your previous work and a timeline for completion.

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    I am looking for a web service integration to abstract information from text string. I would prefer an AI solution. I have an NER solution that isn't as accurate as I would like. The end result is to pass string data to a webservice and have it return a list of businesses and a list of individuals parse out last name, first name, middle name and suffix. I am open to any solution so long as it returns the best results possible.

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    I need flutter / dart app solution take cam pic from mobile using phone camera and do antispoofing actions, send to server for face recognition The system detect if user try hijacking/hacking or use a static photo / mask or someting else to bypass it. If live prove is valid needs send the picture to a rest server using POST method a static shot to a webservice, then on the server side, it will do a face recognition. If found, log it to database and return the response to the android apps with the name of the person There will be another 3 pages total. 1. First page - The user will choose to start the Camera to Capture Face OR login to enroll the user's face 2. Second Page = will have data entry of person, plus a picture that allows multiple times to take pictures 3. Thir...

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    Need to implement and configure webservices

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    Hello, We need a NodeJS application (REST API) that will use AI/ML to parse raw address (input string) and return structured address (JSON). ** Please do not post code for regular parsing (regex or similar) - you need to use Articifial Intelligence (neuronal network) to solve this. ** Please don't use external webservice to resolve address - we want a local IA/ML solution Sample : ----------------------------------------------------------- Input : "Mr. John W. Doe Boulevard du Pont-d'Arve 25b 12000 Paris FR" Output : Title => Mr. FirstName => John MiddleName => W. LastName => Doe Street => Boulevard du Pont-d'Arve HouseNumber => 25b Zip => F-12000 City => Paris Country => FR Or (to be defined) Name => Mr...

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    I am looking for a skilled developer to create more than 7 database APIs and also I need you to add some payment gateways for my project. This project requires a strong understanding of API integration and database management. The ideal candidate will have experience working with various database APIs and be able to complete the project within a timeline of more than 2 weeks. This is just an exam practice application.

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    I'm having a problem in a WebService project. It works by receiving a Content-Type such as "text/xml", but it gives an error if it comes as "application/xml". I don't need you to develop anything, just a tip on how to solve this problem.

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    I am looking for a skilled developer to create a simple WebService using ASP.NET. The project requires the following skills and experience: - Proficiency in ASP.NET programming language - Experience in developing WebServices - Ability to work with detailed specifications provided by the client - Familiarity with handling text data The WebService will primarily handle text data and will require the implementation of specific functionality outlined in a detailed specification. The ideal candidate will be able to work efficiently and effectively to deliver a high-quality product.

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    Using Visual Studio, create an ASP.net Core Web API project with one endpoint. Use code provided in attached . Deploy on Nginx configured for SSL on port 8080. Upon completion, provide working nginx configuration and Visual Studio project. Assist with getting this working in customer environment. This will be the starting basis for a web API project. I can provide SSL cert and key to use on nginx if needed.

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    ...- 2.5" square screen in monochrome, color is not needed Skills and experience required for this project include: - Proficiency in arduino or Raspberrypi Pico microPython - find a board and screen that is all in 1 or simply plugged together and doesn't need soldering cables together, it should be slim - receive png from node webservice via usb or wifi I have already done this a couple of years ago with a esp8866 board and ardafruit ST7735 display and a node webservice. The source code is attached. software-specs: listens to usb and receive png which is displayed for x-seconds (value sent after png) if possible node service should cut power to board to save energy config file of node service: com port, how long png is displayed in seconds the node service has to...

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    I'm seeking a dedicated team of young, ambitious professionals with a proven track record in the mentioned technologies. We are looking for individuals who are not only technically proficient but also highly conscientious and motivated to contribute effectively. Im...agile and waterfall teams. - Proficiency in English (B1 level or higher). - Strong problem-solving and communication skills. *Mid Developer:* **Required Skills:** - Strong knowledge of Salesforce and its customization. - 3+ years of experience in APEX, LWC, Aura Components. - Hands-on experience with Salesforce Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Community Cloud. - Proficiency in REST and SOAP WebService and integration. - Familiarity with GIT, Scrum. - Fluent English proficiency. - Strong communication and problem-...

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    You will need to create the ios version of app that is started with android natif code the code will be on ios natif code swift fetch product from website from webservice show app like the video i sent to you and that i will share again in drive showing order with paypal will be added later in a another project

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    I have a WSDL provided by a Certification Board. We are required to create a Webservice that has the same interface as this WSDL. Basically working backworks of normal SOAP development. When we try to open the WSDL in SOAPUI we get an error about a missing importer INFO:Missing importer for {}XMLExchangeServiceSoap I know enough about manual WSDL definitions to know that the issue is because doesn't exist. But I don't know how to resolve this. There are other errors in the WSDL, because there are "place holders" for the service endpoint. Those I can resolve once I create my version of the Webservice. But I need to start with being able to import this WSDL into my development environment and I can't because of the error in the importer

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    I am looking for a skilled developer to integrate more than 7 database APIs and also I need you to add some payment gateways for my project. This project requires a strong understanding of API integration and database management. The ideal candidate will have experience working with various database APIs and be able to complete the project within a timeline of more than 2 weeks. This is just an exam practice application.

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    I need a webservice to query a SQL database (database is to manage license expiration) to retrieve licenses that are 30 days away from expiring. It will take that entire row with (data included such as first name last name license number and expiration date) and send that in an email to a single email (distribution group).

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    Hi there, I used Yashaswini a few times 5 years ago and was always impressed with her knowledge. Now I see a review for 'Ravi'. Is this the same account? I have to change a website set-up to include domain and subdomain using different registrar and two webservice providers. So, need good advice to make sure I do the right thing. Full details available. /Carrington

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    Project: Webservice project Delivery: Websetup project to install it on a windows PC having IIS installed The webservice will communicate with an android App providing and getting data and will behave as local API. Language is VB.net or C# .net

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    I am seeking an expert video producer to create a advertisement video for an online webservice. The desired length of the video is 30-60 seconds. As for the style and tone, I am open to suggestions and have no specific requirements or preferences. Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Proficiency in video production and editing - Creative storytelling abilities - Strong understanding of brand messaging and visual aesthetics - Ability to capture and maintain viewer attention within a short time frame - Knowledge of current advertising trends and techniques - Good communication and collaboration skills to ensure a smooth process from concept to final product. . We have a clear script and concept in place, but we need an experienced video producer to execute it profe...

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    Hi all, looking for an experienced developer with experience in PHP, Linux and Debian. Project is on PHP based MRP product that works with other webservers for ftp. Candidate should have good knowledge of html and sql and bash scripts.

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can make some changes to the existing WordPress website and integrate a booking engine into the WordPress website with Payment Gateway. Specific requirements for the booking engine include: - WebService integration - Compatibility with mobile devices Additionally, I would like ongoing support and maintenance after the integration is complete. Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Proficiency in WordPress and plugin development - Experience with integrating booking engines webservices - Strong communication and problem-solving skills

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    Project Title: Install jqGrid Description: I am looking for a skilled developer to install jqGrid on my VPS: I will provide the MySQL table for testing. I need it done today, Wednesday. Thank you, Kelly

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    deigner for website one day only

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    Hey, I got trained TTS models NeMo and Coqui. I need both to be run on Google CloudRun. As a service so that everyone I share it with will be able sent to it text and will have WAV file as return. I should be able to select models with parameters. I need the work to be done remotely via AnyDesk and within 48h. Using Docker image. I got some flask template if you need some image to test with.

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    Cerchiamo un professionista con e...& Portfolio Management, Human Resources, Customer Service Management • Conoscenza dell’ inglese Si richiede inoltre: • Conoscenza delle basi di programmazione ad oggetti/procedurale, di linguaggi di programmazione (C/C++/C#, JAVA, Python, …) e delle tecnologie web based (HTML/CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, AngularJS, …). • La conoscenza delle principali tecnologie di integrazione web based (e.g. webservice REST/SOAP, …), dei principi della gestione dei Database e relative tecnologie (MSSQL, MySQL, OracleDB, …). • Tematiche di Project Management e delle principali metodologie/framework in ambito Agile (SCRUM, SAFe, …). • Ottime doti organizzative per seguire diversi progetti e predis...

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    I am looking for a skilled developer to create a Swagger c# RESTful web service. Features: - I require a specific set of features for the web service, but I am flexible and open to suggestions. Timeline: - I need the web service to be completed within a month, but the deadline is flexible. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong experience in Swagger and c# development - Proficiency in RESTful web service development - Ability to suggest and implement features based on requirements - Timely and efficient delivery of the project

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    Webservice AWS Specific AWS services needed: - EC2 Assistance required: - Configuring dynamic scaling: Yes - Setting up automated backups: Yes Ideal skills and experience: - Strong knowledge and experience with AWS EC2 - Expertise in configuring dynamic scaling - Proficiency in setting up automated backups - Familiarity with AWS S3 and Lambda would be a plus

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    Implement SiteMinder in a webservice Preferred platform: Any Specific functions to implement with SiteMinder: - Authentication - Send and Receive list of Reservations - Validate Reports Ideal skills and experience: - Experience with implementing SiteMinder on custom websites - Strong understanding of user authentication, single sign-on, and access control - Proficiency in custom web development using relevant technologies and languages. Chronology: - SiteMinder implementation should be completed within a month.

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