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    ...and higher overall profitability. Accomplished with our pre-configured, portable, extensively validated, cell/satellite interfaced, mobile HOO-nahTM devices, and/or tailored connectivity consulting, design, and installation solutions, specifically adapted to your needs. Our multi-patented solutions (Europe, United States, Australia) are not an internet or cell provider but can provide cellular, WIFI, GPS, and video-teleconferencing. Our solutions have been successfully tested and deployed in multiple states. Over the past 7 years, our solutions have also been adapted to moving vehicles and ambulances, RVs, cabins, campsites, and remote homes, including in rural Utah. I have prepared a PDF with key websites, key materials from our websites, and some pictures of slides about our...

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    Hi. I need an experienced programmer for RaspberryPI Arduino & Microcontroller

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    The person has to scan the qr code. The amount recieved should be dislayed and need audio output. Need based on api integration.

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    We are searching for a developer that in less than one week develops in python or Labview a program that runs on Windows and talks contemporary to 9 stepper drivers form IGUS via CANopen protocol and or ModBus via Ethernet and moves them accordingly to a pattern that is input via text. the program needs to check if the movement in sync. We are searching for a high skilled programmer expert in modbus communication. all error or fault messages needs to be handled accordingly. we will provide a beginning start code structure.

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    Experience using Android Studio and Kotlin and Wifi Direct is required

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    A PIC18F25k22 development board and HD44780 LCD board along with your ICD4, The embedded system has an analogue input connected to AN4, an 8-way DIP switch connected via the SPI bus and an LCD connected in 8-bit mode to POTR B of the microcontroller. The lcd should initially show a two-line message – ‘Welcome to’ on the top line and ‘Embedded Systems’ on the second line. After a short delay this should change to displaying the adc value on the top line and the DIP switch value on the second line with suitable user interface information telling the user what the display is showing.

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    ...application with social media. With the application you can get user information who accesses your free wifi such as name, email etc. Features Login with Facebook Login with twitter Login with gmail Login with email Staff Login Login Statistics Database Member Placing ad Redirect to website or social media Information on when your customer first arrived. Information on the last time your customer returned. Voucher (usermanager) panel Form generator How the proxy hotspot login application works with social media Dashboard Template Configure Mikrotik hotspot with HTTPS Configure to pay with credit card and PayPal Other fratures Whatsapp ou SMS to Check first access to register Users connect to the free wifi network that you provide A landing page will appear that contains ...

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    I'm looking for an expert in Arduino firmware and driver libraries. The goal is to create a library for a variety of sensors/modules controlled by Arduino Nano. We would start with simple modules (buttons,buzzer,accelerometer,…) then next jobs would involve harder ones (Ethernet,oled,wifi,etc.). We already have a few modules done that can be used as template. We are looking for someone who would like keep working with us for more modules in the near future if possible. All your code will be tested with the real modules so you must know how to debug and fix if needed.

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    Hi, I need a PCB design for a UK smart plug. Image below for the type of thing I'm looking for. It needs to be a UK plug that can plug into a UK plug and has a wifi and bluetooth module on it so that it can be turned on/off remotely (using both bluetooth and wifi for testing). It also needs to be able to monitor power usage for both how much power is being sent to the plug that's plugged into it, and also the power being used by the pcb (and the components that are on the PCB). During the design process, you must consider factors such as signal integrity, power distribution, thermal management, and manufacturability. These factors can have a significant impact on the performance and reliability of the final product. The final deliverable will include information...

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    Requirement Received from Client: 1. User login/signup through Gmail. 2. After login if no device is connected, the user can connect the device and select which node switches. 3. Then the user gives permission wifi/Bluetooth to set wifi credentials. 4. If wifi not connected it's working also with Bluetooth same UI(Run also locally by Bluetooth pair). 5. Every user can add a room as per the requirements and set devices(switch node) room-wise. 6. Implement a weather status location-wise using free API. 7. Link to google assistant amazon and Alexa through our app. 8. We are thinking about using firebase real-time database for everything (which is best for it let us know). 9. We need the esp32 code base to check our end. Technology: 1. UI UX Design: Figma 2. Mobile ...

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    I am looking to develop an Android mobile application for a cricket game. The app will need to integrate Google Play Services, along with Bluetooth/WiFi/NFC connections. The purpose of the game is to provide cricket fans with an immersive and realistic gaming experience. The app will be designed to be user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing, with intuitive navigation and interactive features. The game will feature multiple game modes, innovative control systems and stunning visuals for an unforgettable gaming experience. We are looking for an experienced developer who has extensive knowledge of the Android platform, and is confident in developing complex applications. We need someone who is comfortable with the technology and best practices in mobile app design and development, as ...

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    ...provide support for hardware and software related issues. Specifically, I need assistance with Windows,Mac, software and printers hardware. The scope of work requires the support of 1-3 engineers, depending on the complexity or number of tasks that require assistance. The Remote Support Engineer needs to have a wide range of technical knowledge and experience, ranging from troubleshooting network, WiFi problems, internet connection issues and printer setup to programming and system configuration/administration. The ideal candidate must have exceptional communication skills and the ability to work independently, as well as in a team dynamic. The role of the Remote Support Engineer is to be the first point of contact between our customers and technical operations. You will be e...

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    ***** Only Reply if you have read this and have direct Google geolocation experieince *** **** Do not private message me ***** We are using google api for geolocation, specifically we are using Googles storage of wifi mac addresses to get location. The input is a mas address or series of mac addresses with signal level and the output should be location. Our developer is struggling and needs a little direction. If you have experince and can help him for a few hours we will award a very short project. Please reply with 'I have direct Google geolocation api for wifi mac address' Thank you

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    ...easy to assemble and manufacture. Pick an appropriate microcontroller based on the requirements of the project. The microcontroller should have enough processing power and memory to handle all the required tasks. Consider factors such as cost, availability, and ease of programming when selecting a microcontroller. Add a gyroscope to the design. The gyroscope should be selected based on the required range, sensitivity, and accuracy. It should be compatible with the selected microcontroller and should be able to communicate data to it. Consider adding an accelerometer to the design, if required. The accelerometer should be selected based on the required range, sensitivity, and accuracy. It should be compatible with the selected microcontroller and should...

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    I need a simple android app that will help me collect data for inventory control purposes. Our warehouse has racks of inventory, where each 6 x 6 foot section is assigned an “Inventory Location” (such as A-1-1) Within each location are boxes of inventory, each with its individ...the app the following info should be displayed:) If there is retained data ready for upload: “X locations verified, X tags scanned” If there is no retained data: “No Local Data” 2. Reset Function (erase all collected data) (with an input prompt: “Are you sure you want to erase all data?”) 3. Warn Operator with prompt if post size of array to be uploaded is 7mb (Does not disable data input) 4. WIFI/Internet access for the app is not required (except for when...

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    Complete LabView application with 4 exercises. Take screengrabs and place in specific word template. 1. Plot the output from a random number generator on a waveform graph 2. Build a thermometer 3. Build a VI to take numeric input from the user via the control panel. Calculate the square root of the number and output the result. 4. Build a calculator using a case structure to add, subtract and divide two input numbers. Word template & questions attached.

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    I am looking for an experienced programmer to create a firmware program for an MSP430 microcontroller, using the Code Composer Studio (CCS) platform. This will involve strong coding proficiency in C languages, as well as familiarity with MSP430 and the CCS platform. I do not have source code available for this project; the programmer will be required to create the program from the ground up. I do have a specific hardware requirement, namely the MSP430 microcontroller, which must be compatible with the CCS platform. The ideal candidate should be a reliable and detail-oriented programmer with expert knowledge in coding in C languages and a proven history of successful completion of microcontroller programming projects. A strong understanding of electronics is also es...

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    Hi, looking for someone who can help me to get access to an Aurix Microcontroller. Basically I need to be able to access and read/write the areas, such as BROM, HSM, PFLASH AND DFLASH. Need also assistance on how to connect the correct debugger. Thanks

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    I'm looking for a Freelancer to develop a software driver to control a sensor using SPI communication over an STM32 Microcontroller. For this project, expertise in embedded C is required. Unfortunately, I do not have an existing library for this driver, so one will need to be created from scratch. The driver also requires unit testing for debugging and validation. Therefore, experience in debugging and unit testing is preferred. I have the electronics ready to go to test the driver, etc.

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    Need to control two digital outputs based on one analog input using st32 mictrocontroller

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    I need a drawing, possibly cartoon style of cables and electrical components in a system to go with how to guides Below is roughly what it should Look like and what it actually looks like Notice the options for wifi router Ongoing work for the right freelancer

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    looking for a medical biller with history of billing for a home health care. must be very good with - math - communication - english - responsiveness have - good wifi - headset to talk and take calls - laptop and a second set of computer

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    Hi, I need to program the LILYgo 7000G board to communicate via MQTT via LTE and wifi. It is also required to read the GPS position. Regarding the power part, it is necessary that the board goes into deep sleep consuming in general less than 50 ua/hour. To achieve that it should be possible to turn off the SIM7000G via software through the ESP32 and put the ESP32 into deep sleep. It would be necessary to see the rest of the electronic components and their power consumption.

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    An Android tablet will be placed at the door. The tablet will log in to a local SIP server, set in the settings page. During idle state, it will show a static image or video of the user's choice, set in the setting's page. When the user taps on the screen, he will be presented with server, there will not be any video from server to the tablet. There will only be audio from server to tablet. After the call ends, it will return to idle screen. 1 setting field to define where the videos will be saved, option for saving it locally in a user set folder in the tablet, or SD card in Tablet If space has run out, the oldest video will be deleted. The system will run on local wifi network. Settings must be able to be exported and imported Source codes to be released toge...

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    Esp32 coder 6 hours left

    Hi, I have a small sailing boat which is moored in the middle of an harbour. I would like to moni...using GPRS 2G network (via Telegram) or SMS the following itens: -gps position. -temperature and humidity using the Dht11 sensor. -battery voltage. -water on the bilges. I would need also alerts for low voltage on the boat battery or high bilge water level. I have been successful in measuring the Dht11 output using WiFi and the following tutorial: However can't do it using WiFi. I'm using the TTGO T-Call V1.3 ESP32 sim800l board and dht11 sensor. Would like to continue to use the same hardware in the project. Could you please provide me a quote for the development of the code? Best Regards

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    Need an expert on assembly language programming who can use the given data sheets for the chip/microcontroller and use the information to carry out some simple input/output and processing tasks.

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    I have a Norton security app on my iPhone and I keep getting notifications that tell me not to go to certain websit...addresses associated, no IP address or history of log in shows up at all. Doordash emailed me saying that my subscription was cancelled and refund was sent to my account like I requested, which I never requested. My phone will stop sharing location with people that I have shared my location with in the middle of the night. I feel like something is going on with my phone, maybe someone has hacked my wifi or something? Apple says nothing is wrong with the software of my phone and there’s no way for them to know if anything suspicious is going on with my phone, they can just tell me that it’s not a software issue. So, I don’t know what to do. Any help ...

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    I need an indoor air quality sensor (ideally from Sensirion or at least a basic CO2 sensor) connected via Arduino and IFTTT or your preferred platform and protocol to Philips Hue lights. I would like to get the final hardware solution. I don’t need only a developer doing the coding. I want to get a hardware that I can plugin, connect to my wifi and get the signals into Hue lights.

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    ...cover the whole of , most of my work comes from uk companies who sub contract jobs to be as its cheaper than setting up offices in , I Occasionally cover work in ROI Republic Of Ireland, I offer professional emails, domains, hosting, I supply I.T Equipment to home and small business, laptops, computers, broadband, Routers, switches, Servers, Printers, Scanners, Telephone System, Wifi points, Access Points, Door Entry Systems, I do I.T Refreshs, I.T Deployments, EPOS Deployments, I.T Field Services Break and Fix, Remote Support, Onsite Support service desk, super user, floor walking for new projects, I.T Training for new software or company updates etc, I have been recently been supporting PIPS staff, I am a Dell, Lenovo, HP, Microsoft qualified engineer, with over 50 I

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    Hi. I want to make a wifi bbq rpi unit with a small screen for my bbq so i can see the remp anywhere. It needs to have a webserver so i can see history etc. I would like to have a multiple probes (wired) so if i use my smoker i can use upto 4 probes. The software needs to be able to see currwnt reading and also have option for new project which it logs the data for that probe too. This is just a personal priject so hoping its not too over priced im also not in a rush. I have the rpo 4, lcd screen, 4 bbq probes to mimi jack plug and will put things together how you tell me as i have an electronics background. Thanks

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    We are looking for a flutter App Development for Video Forensics. We want a feature in the app where user will upload the video clip and press enter then app should find out the source of the video. In that video, we want complete details in Excel format. Date and Time of Video Shoot. Length of Video. Wh...will upload the video clip and press enter then app should find out the source of the video. In that video, we want complete details in Excel format. Date and Time of Video Shoot. Length of Video. Which device was used to shoot that video. If click was taken from a live video of video call then Which internet was used to shoot that video. Location of that video shoot. I.P address of that mobile or wifi network for that particular video was shot. Source code of the app will be our...

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    I have a python code from github that should work On 78k0 microcontroller, and it can jump the mcu boot step if code editing protection. I need someone to check why the code isnt working and make a simple gui with some buttons like read hex or dat data and write data and save etc.... [Removed by Admin]

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    ...Restaurant Kitchen Printer for ESC/POS ( 2. 3 Inch Width Receipt Thermal Printer Bluetooth WiFi USB Support Food Delivery Ticket Printing App Ubereats Doordash Grubhub Postmates Also for Togo Shop Bubble Tea Fastfood Restaurant (

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    I am using the Azures Theme, with bootstrap, PWA. I'm in need of an experienced programmer to debug and solve an issue with my mobile login. The problem is that the login works fine on my computer and mobile when connected to wifi, but it will not pass post data when using cell data, no matter which device I use. I have already tried debugging the problem, but have not been able to find a solution. I need a skilled programmer who can debug and solve this issue and get my mobile login working on Android, iOS and Windows Mobile devices with both wifi and cell data. Thanks! Potential to continue on other parts of this project. I will send a link to a temp site that will be setup for debugging.

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    PLEASE CHECK LATEST IMAGE!!! ICON NEEDED we have a new digital door lock company called lockify we need a new logo the idea is something simple text on the right: "lockify" icon on the left: (open to ideas however I think a lock with wifi symbol or a door) colour scheme: open to colours scheme

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    I would like to make a small start up. I have some smart boxes TV and some TVs (not smart). And I need to figure out how they both can communicate. Smart box connected to wifi, and connected to TV by hdmi. During whole day TV playing football on TV channel, at 11am - 13am next 10pm-11pm, I need to show up some advertising on my TV without any action from my side. So, my Smart box should receive some message on application from advertiser after smart box should change from TV channel to HDMI 1 (where connected smart box) and show video from advertiser. Algorithm - Client make order of video advertising on website -> order receive app on smart box -> changing tv source to hdmi source -> playing advertise video -> changing to TV channel back. Everything should be automatic...

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    I need to have a simple PCB Board manufacturered. The function of the board is to control a 6-12V pump when the pir sensor is activated. The pir sensor used is a SR501. The board should use an esp with wifi connection. Both the pump and the board is powered from the same source: 2 x 18650 batteries (so 7.4V) On the board there should be 4 connections: - Micro USB for the esp - Inlet power from the batteries - outlet power to the pump. - connection for the pir sensor The pcb board should be as small as possible. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT

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    my test station need to connect to ESP32 under test the ESP32 has an access point each UUT has diffrent ( but known to me ) network name , password is the same I want to run a script to connect the access point OS -> windows please don't ask me my time frame and budget , this is a 10 minutes project and up to 20$

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    We need simple software to operate the titrator at the desired rate ( we have the coding from a previous software already), after delivery of the titrate, the system will read the pH meter until a constant reading is obtained, and it will then continue to titrate. The connections from the computer and titrator and pH meter are serial. The data will be sav...already), after delivery of the titrate, the system will read the pH meter until a constant reading is obtained, and it will then continue to titrate. The connections from the computer and titrator and pH meter are serial. The data will be saved in a text file. The data will be displayed as volume of the titrate and the mv reading from the pH meter. You can use any software package (MS Visual studio, Labview, Labwindow, etc) to a...

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    Need an expert to use assembly language to program a microcontroller to carry out some simple input/output, display and processing tasks - in 1 day

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    I need a Godot iOS plugin provide iOS bluetooth and WiFi functions, I will use it in my Godot iOS app to controll iPhone's bluetooth and wifi, for example: bluetooth scan, bluetooth connect, wifi connect etc. It can develop with Godot iOS plugin template, with Objective-c and C++ skills.

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    I want to do a wifi button with a custom PCB using an ESP8266EX wifi chip.

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    multiple settings for a sound equalizer in labview

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    Develop a smart speaker electronic control board using the Qualcomm QCS400 system. Looking for someone who has worked with audio and with Qualcomm if possible. Needs to have knowledge about wifi connectivity, bluetooth, IoT, etc. Expected deliverable is a manufacturing pack to mass produce. Timeframes: first prototype in 3 months and final deliverable in 6 months.

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    Job description • The ideal candidate should have good editing skills and should be able to devote 2-3 hours a day (work from home) • As it is a remote role, should have own laptop and wifi connections Responsibilities • Upload content on social media by putting necessary thumbnails and writing captions, descriptions • create necessary posters, banners, designs, carousels, images for post Qualifications • Proficiency in social media platforms • some certification in digital marketing

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    FreePascal has a compiler target that allows to run Object Pascal compiled code on the Raspberry Pi Pico microcontroller. Using this, we want to control a 128x64 pixel color display connected to the Pico via SPI. The Pico is connected to the x86 host system via USB. The host system then should be able to send data to the Freepascal Code on the Pico to display. That includes displaying images and text. Also, there will be a couple of buttons connected to the Pico that need to be monitored by the FreePascal code running on the Pico. The main tasks are: 1.) Create build-environment to compile from host FreePascal Windows x86 system to RPI Pico See: 2.) Our display is 128x64 Color and uses the SSD1351 controller

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    You need to write a C library to interact with the RYS8830/RYS8833 global navigation satellite system module using the nRF52 microcontroller.

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    ...Switcher, to add PNG images, and videos - Must have a section to customize titles before and during broadcasts, as here []() - It must have the ability to connect to other cell phones that have the same application contained using the same WiFi network, in order to make multicam. - Must have the ability to invite remote guests, who can connect through this application to participate in the recording without being in the same wifi network, such as StreamYard or Restream []() and []() - Must show an option for the screen to split and can be seen on the screen up to 3 guests - You must show at the top a counter where you show the number

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