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    31,424 mouse kinect jobs found, pricing in USD undetectable by Google o Puppeteer o (Selenium is detected) • Software will use Google Profiles signed in already, gmail user account saved so that it can just log in • There will be flexible campaign builders. I call it blueprint builder. • Blueprint builder – we will build out common functions, and users of software can pick and choose how they want software to perform. • Need to mimic mouse movement & keyboard keystrokes • Software will be connected to .net core hosting web control panel o Manage Login, o Password o Password Reset o Checkout o Payment (Stripe?) o Management of subscription(s) o Give permission to run software on client side • Software will support proxies Desired Programming Language: Python C# * I'm looki...

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    Design a t-shirt: Delveaux Family Disneyland trip May 2023 Put a heart in there, some references to Disney - building, Mickey Mouse ears, etc. Do the graphic files. Use black text and artwork.

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    ...the whole website: Panels --> Hover your mouse over it and you will see all the panels for vps, client area, game panels, & bot panel. Game Hosting Bot Hosting --> (Links to the Pterodactyl Panel) (Already Made) Game Panel --> (Links to the Pterodactyl Panel) (Already Made) Client Panel --> (Custom Client Area) VPS Hosting --> Discord --> Takes you to the Discord Server Admin Dashboard --> Only Admins has access to see payments, client info, Suspend servers, refunds, etc. About Us --> This is the about page. Store --> Custom Store -- Takes you you the store and there are categories for each kind of server(s). Servers I will be selling: --MINECRAFT SERVERS-- Minecraft Basic -- There should be a slider/menu so people can slide their ...

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    original project here: I want a simpler sim like this project. An example might be a squirrel instead of a mouse. It's important to do it with Photon Pun.

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    Hello there, I am looking for a sub surface 3d modeler artist to do some comic character faces. If you are creative and don’t have problems modeling faces like Mickey Mouse or bugs bunny face or any typical comic faces, please place a bid and ideally have sone refs. It would be great if you have also experience in zbrush. I only need the face from front and sides, no back view. Thanks a lot

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    Ajay Cartoon 3 days left

    This project is simply like animated cartoon like Tom and Jerry Thomas and his friends and Oggy and the cockroaches and Noddy and Doraemon and chotta Bheem and Bob the builder and rore the racing car and Minecraft and Simpsons and sponge bob SquarePants and Mickey mouse and chip & Dale and handy Mandy and star wars and lots of animated cartoon

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    Note: Bid Starts at $20 highest I'm willing to go is $30 unless reason for increased price is explained in detail What I am hiring you to do: Task : Download the DarkGDK game engine and modify the game engine to support bending sprites according to the mouse cursor position as currently DarkGDK doesn't support this. Example scenario: Suppose I have a straight metal pipe sprite that is facing up and based on the mouse cursor position I want to bend the top half of the pipe. Example: New DarkGDK function void dbBendSprite( int SpriteID, int vertex, float angle); This small example video provides a clearer example of what I am looking for: Game Engine Used: DarkGDK This is a small task but requires a small game engine modification To download

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    We are seeking a highly experienced Project Manager & Engineering Director to lead the development of a professional portfolio for our gaming mouse. The ideal candidate will have a strong background in product design and engineering and will be responsible for overseeing the design process and ensuring that all critical development and details are taken care of. Key Responsibilities: Lead the development of a professional portfolio for our gaming mouse, working closely with designers and engineers to ensure that the product meets all technical requirements and design specifications. Manage the development process, coordinating with designers and engineers to ensure that all critical development and details are taken care of. Conduct regular quality control checks to ens...

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    Your BID PRICE is FINAL. No LATER CHANGE is ALLOWED. I need an experienced person in JavaScript and Greensock Library or Vanilla JavaScript. The job is to take any free characters available from internet, upload it in browser and then define a path inside a box/canvas by mouse like right, left, up, down, curve, wave. zig zag, circle, box etc as well any points like from Point A to B to C and then character moves in that path. Can control Speed. It would be better if we can drag image inside box to any position and move more than one image simultaneuosly in different directions. Image should not got outside box. Budget 2K Lowest bidder will win. I need full source c ode.

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    ...environmental sustainability which will include below mentioned features 1. Game menu - play, exit, difficulty level (speed), instructions. 2. A short story when play is pressed, can be skipped with a button. 3. Background will be shown as a deteriorating atmosphere. 4. Player will shoot at rubbish objects falling from the top of the screen. 5. If he cleared all the rubbish objects (shoot using mouse/keyboard), the background will change into a green society and the game will be over with rewards. 6. If the player is unable to clear rubbish objects from the screen, the game will be over and the environment status will decrease. 7. This game will be followed by sound effects and interactive graphics. Please note - I need the game in processing raw files. The game should be arou...

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    UI elements HTML/CSS 1 day left

    I have package of 20 UI elements, which need to be HTML/CSS pixel-perfect coded during 1 working day. States of elements: - normal (for all elements) - mouse hover (for buttons, input fields etc.) - click (only for some elements) See files attached.

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    ...that is, a transparent layer of painting can be displayed on top of the bitmap; 2. The bitmap and the superimposed graphics file on it can be scaled in an integral multiple; 3. A new sub-window can be generated to display the enlarged area. At this time, the enlarged area needs to be marked in the original window. You can set the enlarged area by selecting or specifying the location with the mouse; 4. Be able to switch color mapping files; 5. Users are divided into ordinary users and registered users. Ordinary users can use the system without logging in; 6. Bitmap files uploaded by ordinary users cannot be saved, only the color mapping files preset by the system can be used; 7. Registered users can manage their uploaded bitmap files and upload color mapping files themselves...

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    Your BID PRICE is FINAL. No LATER CHANGE is ALLOWED. I need an experienced person in JavaScript and Greensock Library. The job is to take any free characters available from Freepik or Vecteezy, upload it in browser and then define a path by mouse like right, left, up, down, curve etc and then character moves in that path. Lowest bidder will win. I need full source c ode.

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    Hi, I am a student, I need to make a game in processing software through java. This will be a game based on environmental sustainability which will include below mentioned features 1. Game menu - play, exit, difficulty level 2. Player will shoot at rubbish objects falling from the top of the screen. (shoot using mouse/keyboard) 3. If he cleared all the rubbish objects, the background will change into a green society and the game will be over with rewards. 4. If the player is unable to clear rubbish objects from the screen, the game will be over and the player's health will decrease. 5. Sound effects and interactive graphics are required. The game should be around this idea although if you have suggestions to make it better interactive then I'm open to discussing it. As ...

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    Create a robotjs like node.js application which receives http requests and responds: 1. Request: click on a point (x,y); response: click on point (x,y) on Windows desktop 2. Request: sendkeys with a String; response: execute the keyboard actions with the cursor 3. Request: start stream screen; response: start sending 2 screenshots per second to the client 4. Request: stop stream screen; response: stop sending screenshots to the client Speed of application will be crucial. System should process every http request within 100ms. All dependencies should either by MIT or Apache2.0 license. Please get my approval before including any dependency in the project.

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    I need to make a 3d model from a mouse illustration for a project. We already have the illustrated mouse in a PNG file. Now need to make it a 3d image of the mouse, in PNG file as well.

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    I am looking for a C# .Net 6.0 Avalonia 11.0 developer to create an application to work on both Windows and Mac that has the capability of allowing users to define a rectangle area, using a mouse, that will be captured from the screen as an image. The image should be captured as both PNG and JPEG.

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    I need to make a 3d model from a mouse illustration for a project. We already have the illustrated mouse in a PNG file. Now need to make it a 3d image of the mouse, in PNG file as well.

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    You need to design a simple application that applies the controller pattern, the expert pattern, the iterator pattern and the composite pattern. When the application starts, it displays a window containing two buttons and a drawing area. The buttons are labeled “Circle,” “Triangle” and “Box,” respectively. When one of the buttons is clicked, and then when the mouse is clicked in the drawing area, the corresponding shape is painted at the location clicked.

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    we have User Interface elements and we must move / resize them with the mouse. load and save the positions / size from json file

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    i am using window 7 not sure what the issue is and i am not sure if this can be fixed remotely. Thanks

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    We require a device that allows to control the cursor directions on Android tabs. The mouse directions controller needs two rotating handlers to operate. 1st controller for use in the x-axis direction 2nd controller for use in the x-axis direction We require it as a product, and mouse movement should be accurate based on rotational speed. our budget for this 5000 in Indian Rupee

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    I need a firefox Extension which will randomly Mouse click and load different pages.

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    I am looking for someone to create a custom mouse mat design for me. The size of the mouse mat should be customized to fit my needs. The print should be single-sided, and the material used should be cloth top and rubber bottom. We are only looking for the design as we have someone to print them. If you think you are up to the task, please get in touch and let me know how you would design my mouse mat. The pattern for the background will need to be recreated as we want that design but can't find an HD image. The logo we can provide. We want it to look exactly like the image provided however we just need everything to be in HD. Looking to have this done in 30 minutes. Thanks

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    24 bids The working voxel can be seen in the demo pages here: The actual work: There are some features that need to be added to the voxel, the missing features are as follow: a) I should be able to rotate the view, by using the "shift" key and the mouse, I should be able to rotate the view and view it from other angles b) I should be able to place more "boxes" by keeping the mouse clicked. In other words by leaving the "left moused clicked" and dragging, the boxes should be placed automatically instead of individually clicking on each space. c) I should be able to place "boxes" with a custom legend that I can update, there should be a list somewhere that if I update the text in "the list&quo...

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    This project requires the development of POC (Proof of Concept) ...High resolution, at least Full HD (1080p) B) Real Time C) Unique address for each stream channel Ideally, the system should use open-source libraries without dependency upon a third-party vendor solution. Develop a document explaining the steps needed to set up the system from scratch. 2. Send “Mouse Clicks” from the client to a remote Mac via a cloud-hosted server Develop a system where mouse clicks on a client browser window are sent to a remote Mac OSX in real-time. Mouse clicks should reach at OSX system level on a remote Mac, i.e., on Remote Mac, one should be able to take those clicks and dump them in a log file in a particular folder. Only open source / open standards ar...

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    $1013 - $2026
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    I started a website as a hobby. It is a database of locations in my country (in Africa) and my intention is, like a blog, to keep adding these locations and place...would like to appear and others I do not wish to appear. What plugins does Wordpress have (paid or free) that can help to secure a better Grid listing (2D or 3D perhaps) during search results? What are better looking presentations? 5. Website download speeds My website will be very heavy because of data and images. Request Are there plugins or options available to increase download speed? 6. Mouse visual movement experience around the menu Any suggestions? I have other requests by these are phase 1 problems. Questions to freelancers Who can do one or all of my requests? Summary For any clarifications, contact me. ...

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    I am starting work next week on a new web site for my company. That might take one week or 3-6 months to complete depending upon how busy we get with client work. The new site is going to be largely black & white with only minimal splashes of color when showcasing portfolio pieces (and even those splashes of color may only be on mouse-over). Anyway, I'd like to get a "kick ass" (can you tell I am an AE?) black and white animation of my logo and place it on a single page WordPress "site" as an interim landing page. The logo animation will almost certainly be used on the new site as well. PDF of the logo attached to this project but I also have the source Illustrator and Photoshop files that I will provide to the winner. Deliverables: * Black & w...

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    I am looking for the following: Script #1 1. Start OBS Studio screen recording or some other recording software(per discussions agreed upon) ( F7 hotkey: you set hotkey yourself in obs studio) if mouse clicks or movements or keyboard clicks. 2. Stop recording if no mouse clicks, movements or keyboard clicks for 10 minutes. 3. Have recording software working in background not in the taskbar, in a window or in the notification area of taskbar. 4. If recording software isn’t running in background again, to start it again automatically. 5. Save recording in a folder of choice. 6. Have the folder video saved in be password protected with a password that isnt the windows password. Script#2 1. A script to monitor script #1, if script #1 stops functioning to start it up again...

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    Hi All, I am after a simple application that is not seen by the end user that records to an MSSQL database users activity on a TS server it is to record the log on & off time recording date/time/username/server name. Whilst logged in on the TS server I want to record the idle times during the session also so if no mouse/keyboard movement for more than 10mins it is to start a timer when movement detected stops timer and records the timer time to the database then resets the timer ready to record the next idle event. This is to record all active sessions on the TS so if I have 10 users on it is to record all 10 users. Needs to be a small project and written in no other language. NO SILLY PRICES OR HOURLY RATES JUST ONE PRICE FOR THE PROJECT!! LOOKING TO BE DONE ASAP

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    hi, i have an already webapp in java, springboot and primefaces but i dont know why with the last release and with the last development, i have this problem in the css. If i move the mouse on all the graphs, the popup of totals is not align with the color of the singole part of the graphs. an example in the image attached. thanks

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    We want to hire a programmer that can script the computer to move the mouse and click then type in information for multiple people. We also want the option to be able to stop the script for certain people not the stop the whole script. This script would be everyday and for each person it would be different information. The information for each person would be the same every day. The information is times basically just numbers.

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    Local NDA
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    1- continuously from the keyboard (RR3) will print 2-will scan images , if it can't find press keyboard (9) later more than one x,y coordinate mouse left clique 3-another images search if it changes 1(RR3) and 2(image scan ) stop, more than one x,y cordinate mouse left and right clique later 1 and 2 start

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    I need to build a project using Kinect 360 with Windows. Details shall be shared on chat.

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    We need experienced programmers/game developers who can: - work with Unreal Engine Editor & Blueprints - test an Unreal application on a PC and on a touchpad device (Android or iOS) - control the app with mouse + keyboard , game controller and touchpad - identify and fix the Bugs / Differences between the PC version and the touchpad version of the app - general Bug fixing especially control / UI related Bugs (and some minor graphic related Bugs) - improve the usability/user-friendliness of the app (like adding/improving the help screens / adding more teleport points) - fixing typos in the UI More info & details in a personal message.

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    We have a fully working AI aimbot that uses yolo darknet, we currently use arduino with hostshield. However we’re looking for other options also. We are looking for someone to help us understand how kmbox works and how to code it up, we want teaching more than anything as we have a coder already but it’s hard to read documentation in Chinese. So anyone with knowledge would be great thank you

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    19 bids gmail account , videos converte in small txt file or use google bandwidth and have 3 player jw player, video js, flow player any time I can change , search video, create folder, move, copy, rename files system an video converte in multiple qualities 144p, 240p, 360p, 480p,720p, 1080p, 2160p auto video quality play like YouTube, dual audio video support an small screen shots on progress bar mouse over like YouTube, multiple subtitles, auto generate preview image, download page logo an video download available in multiple qualities 144p, 240p, 360p, 480p,720p, 1080p, 2160p, if we want to allow someone use our line we can allow his domain an also we can disable his domains I mean administrator can create user like with his domain allowed to use it, user dashboard and for Admin...

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    I need to find a way to click on a single button on a windows App I'm trying to use. This button does not have a keyboard shortcut. This is the problem. I need the shortcut to work quickly, without a lag time of 2-3 seconds. Enclosed image shows the button I need to click on. Windows 10.

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    My client wants a "pie chart" navigation system like the image I provided you To there is 8 categories and each has a button on the pie chart You can take a look at the example in the attached file I need it to have some background, so it is more visible to users. I need it to fit the website a little better than the image Need it to be mob...navigation system like the image I provided you To there is 8 categories and each has a button on the pie chart You can take a look at the example in the attached file I need it to have some background, so it is more visible to users. I need it to fit the website a little better than the image Need it to be mobile and iPad responsive I need it to have some kind of effect when you hover your mouse over it(maybe scale th...

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    Photo edit and drawing Mickey mouse smoking

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    We are looking for someone who can develop a front-end UX/UI using libGDX with a C++ Bridge to our OpenGL application. This image attached/provided is what we need. It must match the image exactly! (pixel perfect). A binary will be provided to you illustrating all mouse behavior types of this window. There are 10 components; textbox, number box, slider, etc. We will also provide support files for integration/connections. The goal here is to determine your skillset and expertise. Completing the project successfully will allow you to work on the bigger project that contains many more window panels, including keyframers, project trees, etc. As an example, if you download the free version of Spine from esoteric software you will get a better idea of the complexity we require. http://...

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    Hi, I have a problem, I have a windows server and I am running a python code on this server. The code I wrote works but the pyautogui library needs a mouse and keyboard to work. When I connect to the windows server with rdp, the program works because my server reads my mouse and keyboard, but when I turn off rdp, the code does not work. This is the problem, I want the code to run on windows server even if I turn off reply back if you can help. Example problem:

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    create a logo for a kids library I would like the logo to be an open book with cartoony characters coming out of the book such as a giraffe, t-rex dinosaur , a camel, a mouse, brid, a girl, rabbit, a fox, a boy, an Arabic palm tree the characters are to be stacked above and next to each other crowded in an exciting way as if they are popping out of the book. The name that should be on the logo is an arabic name : عوالم

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    We use yolov5 to train the model to identify coordinates and control the mouse to reach the specified target point Now we have a problem. In the process of controlling the mouse, we introduced pid and fov, but it did not achieve the expected effect, and the target could not be accurately positioned and tracked. (It will vibrate when it reaches the target, and the speed cannot keep up when tracking the target) Written in C++ You have to help us modify the code algorithm of the mouse control part Let the function of mouse movement perfectly meet our requirements Since it is a game environment, it may be necessary to consider fov, depth of field, game mouse sensitivity, pid and other related aspects to calculate the correct amount of movement You must...

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    ...hero section of 's new website. BRIEF Using or similar library, create a spherical tetrohedron particle effect that can animate in the background of a hero section. The particles should be the red brand colour or a scaled tonal variation of it. The shape should be in the shape of the logo, spherical. The particles will interact with the mouse in some way, creating engagement for the visitors. (Ie, the mouse position with disrupt the particles any push them away) The particles with animate slowly without any interaction - This could be rotating the shape, or randomising the particle movement within the shape. We should be able to turn the effect off completly on mobile viewports. Conceptually, it should talk to data, organisation and chaos, AI. See full brief ...

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    We want to rebuild our Maket (Architecture Design) with touch screen input, we are using unity 3d, but currently client want to use touchscreen as input instead of mouse. if you can continue this work, would be nice. we have all the asset you need

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    $427 Avg Bid
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    Video 1(duration 2 minutes) : A introduction video which represents our product and its advantages for the user( with a script which will be provided) and it should show how the product increases productivity in less time( example how it would be easy to use laptop with a mouse instead without it). And also the video should mention the features of the product. Video 2(duration 10 seconds) : An Intro video which of the product which will be used at the beginning of our training videos Video 3(duration 5 seconds) : An outro video of our social media handles and contact information which will be attached to the end of the videos

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    Im undecided over Unity vs Unreal engine. Either way I will use MMORPG game kit of some sort. Should be like any MMORPG where users can fight, mine, craft, use magic, etc. Also would like for users to be able to plant seeds, grow weed, harvest, sell virtually in game, place houses that they can decorate and store their items like Ultima Online, etc. In the future I'd like to turn it into a VR game if the user has a VR headset but still playable with a mouse. I don't have any artwork. I will use the game kit artwork and purchase any artwork I may need. Il My budget is only $1,000 sorry. I can't afford anything beyond that as I don't earn money currently. I will assume your bid won't change so please don't bid and then ask what my budget is as ...

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    26 bids

    I need a script that moves the mouse in a circle. my knowledge of scripts is none but i just need the number in the script that affects the diameter or the radius

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    I have an idea to build bluetooth keyboard&mouse to control Windows PC. 1. User starts Bluetooth on the phone 2. User starts the app 3. On the pc now in the pc Bluetooth panel a new keyboard and mouse appear and the user can pair with them 4. When successful paired, the app will start the camera on the phone and take an image from it every second Let me know how long and how much if you are experienced.

    $20 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $20 / hr Avg Bid
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