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    I am looking for a developer to help me implement social media login functionality in my web application. The application is built using Angular 10 as the frontend and Java Springboot as the backend. Skills and Experience: - Experience with Angular 10 and Java Springboot - Proficiency in API integration, specifically with Google Login - Familiarity with social media login APIs, such as Facebook and Apple Login - Ability to assist with obtaining the necessary API keys for social media login - Efficient and timely delivery, with a timeframe of 1-2 days for the integration.

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    I need help altering stored procedure code in SQL Management Studio. Timeframe: Need ASAP Specific Alterations: - Adding a new parameter - Modifying existing logic - Optimizing performance by skipping blank, null, zero columns Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong experience with SQL Management Studio - Proficiency in writing and modifying stored procedures - Knowledge of optimizing performance in SQL databases

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    As the owner of an established looking for a talented and experienced logo designer who can help create something modern, sleek, and aesthetically pleasing for a special upcoming project. Although I have a good idea of what I would like to see in the end design, I need assistance with the color selection. The ideal designer should possess an eye for detail, creativity, and the necessary technical skills to formulate the perfect logo. Time is of the essence, so speed and efficiency must be applied to complete the project before the deadline. All in all, I am seeking a professional logo designer who is comfortable working within tight time frames to create something that effectively reflects my business’ identity. I look forward to seeing how you can help bri...

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    Project Description: Help me with paid blog marketing to improve website traffic and reach a general audience. - We are looking for a skilled digital marketer who can assist us in promoting our blog website to a wider audience in the US. - The main goal of this marketing campaign is to increase website traffic and attract more visitors to our blog. - We are targeting a general audience, so the ideal candidate should have experience in reaching and engaging with a wide range of internet users. - The specific metrics we are aiming to improve are website traffic and overall reach during the months of July and August. - We are undecided about whether this will be a one-time marketing campaign or a long-term partnership, so the candidate should be flexible and open to discussing both o...

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    Project Description: Help setting up and 9 emails via Microsoft email I am looking for a freelancer who can assist me in setting up and configuring 9 email accounts using Microsoft email. We have domains ready, and all accounts setup - but are getting sending errors that we need fixing. Something is missing in the setup. Requirements: - Experience with setting up email accounts and AI platforms - Familiarity with Microsoft email and - Strong troubleshooting skills - Attention to detail Skills and Experience: - Proficient in setting up email accounts and configuring email settings - Knowledge of Microsoft email and its features - Familiarity with and its setup process - Ability to guide a beginner through the setup process and provide

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    Project Title: International Finance - Theory - 1hr Help Required I am looking for a freelancer who can provide me with 1 hour of assistance in the field of international finance, specifically focusing on the topic of international trade. Scope of Help Needed: - Theoretical Understanding: I require support in understanding the theories and concepts related to international trade in finance. - Practical Application: I also need assistance in applying these theories to real-life scenarios and understanding their implications. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong Knowledge of International Finance: The freelancer should have a deep understanding of international finance, with a specific focus on international trade. - Expertise in International Trade Theories: The freelancer...

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    I have a system analysis and design project that I need help with. I have specific requirements and goals for the project. I will provide the requirements upon direct messages.

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    i am developing app, i need in app notification for ios in flutter , firebase...

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    I am an Etsy store owner who is looking for help with SEO for my shop and listings. I'm getting a lot of visits and views, but no sales. I feel my listings may not be optimized with the right keywords and tags, but I'm not especially tech-savvy so I'm out of my depth. My request is specifically for keyword research and optimization, and more than 10 of my listings need to be optimized. I have no knowledge or experience with SEO, but I am willing to learn. I am looking for an experienced freelancer who can provide appropriate guidance and help me to improve my shop and listings.

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    I'm looking for a talented Qwik jsFrontend and Nest JS Backend Developer to help me tackle website automation tasks. Specifically, I need help with scraping data which will be of moderate complexity. It would be great if you could complete the job within a month. If not, I'm open to a flexible timeframe.

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    Help build Adobe Fillable Forms which can be emailed to our email address

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    We are seeking an experienced and skilled freelancer to join our team and assist in enhancing the existing features of our Python backend and frontend. Specific requirements for this project include: - Addressing a list of bugs and issues that will be provided by the client - Prioritizing and fixing high-priority bugs immediately - Providing daily updates on progress and milestones achieved Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Strong proficiency in Python and - In-depth knowledge of backend and frontend development - Experience in bug fixing and issue resolution - Excellent communication skills and ability to provide daily updates If you are a talented freelancer with the necessary skills and experience, we invite you to join our team and contribute to the i...

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    i need some help for my clients website there are error showing in search console

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    I am looking for a freelancer to help me create a website and work with me for social media marketing for a new enterprise. I need the website and social media marketing completed within one month, and my primary goal with this is to sell products and services also creating brand awareness.

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    I am looking for a freelancer with expertise in setting up a multiple language product feed in Google Merchant. Platform: WooCommerce - The project requires experience in managing product feeds on the WooCommerce platform. Multi-language plugin: Yes - The freelancer should be familiar with working with multi-language plugins for websites. Number of languages: 4-5 languages - The ideal candidate will have experience in setting up product feeds in multiple languages, specifically 4-5 languages. Skills and experience: - Proficiency in managing product feeds on the WooCommerce platform. - Familiarity with multi-language plugins for websites. - Experience setting up product feeds in multiple languages, specifically 4-5 languages. I am looking for a freelancer who can efficiently set up a...

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    I am looking for an experienced AWS cloud architect to help me with app development. The AWS environment must be configured, and I am expecting completion of the app development project within 1-3 months. I specifically require assistance with EC2, S3 and Lambda, though this question was skipped. If you are an expert in this field and have the skillset required to get the job done, please reach out and let me know! Thank you!

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    We need some help setting up SSL on Google Cloud and documenting the process. We can set up the DNS based on the feedback we get. We want to - a. create a K8S cluster on Google Cloud using Auto Pilot b. Create a volume c. create a pod running a simple nginx implementation, with any page displayed We need the setting up of an ingress and installing an SSL certificate documented. We have a domain and SSL certificate we want to use. We should be able to https to the nginx, to prove the certificate is working. We will then follow the documentation to ensure we can create the SSL.

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    I have list of emails to bulk market to. I need a person who is skilled in bulk emailing as I am having trouble with many companies and can spam act etc... I need someone who knows how to work around it and successfully send 5-20k of emails per month. I am putting the budget only at 10-30 for each campaign as we have smaller list for now but we will grow fast. i need minimum 3- 4 campaigns a month.

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    I am looking for an experienced Javascript developer who can help me with an urgent issue. I am litterally going to hire anyone in the order that they bid. I need to remove the readonly attribute from an input field at runtime. Specifics: - The element that needs the readonly attribute removed is an input field. - The context in which the attribute needs to be removed is when the ChromeDriver from Powershell cannot find the attribute but can find the element. - The removal of the attribute needs to happen at runtime. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong knowledge and experience in Javascript programming. - Familiarity with ChromeDriver and Powershell. - Ability to troubleshoot and debug runtime issues efficiently. If you have the skills and experience required for this task, ple...

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    I am looking for someone to help me with a Telegram bot error that I am experiencing. The Telegram bot is written in an unknown language, as the question was skipped. I am receiving an error message, although I am not sure what it means. The functionality that the bot should perform is automated messaging. I need help troubleshooting and resolving this error message. ( the error message {"ok":false,"error_code":409,"description":"Conflict: terminated by other getUpdates request; make sure that only one bot instance is running"} )I am looking to receive the best resolution possible.

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    I am looking for a skilled data analyst who can help me gain more insights into my Power BI dashboard on global terrorism. The data I have used is from India and obtained from open sources. I have already created charts and performed analysis, but I need assistance in obtaining logical answers for the dashboard and acquiring further insigh Specific Questions/Hypotheses: - This question was skipped Presentation of Additional Insights: - Interactive charts and graphs - Written analysis and recommendations - Both interactive charts/graphs and written analysis/recommendations Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Power BI and data analysis - Strong knowledge of global terrorism trends and drivers - Ability to interpret and communicate insights effectively through interactive ...

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    Help with office project 6 days left

    Hello! I am looking for help on an office project that needs to be completed as soon as possible. The exact tasks I need help with are data entry, document formatting, and calendar management. I'm using the Microsoft Office Suite and Google Suite as the necessary software and tools for this project. I look forward to finding an experienced freelancer who can help me meet my project deadline!

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    dns record help 6 days left

    I work at a small company and we have a website hosted by AWS that we had outsourced in the past. We recently tried to swap over to WIX and when changing the nameservers in Route 53, broke the access to our website. I need help properly configuring our DNS records on AWS to: 1. have the main url point to our new website 2. have some subdomains point to other internal aws web apps we have running

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    Title: React API Integration Expert Needed I am seeking an experienced React developer with advanced knowledge to assist me with an API integration task. The specific requirements for this project are as follows: API Integration: - The freelancer will be responsible for integrating a specific API into our React application. - The API has already been identified, and the freelancer will need to have experience working with it. Skills and Experience: - Advanced knowledge of React is required, as the task involves complex API integration. - The freelancer should have a strong understanding of component development in React. - Debugging skills are essential to ensure smooth integration and functionality. If you are an advanced React developer with experience in API integration, I would lov...

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    I am seeking a freelancer to help with SEO for my YouTube channel. Here are the specific tasks I need assistance with: - Keyword research: I need help identifying the most relevant keywords for my videos to improve their visibility in search results. - Optimizing video titles and descriptions: I want to ensure that my video titles and descriptions are both informative and optimized for search engines. - Increasing video views and subscribers: My goal is to boost the visibility of my channel and attract more views and subscribers. I have a target audience in mind for my YouTube channel. Please check the channel Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Proficiency in SEO techniques and strategies for YouTube - Experience in

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    I am looking for an experienced individual to assist me with integrating a booking system and optimizing a website with WIX and Pike13 as soon as possible. With the right freelancer there would be continued and consistent work (including getting our new design into WIX in the next month or so) If you are confident you have the necessary skills and experience to work closely with our General Manager on regualr WIX and Pike tasks , please don't hesitate to contact me. Thank you in advance for your time and effort.

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    I am looking for a marketing expert who can assist me with integrating Google Ads and creating sponsored ads. My target audience for these ads is businesses. I am flexible with the timeline for completing the project. Skills and experience needed: - Proficiency in Google Ads and its integration - Experience in creating successful sponsored ads - Understanding of targeting businesses in marketing campaigns

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    Hi, I'm looking for help with troubleshooting my home audio setup. I'm using a Yamaha Music Cast connection with a Monoprice receiver, but am not getting any sound from it. I need an experienced individual who knows how to diagnose and fix audio setup issues. If you have experience in this area, and can help me get my sound working again, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you!

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    We are an Education agency that needs students to study in a country in Europe. We have tried running Google ads in India but we have a very low application conversion, about 98% lower to what we got when running ads in Africa. We are searching for a digital marketer who can assist with marketing our campaign in the Indian market and ...Ads The primary goal for this marketing campaign is to boost sales. Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - A strong understanding of social media marketing, especially on Facebook and Google Ads - Experience in creating and implementing effective marketing strategies to drive sales - Knowledge of the Indian market and consumer behavior If you have expertise in these areas and can help achieve our marketing goals, please apply for thi...

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    I'm looking for someone to help me out with a regular expressions project using JavaScript. Specifically, I need help with grep - matching patterns, extracting data, and validating input. Time is of the essence for this project, so the quicker the better - as in, I need it done as soon as possible. If you have particular expertise with this kind of task, please let me know. Thanks!

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    Project Title: Python Code Encryption Task I am looking for someone to help me with a simple symmetric encryption task in Python. I am open to suggestions for the encryption algorithm to be used. Requirements: - Experience with Python encryption libraries and algorithms - Strong understanding of symmetric encryption techniques - Ability to implement encryption and decryption functions in Python - Familiarity with different encryption algorithms, such as AES and DES Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Python programming - Knowledge of symmetric encryption algorithms and techniques - Experience working with encryption libraries in Python - Strong problem-solving and debugging skills If you have the skills and experience mentioned above, please bid on this project. Thank you!

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    Spss stats help 6 days left

    I have a 2 sets of data which needs to be split into high/avg/low. I need to check if there are any moderators which impact 2 constructs for each of the 2 sets of data. There are 8 moderators we need to check for each group. I need a report which includes a simple table of all the results.

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    ...years old, with 4 kids, and my middle son (28) is disabled. I want to raise funds to help us travel while he can still see a bit, and also help me retire earlier (or at least from full time to part time) . Below is part of what I have come up with so far: (I don't know how much to ask for - as 50k would help but isn't enough to work less-need help!). Hi, my name is Helen Limehouse and I'm fundraising for my middle son Julian Limehouse. Julian is disabled and recently learned he has a rare genetic retinal disease and is legally blind. This money will help me bring some joy and hope into his life while I still can and while he can still see a little bit. I’m asking for help, even though I HATE asking for help. But,...

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    No longer needed as I had to work on it myself.

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    I'm looking for someone to help me edit my investment proposal. It's currently in a draft version so I'd like help to perfect it. The primary goal of the proposal is to establish a partnership with a particular individual or company. Those familiar with constructing an investment proposal that will give me an edge in negotiations are encouraged to apply. If you can provide insights and suggestions to strengthen my proposal, my chances of success increase. If you think you can help, please reach out and let me know. Thanks!

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    I am looking for a skilled professional who can assist me with performance testing for my react js application using JMeter. The ideal candidate should have experience in the following: - Performance testing with JMeter - Measuring response time for the application - Simulating 10-50 concurrent users - Analyzing and optimizing the application's performance based on the performance metrics obtained

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    I am in need of an expert who can assist me in setting up the development environment and running the openMRS project. Operating System: Windows Software Installation: I do not have the necessary software installed for the openMRS project, but I am able to install it myself. Familiarity with openMRS: I am a beginner and require guidance in navigating and understanding the openMRS project. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Expertise in setting up development environments - Proficiency in installing software for the openMRS project - Experience with openMRS and familiarity with its functionalities and structure - Ability to provide clear and concise guidance for beginners in understanding the project

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    In our testing environment need a freelancer to join video to video call, use mobile app per detailed and easy instruction and do some simple data entry. Everything takes 30 minutes. Available now. Need to have a computer with webcam and mic + phone ios or Android

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    I am looking for a Flutter developer to help integrate Stripe into my marketplace app. I have another developer working on project and he has run into issues. I would like to do this live with someone today. Here are the details of the project: Current State of the App: - The app is currently in development and not yet launched. Stripe Integration Requirements: - I need the Stripe integration specifically for one-time payments. Timeline: - I would like the Stripe integration to be completed today. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong experience with Flutter development and integrating third-party payment gateways, specifically Stripe. - Knowledge of payment processing and security best practices. - Familiarity with API integration and handling asynchronous operations. - ...

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    General help and support needed with my php script(s).

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    I really just need a copy of the content, not the entire site. Most of the content is stored on the cloud and I do not know how to get it Please reach out for further details

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    I am in need of immediate assistance to reinstate my suspended AWS account due to payment issues. I am completely unfamiliar with AWS and its policies, so I am looking for someone who has expertise in this area. The project needs to be completed as soon as possible. Skills and experience required: - Proficiency in AWS and its policies - Experience in resolving payment issues and reinstating suspended accounts

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    I am looking for someone to help me create animated video subtitles in Premier Pro 2023. The project involves the following requirements: Duration of the video: 1-3 minutes Subtitles style or format: No specific style, but I have some preferences Language for the subtitles: English Ideal skills and experience for the job: - Proficiency in Premier Pro 2023 - Experience in creating animated video subtitles - Strong attention to detail and accuracy in timing and placement of subtitles - Ability to understand and implement the client's preferences for the subtitles - Excellent command of the English language for accurate translation and transcription of spoken dialogue - Ability to work efficiently and meet deadlines If you have the necessary skills and experience, please sub...

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    I am an IT manager looking for assistance in translating my resume from French to English. I require the following services: - Proofreading services to ensure accuracy and clarity - Accurate translation of specific IT terms and jargon Ideal skills and experience for this project include: - Fluency in English - Strong understanding of IT terminology and jargon - Experience in resume translation and proofreading services.

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    I am looking for a freelancer with experience in data analysis and data wrangling using Python to help me with my project. The specific area of Python that this project involves is exploratory data analysis. I have a dataset available for the project, so no help is needed in finding a suitable dataset. My expected end-result from the data analysis is a detailed report, and cleaned dataset Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Strong knowledge of Python and data analysis libraries such as Pandas and NumPy - Experience in cleaning and preprocessing data - Ability to analyze and interpret data to provide meaningful insights - Proficiency in creating visualizations and graphs to present the findings - Strong communication skills to effectively communicate the ...

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    I have a form that must be duplicated and deleted, a few hours and minutes must be calculated and for each duplication and deletion the data must be distinct for each form.

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    Illustrations Help needed 5 days left

    I need help with illustrations 2d have few ideas want to create

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    Project Title: Help in Brand Awareness or Rebranding Project Description: I have a coding, programming blog but when I search my domain name on google with the query as "teaching bee" my blog doesn't show up in search results and some other similar names come up. So I want your help should I change my domain or do something in existing domain. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience in brand awareness strategies and campaigns - Knowledge of effective marketing channels for reaching this demographic - Creative thinking to develop innovative approaches to brand awareness - Proven track record of successfully establishing brand awareness for similar target audiences.

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    I am looking for a Shopify expert to help me with design and layout customization for my website. Specific requirements for the project include: - Customizing the design and layout of my Shopify website to match my branding and aesthetic - Ensuring that the website is user-friendly and visually appealing Ideal skills and experience for the job include: - Proficiency in Shopify and experience with design customization - Strong understanding of UX/UI principles - Ability to create a cohesive and visually pleasing website I have all the product details ready and would like the changes to be implemented within a week. If you have the necessary skills and experience, please reach out to discuss further details and provide a quote for the project.

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    52 bids