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    I require the creation of a Docusign template for a contract. The project includes inclusion of signature fields, date fields and text input fields. The deadline for completion is as soon as possible. Key Requirements: - Creating a Docusign template for a contract - Including signature fields, date fiel...require the creation of a Docusign template for a contract. The project includes inclusion of signature fields, date fields and text input fields. The deadline for completion is as soon as possible. Key Requirements: - Creating a Docusign template for a contract - Including signature fields, date fields and text input fields Ideal Freelancer: - Prior experience with Docusign and creating templates - Strong understanding of legal contract elements - Ability to work under tight...

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    ...option to inquire about custom pricing for a product directly from the admin. Upon request, the admin will provide a personalized discount coupon via email to the user for that specific product. Search engine optimization-friendly design. User-friendly interfaces are suitable for non-technical users. A minimal learning curve, ensuring ease of use. Rapid MVP development facilitated by pre-designed templates. Cost-effectiveness without compromising quality. Access to a vibrant community and extensive resources. Seamless integration with external platforms through plugins and applications. Mobile friendly webpage Your responsibility would only involve the design and development of such a website; you won't have to worry about price management afterward. I look forward to seei...

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    ...Project with a deep understanding of financial performance forecasting. Key Functions: Taking your assignment 1 baseline plan, analyse the project to test various feasibility options. Show how you have improved both the efficiency effectiveness, reduced risk and added value potential with those options. As you did with PART1 Use Gantt, Cashflow and Risk tools to illustrate the detail (templates for these tools are provided for you. • Apply a financial perspective to MS Project tasks • Ability to predict financial performance Skills and Experience: • Advanced proficiency in MS Project • Expertise in financial forecasting and management • Familiarity with project management workflows and methodologies. Candidates should be able to demonstrat...

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    I'm in need of a skilled freelancer to support my email marketing efforts. Key Responsibilities: - Sending less than 50 cold emails per day - Utilizing pre-existing email templates effectively - Assisting in managing our campaigns on Mailchimp Ideal Candidate: - Proficient in executing email marketing tasks - Experience with Mailchimp or a similar email marketing tool - Excellent communication and organizational skills This role is suited to someone who can execute email marketing tasks with precision, ensuring our efforts are both consistent and effective.

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    I need 2 professional business card templates designed (No Designs turned to the side. I need to see the card facing forward exactly as it will be printed) Your entry will be shown to the client to pick which one she likes so all the details on the card must be correct and complete without any dummy data. If your entry is not correct accordingly to the complete project details then I will reject it and you can resubmit it correctly Both will follow the exact same design. The only difference will be the Name and Titles Your entry will be shown to the client to pick which one she likes so all the details on the card must be correct and complete without any dummy data. If your entry is not complete I will reject it and you can resubmit it correctly Key Tasks: - Create a stand...

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    Hi We require a highly talented graphic designer for urgent,...too, there may be work in that field as well. We use a loyalty/offer page through Wix which you would be required to do too. Templates: Design Agreement The next stage would be to have a remote meeting & then carry out a design. The work will be daily once we are up to speed & can be a permanent full or part-time role. Please check the link details before applying otherwise you will not be considered. The shows the payment agreement, templates and specifications. Regards, Lukas James Proactiv Marketing LTD

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    ...for server-side rendering and React.js or Vue.js for web development, as well as React Native or Flutter for mobile app development. Responsibilities: - Develop user authentication and profiling features, including sign up, basic details collection, and user categorization. - Implement job posting functionalities, allowing users to create detailed job listings with prompts and boilerplate templates. - Design and integrate payment gateways, specifically utilizing Midtrans Indonesia for secure transactions. - Develop interactive features such as chat portals, notifications, and file repositories to facilitate communication and project management. - Create user-friendly interfaces for browsing projects, applying for jobs, and managing profiles and portfolios. - Build an admin...

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    Description: We are seeking experienced developers proficient in front-end UI design to work on an existing MVP application. Primary focus of the role will be to convert our application, build utilizing Canva templates into our custom designs as well as adding new features. Responsibilities: Convert existing Canva-based UI into custom designs Maintaining existing application build - logic, database and API integration Implement new features and functionalities based on user feedback and business need Troubleshoot and debug any issues related to the UI Requirements: expert in database structures, workflow logic, custom API integrations Advance knowledge in front end development Portfolio demonstrating previous project with custom designs Experience with

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    As a program manager, I am in need of specialized, comprehensive reporting templates. I have approximately 40-60 projects at any one time therefore I also need summary reports. Detailed Overview Project Manager/s to complete the (Requirement 1) Report for each project (20 Project Managers up to 60 Projects). Output > Requirement 2 > Overarching Gantt Chart showing all projects to create an easy way for executives to see where projects are at in the stages and when the projects are expected to be complete. Requirement 3 & 4 will provide me with an overarching program/portolio view They should cater to a variety of project information, covering: Requirement 1 (Open to Excel or Word Formatting) Individual Project Reports should 1. Project Name and Brief Description, Pr...

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    ...reliability of the data entered into the database. These rules will be formulated in collaboration with the project team to align with organizational standards and requirements. 3. **Automated Data Enhancement:** Implement GPT-powered algorithms to enrich existing data entries by providing additional context, insights, or suggestions for improvement. 4. **Customizable Reporting Templates:** Design customizable reporting templates within Excel to extract, visualize, and present data from the database according to specific user preferences and analytical needs. 5. **Version Control and Audit Trail:** Implement version control mechanisms to track changes made to the database over time and maintain an audit trail for accountability and transparency purposes. 6. **User-Friendly...

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    ...brand's blend of tradition and innovation. Primary logo and optional secondary logo - Establish a cohesive color palette. The branding materials should be cohesive and extend the euro, timber, cement colours. Definitely not cool colours. -Typography- seller fonts that are both legible and reflect brand personality -Needs to be bale to be used within digital assets: social media graphics, email templates, website banners, business cards, flyers -Create branded materials, including packaging for soft pretzels and other products, signage and uniforms that align with brands identity and enhance the customer experience - The end goal is to create a brand identity that stands out and be innovative. Ensure consistency across all branded materials to build brand recognition The bra...

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    Hello,I'm seeking a skilled developer to create a script to automate the generation of PDF letters from predefined templates and information extracted from existing :Automate the drafting of letters to our clients using the same content, but customizing the header with information from our the signature of the signer at the end of each Features:Automatic selection of the header of the corresponding invoice from a database of of letter content from a predefined of the signature based on signer of all elements to create a final PDF file of the Skills:Proficiency in programming languages such as with PDF manipulation libraries such as PyPDF2

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    I am looking to have a web app developed that primarily serves the purpose of allowing our customers to place orders. Customising templates can also work. Here are the key details and requirements for the project: - **Primary Users**: The primary users of the web app will be customers who will be placing orders through the platform. - **Features**: - **Order Placement**: The core functionality of the app will be to facilitate order placement by the customers. - **User Authentication**: The platform needs to have user authentication in place, ensuring that only valid customers can access and place orders. - **Bar Code Scanning**: To streamline order placement and ensure accuracy, the app should support bar code scanning. - **Intended Use**: The web app will not be used by em...

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    ...- projectdescriptor VARCHAR - projectfoldername VARCHAR - projectcompanyid INTEGER - projectcontractorid INTEGER - projecttypeid INTEGER - projectstatusid INTEGER - projectsubstatusid INTEGER - projectcost INTEGER #### Technical Requirements: 1. **Language**: Python 3.x 2. **Framework**: Django 4.2 3. **Database**: PostgreSQL 4. **User Interface**: Use Django's built-in templates for a responsive and user-friendly interface. 5. **Security**: Implement best practices for user authentication, data validation, and protection against common web vulnerabilities. 6. **Testing**: Write comprehensive unit tests to ensure the module's functionality is robust and error-free. 7. **Documentation**: Provide clear documentation on how to install, configure, and ...

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    I'm seeking a talented freelancer to construct professional, corporate style templates that can drive engagement with my target audience on LinkedIn for our brand Filtration Global. Key Project Objectives: - Craft visually appealing templates that adhere to Filtration Global's brand aesthetic. - Focus on designs that inspire interaction within the professional corporate landscape on LinkedIn. Project's Essential Content: - Each post will primarily feature in-depth industry articles. Ideal Skills & Experience: - Competence in relevant design software. - Sound understanding of LinkedIn audience engagement strategies. - Exposure to corporate design principles. - Familiarity with graphic design for social media. Your ultimate creation should amplify ...

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    My company specializes in video post-production, so I need someone with experience embedding high-quality videos into webflow cms. I would like to build a site with this template: () I need help keeping the look and feel of the template with photo and video assets, while also creating some basic customization for my unique business. I'm looking for someone with a keen eye for design as the site will market to marketing companies. I have a subscription to Vidzflow that I would like to use to host videos for the site. I will also need someone who has experience with the various APIs to move analytical data to my CRM and through a few Zapier automations. It's helpful if you have experience with SEO optimization. I need to make

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    ...defining the campaign's target audience, setting up the campaign schedule, and crafting message templates. Template Management: Users should be able to create and save templates for each connector. These templates can be reused in various campaigns, ensuring consistency and speeding up the campaign setup process. Campaign Analytics: After campaign launch, users should be able to track its performance in real-time with metrics such as open rates, response rates, and conversion rates. 3. AI Customer Interaction: Automated Conversations: The platform should enable the AI to conduct conversations with customers through the chosen connectors. The AI should utilize pre-defined templates that can be customized in real-time based on the ...

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    I need an Excel template tailored for my existing business to manage deliveries, sales, and balance quantities on orders. Key Features: - Advanced Formulas & Condi...effectively. - Data Points Tracking: I need the template to include sections tracking: - Product names and categories - Customer names and contact details - Delivery dates and quantities - Profits and balances on Purchase Orders (POs) - Daily load outs reports The ideal freelancer for this job should have: - Proficiency in Excel, with extensive experience in creating advanced templates with conditional formatting. - A good understanding of business processes, especially in sales, deliveries, and inventory management. - Excellent communication skills to ensure the template meets the specific needs o...

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    I'm developing a location-based messaging app for Android, with a key focus on geofence-triggered notifications. This prototype will be a foundation for future development and refinement. Key Requirements: Certainly! Here's an outline for creating a mobile app that sends messages to customers when they enter or leave a location using geofence notifications: App Name: GeoNotify Features: 1....information. 5. Geofence Notifications: Implement geofence monitoring to detect when customers enter or leave the defined geofences. Send push notifications to users when a geofence event occurs, triggering the sending of a pre-defined message to the corresponding customer(s). 6. Settings: Allow users to configure app settings, including notification preferences, geofence radius, and messa...

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    ...Canva templates for a series of music teaching books, catering to a broad age range - from 3 to 93 years. The theme of these books is primarily Special Educational Needs with a wide range of music types such as Classical, Jazz, and Pop. It's vital that each template considers these diverse aspects. Ideally, your designs will allow the end reader to understand different concepts and topics including: - Music theory - Music practice with diwnload tools teching and parenting manuals shhet music via Noteflight if possible - SEND Special Needs techniques - Singing and vocal exercises Each book part if range under EmojiPhonics brand eg Grade books. Personality books, Theory book and overall 'The Macrologus" up to 500 pages to go on to issuu as flip book....

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    As an entrepreneur, I am looking for an intelligent web developer to craft a captivating services page for my website. Required Skills and Experience: - Proficient in WordPress and custom development without using pre-built templates or themes. - Familiar with graphic and web design principles. - Ability to integrate a service comparison functionality that is user-friendly. - Keen eye for detail and aesthetics. Tasks: - Create a structured and visually engaging services page to showcase the primary service - Development. - Ensure the page is optimized for search engines and responsiveness across various devices. - Design compelling visuals and articulate calls-to-action to retain visitors effectively. The ideal freelancer for this job should understand the principles of user exp...

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    I am seeking a talented developer to work with me on creating a fun and colorful casino website. This is not an employment opportunity but a partnership. Key Features: - User registration and login: Enable users to c...Design and User Interface: I envision a design that is fun and colorful. It should be appealing and engaging for our target audience. Platform: I am looking for someone who can develop the site from scratch, a custom-built solution. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficient in web development with a focus on gaming or gambling sites. - Experience in creating custom-built websites, not relying on templates. - Knowledge and understanding of payment gateway integration and security. - Ability to work as a partner rather than an employee, bringing creative input to th...

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    As a thriving e-commerce platform, our daily operations depend heav...will ensure precision in monitoring our inventory and prevent replication or confusion. - Comprehensive SKU Tracking: It should encase a complete and precise representation of our stock movements. Specifically, it should include incoming stock, outgoing stock, and current stock levels. An ideal candidate for this job should have extensive experience in Excel, particularly in creating advanced templates. Having previous exposure in inventory management or e-commerce will be a plus. Your skill set should encompass a keen eye for detail, proficiency in spreadsheet management, and excellent organizational skills. If you have the expertise to transform our inventory management to optimal efficiency, we'd be exci...

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    I'm looking for a skilled web designer to create a WordPress website tailored towards millennials, focusing on listing and affiliate marketing.   I will need you to create or help me with the following and give me your 11 pages 2. create 7 custom post templates that will need data upload from the listing 3. Help import affiliate links from 4 different websites to my websites4. Seo, 4 Social media platforms link to my ,Blog page5. Membership and users login accounts6 . Responsive designs, Speed optimization, Autoresponder integration, Dynamic response to other pages I'm experience in WordPress I have my theme set up and has started my templet for my custom post I would really like to share my screen and you ...

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    ...(VBA preferred). Reports: Basic summaries within teacher workbooks, and comprehensive reports in the Master File. Desired Skills: Proficiency in Excel: Deep understanding of formulas, data linking, and sheet structuring. VBA Expertise: Experience with workbook events and automating updates. UI Focus: Emphasis on clear navigation and user-friendly data entry within Excel. Deliverables: Workbook Templates: Standardized teacher workbook template Master File template Documentation: Complete user guide for teachers Technical notes for file setup and maintenance Additional Considerations Future-Proofing: Please ensure for transitioning to a database-driven application for larger-scale situations. Project Scope: This first phase focuses on creating the core functionality and establ...

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    WE WANT YOUR MEMES!! Use our duck, to create dank memes. Dress him up, put him inside a car, make him dance/grind against a stripper pole.... do whatever you think is creative and funny. Or add him to existing famous meme templates where you think he would fit well. No AI images please, entrants who submit AI images will be BLOCKED. Key aspects of your role will include: - Conceptualizing and producing memes with a broad thematic range: from pop culture references to political satire and everyday life humor. The project calls for a variety of themes, so versatility in humor and cultural references is essential. - Ensuring that all memes adhere to a square format with a 1:1 aspect ratio. - The creative direction for this project leans towards irreverent and edgy humor, so an a...

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    Hi All I need a skilled illustrator/designer for designing two cartoon style characters with a moderate level of detail. The characters should be similar to the attached sample. The design shouldn't be exactly the same but should take inspiration from the sample. The final designs will be used as templates for a range of different colours and texts e.g. ATL, NYY, LA, SF and others so the character template must be editable. *****AI generated images will be rejected***** Key Responsibilities: - Create two unique and interesting cartoon style characters. One which is baseball themed and the other American football themed. - Ensure the designs can be easily edited using Photoshop. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong experience with Photoshop is mandatory. - Proven experience ...

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    I require someone adept in QuarkXPress 2024 to assist me with updating my book cover template measurements, spline width, gutters etc, - Adjusting the cover layout template until it meets my printers expectation. - I will need 2-3 templates created from an existing quarkxpress 24 file, mainly spline adjustments - This is technical and not design work. Ideal Skills & Experience: - Proficiency in using QuarkXPress 2024. The work has to be done using this software. - Solid knowledge and experience in book cover template layouts, preferably with book covers. - This is not design work, just size formatting until it meets my printers expectations. - I can support the effort of EST USA

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    ...The website is intended to be a platform that I am building. Key Elements: - Custom Webpage Templates: I'm looking for a professional who can create unique and visually appealing webpage templates. - User Interface and Experience Design: The templates should be user-friendly and intuitive to navigate. - Development: The templates should be developed and integrated into the website. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Web Design and Development: Experience in designing and developing websites is essential. - Creativity: A flair for creating unique and eye-catching designs is a must. - User Experience (UX) Design: Knowledge of UX principles is important for creating user-friendly templates. - Attention to Detail: A meticulous approach t...

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    I'm looking for a professional who can create PowerPoint and Word templates that reflect our company branding. These templates should be effortlessly transferable to Google Docs and Google Slides, maintaining brand consistency across all platforms. Key requirements include: - Front Page with a place to add a client's logo, if necessary. - Incorporation of our logo, color scheme, typography, and styles in both templates. These branded elements should remain consistent across all platforms. - A minimalist design theme for a clean, sleek, and professional look. The ideal freelancer has experience in graphic design and has a keen eye for detail respecting the theme. Proficiency in creating templates for Microsoft Office and Google Drive is a must-have.

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    ...way. Our name is inspired by keywords such as journey, passage, navigation and as we mentioned above, guidance We need a professional who can help create a comprehensive brand identity. The branding should include a unique logo, modern typography, and an effective colour scheme. A catchy slogan that is simple and professional is also needed. Although it is not necessary, we would love to see templates for Microsoft Word and PowerPoint as well Key aspects to be considered: - Industry: our business is in the Consulting field. Our clients are professionals (law firms, medical offices, etc). Keep this in mind when creating designs to ensure relevance and industry appropriateness - Colour Palette: We’re leaning towards cool tones such as blue, yellow, green, turquoise, and...

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    ...expertise in graphic design, particularly for media-related branding templates. What I Need: - Logo Templates - Lower Third Templates - Bumper Templates - Content Posting Templates for Social Media Details: - The templates must incorporate a blue color scheme. - The desired style is sleek and modern. - The designer should bear in mind that the branding will be used in an online TV setting. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience in designing branding templates for media channels - Excellent knowledge of modern design and how to incorporate this into designs - Ability to work with a blue color scheme - Proven track record of designing high-quality logos, lower-thirds, bumpers, and social media content templates. If you...

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    I am in need of an experienced graphic designer to create a Microsoft Word and PowerPoint templates for my business documents. This project requires an understanding of the Microsoft Office Suite alongside strong design skills. See attached for my logo. Key tasks include: - Design a Microsoft Word template that includes my company logo, headers, and footers. - Similarly, create a corresponding PowerPoint template that aligns with the Word template design. - The templates should be professional, sleek, and unique, reflecting my brand's identity. - Header and footer will include company information such as social media icons, address, etc. -Footer for the power point will include a partially transparent image that I will provide Ideal skills for this job are: - Advanced...

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    ...colorful, utilizing a palette that is both engaging and suitable for easy viewing and differentiation of categories. **Deliverables:** A fully functional digital template in editable format (e.g., Excel, Google Sheets). A user guide or instructions on how to use and customize the template. Initial design mockups followed by final design files. **Preferences:** Experience in creating financial templates or tools. Strong portfolio featuring clean, modern designs, especially those that effectively use color. Understanding of user interface design for ease of use in digital formats. **Timeline:** Proposal Deadline: Abril 19th 2024 Project Start Date: April 12th 2024 Review of Initial Mockups: April 17th 2024 Final Delivery: April 20th 2024 **Budget:** Fixed: $20 - $30, based on e...

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    I'm looking for a developer proficient in HTML to help create templates for a GitHub dashboard I am building. Key Project Requirements: - Creation of HTML templates: The primary task will be to design and implement the visual structure of our dashboard using HTML. - Integration with GitHub: These templates will be integrated into our GitHub project. Familiarity with the platform is a must. Functionality: - Data Visualization: The dashboard will need to display data in a clear, visually engaging way. - User Management: Different users will have different levels of access and control on the dashboard. Ideal Candidate: - Proficient in HTML: Strong knowledge of HTML is a must. - Experience with GitHub: Previous experience with GitHub or similar platforms is a pl...

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    12 bids Shop experience. Project Requirements: 1. A full website design, including an attractive and functional homepage that will serve as the main landing page for 2. Innovative redesign of the category page to include a landing page style format as opposed to a conventional product grid. This design should enhance the shopping experience and entice customers. 3. Design of email templates, a user-friendly shopping cart and checkout page. Technical: - The shop must be developed using WordPress and WooCommerce - Template: ASTRA PRO - Shop URL: - Please use the information & pictures from our other shop: Additional Notes: Note: We can not use another template, and we can not

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    I want a youtube script writer, someone who loves Anime alot. I want to create videos like watchmojo for example : the video will be around 3-4 minutes I don't want AI templates because i can simply use chatgbt or jasper but i want a good quality script At the moment my budget is 5$ per script I want 1 script per week which is 4 scripts per month

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    I am in need of a marketing specialist to assist in boosting the website traffic and improving search engine ranking of my site. The specific target for this marketing campaign will be parents of 16 to 18 year olds. This project will encompass strategies including: - Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Elevate my...we will dedicate funding to Google Ads campaigns (target expenditure GBP 300 per month) and further work according to the results obtained with these. Scope is to have more sales, not more clicks. Fewer clicks with more sales is the target, which can be measured via dedicated webpages we can make for your marketing agency. All development work will be done by our developer (adding html email templates, page content and flow, I need marketer (and relative graphics) not ...

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    I'm in need of an experienced Flutterflow developer to create a comprehensive template. Key Requirements: - The template should include a range of components like radio buttons, input fields, and a Datatable with sorting and multi-select capabilities. - Your expertise in implementing user-friendly UI features is essential. This will involve creating popup modals, and ensuring the templa...popup modals, and ensuring the template is responsive across different devices. - API calls, form validations, components, and alerts should be seamlessly integrated. - A firm grasp on data types and actions within Flutterflow is highly desirable. The ideal candidate for this project will have a strong background in Flutterflow development, with a proven track record in building and customizing ...

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    Urgently seeking a skilled HTML email developer to enhance the layout and alignment of my template. The existing template requires a...wide range of email clients for seamless presentation. Ideal Skills/Experience: - Strong HTML and CSS skills with prior experience in email template development. - Keen eye for design and detail to drive a creative yet professional layout. - Familiarity with email client compatibility standards, especially Gmail, Outlook and Apple Mail. - Proven track record of delivering high-quality email templates on tight deadlines. This is an urgent project, and I'm looking for a developer who can deliver the revamped template promptly without compromising quality. Please provide examples of your previous email template work and ensure you are able to sta...

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    ...provides advanced search options. · Implementing a customized template for automatic uploaded properties with a CRM (template is already designed). Key Requirements: - Strong experience in crafting business websites on WordPress - Proficiency in implementing a custom search page functionality - Expertise in strategizing advanced search options and category-based filtration - Elementor and Houzez Templates The ideal candidate will understand how to craft a seamless user experience and should be adept at providing technical solutions that address complex search needs. I look forward to hearing from talented designers who can bring their unique touch to our business website....

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    ...cater to a variety of editing tasks. Key Features Required: - Font Customization: The editor should allow users to manipulate text in a variety of ways, from font type to size and style. - Image Editing Tools: Comprehensive image editing capabilities should be integrated, making it easy for users to touch up photos and create stunning visuals. - Template Library: A diverse set of pre-designed templates should be available, facilitating quick and easy content creation. - Motion Graphics: I'm specifically looking for motion graphic features to be part of this tool, to create engaging animations for commercial purposes. Ideal Candidate: - Proficiency in graphic design software and tools, with a strong focus on commercial application. - Prior experience in developing commerci...

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    ...including auto emails to clients on different stages, Developing funnel system Setting up an integrated booking and scheduling system to allow clients to conveniently book and manage their sessions. implementing a live video call system for delivering coaching sessions. Build and maintain a user-friendly website. email marketing system Set up of landing page Help us start pre-designed video templates in Haygen for YouTube and social media. system of creating and sending newsletters to our mailing list. Develop digital marketing strategies (social media campaigns, webinars, workshops, blog,). Generate leads through targeted ads and lead magnets. Set up and manage affiliate programs. Please also suggest what im missing. Experience: Proven experience in CRM, content creation, l...

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    "----TAKE the time to read ----- after 6 proposals, I only received website templates + 1 template made 100% with AI." I am looking for a professional. ---------------------I am looking for a professional.-------------------------- Project Description: This document, with its impeccable visual quality, will be used for our client prospecting, targeting businesses with multiple branches. Project Details: The final document will comprise around 10 pages. The pages will contain information such as key statistics, icons, short description or images. (The content of the document, including the presentation order, will be provided to you on a google DOC) We are seeking an design inspired by ''Google's clean and minimalist branding" tail...

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    HI, I'm looking to create an engaging Mailchimp email template (or multiple templates). The primary goal is to promote my seminar program to existing and new customers. The design of the campaign must correlate with my website branding by incorporating a specific color scheme , and be visually appealing through the inclusion of images from my website. Ideal freelancers should have in-depth experience creating effective email marketing campaigns through Mailchimp, possess strong design skills so that the email is visually appealing to grab the audiences attention. I have attached a sample of a previous campaign that shows the information that needs to be included. I feel my design is very basic and in need of a make over by some one who knows design and understands the design p...

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    19 bids three other pages from our provided sitemap. Use the provided images and copy from our resources. Here are the links to the assets: Website: Images: Copy, Structure, and Sitemap: Our current Figma draft: Designs must be original; templates will not be accepted. Local styles should be utilized in Figma to facilitate easy adjustments to the color scheme. How to Apply: When contacting us, please mention the keyword "STEAM IS FUN" to confirm your attention to detail. Attachments or links to your previous work showcasing similar projects are highly encouraged. Contest Details: The contest will run for 2 weeks, after which our team

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    I'm looking for a talented and motivated Sales Specialist/Marketer to join me and help sell website templates and web development services. As a Sales Specialist/Marketer, your main job will be to find potential customers, build relationships with them, and close sales. You'll work closely with me to understand who our target audience is and come up with effective marketing strategies to promote our products and services. This job is commission-based, with up to 50% of the sale going to you. Requirements: - You should have proven experience in sales and marketing. - Strong communication and negotiation skills are a must. - Knowledge of website templates and web development services is important. - Familiarity with online marketing techniques and social media platfo...

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    ...You must be an expert in Canva to design banners, browsers, and catalogues. * Collaborate with the Team to understand project requirements, goals, and target audience. * Design and develop custom websites using the Elementor page builder plugin and WordPress platform. Create visually appealing and engaging website layouts, ensuring a seamless user experience. * Customize and optimize themes, templates, and plugins to meet specific project needs. * Implement responsive design principles to ensure websites are mobile-friendly and accessible across various devices. * Conduct quality assurance checks to ensure websites are error-free, compatible across multiple browsers, and meet the highest design standards. * Stay up to date with the latest design trends, technologies, and best pra...

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    ...specifically for saving and managing page/form templates. - Capability to generate and modify code, facilitating a component-based system for page and form construction. - Expertise in UX/UI design, focusing on customization options for forms and pages to enhance user interaction. Key Requirements: 1. Responsive Page Builder: - Implement a drag-and-drop interface allowing users to select elements/components from a collapsible left panel and drop them onto the page on the right side. - Include a wide range of components (e.g., Containers, Layouts, Icons, Search, Buttons, Headers) for page creation. - Feature an element settings drawer that pops up for customization. - Enable viewing and modifying generated code. - Allow users to save designed pages as templates for future ...

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