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    **Introduction:** I am a small Amazon Merchant (search on Amazon for stockingsplus to see products) and I have a website at [login to view URL] that is hosted by an auction management company. The website has limited templates available from the host. I want my own website that I can change and add to as needed. Using Amazon web services ([lo...

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    I am new to RAC but have had substantial experience in both hardware and software development. Since selling my internet publishing company, I am pursuing a new area of interest! I want to sell cars on Ebaymotors. I need software developed that will allow me to easily create HTML that I can copy and paste into the Description field when I am c...

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    Hi I am a software developer and like all of you, sometimes I am also coding for RAC. What I want in this project is a logo for a web site. I have knowledge on using image editing and creating tools, but because I am not a designer I cannot create good images. The web site is an advice website therefore the logo should mean "If...

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    I have an app I am developing via RentACoder with a Microsoft Visual Basic front end, and Microsoft Access and Microsoft Excel, back ends. What Microsoft license to I need to (lawfully) sell this App to users? If you have a MS part number, that would be great. Thank you. ## Deliverables N/A ## Platform Windows 98 and later

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    $10 - $15
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    ...main customer wants to send their orders electronically. They will be sending them as an email attachment or might be uploading them to my database and I would manually download them (I prefer email). I have detailed info on their file layout (fixed length fields) and have verified all will work as described (I wrote parts of a verification program

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    Need help making a basic layout on a site I will use for a business I am starting. Just simple basic help is all that is needed. However, I will have many projects in the future that I am willing to pay a lot for. So this is to help build a relationship with a coder as well. (not become friends exactly, but I mean as in this will show ...

    $30 - $5000
    $30 - $5000
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    Multilanguage QUIZ web site For caption of visitors and link them to sponsors The Project, generalities: QUIZZ Website for public with specific interest (specialized in a hobby, the philately). The Quiz is the attractive action to capture public interest and is composed with some different features. Multilanguage presentation of the entire Web site

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    ...**You will be required to Advise of all software needed to create a working model, A Server PC will be Setup for you to Install and configure what is required. pcAnywhere Will be needed by you to login to the server. You will need to create any Logos needed for the website. ...

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    ... I need a flash developer to create a flash header for the website I am creating. I am contracted by 3rd party to develop website in php, but I need someone to create flash header for the site. this is basic site layout. <[login to view URL]> what they want there to happen is that football chan...

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    Whenever I visit a website, I want this app to automatically replace certain data strings with whatever strings I want *PRIOR* to being rendered in my browser. This replacement information will reside in a data file, the contents of which would look something like this: "foo" = "bar" "FOO" = "BAR" "whatever it says her...

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    ...Regan. This outline has been re-posted as a "featured" project. It is a long project description - but it presents a really decent opportunity. (New programmers please note - there are NO fees on this project if you are chosen for it ...) **** Brief Project Description **** - Programmer(s) needed to help me build, extend and upgrade my scrip...

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    i need a 3d solar system. it is for my project work. the solar system should provide information about the planets in a 3d enviroment. it should be a tour to solar system. the prototype should provide information in a 3d environment. it should be interesting and motivating to learn the subject as compared to books. i have got this much idea only. if

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    ...out to selling them directly on our website. What we would like to do is offer a membership service, as well as a purchase-by-the-book service. We'd like everything scripted and nice and neat for convenience and ease. Here's some what of what we'd like done, and by all means; if you have a good idea, share; the more y...

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    I want someone to create a nicer demo of my web site to replace the one I currently have...I will grant access to the system and you will enter any test data needed to create your image snapshots...I want 14-15 demo pages like I have now to be replaced with a nicer style and better looking graphics...The website is www.Or...

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    ...planning on starting a new dialup and DSL ISP. I have just bought the domain names [login to view URL] and [login to view URL]; these will be the domain names I will use for my new ISP. A month ago I posted this project, but didn’t find a coder due to the fact that I was asking to little for what I wanted to be done. This time I have found ...

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    I would like to redo the attached animated gif in Flash and have notes as to how it was accomplished. There is an attached Photoshop file that has all the required graphics. Thank You, Josh ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Installation package

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    I have a GUI with a JFileChooser on it. When i select the JFileChooser for the second time in the same real time i get the exceptions which are attached. I can't get rid of these. I've tried catching the NullPointerException for each method and i still get it. HELP!! Jon ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable

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    I have a website located at: [login to view URL] that I would like redone. I am looking to have a site that will have users create accounts with password protection, and log-in to the site to bid using a silent-auction style system. The current site design is NOT what I want the new style to look at, but I do like "clean&qu...

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    I am looking for somebody to create a content management software. It will need to be created in ASP/ASP.net with a My SQL database. It will be a scaled down version of [login to view URL] with only the following features (to view details for each function just visit the said site): Editing • Direct Edit ??" not necessary

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    I currently own a pop-up stopper and I am looking to add more features, and soon. Bellow is what I am looking for. Please do not ask for the main source code as I will not give out...these are drop in mods for the current program, needed in VB6 -=Pick Blocking Sound -Able to pick the blocking sound, .wav files only -=Auto Update -checks for updates

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    ...have revised this and tried to make it easier to understand. You are free to revise your bid, if you feel the work level has increased. This is the first time I have used this type of outsourcing. Project summary: We have decided to open another website to sell a product similar to our primary item. We have previously built a sub do...

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    ...overview of what will need to be done. I am building a guitar tabulature website, for an example of one, you can find one at [login to view URL] or [login to view URL],I need a script that will allow users to create an 'account' by them supplying a valid e-mail address, a username, and a password, the server will

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    Dear, Web Hosters I am willing to setup my very own web hosting company called "Evil Hosting Uk" but I need to know if I have the right requirement's . Online credit card procceser ([login to view URL]) Reseller Plan ([login to view URL]) Web template (designed by me) Is this all I need to become a web hoster . I need to have a good looking ...

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    I am working on a "form" for a friend who owns a very small publishing company. He has signed up with an automated CC processing company to handle the orders of his newly released book and needs an order form for his website. I have already created the form and included the Javascript needed to: A. Select the quantity of books B. Ad...

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    This is a homework assignment due tonight, i just need a few errors fixed, i cannot figure out what is wrong! :-) Can anyone help me? ## Deliverables I just need some advice ## Platform C++

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    I am looking for a form handler that has the capabilities to upload files/information (looking for something similar to yahoo profile) where after the user has entered information and will choose a username and password and then be able to access their personal webpage that is on my site. Also, I'd like to include a rating from 1-10 on every ac...

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    Need to create a flash/shockwave game for our new website We are an online enviornment for college students, and would like to have a game that college students would like to play and almost get addicted to. We would like the players to somehow email there scores, or have there names or nicknames up with the score and give us a ...

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    Look at the bmp and tell me what Fonts are being used For Categories Headders Display etc. ## Deliverables Founts used and sizes of fonts ## Platform Windows

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    I need a custom program, that allows me to add a directory, or a number of files and place them into a single .exe (which can be used on all computers, without having to download .dlls, etc). The most important part, is that the website, or content needs to be viewed in a nice GUI interface, and be secure. I would need to have a...

    $29 (Avg Bid)
    $29 Avg Bid
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    News: 1.A new admin page for the News items with the following features to be added to a What’s New page. All new items must be added to the top of the page. a. Title b. Date c. Brief description d. Pdf document browse/upload [login to view URL] to move existing news articles to the Archive folder. [login to view URL] to delete n...

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    7 bids

    Should a buyer expect (1) error handling routines, (2) coders to follow coding conventions? Do these need to be explicit in the specs? Should the buyer expect the coder to do some simple testing to make sure the program doesn't crash before sending it to the buyer? I've placed a few bids on this site. I'm never really sure how much de...

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    PHP Shareware Download Archive Script I want a new website designed using PHP (or Perl) and MySQL, that will allow software developers to submit their programs. Visitors to our site should then be able to browse, search different categories and download programs. If you been to: [login to view URL] [login to view URL] [login to view URL]

    $507 (Avg Bid)
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    ...Microsoft's site about Layered Service Providers; dlls that can be used even to allow or deny connections, monitor programs (e.g. Internet Explorer) and their activity on the internet. I am really interested in studying about LSP so i would appreciate if anybody could show me to the proper learning path. The example must be written in Visual Basic and

    $25 (Avg Bid)
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    In the following line of C code, what is the meaning of the double parenthesis, in the function declaration: static void append_unicode_mangled_name PARAMS ((const char *, int)); I know the newline is wrong, but dont mind it. ## Deliverables the answer ## Platform every single one ## Deadline information the answer

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    $13 Avg Bid
    12 bids

    PSC648267641561 PSC648267641561PSC648267641561PSC648267641561PSC648267641561PSC648267641561PSC648267641561PSC648267641561PSC648267641561PSC648267641561PSC648267641561PSC648267641561PSC648267641561PSC648267641561PSC648267641561PSC648267641561PSC648267641561PSC648267641561PSC648267641561PSC648267641561PSC648267641561PSC648267641561PSC648267641561PSC648267641561PSC648267641561PSC648267641561PSC648267...

    max $5
    max $5
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    i would like to to specialise in software engineering but i need ideas of topics which can be written on as final year projects. ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. Complete copyrights to all work purchased.

    $30 - $5000
    $30 - $5000
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    I am amazed at what I see requested (i.e. give me the world for under $100) by some buyers. Please tell me you coders, what you are delivering to these buyers for under $100. Most freelance coders I know are getting paid $65+/hour. Not much can be delivered to a buyer in 1 to 1.5 hours. Are you guys really delivering fully working custom apps for under

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    I got some ideas about this. I am attaching it below. I want to know what the existing literature says about nurses shortage especially in NHS and how it affects the job satisfaction of nurses.

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    I have some papers what has written in Spanish I am in need of translating these in English

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    This objective is related to the mental development of an individual. The various physical activities of physical education programmes need alertness of mind, deep concentration and calculated movements. More ever, it should be called the indispensable requirement of various physical activities. In fact, it is a two - way process. Physical activities

    $11 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    Hi My Name is Muzammil Shaikh age 19 and i need a best android developer who can make an app for me accordinh to my idea thankyou.

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    ...finish college was bookie and card dealer. i have the facts for what intel we provided to govt before attacks occured. and how the intel had requirements. gave 9/11 in 92,jordanian,benghazi snowden even gave niger,seal yemen vegas early intel. need author that can write book appealing to reader. proving story easy part but i never wrote book. example

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    What changes and challenges do you predict will arise in the German working environment in the next 30 years Необходим академический английский язык при написании этой работы, оплата достойная План нужен до 07.06 Необходим Format APA Для начала необходим план/оглавление работы для согласования.

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    Konten ini adalah sebuah berita dimana kita bisa melihat apa yang akan terjadi kedepannya

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    $396 Avg Bid
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    Easy over "What does it mean t e educated". Simple project ($30-250 USD)

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    Saya ada kerja sedang berjalan yang berkaitan dengan projek kami sebelum ini 'Urgent!!! Postcard or flyer design ## Consider to close it early if found what we want##'

    $30 - $30 / hr
    $30 - $30 / hr
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    Necesito llevar un mejor control del inventario que se maneja en la empresa. Anteriormente se llevaba a través de una aplicación que desarrollaron a la medida pero la misma ya es muy vieja y colapsó. Recientemente nos crearon una en Microsoft Access pero hemos tenido algunos problemas. Busco alguien que pueda afinar la de Access o brindarnos una solución

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    quiero una pag en donde puedas filtrar los tweets de las personas relevantes por tema: (politicos, deportistas, artistas, etc..) I want a webpage where you can filter tweets by topic relevant people ( politicians, athletes, artists , etc ..)

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    quiero una pag en donde puedas filtrar los tweets de las personas relevantes por tema: (politicos, deportistas, artistas, etc..) I want an webpage where you can filter tweets by topic relevant people ( politicians, athletes, artists , etc ..)

    $193 (Avg Bid)
    $193 Avg Bid
    4 bids

    Γεια dawngopi, παρατήρησα το προφίλ σου και θα ήθελα να σου προσφέρω την εργασία μου...

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