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    v2v3 affiliate project 6 days left

    v2 - user can find merchant and register in their user account. after admin approve, Merchant can create shop and promotion. User will get 0.1% of their total sales, check v3. - shop field (brand name, address, website, whtasapp, facebook, description, category, City, how many brands, open for agency?(radio button)) - promotion field (title, normal price, now selling price, description, expire date, point weight - V4 user can follow shop to see their promotion in feed, also can apply to be their agent. - agent can share the promotion with uniqic referral link which will earn 2% v3 - point system- user purpose any thing will get point same as the price, usd 23.12, will get 23.12 points. if point weight is 2, then he will get 46.24 point. - when userB purchase, user A will get 1% pr...

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    I'm in need of a skilled professional to help with a Spanish voice-over project. I'm looking for an individual who is able to fluently speak Spanish with a clear and pleasant voice suitable for a radio project. The main focus of these recordings will be on the Spanish language itself. Given the nature of the project, it would be preferable if the individual has experience in the following areas: - Voice-over work, specifically in Spanish - Previous experience in radio or podcasting - A background in linguistics or teaching Spanish would also be beneficial. There is a possibility that the project may require more than a few recordings. The exact number is not yet determined, but it would fall into the range of less than 10 to more than 20. I'm looking f...

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    ...copy specifically aimed at professionals for a radio advertisement. The primary purpose of this project is to advertise my business and its services, targeted towards professionals in the field. Key requirements include: - Crafting persuasive, professional and formal copy for a radio advertisement - Generating content that captures the attention of professionals, while maintaining a sense of formality It is essential that the copywriter can tailor their style to suit the advertising medium, and specifically the radio platform. This would include ensuring the message is engaging and concise, as well as clear and suitable for oral delivery. The ideal candidate should have: - Proven experience in advertising copywriting, particularly for radio - Familiarity ...

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    I'm seeking a skilled developer to create an AI solution that mimics the conversational style of Elvis Presley. It's intended for a radio show, so integration with MP3 is essential. Key Requirements: - Conversational AI: The primary aim of this project is to have an AI that can engage in meaningful and charismatic conversations similar to Elvis Presley. The AI should be able to handle various topics and respond naturally to user input. - Natural Language Processing (NLP): It's crucial that the AI incorporates advanced NLP techniques to ensure its responses are coherent, contextually relevant, and sound like Elvis. Ideal Skills: - Experience with creating conversational AI interfaces. - Proficiency in Natural Language Processing. - Familiarity with integrating AI sol...

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    I'm looking for an experienced social media manager who ...Saudi culture and market is crucial. The posts should resonate with the local audience, focusing on themes such as patriotism, Saudi public holidays, etc. - Prior Experience: Prior experience in social media management, particularly within the Saudi market, is highly desirable. Experience with Odoo Social Marketing is a plus. - Creativity: The posts should be creative and engaging, as the chosen radio button was "Creative". This is an exciting project for someone who is passionate about social media, good at content creation, and understands the Saudi market. I'm looking for someone who can deliver high-quality posts that drive engagement and resonate with the Saudi audience. If you meet these criteria, ...

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    ...interactive affiliates page for my website that showcases sister radio stations globally. This page should have a map with icon markers pinpointing station locations, a search feature to find stations by name or zip code, and a list of station names accompanied by location information. Map should allow zoom and going to country specific. So users can see entire map of their country with locations. Ideally we want world map to show first. I want tabs where users can switch between USA or world map. This page will go onto and can be with html 5 and css and js. Key Features: - Display of Sister Radio Stations: - An interactive map should be the centerpiece of the affiliates page, showing all sister radio station locations globally. - A static map design with ...

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    Trophy icon Logo Contest for "JollyDesk" 5 days left

    I am looking for a ...incorporating elements that symbolize support, stability, and ease of use, while also promoting a sense of dignity and independence for the users of these products. The logo should be versatile and easily recognizable, with a stylish and approachable aesthetic that appeals to a wide range of audiences.   Brand Products: Desktop Small Whiteboard with Storage Cord Management Under Desk Desk Lamp With Wireless Charger Keyboard Tray Under Desk   Let’s see your creative ideas! Please submit files in PNG, JPG, AI and PSD versions. We look forward to receiving exceptional entries that capture the spirit of our brand, and we are excited to reward the winning designer with a generous prize. Thank you for your interest, and we eagerly anticipate your c...

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    I'm in need of an experienced WordPress developer for customizing my WooCommerce plugin. I'm looking to add some specific features to it, which are as follows: - **Product Variations**: The plugin needs to support dropdown options, radio buttons, and color swatches for different products. - **Dynamic Pricing**: I require the implementation of quantity-based discounts, tiered pricing, and special pricing for specific user roles. This is crucial to cater to different customer segments and create a dynamic pricing structure that can help in boosting sales and customer retention. If you're proficient in WordPress development, particularly in customizing WooCommerce plugins, and have a solid understanding of e-commerce and pricing strategies, I'd love to hear from y...

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    I'm in need of a professional voice over artist for an advertising project. - Purpose: The main aim is to create a captivating advertisement for adults to be aired on the radio. - Tone: I'm looking for an upbeat and energetic tone that will help drive interest in the product. - Target Audience: The primary target is adults. Ideal candidates should have: - Experience in creating engaging advertising voice overs. - Excellent control over tone and pace to convey the desired energy. - Understanding of the audience and ability to adapt the voice over to suit them.

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    ...focus of this project is on two key aspects: - **Wireless Connectivity**: Your expertise in designing wireless systems is crucial for this project. The RFID system needs to communicate with our central hub seamlessly, so ensuring a reliable wireless connection is a priority. - **Energy Efficiency Optimisation**: The system to be developed should be as power-efficient as possible. We need the RFID system to function optimally while conserving energy, ensuring long-term sustainability and performance. **Specifics of the Project**: The project is specifically for an RFID system, which comes with unique challenges and requirements. Since the system will not require encryption for secure data transmission, the focus is primarily on a strong wireless connection ...

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    ...key system with Ultra-Wideband (UWB) wireless communication to authenticate the mobile device with the vehicle and precisely detect the location of the device. Based on this location, the system determines whether to allow or deny vehicle operations. This aims to enhance security and service quality. However, since UWB communication uses high-frequency bands, communication may become challenging depending on the device's location and surrounding environment. Therefore, this technology aims to provide a system that facilitates reliable high-frequency communication between the mobile device and the vehicle's equipment. 【2 Technology Description】 This technology relates to devices equipped with the ability to measure distance to other equipment using wireless commun...

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    Trophy icon Vehicle control system 24-05-104 2 days left

    ...Description] column below. ※Note Please do not collect information based only on the information listed in [1. Background] [3. Reference information] ([1] and [3] are for reference only) 【1 Background】 This technology pertains to a vehicle control system designed to enable specific operations on a vehicle. Traditionally, there has been a smart system utilizing electronically authenticated keys through wireless communication with the vehicle. However, a new method using sound authentication with a device worn on the user's ear has been proposed. While this device offers a novel way to authenticate with the vehicle, using standard communication protocols allows authentication from a distance, which could lead to risks of unauthorized access by third parties. Therefore, the go...

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    I am in need of an experienced individual to assist in the development of a Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) simulation . The main focuses of this project include performance evaluation, energy consumption analysis, and routing protocol comparison. Key Requirements: - Previous experience in WSN network simulation - Able to develop a proprietary MAC protocol - Proficiency in relevant programming languages and software such as NS2/NS3, MATLAB, or OMNeT++ - Strong understanding of WSN system design Your primary role will be to help me create a comprehensive simulation that accurately represents a WSN network, as well as develop and test a proprietary Medium Access Control (MAC) protocol. This will require a keen eye for detail, a solid understanding of network architecture, and a strong...

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    I'm in need of a seasoned engineer to implement the Highway Addressable Remote Transducer (HART) protocol within a new RF control system. This protocol implementation will primarily serve to monitor Radio Frequency (RF) components used in aerospace. To be successful in this endeavor, you should possess the following: - understanding and practical experience with HART protocol HW and SW design and development - Familiarity with aerospace RF components and systems (minimal - I'll be doing the RF/microwave system design) - Ability to build a uP control system from the ground up - Extensive experience in device monitoring, end to end HART transmission and reception Understanding of both transmitters, sensors, and valve positioners in context with HART devices would be bene...

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    ...currently seeking a talented Dutch voiceover artist for a series of radio narratives. Here's what I'm looking for: - Both male and female voices: The voiceover should be able to switch between both seamlessly. Both should have a natural, neutral Dutch accent, with clear enunciation and good pacing. - Narrative purpose: The voiceover will be engaging in a storytelling style, so it is crucial that the artist is able to convey emotions and maintain listener interest. - Middle-aged representation: The voice should sound like it belongs to an individual between 26 and 59 years of age. It should resonate with this demographic, being both relatable and authoritative. Ideal candidates for this project should have a background in radio voiceover, particularly in the n...

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    Hungarian Voiceover artist 4 days left

    I'm seeking a skilled voiceover artist to provide a casual, engaging narration for my radio project. Key Requirements: - I need the tone to be relaxed and conversational, to resonate well with an adult audience. - The voiceover should be in Hungarian, with a clear and professional enunciation. Ideal Skills & Experience: - Proven experience in voiceover work, particularly in narration. - Proficiency in Hungarian language. - Ability to deliver the narration in a casual, yet engaging style to keep the listeners attentive.

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    ...hunt for a specialist who is knowledgeable and skilled in wireless communication and operation research. For this particular project, you will be required to: 1. **Implement an Algorithm**: You need to able to masterfully implement an algorithm that is central to this project. Demonstrated experience in this field is necessary. 2. **Create Mathematical Model**: You must also be able to develop a precise mathematical model. Background in operation research would give you a substantial edge. 3. **Outcome of the Project**: Ultimately, the effort you invest in implementing the algorithm and creating the mathematical model needs to result in the optimization of the system. The perfect candidate for this project is well-versed in wireless communication, particularly cellu...

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    ...envisioned heterogeneous ultra-dense networks (UDNs), both small cell (SmC) and distributed antenna system (DAS) technologies are required by mobile network operators (MNOs) and venue owners to support multiple spectrum bands, multiple radio access technologies (RATs), multiple optical central offices (COs), and multiple MNOs." terms-founded : 5G fifth generation |ckeckbox| UDNs ultra-dense networks |ckeckbox| SmC small cell |ckeckbox| MNOs mobile network operators |ckeckbox| RATs radio access technologies |ckeckbox| COs central offices |ckeckbox| Remark the term will be bolded and if appear above/previous line, in other sentence then will be wr...

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    ...recording was done using podtrak 4 and rode wireless microphones, however, the output quality is not satisfactory with several issues needing attention: - Background noise: There is a significant presence of unwanted sound. - Echo: A constant echo is running throughout the recording. - Unclear voices: The speakers' voices are not clear enough. This might be a gain issue. The improvement on the audio quality needs to be made post-recording and not during the recording process. The final audio file after enhancement should be in MP3 format. Ideally, turn around in 24 hours Perfect candidate would be experienced in audio engineering, especially in dealing with similar podcast quality issues in the past. Familiarity with podtrak 4 and rode wireless microphones w...

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    I'm in the search of a talented voiceover artist who can deliver an upbeat and energetic performance in Nepali. The voiceover will be used for a commercial advertisement on the radio. Key Requirements: - Proficient in Nepali language - Experience in voiceover for commercial advertisement - Ability to deliver an upbeat and energetic tone Ideal Skills: - Professional experience in voice acting - Previous work in commercial advertisement - Strong vocal range and emotive capacity to convey energy Please include samples of your previous work in your bid. Looking forward to hearing your proposals.

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    ...【1. Background】 This technology pertains to a system for updating the programs of devices installed in vehicles. Many devices are installed in vehicles, and these devices store programs. It has been proposed that by updating these programs, the functionality of the devices can be improved. In particular, it has been proposed that by receiving data for program updates from an external server via wireless communication, it is possible to update the program without going to a service station or the like. In previous technologies, a specific device functioned as a master device and updated the programs of other slave devices. However, this had a problem. That is, the master device had to perform processing dependent on a specific device configuration of the vehicle, and to cope with ...

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    ...experiences and factual, statistical information. The personal anecdotes should seamlessly integrate with relevant facts and statistics, providing an authentic touch without overshadowing the message. - Making sure the script is engaging, thought-provoking, and highlights the importance of reproductive rights effectively. Skills & Experience Needed: - Experience in scriptwriting, particularly radio scripts. - Familiarity with, or willingness to research, modern day issues surrounding reproductive rights. - Ability to combine personal experiences with factual information seamlessly to create a compelling narrative. - Possess sensitivity and understanding for the topic at hand. Be clear in your presentation with the following: What issue you are addressing Why the issue is ...

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    A simple app for my audio streaming radio. Working in iOS. LIVE STREAMING MODULE NOTIFICATIONS

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    ...IoT solutions in the supply chain - Analyze the impact of IoT on the supply chain for lithium-ion battery production Ideal Candidate: - Extensive experience with IoT and its applications - Proficient in Python development and cloud data management - Comprehensive understanding of supply chains, specifically in lithium-ion battery manufacturing - Familiarity with PLC & SCADA, Edge Computing, wireless sensors and gateways - Strong research writing skills to aid in the comprehensive explanation of findings - Knowledge of MATLAB and Statistical Analysis tools would be an advantage. Your contribution could profoundly impact the efficiency and resilience of lithium-ion battery supply chains. Your work will not only provide immediate value to this research project, but could also...

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    Looking for someone with advanced skills in Excel and PDF interactivity who can transform a multi-sheet excel document into an editable PDF, while maintaining its ability to be converted back into an excel document. The purpose of this conversion is to enhance collaboration, hence the PDF should feature: - Interactive input fields that can be edited. - Checkbox and/or radio button functionalities. Also looking to add our company logo in the header and company info (addresses, phone numbers etc) in the footer. The ideal freelancer would not only support this conversion, but also maintain the original formatting to protect the sanctity of the document. Previous experience in similar work would be advantageous. Looking forward to your proposals!

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    I'm looking for a professional who can guide me on filming a meeting with 3 iPhones and wireless lavalier mics. The goal is to have the video and audio well-synchronized for post-production editing. Key Responsibilities: - Set up 3 iPhones for optimal video quality - Configure wireless lavalier mics for clear audio - Advise on real-time synchronizing of video and audio Ideal Skills and Experience: - Extensive experience with video production - Proficiency in using iPhones for filming - Knowledge of wireless lavalier mic setup - Understanding of real-time video and audio synchronization Meeting Length: Less than 1 hour Environment: Indoors with controlled lighting I need assistance in all aspects of this setup, including ensuring that the video and audio match ...

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    Trophy icon Radio Show Logo Design 13 days left

    I'm looking for a talented designer to create a captivating logo for my radio show, Spin Station. The show is centered around music and entertainment, aiming to appeal to music enthusiasts of all ages. Key Requirements: - The logo should reflect the energetic, engaging and diverse nature of the show's content - It should be contemporary and have a professional touch - While I want it to be fun and spirited, I also prefer it to maintain a level of sophistication that would appeal to a wide range of music lovers. Please include the host's names. They are: -DJ Gervis -Rick Rick Please also include the phrase: Presented By After Hours Records

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    ...create an engaging documentary script on ancient history. The script will be used for a radio show targeting the general public. Key Responsibilities: - Researching and developing a captivating script on ancient history - Ensuring the content is engaging and appropriate for a general audience - Incorporating historical facts and narratives in an informative yet entertaining manner Ideal Skills and Experience: - Previous experience in writing for documentaries, radio, or history-related content - A passion for and knowledge of ancient history - Ability to make complex historical information accessible and captivating for a broad audience - Excellent writing and storytelling skills - Understanding of radio show format and requirements Please provide samples of your...

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    As a thriving business, maintaining the health and security of our office...project include: - Analyzing network security: We need a professional understanding of our potential vulnerabilities and the advisable improvements to ensure optimal security. - IT infrastructure: The focus should be on our existing Local Area Network (LAN) and Wireless Network. Familiarity with these infrastructures is thus key. - Access Control: The review should delve into our implemented security measures – primarily access control. Recommendations for enhancing our current setup are expected. In-depth knowledge of LAN, Wireless networks, and access control security measures is highly desirable, as is a keen eye for detail. By the end of your audit, we anticipate a safer, more secure, and r...

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    I am looking for a talented designer to create digital materials for a radio advertising campaign. The aim of this project is to increase brand awareness. The designs will be used on various social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tik Tok. Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in Adobe Creative Suite or other design software - Experience in creating engaging and effective social media graphics - Understanding of how to translate brand messaging into visual content - Prior work in digital advertising design, especially for multiple platforms - Ability to work with the constraints of different social media specifications and optimize designs accordingly Please include your previous work in your proposal.

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    69 bids

    I'm in need of an experienced voice over artist to narrate my audiobook. The tone should be professional and formal. Key Points: - The project requires a voice over artist with experience in narrating and an understanding of the tone required to suit the professional and formal genre. - The artist will be required to maintai...audiobook. The tone should be professional and formal. Key Points: - The project requires a voice over artist with experience in narrating and an understanding of the tone required to suit the professional and formal genre. - The artist will be required to maintain a consistent and engaging tone throughout the audiobook. - Prior experience in narrating audiobooks is a plus. - The project is for a radio broadcast, so the artist should be comfortable wi...

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    I'm in need of a professional voice over artist to create an educational narration for a radio project targeting adults. Key Requirements: - The voice over should be clear, engaging and sound knowledgeable. - Ability to adopt a tone suitable for educational content. - Experience with radio voice over projects will be a plus. Please provide your portfolio during the bid. The ideal candidate should have a background in creating high-quality narrative content for informative purposes.

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    We know that Google Chrome no longer allows auto-play of a MP3 unless a user interacts with the page...meaning clicking a button or some other way. I have a Basic Time Out Page and wondering if I had 2 radio buttons: with a heading " Do you want to hear sound on next page load" Yes [] No [] Not sure even if that time out page on next page load would even auto-play Just looking for a working idea if anyone has done this with any success $10

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    I'm currently working on a radio project that requires a skilled video editor to bring a cinematic touch for an entertainment purpose. Key Requirements: - I'm aiming for a cinematic style that matches the radio content and keeps viewers engaged. - Your knowledge of color grading and slow motion will be essential to elevate the visual appeal of the video. Ideal skills and experience: - Proficiency in video editing software - Strong background in color grading and slow motion - Previous experience in creating cinematic videos - Excellent attention to detail for a polished end product

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    I require an experienced freelance audio engineer that can physically join my team for studio recordings. Key tasks involve: - Recording - Mixing - Editing - Mastering - Using Source Connect and Protools The projects are fairly short and simple. Despite this, harmonizing the varied aspects of the task remains important. We primarily mix audio for: - Television - Radio - Social Media Platforms - BVOD The ideal individual should be highly skilled with Pro Tools and Source Connect, and should have experience mixing for the said platforms. It will be beneficial if you've had experience in the media industry. Your abilities to work on varied platforms further strengthens your application. You will be paid on an hourly rate.

    $46 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    ...them as they award the industry’s best DJs, Recording Artists, Record Producers, Record Promotion Personnel, Record Executives, Lighting and Sound Technicians, Songwriters, Publishers, Publicists, Radio Personalities, Historians, and other associated noteworthy individuals. The organization will be honoring and presenting Awards to members of the Music Hall of Fame for their contributions to the music industry and culture. Artist Honorees and performances will be Gary’s Gang, The Hues Corporation, Giggles, Gloria Jones, Judy Cheeks, Juan Angel Gonzalez, Rainere Martin, Sharon Brown. DJ honoree and Radio personality Al Bandiero; DJ John Donato, Eddie Muentes aka DJ Spider, Max Sierra aka John Spectre. A posthumous award will be presented to Maria Respeto the ori...

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    I need a concise and informative PowerPoint presentation done on the Disabled Facilities Grant (DFG) in the UK. This wi...delve deep into the topic and gather relevant and accurate information. - Experienced in PowerPoint: The presentation should be engaging and informative, and your expertise in PowerPoint design will be crucial. - Understanding of the DFG: A background in public policy or social welfare, especially the DFG in the UK, will be a huge plus. - Radio Presentation Skills: The ability to present the PowerPoint content engagingly and cohesively for an 8-minute radio segment is essential. Please bid on this project if you have experience in similar tasks, and are confident in your ability to deliver a high-quality, PowerPoint presentation on the Disabled Facilities...

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    I'm in need of a skilled professional who can handle electronic music mixing and photo retouching. Music Mixing: - The project specifically involves mixing music in the electronic genre. - You should have experience in creating a seamless and engaging mix, ensuring that the final audio is polished and ready for radio broadcast. Photo Retouching: - The second part of the project requires expertise in photo retouching. - The photos need to be improved and brought to a professional standard. - This involves correcting any imperfections, enhancing colors, and ensuring the images are visually appealing. Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in electronic music mixing - Extensive experience in photo retouching - Attention to detail in both sound and visual elements - Able to deliver a ...

    $393 (Avg Bid)
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    ...content aimed at a teenage audience. The project is specifically tailored for a radio broadcast. Key Requirements: - Stand-Up Comedy: The project demands the creation of fresh, engaging, and original stand-up comedy content. - Teenage Audience: The content should be relatable, suitable, and appealing to teenagers (13-19 years old). - Radio-Friendly: The jokes and narrative should be structured and delivered to suit a radio format. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Comedy Writing: Experience in writing stand-up comedy or comedic scripts is a significant advantage. - Understanding of Teenage Humor: A grasp of the specific humor and interests of teenage audiences is highly beneficial. - Radio Production: Prior work in radio broadcast or podcasting is a plu...

    $10 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $10 / hr Avg Bid
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    I'm in need of a skilled comedy writer to create light-hearted and playful stand-up comedy scripts for a general audience. Key Requirements: - Experience in stand-up comedy writing - Ability to create engaging, light-hearted, and playful content - Understanding of radio broadcasting and audience expectations - Strong sense of humor and creativity - Proficiency in writing for general audience If you're someone who enjoys crafting hilarious punchlines, developing relatable content, and keeping the tone of comedy light yet engaging, I'd love to hear from you. Please provide your portfolio or samples of previous work in stand-up comedy or similar projects.

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    15 bids

    ...This document must be tailored to my requirements, which include the integration of interactive form fields, as well as a unique design layout. Key Project Requirements: - Custom Adobe PDF Creation: The main task involves creating a custom PDF document optimized for my needs. This includes integrating interactive form fields. - Form Field Types: The PDF will need to have text fields, checkboxes, radio buttons, and support for basic arithmetic functions like addition and multiplication. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Adobe Acrobat: An expert in using Adobe Acrobat to create interactive PDFs. - Graphic Design Experience: Ability to design a visually appealing layout that aligns with my brand. - HTML/CSS Knowledge: Useful for any potential integration requirements. ...

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    I'm seeking a skilled programmer to assist in developing a taekwondo scoring system. The project entails crafting code for a system comprising one master and four slave devices all to be programmed using Arduino. Wireless communication between the devices will be facilitated through the ESP-NOW protocol. The job entails several key responsibilities: For the SLAVE devices coding : 1. Each slave device should feature an initialization green LED that indicates successful wireless communication with the master device. 2. Additionally, each slave will have two LEDs, one red and one blue, which will illuminate when specific buttons (B1 to B3 for blue team, R1 to R3 for red team) are pressed by the user. 3. With a total of six buttons per slave device, each responsible for as...

    $66 (Avg Bid)
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    I'm seeking an experienced videographer to create a UGC (User Generated Content) video for our car stereo. This video will play a key role in informing our customers about the key...Generated Content) video for our car stereo. This video will play a key role in informing our customers about the key features of our product. Here's what I need: - Unboxing - Easy Installation Guide - Features Demonstration: Highlight the wireless CarPlay/android auto connectivity, touchscreen interface main features, and front & backup camera. Ideal skills and experiences: - Proven experience in creating UGC videos, ideally for automative, tech-products. product link:

    $191 (Avg Bid)
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    I'm looking for a highly skilled and experienced PCB designer from Pakistan, ideally with a background in consumer electronics, to assist with my radio project. Key Requirements: - Proficient in PCB design and layout - Understanding of consumer electronics - Previous experience in radio projects is a plus Please note that I haven't provided specific details on the size, complexity, or the main purpose of the PCB design, so I'll require a designer who is flexible and able to adapt to the requirements of the project. Your expertise in these key areas can help steer the project in the right direction. In your proposal, please share your relevant experience and outline your approach to working on a project with dynamic needs like this.

    $151 (Avg Bid)
    $151 Avg Bid
    26 bids

    ...strength and durability, ensuring it can withstand various conditions and usage scenarios. Key project details and requirements include: - **CAD Models and Product Details**: - I already have complete and detailed CAD models for the product, so you'll be working with these to execute the testing. - **Testing Focus**: - The primary goal of the project is to assess the strength and durability of the radio. This includes simulating various scenarios and stress testing the product to ensure it meets the necessary standards. - **Deliverables**: - The main deliverable will be a comprehensive report outlining the testing process, results, and any suggested improvements or modifications to enhance the product's durability. - **Experience and Skills**: - I'm looking...

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    I am working on a project to develop a wireless sensor for vibration analysis. I have already defined some components of the system. I need someone with experience in electronic component design to help me evaluate the chosen components and assess the feasibility of applying these components in a prototype. This person will be responsible for the PCB's technical design (Gerber and CAD) and prototype testing. The hardware design must consider hardware and firmware (software) limitations. My initial idea is to use a Seeed Studio microcontroller controlling different types of accelerometers. If the person has a better approach, I have no problem following their advice. Below is a list of the components I am considering using in this project: Sensors:

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    I'm in need of a creative and talented logo designer to create a modern and minimalistic logo for an Internet Connectivity service. The company offers businesses and professionals an unbreakable connection to the Internet via their software and hardware solutions. This is done by bonding two or more internet connections into one resilient stream. The connections can be wired, wireless, or a combination of both. The ideal candidate should have a strong understanding of branding and design principles, as well as experience in creating logos for various mediums. Key requirements: - Design a modern, minimalistic logo - Suitable for both online and print mediums - Versatile for use on websites, social media, business cards, flyers, merchandise, and packaging - The logo must be cre...

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    Email me 170 Christian Radio Stations in 3 hours for Eternity Ready Radio!

    $25 (Avg Bid)
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    I'm looking for a talented 3D animator to create a realistic animated scene for a book advertisement targeting adults. Key Points: - The animation should be highly realistic in styl...engaging scene that will grab the attention of adults and convey the intended message effectively. - The scene should have a subtle yet clear connection to the product or service being advertised. Ideal Freelancer: - Experienced 3D animator with a strong portfolio of realistic animations. - Able to understand and meet the needs of an adult audience. - Capable of working within the constraints of a radio advertisement format. This is a great opportunity for a skilled animator to showcase their talent and contribute to an engaging advertisement. Please include relevant samples of your work in...

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    I’m seeking a proficient and experienced freelancer to create an engaging radio advertisement that will highlight the main characters of a specific musical theatre production. Key Responsibilities: - Develop a traditional and classic style advert that resonates with our audience. - Emphasis on the main characters in a captivating and exciting manner. - Ensure the final product is audience-enticing, and clearly underlines the uniqueness of our musical theatre production. Ideal Skills: - Proven experience in radio advertising or similar medium. - Exceptional knack in storytelling and conveying personalities via audio. - Understanding of traditional and classic advertising style. - Prior experience in Promoting Arts or theatre would be an asset.

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