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    C and C+ expert 6 days left

    you will write a complete C program that implement a simulation for the Shortest Remaining Time First (SRTF) preemptive CPU scheduling algorithm. Note that in this exercise, we know the burst time of each process. You will read input using a file (you must prompt for the name of the file) where the input will be formatted as follows on each line

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    ...produced, no credit will be given. Your program should work for any matrices. If it works for specific matrices but doesn’t work for other matrices, no credit will be given.) 2. Implement Large Integer Multiplication algorithm (image attached). Modify your algorithm so that it divides each n-digit integer into three smaller integers of n/3 digits. Your

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    ...(at least 6 times) during the day so user can capture the price variation and changes on Prime Eligibility and Availability 4. ASIN count = 25,000 5. The tool needs to complete the scrape of 25,000 no less than 30 mins. 6. The tool must guarantee to be reliable and be able to finish the scrape every time when it runs and not being blocked or

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    Hello Freelancers! Can you code a quick Ruby on Rails app? I'll need the ability to upload a pdf document. The app parses the document and returns data in JSON. Nothing fancy on the UI, not even bootstrap. Let me know if you can do this... I have more!

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    Optimize an image transform function that uses OpenCV. The objective is to reorganize the OpenCV code into a new function, and reduce the number of steps that this function does to achieve the Image Transform. PROJECT DESCRIPTION =================== I have an image processing C++ tool that uses OpenCV to transform images (translate, rotate and

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    You will need to implement several functions and use one makefile to generate an execution file called OrderArray, which orders numbers in an array. The process for the algorithm is as follows: 1. Pick a random element from the array as a reference. 2. Splitting: rearrange the array so that all values greater than the reference will be placed

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    trial task for larger illustration project

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    I am replacing a window that is 24" x 35" with a proper window that is tip to tip width 36" and tip to tip height 63 1/2 I need a plan for the proper framing with king and jack studs as well as header and sill.

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    ...This script should detect If google viewer could open [url removed, login to view] or not. I don't know what kind of solution you come up with, its whether script or extension or php script, it will visit google viewer with url example url is First of all try these urls working perfectly [url removed, login to view]://[url removed, login to view]

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    I have an ebay shop with 2100 items for sale. I would like to add 2 small logo's to each of my pictures to better promote my items. Each listing will need to have the front photo removed, updated with the logo and reloaded onto my ebay shop.

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    Scrap product from ebay and aliexpress and return the product detail in [url removed, login to view] to return should be title,category,description,prices,quantity,seller

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    Add a sales return module 1 day left

    Add a sales return module to a codeigniter application

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    ...the entered function on the domain 0 ≤ x ≤ 2 and display the maximum and minimum values over the domain. 2. Write a function accepting a vector of values. The numbers in the vector are separated into vectors of positive even, positive odd, negative even, and negative odd numbers. All four of the created arrays are returned by the function. Create a

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    ...and I need every record. Attached below the output excel file I expect to receive at the end of the process and an image to show you what to collect from each profile you will find. Start your proposal with the name of the doctor showed in the attached image to know you read the description and took a look at the attached documents. Please,

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    Hi have three custom fields called min_age, max_age and suitable_for_adults. suitable_for_adults is a boolean, the other two are integers but max_age can be left blank. I have the below select element to choose a filter: <select name="age"> <option value="all">All ages</option> <option value="3-4" selected="">3-4 year o...

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    There are man examples in NODE/PYTHON for both making a phone call and seperately transla...calls a phone number (twillio or nexmo) - connects / pipes the audio from this call into google speech api - return realtime transcription results to the applicaiton. This is a proof of concept and if successful will result in a much larger application.

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    I have many rows of 5 integers, I need to predict at least 2 with 98% + accuracy for each new row. There are no missing values and I will provide the datasets. If you can provide 3 or more accurate predictions on for each new row I will pay more.

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    ...bigger integers, you have the option of using the type long, which has the maximum value of Long.MAX_VALUE = 9223372036854775807. But what if you this is not enough? What if you are working on something like an astronomy application, and need to keep track of things such as number of stars in the universe? This is of the order of 1023, larger than

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    ...the range one by one in a loop and testing. Use only long integers for x, and do not factor the expression. Use the printf() function to display to the screen the values of x, y and the current maximum on each iteration of your loop. You are to create 2 versions of your program: 1. Write the program without macros (i.e. don't use m4), and use only

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    Tab delimited text file with 100,000 lines of data, each containing 4x 32-bit integers. Need to extract each 32-bit integer set and send via Modbus protocol to a machine. Sending via Modbus has already been figured out in VB, we just need help extracting the data at a preset (but changeable) interval ranging typically from .5 seconds to 2 seconds.

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