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    ...through affiliate advertisement or Google awards programs. Proposal for Online Liquor Store 8 Coupon Code Feature / Discount Rules • A credit slip is first and foremost a written proof that a product has been returned. Most of the time, the user can use it as a voucher. • A voucher is a discount code which does not have to be tied to a merchandise

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    ...of jQuery. I have an Online editor built using Smarty PHP and jQuery. The entire thing is custom. What I need to do is modify some of the jQuery scripts and also create 2 new jQuery scripts. Some of the things I need done are: - Create a new Splash Banner which can be controlled via our Smarty Editor via XML / TPL - Create a script which would

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    ...jailbroken iPhone. Need HYIP script: script must written by you , script must not from market purchsed or any free nulled version from internet :refrence site: we also need to see your manual code quality for this job [login to view URL] . [login to view URL] php form xml forms , php and xml editor like [login to view URL]

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    Project: Real Estate Website with data warehouse which has MLS/XML Integration. Description: We are looking for a Real Estate website for reporting our analytics to clients at the individual property level, as well as for lead generation. The site will be driven by MLS feed integration, xml feeds as well as manual uploads but cannot be limited to that

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    Project: Real Estate Website with bespoke database which has MLS/XML Integration Description: We are looking for a Real Estate website for lead generation and property listing with our worldwide partners. The site will be driven by MLS feed integration, xml feeds as well as manual uploads but cannot be limited to that. We require a bespoke database

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    I will provide 4 php files (main script, class definition file, db_connect file) and a mySQL database file (see attached). The php script is designed to handle interactions with the db in response to GET requests generated by a game web site. When successful, it should return an XML dump of the game objects. Classes are defined for Games, Players

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    ...system send an email with IP they are coming from to the email they enter and if the link is clicked within 30 minutes it then submits. Good prospects will be knowledgeable in XML, xajax and mysql ## Deliverables Work with our livesite system to perform what is in things to do section Please see 1) [login to view URL] 2) [login to view URL]

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    ...are now limited to fonts and background information * editor application only comunicates USER data to the server - strings and images * galleries use static files when displayed. everything that is dynamic is done on album upload * album is uploaded with the .zip file, in which there is a xml file describing the album data, and images that are relevant

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    ...I will pay good money for a job well done. I've got 2 flash animations driven by 2 xml files. Animation #1: See [login to view URL] Each little rectangle on the map has corresponding data in the xml file. If you click on a rectangle, it will zoom in and show you the Title (eg, Lot

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    ...hours. I will pay good money for a job well done. I've got 2 flash animations driven by 2 xml files. Animation #1: See [login to view URL] Each little rectangle on the map has corresponding data in the xml file. If you click on a rectangle, it will zoom in and show you the Title (eg, Lot 2), and

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    We need an XML/RPC web service with an array input (all the fields related to a record with the record id) which will write these to the required database. The service will return true/false if successfully written. To test the service the coder has to provide the input and output editor also (the same he will use, this is just for test purposes)

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    Before you read ahead please note this is a MS Access project and most of the programming is to be done in Access and only a little in php. Currently I have a database in lotus approach which I use to keep track of which products I have bought in the past and assign a product code for them. In addition to this the database is used to calculate selling

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    ...([login to view URL],2819) - Google position 1.3 ([login to view URL],2336/category,all/search,Jack+York) - Google XML Sitemap Feed ([login to view URL],3233) - RSS Feed 0.1 ([login to view URL],1513) - Froogle Data Feeder v 162d

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    $30 - $100
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    ...The website associated with this project currently has two separate flash files in the [login to view URL] file. Both files are currently managed using the following code: <?php if(!tep_not_null($show_intro)){ <object classid="clsid:D27CDB6E-AE6D-11cf-96B8-444553540000" codebase="[login to view URL]

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    ...a virtual private server setting) MySQL 4.1.22-standard Apache/1.3.37 (Unix) mod_auth_passthrough/1.8 mod_log_bytes/1.2 mod_bwlimited/1.4 PHP/4.4.7 FrontPage/ mod_ssl/2.8.28 OpenSSL/0.9.8e PHP Version: 4.4.7 (Zend: 1.3.0) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Contributions Currently Installed: - Header

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    ...I need a simple CMS to: - write HTML text fields to an XML file I also need simple PHP code to read the text from the XML file and output in a PHP file. I need to have a username and password protection to get into the CMS. The username and password will be hard coded into the PHP file. I don't want to use any databases - I know this will

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    ...an online XML editor written in Flash or Flex. I would like to allow me clients to be able to, very easily, edit a variety of XML documents without the possibility of breaking them. The XML that will be edited will be relatively simple - for example an RSS file. But the application will need to be flexible enough to edit a variety of XML documents

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    Edit in Place Editor The current design has an image with writing on it. Each line of the image is already defined using an image map. The user clicks on a line on the image and a popup appears above the line with the rendered text for the line from an XML file. The user is then able to drag this popup and drop it in a drop container on the same page

    $100 - $500
    $100 - $500
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    Flash developer - Interactive hierarchical node editor An interesting project to implement an interactive UI, with high quality UI, part of a larger interesting project. We seek a flash developer to work on a project to make an interactive hierarchical tree editor. The project will allow users to create and edit node trees (up to 5k nodes), including

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    Definitions Web file = .html, .php, .asp, etc… basically all types of web pages. Language Requirements Coding C# or VB.Net (.Net 2.0, or 3.0) ** Would have to be compatible to be used on ASP.Net Web Apps, and in .Net Applications Project Short Description This project is to create a DLL, with a simple example interface. (Proof of Development)

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    This is a 3-6 week project to work on a JS-based layout editor. We have an interesting and functional layout editor based on proprietary drag-and-drop JS code which we have written. Our system places media elements on a page, defined in XML, and using PHP, and allows the user to drag to adjust the layout. We want to switch portions of the dragging

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    ..."header.php" to "header1.php" to execute a flash file in the header of my /onlinestore/[login to view URL] file. This helped with clicking on individual products, but when I clicked on the catalog directory tree, the flash file executed again. I tried adding the following code to my "header1.php" file but it didn't work: if

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    ...developed a WYSIWYG editor be able to be installed at remote/or from client side to edit html/php pages. Clients will be able to modify easily their web pages and upload them easily (built in ftp editor) to their server without the need to install software on their computers. Please note this is not a project to code a web editor like the one we can

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    ...converted into a linearly increasing function, which plateaus after x .gt. 5. 2) Codification of the inputs. You will manually build an XML file from the information in the ms word file. We will provide a sample XML syntax, which you will adapt. Here's an example with draft syntax: {group name="exercise" title="Exercise &amp Health"} {item id=&qu...

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    ...STATIC html pages, not any asp/php database served pages with a lot symbols and characters after a questionmark. That's mainly because I want the search engines to be able to index everything... What I want is the following: I insert the HTML code of my template (which has been completely created with my favorite HTML-editor) into a form within the software

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    PHP Menu editor Develop the PHP web page the will permit a user to edit a pulldown menu system. Using this existing flash based menu system control, [login to view URL] we need an application that permits user to edit a menu. We would like the basic features of 1) Add a new top level 2) Add menus to the top level 3) Add submenus 4) Edit/Delete

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    Hello, I,m looking to implement an Application Service Provider type of solution for a GUI/IDE to develop P3P policies. The following would be written in a combination of PHP/Perl & JavaScript using which ever language is best suited to complete any particular module or task. The GUI would contain a tree viewer to retrieve and examine

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