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    ...License cards and Vehicle Licence Disks use PDF417 barcodes. The app must be operational on an Android Smartphone. - Building an invoicing component into our app: This module should be able to generate and manage invoices, incorporating detailed information about our customers, their product purchases, and payment data. - Incorporating a PDF417 barcode scanner: It should be able to scan and decode PDF417 barcodes efficiently. - Creating a PDF file generation feature: The application should have the functionality to convert invoice data into manageable, professional PDF files. - Cloud-based customer database management: You'll need to ensure the app can connect to a cloud-based database to store our customer's details. This data should sync with our invoicing modul...

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    ...compatibility with PHP 8.2. Your role will include identifying and applying necessary changes for syntax updates, security patches, and performance optimization. - Database Migration: You'll also be responsible for migrating the database from MySQL 5.5 to MariaDB 10.11. This includes ensuring data integrity and minimizing downtime during the transition. - Framework Experience: The PHP codebase uses the Zend framework. Familiarity with this framework is essential for completing the code updates effectively. - Automation Rector: Knowledge of the PHP update version automation rector would be highly beneficial. Your experience with PHP framework updates, database migrations, and version control will be crucial for the success of this project. Please provide details of sim...

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    I've made a mistake in my WordPress website that I urgently need help fixing. I'm encountering a syntax error - a parse error, specifically - in my theme customization. I'm unsure of the exact file where this error occurred as I neglected to take note. Here's what I need: - A professional who can swiftly identify and correct the syntax error - A person experienced in parsing and decode the root of WordPress syntax errors, preferably in theme customization - Someone who can commence work as soon as possible and resolve this issue immediately. Ideal skills and experience: - Thorough understanding of WordPress errors, specifically syntax and parse errors - Expertise in WordPress theme customization - Excellent problem-solving abilities - Ability to work within ...

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    Software will listen to some tcp messages. When the message arrives, decode the message. Write the encoded message in a mysql table. Write the decoded information in 2 tables. Total fields to be decoded is less than 10. We provide the NodeJs version (attached) of the decoder, you will have to make the python version

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    Exported shopify product data is in html format. I need to reimport them in a shopify rich text field and need to decode html to shopify rich text format therefore.

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    I have data in a CSV format on race results collected over a period and I am seeking a seasoned Data Analyst who can decode this extensive database and build robust models and reports. The objective is to identify new trends influencing the gaming industry. Key responsibilities include: - Analyzing race results data to derive meaningful insights. - Constructing models and reports showcasing these insights. - Recognizing and unfolding gaming industry trends. The perfect candidate is an experienced data analyst with a deep understanding of the gaming industry and strong proficiency in CSV data format, as well as data modelling and report building.

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    !! Serious bids only! Read the description thoroughly below, and research first to make sure you can do it before you offer to take the job! Thanks. ----- I'm looking for a Python expert to develop a 100% pure Python SFTP code using...Proficiency in Python - Previous experience with SFTP - Strong understanding of Python 3.5 and default libraries - Demonstrable experience in detailed logging - Proven track record in comprehensive error handling If you meet these criteria and are confident in your ability to deliver high-quality results, please get in touch. !! NOTE, it may not have external dependencies, this means you will have to decode the sftp protocol, and write a purely python version of it (is for a restricted linux environment where installing new python packages is...

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    ...talented software engineer with experience in smart metering systems to decode the data from an Acrel ADW300 Wireless Metering Meter using a Milesight UG56 LoRaWAN Gateway. Requirements: - Decode specific data: I need the freelancer to decode energy consumption, voltage, and current from the meter. - Data Presentation: I want the data to be presented in a raw format. I do not need any visualizations, tables, or graphs. - Programming Language: Please use Python to decode the raw data. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Extensive experience in software engineering, especially with smart metering systems. - Proficiency in Python programming language. - Knowledge of LoRaWAN Gateway systems. - Strong analytical skills to decode complex energy data. Please...

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    Expert should decode the stream hex data and provide a running program as per the required output

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    As an individual operating Ard...plt import numpy as np from datetime import datetime import pandas as pd import time import re import as animation from matplotlib import style x = [] y = [] z = [] w = [] i = 0 n = 15 PollingRate = 1 byte = 32 ser = ('COM9',9600) Time0 = () TimeInitial = *3600+*60+ for i in range(n): z = (byte).decode('ASCII') z = ('r', '') z = ('n', '') z = ('G', '') z = ('?', '') z = (' ', '') z = ('.', '') z = ('0') (z) Time = () (*3600+*60+ - TimeInitial) (i) print(z) (PollingRate)

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    I'm seeking an expert in Python to develop a decryption utility tool. The purpose of this tool is to decode encrypted messages, binary files, and encoded data, helping me simplify and expedite data analysis tasks. The ideal candidate will: • Have substantial experience with Python programming. • Be familiar with various encryption algorithms, notably AES, RSA and DES. Your expertise in these will be key to the successful creation of this utility. • Be committed and focused, as the tool must be completed ASAP. Looking forward to receiving bids from suitable and interested freelancers. Please, when bidding, include any relevant experience and examples of similar projects.

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    I am looking for a Python developer with adept knowledge in handling base63 decoding and MongoDB data storage. Objective : I have many files which has base64 encoded string which I want to encode and store into MongoDB sequentially. Previously decoded & stored files should be skipped by the script during future run. Key Deliverables: - A Python script with the capability to decode a base63 string from file inputs. The project does not require handling special characters or large files. - The script must also handle storing the decoded data into MongoDB. Key Skills: - Proficiency in Python scripting and base63 decoding. - Intimate knowledge of MongoDB and comfortable handling high data volumes. Being familiar with Python scripting for MongoDB and high-volume data manage...

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    I'm on the lookout for an experienced developer with a strong background in Zend Framework, focusing on user interface design and booking procedures. Key responsibilities: - Redesigning parts of our booking software to boost its usability. An ideal candidate will have a keen eye for detail and a knack for intuiting user needs. - Modifying certain aspects of our booking process to bring it up to speed with current standards. Experience with similar projects would be a definite advantage. Key skills and experience: - Proficient with Zend Framework - Excellent in UI design and user experience - Prior experience of working on booking software would be advantageous - Strong understanding of usability enhancement and process optimization. This project requires an indivi...

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    ...Clover as a new payment method and improving PayPal IPIN performance. • Revamping the look and feel of the user interface for a more streamlined experience. Ideal Qualities: • Profound knowledge in PHP and payment integration. • Experience in UI/UX for software applications. • Strong experience with managing large datasets and improving performance. This package is heavily reliant upon PEAR and Zend PHP modules. We recommend installing the complete PHP suite included with RHEL and CentOS to avoid as many issues as possible with missing libraries. We can provide copies of the software and installation assistance if you wish to install in a local testing environment for review. We can also setup a testing environment for the chosen Freelancer once we sele...

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    I am seeking a freelancer with robust experience in Python programming and graphic user interface (GUI) creation, preferably within the Windows operatin...has a solid foundation in this language and can demonstrate previous relevant work. - Operating System: I plan to run the developed GUI on Windows. Therefore, experience creating GUIs for this operating system is essential. - Moderate Accuracy: The number plate detection system should have an accuracy level within the range of 70%-89%. This will involve writing an algorithm that can detect and decode number plates in varying conditions with moderate precision. I encourage Python developers with machine learning or image recognition experience to apply. Your demonstrated efficiency in handling similar projects will be an added ...

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    I am in need of a highly detail-oriented and accurate freelancer to transcribe handwritten sheets into digital format. Tasks involved: - Deciphering handwriting: You'll need great observation skills to decode my handwriting which is quite easy to read. - Typing into a digital format: Accuracy is essential in this task to ensure all details are captured correctly. - Proofreading the results: I want every typo identified and corrected to maintain the accuracy of the information. Key skills and experience: - Experience in transcription services: Prior experience in handling handwritten documents is a plus. - Strong typing skills: Fast and accurate typing capabilities are a must. - Exceptional proofreading skills: Experience in proofreading your own work and identifying error...

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    I'm in need of a writer with distinctive skills in technology-oriented academic writing. This is an intermediate level assignment. Ideal Skills: - Knowledgeable in the technology domain - Proficiency in academic writing - Skills to decode complex tech topics into understandable concepts Flexibility in adhering to guidelines without compromising the quality of output is paramount. Your ability to deliver a plagiarism-free, thorough, well-researched, and proof-read academic piece will determine the success of this project.

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    I am in need of a skilled data analyst with a strong ability in data visualization, data mining, and statistical analysis. Proficiency in using Excel for data analysis is desired. The core purpose of this project is strategic decision-making, so the ability to interpret and present data in a manner that...Perform meticulous statistical analysis * Generate informative data visualizations * Use Excel effectively for data handling and analysis * Aid strategic decision-making with data insights Ideal Skills and Experience: * Proven experience as a Data Analyst, MIS Executive or similar role. * Hands-on experience with Excel * Strong expertise in data mining and statistical analysis * Ability to decode and interpret complex data * Background in strategic decision-making based on data...

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    ...previous projecName existing api to: api/v1/log/post 12 New api: api/v1/log/get-time/<Serial> • For instance, api/v1/log/get-time/12344 • Returns unix time from Redis, 0 if not exist 3) Add customizable numeric return value for API functions • , return OK codes for all calls – api-user must decode different numeric values. 4) Change inserts to use COPY 5) Change to unix time in post message 6) Add redis data cache. • Lookup serial number in redis, if exist then process post-message • Add unix time from the first line as value to the serial key 7) Restructure user/database, something like this (a log_user shall only be allowed to INSERT/COPY into log_data in Postgres: REVOKE CREATE ON

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    I'm looking for a seasoned WordPress developer who can implement an enhancement to our post editing experience within WP Gutenberg. This role requires functionality coding for customized, locked blocks that automatically populate within the main content area of the post edit page based on category selection. Key responsibilities include: 1. Decode our requirement for the blocks to display specific content based on post category. 2. We utilize WP Gutenberg, ACF plugin elements and the snippets plugin, as needed. 2. Load the right mix of text and multimedia fields into these blocks, depending on the selected category. 3. Ensure these blocks populate within the main content space of the post edit page, not within the sidebar, and are locked so that editors cannot remove these blo...

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    I have a Python code with the end goal of producing a 3D reconstruction. Currently, it's not delivering expected results and requires a thorough inspection ...in areas related to the camera pose, time, and data splitting logic. This code requires inputs including: - Camera pose (encompasses both position and orientation) - Time information - Dataset splitting, based on unique non-standard criteria I'm looking for Python experts, ideally with experience in 3D reconstruction, to find and correct the errors within the logic of my code. Your ability to decode existing Python script, figure out errors and offer logical corrections/improvements will be key. Understanding and having experience with camera positioning and time-based data handling will prove beneficial. i attac...

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    I'm seeking a professional in embedded C++ programming for ESP32 and STM32 chips. The goal is to develop a program that can efficiently interact with a vehicle's CAN bus. Key features should include: - Capacity to receive and log CAN bus data directly from a vehicle - Ability to read and decode multiple PGNs and SPNs from the logged CAN bus data - Streamlined conversion of the logged data into a JSON file format An ideal candidate would have prior experience in working with vehicle diagnostics, particularly with CAN bus systems, and would also have extensive experience in C++ programming for embedded systems. Proficiency in working with ESP32 and STM32 chips is a must, as these are the main controllers that the software should be compatible with.

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    I have my Facebook Messenger history in JSON format and I'm looking to be able to view it an iPhone app (either existing or newly created) that can display all messages and media from a particular date. Key Features: - Ability to decode JSON file and display all related messages and media from a specified date. - Include a search functionality to efficiently navigate through the content.

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    ...somewhat experienced in Optical Character Recognition apps. This project encompasses 2 sub- projects: (1) Printer project that includes Write/ test/ debugging firmware that controls timing for a 4 dot wide printhead and (2) Write firmware that decodes marking from printer utilizing camera HDMI input. The final system will be a single Printer/ Print decoder that will print a special pattern and then decode the printed numeric pattern. The project requires seamless integration with some specific hardware components, which include: - Controller (Raspberry pi or similar platform), module with minimum 4 high speed outputs to drive 4 high speed valves in printhead (programming required) and will need at least 3 additional inputs and 3 additional inputs - printhead - NIR camera (Eit...

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    Seeking a proficient Java expert who can assist me with an issue I'm facing in Eclipse dealing with debugging. Specifically, the problem lies in the Java module/package. Key Responsibilities: - Decode and fix the java module/package error - Possible review of package imports in Eclipse (uncertain if this is a problem) Ideal Candidate: - Proficient in Java - Strong knowledge of Eclipse Debugging tool - In-depth understanding of Java modules/packages - Has ability to quickly troubleshoot and resolve issues Quick resolution of this problem is crucial - apply if you can help!

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    I'm in need of someone who can deconstruct and provide a detailed step-by-step calculations of the Masaniello money management formula, incorporating aspects of probability, bankroll, and stake calculations. Though widely used in betting scenarios, I'm particularly interested in its implementation in the realm of stock trading. Ideal candidates would possess: - Strong knowledge of financial calculations and mathematical equations. - Experience in operationalizing these calculations for stock trading scenarios. - Ability to deliver information in a detailed, step-by-step format. This is a great opportunity for individuals with a passion for mathematics and finance to dive deep into this renowned betting system, tailoring it specifically for the unpredictable world of stock tr...

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    Must have experience with Shell script, python. Cybersecurity experience is needed. Should have used the sniper tool - If not used then need to understand the functionality of it to decode it. Please see attached requirement document. There are 2 steps are defined in it. Payment would be paid post successful completion of each steps.

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    ...will leverage the FLIR Atlas SDK (and later, the FLIR Science SDK) to communicate with the camera, while utilizing the Arduino's built-in radio receiver to process PWM signals. Objectives: - Hardware Integration: -- Establish a seamless interface between the LattePanda's Windows environment, the Arduino co-processor, and the FLIR camera. -- Configure the Arduino's radio receiver to accurately decode PWM signals. - Software Development: -- Create a Windows application using the FLIR Atlas SDK (and in the future, the FLIR Science SDK) to issue commands to the FLIR camera (start/stop recording, potentially other functions). -- Develop logic within the application to translate received PWM signals from the Arduino into corresponding camera actions. - Data Handling:...

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    I am on the lookout for a CryptoJS expert who is proficient in using IV and keys to decrypt text data. Your task will be: - Decry...the lookout for a CryptoJS expert who is proficient in using IV and keys to decrypt text data. Your task will be: - Decrypting text data with the keys and IV that I will supply. Skills and Experience Needed: To complete this project successfully, you should possess: - Profound understanding of CryptoJS - Experience in decrypting data, specifically text - Skill in using provided IV and keys to decode encrypted data - Incredible problem-solving and communication skills This is a forward-thinking task that requires a professional who is attentive to detail, delivers promptly and comprehends the prime role of data safety and confidentiality. I await ...

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    I'm faced with a data file of an unspecified custom format, not a standard one like CSV, Excel, or JSON. I'm seeking an experienced Freelancer to trace this file's format and decode it accordingly. The critical tasks for this project are: - Investigating the data file - Determining its custom format - Extracting and interpreting the information within. Key skills and experiences: - Strong capabilities in handling various data types - Proficiency in diverse file formats - Prior work in data interpretation and decoding - Highly analytical with creative problem-solving abilities Your precise approach to identifying, tracking, and decoding this file will be of utmost importance. Those with experience in a similar project will have a distinct advantage. Looking forwa...

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    I'm in need of a professional to assist me with password recovery on GateHub.net. I've attempted to use the 'Forg...have been unsuccessful so far. About the Password: - It contains alphanumeric characters. - It was created based on a combination of my personal details. The ideal freelancer for this job should have experience in password recovery, cybersecurity, or a related field. A strong understanding of alphanumeric password structures and patterns is necessary. Your mission would be to work with me to decode the alphanumeric pattern I used based on my personal information and to eventually regain access to my account. Your methods should be secure, ethical, and respect my privacy. Please bid only if you possess the requisite skills and agree to abide by thes...

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    ...subjects (seven or more). - Implement a feature for subject-based quizzes and practice exams. - Integrate video explanation elements into the platform. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience in Back-End Web Development and Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) - Expertise in Front-End Development and Software Development - Proficiency in Programming - Experience with PHP frameworks such as Laravel, Zend, and Symfony is a plus - Expertise in web development and e-commerce. - Familiarity with including multimedia components (video) within a website. - Experience in designing and implementing educational websites, particularly incorporating gamification elements like quizzes and exams. - An understanding of user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) principles. - P...

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    I am seeking an experienced AI expert to help with a project involving Data Analy...experienced AI expert to help with a project involving Data Analysis and Natural Language Processing (NLP). The primary purpose of this project is to improve my work on a particular NLP project. The specific goals of this NLP project are: 1. Sentiment Analysis: Identify subjective information from source materials. 2. Text Classification: Categorize texts into organised groups. 3. Entity Extraction: Decode structured information from unstructured data sources. The ideal candidate would have demonstrated experience with AI, specifically relating to data analysis and natural language processing. Experience with NLP tasks such as sentiment analysis, text classification, and entity extraction is highl...

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    Please contact me to test. I will be giving you examples of files to decode, to ensure your work is valid.

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    I'm on the hunt for a talented writer adept in the insurance field to craft engaging, informative blog posts aimed at both individual seekers of insurance knowledge and small business owners. These posts should decode insurance jargon, offer sage advice for selecting the right policies, and provide a guiding light through the often murky process of filing claims. Here's what I envision: - **Topics to Cover:** - Unraveling Insurance Basics: Making complex concepts accessible. - Navigating Policy Selection: Insider tips to pick the perfect policy. - Simplifying Claims: Step-by-step advice to smoothly navigate the claims process. - **Target Audience:** - Individuals puzzled by insurance options or terms. - Small business owners looking for coverage insights tailo...

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    I'm currently using delphi-jose-jwt () to decode a JWT Token from Google one-tap signin. Google provides a public key to validate Token in JWK format (). However it appears that delphi-jose-jwt requires the key in PEM format. I can use to convert JWK to PEM which successfully authenticates the JWT token. I need either a Delphi JWKtoPEM function or assistance with delphi-jose-jwt using a different method.

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    In this project, I am looking for a proficient freelancer who can decode a JavaScript function for generating IMEI-based xtorken. The function is located in this URL: I want to understand how this function works so that I can create xtorken for different IMEIs. Clear explication: I need to make auto api to get imei info from t-mobile imei check page. When inserted the imei, the website js functions will create a encripted x-torken . This x-torken is encripted/or include imei. (once created that torken can be used only for that imei). The website create this xtorken without internet so there is pure js functions to understand. So i need somone to understand and recreate the algoritm in order to create instant x-torken for each imei, then

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    ...my company. Here are some details regarding the logo design: • COLOR SCHEME: We are keen on integrating green in the logo's color palette. An interpretation of the color representing growth and prosperity would be ideal. • STYLE: The goal is to create a Symbolic logo, one that implants our company values in a symbolic yet straightforward way. We want our logo to be intriguing but also easy to decode. • TARGET AUDIENCE: Our logo should appeal to a General Audience. It should echo familiarity and warmth, resonating with multiple layers of society. Our suitable candidate will have experience in logo creation, particularly in designing unique, symbolic logos. Your portfolio needs to exhibit your understanding of color symbolism and ability to design for a wide...

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    I am in desperate need of an exceptional PHP developer proficient with ZEND framework. The task at hand involves fixing layout problems on the UI of my PHP project. Expertise needed: - Proficient with PHP and ZEND framework - Extensive experience in UI design - Proficient in debugging and fixing code - Strong experience with layouts Summary of the task: - Identify the underlying issues causing layout problems. - Debug and fix the layout issues of the user interface. Please provide evidence of your skills and previous works in your bid.

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    I need a professional with advanced audio deciphering skills to decode a 2-minute audio recording. Despite several attempts with noise-reducing programs, I couldn't succeed. Hence, I'm looking for someone with: - access to professional, advanced audio equipment - ability in noise reduction - skills to transcribe the audio content The recording is in English and features a conversation. Aside from cleaning up the audio, a written transcript of the conversation will be needed as part of the project scope. An understanding of conversational nuance in the English language will be beneficial. Experience in similar roles, with evidence of successful completion, will be highly regarded.

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    Looking for experienced tech capable of replacing deprecated Zend installed on an upgraded Magento 2.4.6-p3 with the corresponding laminas.

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    I'm in need of an experienced cybersecurity specialist with a strong backgrou...an experienced cybersecurity specialist with a strong background in Android phone systems. The primary purpose of this endeavor is data extraction which will involve location tracking, message interception, and call recording. The ideal candidate should be proficient with: - Phone hacking for data extraction using authorized techniques. - Location tracking mechanisms. - Ability to intercept and decode messages. - Proficient with Call recording retrieval. Please note this project strictly adheres to legal and ethical guidelines. Only legitimate, legal techniques are to be applied to test the security of the system and no unauthorized access is permitted. Previous experience in ethical hacking would...

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    Seeking a talented developer with a basic understanding of ARM7TDMI for an assembly language project. Your task will be focused on the LPC2378 platform. - Target Platforms: ARM Cortex M3/4 or LPC2378 microcontroller - Proficiency Level: Basic knowledge of ARM7TDMI Ideal candidates will have experience...on the LPC2378 platform. - Target Platforms: ARM Cortex M3/4 or LPC2378 microcontroller - Proficiency Level: Basic knowledge of ARM7TDMI Ideal candidates will have experience working with ARM7TDMI, especially in a Windows, Linux, or MacOS environment. The successful freelancer will demonstrate an ability to handle assembly language projects on these systems. You should be able to troubleshoot, decode, and articulate your methods clearly. If you're ready for a challenging proje...

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    I'm on the hunt for a talented writer adept in the insurance field to craft engaging, informative blog posts aimed at both individual seekers of insurance knowledge and small business owners. These posts should decode insurance jargon, offer sage advice for selecting the right policies, and provide a guiding light through the often murky process of filing claims. Here's what I envision: - **Topics to Cover:** - Unraveling Insurance Basics: Making complex concepts accessible. - Navigating Policy Selection: Insider tips to pick the perfect policy. - Simplifying Claims: Step-by-step advice to smoothly navigate the claims process. - **Target Audience:** - Individuals puzzled by insurance options or terms. - Small business owners looking for coverage insights tailo...

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    I am currently working on a project using ANSYS Maxwell electronics , but have hit a roadblock and am experiencing errors related to both boundary and excitation settings when running simulations. Apparently, I'm missing some crucial aspects in setting the right parameters here. To correct these issues, ...setting precise boundary and excitation conditions. - Superior problem-solving skills to guide me through parameter adjustment. The main task will be understanding the issues I'm facing and providing advice on the right settings to eliminate these errors. I would highly appreciate if we could collaborate until the simulations run smoothly, free from any obstacles. Your assistance will not only decode my current dilemmas but also enhance my technical proficiency ...

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    I am seeking some who has the interface and skill to image Event Data Recorder (EDR) information from a recent model year Ford Escape. This project is import in to a lawsuit. The ultimate goal is to obtain a comprehensive understanding of the vehicle's condition and behavior moments before an incident, particularly speed, acceleration/deceleration, impact forces etc - **Crash Data:** A detailed account of the crash scenario, including impact forces, acceleration/deceleration patterns, and the sequence of events leading up to the crash. - **Comprehensive Data Collection:** Accumulation of all pertinent data that can shed light on the vehicle's performance and condition at the time of the incident. **Freelancer Skills & Experience:** I am looking for a freelancer with: - E...

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    I'm in need of a skilled developer who is experienced with IonCube-encoded files. My project centers around modifying a script to better meet my current needs. The task involves understanding, decoding, and then modifying the code without the certainty of having the original source. Here’s what you need to know: - **Objective**: The primary aim is to modify an IonCube-encoded file. This modification is not minor; it involves adding or removing features to enhance the script's functionality. - **Current State**: I'm not entirely sure if the source code I have is the original. This adds a layer of complexity to the task, requiring a proficient approach to ensure the modifications are successful. - **Requirements**: - Proficient in PHP and familiar with the Ion...

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    As someone who needs to monitor varied data consistently and intuitively, I am seeking the expertise of an exceptional Google Sheets professional who can craft a vibrant, clear, and engaging dashboard. Key Functionalities: - Data Visualization: The dashboard should help me understand and decode the data effectively through graphs, charts etc. - Real-time Data Updates: I need to ensure that changes in the original Google Sheets are instantaneously mirrored on the dashboard. - Customizable Dashboard Layout: To accommodate different data sets and reports, I require flexibility in adjusting the interface according to my preference. Design Aesthetic: - The aesthetic aspect is just as important. I envision the dashboard to be colorful and vibrant, yet clear and not overwhelming. It sh...

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