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    Dear all I’m looking for a talent programmer which can design on Arduino environment. - C language required, NO C++ - ESP8266/8255 environment - HTML5, CSS3 and javascript knowledge Have a look to the joined PDF, step 1 is THIS job. next steps if all right , but not quoted on this job Please let me know about more skills: - different framework as jQuery, Bootstrap… - FRENCH language speaking.

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    Looking for a circuit board designer / device programmer, You need to construct the device to have a small LCD screen and a rom chip that will have the application embedded - Once the data is sent from PC it will show on a LCD / LED display- The device will be connected with PC via USB for power - Data will be sent thru USB or via COM port. Ideally looking for a resource somewhere in North America.

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    I'm using an arduino uno to display text on WS2812B LED strips in a matrix. In the final setup I might have 7 strips of around 210leds = 1470leds. Currently I have them working nicely with this code from github, hardware-wise mine are set up in the same fashion: [url removed, login to view] article on code and example of use: [url removed, login to view] I need someone to make changes to the code: -I would like text to be displayed static (not scrolling) for a definable amount of time -A definable small pause with blank leds then another line of text should be shown -Example of lines, all are around the same length: Diego dogme råskene svolke edelig kovene skogsområde kosende skoleråd voggemei doggene kvise skoleområde -not crucial: If possible the next displayed text-line should be chosen at random (from 10k possible lines) -not crucial: Great if one could also randomize the colour each time a new line of text is shown All the lines that will be shown totals around 10000 lines, in a .txt it totals around 279kb. This is to much to store in an arduino uno, but if we cut down to say 6000-7000 lines maybe it could work on an ATmega2560? Otherwise maybe one could make it work reading from an sd card shield? If this is difficult to to achive with arudino I'm open for sugestions, but as this should be able to run for years without much supervision I imagine arduino is a good choice for stability. Otherwise maybe using a raspberry pi? for reference and more detail see: [url removed, login to view] displays-with-nanoscale-concurrent-computing/ Maybe this might be of interest as well?: [url removed, login to view]

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    Project for Muhammad B. 9 days left

    Hi Muhammad B., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.

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    we are looking for somebody who can deal with Arduino, AND Raspberi pi programming and execution

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    Hell, I have an already Arduino project for my ESP8266 module and would like to add just 2 functions. 1st is the reset or factory default function that if press GPIO-0 for more than 5-10sec It will go back or reset all inputs or details on my existing Arduino application. This is like any device that you buy and after set your own details, but if you press for a long time it will reset all the fields, so you can start over from beginning. The 2nd. step is to detect the public ip of my home network and if this Public IP changes then It will discover the new one and send by SMS to the USER phone number. Note that all SMS API are working and SMS system as well. my Current project is working 100% but need to add these 2 functions. THIS IS SIMPLE AND DO NOT GET CONFUSE ABOUT THIS LONG TEXT. I COULD RESUME IN A SHORT WAY IF WOULD LIKE TO PARTICIPATE

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    We are using vivado software to program the hardware. We need the codes or step by step guide to create the color detection using Python-1300-c camera. We know that we need to get the data into OpenCV then accelerate the OpenCV parts with a HLS block but we still cannot find a way to program or accelerate the program.

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    Good Day, can you help me for my coding/programming assignment for arduino. From 3 sensors ,data will be sent to arduino via bluetooth and from arduino the data will be sent to computer wirelessly. Thank you. I will be needing the code on November 28,2017. I know its very urgent so I am willing to pay for your service. Thank you. Its very urgent please help us.

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    i need a programmer to help me and educate and teach me how to make a copy of this ic frame wire attachment in the photo upload and to change the in the enternal frame wire

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    Need help with small project. Need to build android app working with live streams from arduino camera module.

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    I have a smalll task on labview and arduino

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    EM wave generator, recorder 4 days left

    Requirements attached. This job is for a fully functional and tested breadboard prototype and the electrical design only. I will do the manufacturing. The hand made prototype does not need to fit in the size requirements, but the final electrical design (Gerber, BOM) must fit in. Prototype to be demonstrated on video. (no voice is required) I need Gerber files and BOM and full instructions for the PCB assembly. Comments: Battery 500 mA Sensor (electrode) sensitivity: To measure and record Voltage fluctuance between 10 µV and 100 µV. EM generator: Electromagnetic intensity to emit: 0.1 microtesla Frequency range: 1- 100 Hz Size requirements (max): Battery: 4 mm x 10 mm x 50 mm Electronics, including SD card, charger, led and the buttons (not including the sensors, electromagnets and battery): 4 mm x 10 mm x 50 mm

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    Hungrytail is a bangalore based startup working in smart pet feeding solutions. We need a Arduino based developer to develop firmware for ESP8266 development board for our latest project . Expected person should have basic knowledge of electronics and have experience with writing code on [url removed, login to view] projects are prefered. This project will be time and milestone bound . Interested people do feel free to discuss project . Rakhi [Removed by [url removed, login to view] Admin - please see Section 13 of our Terms and Conditions]

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    Vehicle Tracker 4 days left

    We are willing to take additional quotes if our budget is under estimated. I need a small vehicle tracker that records odometer/mileage, engine rpm and time information and will pair and sync this data automatically with an external computer device like a smart phone, mobile device or computer. Requirements of device: - small - works with vehicle 12v power supply and independent of having to connect to existing vehicle harness like an OBD port. in other words, it can be placed anywhere on the vehicle as long as a 12v power can get to it. i.e., next to the battery, attached to a motorcycle handlebar, or possibility to plug into usb port power. - to be used with any type of gas powered motorcycle - readings are only tracked when vehicle is running, usually made possible by getting a reading from vehicles spark plug or ignition switch. - no display needed or external on unit user functions needed (plug and play) - real time data transfer and monitoring with external device - waterproof - able to withstand temperatures from -40F to 200F and be waterproof. - virtually indestructible - internal rechargeable backup battery to retain information between data transfers if vehicle power goes down - encrypted or pass code protected - can be operated with external device to save or clear data, update future firmware, calibrate device settings, etc. - device will be used in conjunction with external device application for either iPhone, iPad, android, or computer I want this device to be as simple as possible for the user. It is meant to work automatically with no maintenance by the user. It should be able to automatically pair with external device without the need for user input. I originally thought bluetooth would be a good option, but if it's not turned on or if another bluetooth device I've heard it can cause data transfer issues. I've also heard that gps data can be transmitted instead without data interruption. Anyway, I'm willing to consider options. This item will be used solely in the US and need to be legal to operate according to the FCC. Extra possibilities: It could be cool if a motion sensor was also in the unit to collect data from driving habits, etc. Also if there is a way the device could collect engine temperature data that would be cool too. I'm not an engineer and am very willing to take additional advice on this project. I will explain more in detail how the device will be used in the real world and what it needs to do., etc I would like to retain all schematics, firmware source files and code for the project as this will only be a work for hire. Our company will be the 100% sole owner of all copyrights, patents, etc. However, our company may be looking for an engineer and or software developer to partner with. If you are interested in such a venture, please let us know so that we may consider options.

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    Draw an arduino based layout, clone from exsisting

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    I need the code and android app for the following project. The Arduino board will be an Uno Rev 3 I need code to drive a stepper motor that must use the Accelstepper.h library and the SoftwareSerial.h library as the project is to be used via Bluetooth. I need the speed, acceleration and amount of rotation to bounce from a defined limit in the app and back again. The speed, acceleration and amount of rotation need to be controlled via three separate sliders on the app. The app must be made in MITapp inventer for us to style it and tweak it. Also, need a Bluetooth connection button in the app and a emergency stop button. This is a very easy job for someone who understands Arduino and C++ here is the base code for the Arduino that currently works but only directly run from the board. <code> // [url removed, login to view] // -*- mode: C++ -*- // Runs one stepper forwards and backwards, accelerating and decelerating // at the limits. // #include <AccelStepper.h> // Define some steppers and the pins the will use AccelStepper stepper1; // Defaults to AccelStepper::FULL4WIRE (4 pins) on 2, 3, 4, 5 void setup() { [url removed, login to view](200.0); [url removed, login to view](100.0); [url removed, login to view](24); } void loop() { // Change direction at the limits if ([url removed, login to view]() == 0) [url removed, login to view]([url removed, login to view]()); [url removed, login to view](); [url removed, login to view](); [url removed, login to view](); } <code/> Need this code to run via android Bluetooth with adjustable sliders for each MaxSpeed, Acceleration and moveTo

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    Arduino Joystick Box Project 3 days left

    I wanted to build a joystick button box to save money, and I bought all the parts needed, and realized I need help. It is using an arduino uno, and several types of switches. I want to know if you are interested in writing the code needed for the arduino to control spst/dpdt toggles, led momentary switches, a 3 position key switch, and rotary encoder dials? I will also need wiring diagram, and maybe instruction. We can talk more about details, and i can show you any links to parts I have, so you know about them. Let me know if this is something your are interested in, and is no problem for you. I am open to hourly or fixed price.

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    Devise a communication protocol/method to communicate to between devices, through RS232. There is one ‘master’ and up to two slaves, which communicate two ways. Slaves will have unique addresses. Code needs to be compatible with ATMEL microcontrollers as this is what will be used. Communication is simple and will take the following form; • Master to slave o Turn output 1 to 8 high/low • Slave to master o Status of X input is high/low The command sent may have some form of character identification to determine the type of command sent, before having input/output identification and then finally high/low status. Example: • OUTXY o Where “OUT” is output command from master to slave o X is output number o Y is high/low status • FUSXY o Where ‘FUS” is input status from slave to master o X is input number o Y in high/low status

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    Hello I want a code fro arduino to read Ignition Retards and MissFire from a can bus with mpc2515 and mpc2551. i want only for Volkswagen group cars

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    i want to make a microcurrent device which i think is similar to TENS devices only difference is TENS is milicurrent output, i want microcurrent output i have a sample description: Precision Specifications Output Current: 10 to 600 A (adjustable) Frequency: 0.1 to 990 Hz (adjustable 2 digits) Max Output Voltage: 50 Volts Peak DC Output Channels: Two Polarity: Alternating, Positive or Negative Diagnostics Feature: GSR (galvanic skin response) Wave Form: 10 Positions, Full to Modified Square Wave Audible Volume Control Timer: (5 to 60 seconds - 2.5 min to continuous) Power Source: 8 D Cell Batteries

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