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eBay is one of the biggest stores all over the world in which people and businesses buy and sell a broad variety of goods and services worldwide. Increase your income by hiring professional and expert freelance sellers and designers to sell or list your products on eBay, or design your eBay store. Freelancer.com has experienced eBay freelancers from all over the world, selling in many different markets.
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Write an Android application Dear Sir or Madam, we are a company, that is specialized in selling products for our customers on ebay. We have different services for our customers, including managing our customers Ebay accounts for high value private auctions. We would like to automate our business processes. We have already analyzed our processes and made some research on how to do this project. First we thought about using Python for Android with Monkeyrunner API, but it is better to do this with Java. This Android App should use Java SDK from ebay: [url removed, login to view] This app needs to insert auctions to ebay for several user accounts automatically. To do this, the app has to parse folders in a specific path. These folders contain title, pictures, description, prices and time for each auction. The app will parse a list of user accounts and upload an auction to each account. After that the program waits for the auction to be finished. Afterwards their will be each message from the buyer scanned and stored to a specific section of the app. From their on we can save a response for each buyer and generate an automatic response. After that is done the program will send out the message to each buyer. You have 5-7 days to code this app, but sooner would be better. You should have some skills with Java and android coding and some knowledge about ebay would help you a lot for this project. If you think you can do this, please send me your offer. Best regards Your ecommerce team 31 Mobile Phone, Android, eBay Apr 22, 2017 Today6d 15h $2818
Find me a Supplier I am looking for a supplier for PS3/PS4 and Xbox 360/Xbox one Controllers. I am looking for a long term supplier that can supply me throughout selling stuff on eBay. 4 Supplier Sourcing, eBay Apr 22, 2017 Today6d 14h $139
Write some Software Create a responsive ebay template ,easy to customize for users. Similar with the print screen ! 1 PHP, Software Architecture, Website Testing, eBay, Templates Apr 22, 2017 Today6d 9h $25
ebay Looking for someone with good communication skills and ability to read and understand ebay listings. Must have understanding of cellular phones and related terminology. We provide a target price list and you will search ebay to make offers and add to watchlist anything that meets our buying criteria. 22 Website Design, eBay, Alibaba, Etsy Apr 22, 2017 Today6d 9h $542
Convert existing ebay listing to meet new ebay requirements for ban on active content and listing to become mobile friendly. Convert existing ebay listing to meet new ebay requirements for ban on active content and listing to become mobile friendly. Item number on ebay [url removed, login to view] : 151417641781 Analysis check for listing is here: [url removed, login to view] 9 Website Design, Graphic Design, CSS, eBay, HTML Apr 22, 2017 Today6d 7h $67
Post to classified their some classified that i could not post or advertise my pet on so i will appreciate if i get someone that is smart enough to post for me 3 Sales, Advertising, eBay, Classifieds Posting Apr 22, 2017 Today6d 6h $80
Sell something for me Hello, I need someone with a active eBay account with no negative feedback to sell my products. There would be 20 eBay listings, I will provide the information, images, & instructions. You simply copy & paste the information & upload the pictures. Every 10 days you need to repeat the process. I could offer an initial $20 to upload the initial listings & $4 commission for each product sold. I wil also have you post a listing in eBay, which will earn you $75 for each listing sold. Let me know or if you have any questions. Thank You 8 Sales, eBay, Affiliate Marketing Apr 22, 2017 Today6d 1h $21
All eBay Sellers Wanted ASAP with high payout and no holds We are looking to increase our business by adding new sellers to market our products on eBay or Amazon. You will need: Good English skills An eBay or Amazon account Accounts with at least a 90% feedback preferred Job tasks: - We will send you the item details such as Title, Description, Images, Prices and other terms. You should list that item on eBay/Amazon - When an order is received, You deduct Your commission, Seller pays ebay and paypal fees, and You will send us the rest of money; - After that You send us the details and we will dispatch the item to the Buyer; - After we send the item to the buyer You receive tracking number; If you want to work with us please place a bid.. - Requirements: - eBay and verified Paypal account. - Strong communication skills - Strong customer service skills - You will be receiving a percentage on the items you sell 9 Internet Marketing, Sales, Marketing, Advertising, eBay Apr 22, 2017 Today6d $389
Pickup or Deliver Something: accept amazon returns and send to FBA Hello! I need the freelancer to accept my customer returns on his/her address and send it to amazon warehouse from time to time after doing basic quality checks. Please let me know the cost per packet. 0 eBay, Delivery, Pickup Apr 22, 2017 Apr 22, 20175d 23h -
simple facebook API job I need simple facebook API job. 17 Data Entry, PayPal API, eBay Apr 21, 2017 Apr 21, 20175d 16h $466
Write my Product Descriptions I am looking for someone that is able to write long descriptive stories about a variety of different products that I sell online. 26 Copywriting, Product Descriptions, eBay Apr 21, 2017 Apr 21, 20175d 10h $113
Write my Product Descriptions I am looking for someone that is able to write long descriptive stories about a variety of different products that I sell online. 27 Copywriting, Product Descriptions, eBay Apr 21, 2017 Apr 21, 20175d 10h $96
Ebay Listings Need Some one to list items for me on ebay 76 Data Entry, Sales, Freelance, eBay Apr 21, 2017 Apr 21, 20175d 9h $22
I would like to hire an eBay Professional YOU MUST LIVE IN ADELAIDE AUSTRALIA I have a large project that I am needing help with, currently I am moving house and everything has to go as I'm shifting from Australia to Hong Kong and won't have room for any of it, so I am needing to entrust someone to work on my behalf of what I don't achieve to sell up until the 28th to please take over and sell things, and meet with people for me. Things ranging from as large as a car, to as small as a sauce pan. The contents of my entire home need to be sold. 7 Photography, Facebook Marketing, eBay, English (UK), Customer Service Apr 21, 2017 Apr 21, 20175d 6h $832
Project for ysama Hi ysama, I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat. 1 Website Design, eCommerce, eBay, HTML, , Coding Apr 21, 2017 Apr 21, 20178d 2h $100
Sell something for me I want my product to be sold online 14 Sales, Advertising, Leads, eBay Apr 20, 2017 Apr 20, 20174d 15h $489
Write my Product Descriptions HI We currently have our fashion Jewelry line listed on amazon and eBay. we are looking for someone that can do seo and help increase our ranking. here is our amazon storefront: [url removed, login to view] 19 Copywriting, Product Descriptions, eBay, Amazon Web Services Apr 20, 2017 Apr 20, 20174d 11h $12
Amazon defensive I am looking for a freelancer to help me with my project. The skills required are Amazon, amazon disabled my account. We appreciate the information you have provided. However, a review of your account indicates: 1. You have misclassified the condition of your Marketplace items. All sellers are responsible for classifying their items in accordance with our Condition Guidelines. 2. You have listed against detail pages that do not exactly match your items. As stated in our policies, sellers must list the exact same item, in the same format, as the item represented on the detail page. This includes brand, manufacturer, UPC, edition, binding, quantity, packaging, color, etc. 3. Some of your shipments may have been damaged, incomplete, or lost due to insufficient packaging. Before we can consider reinstatement of your selling privileges, please provide us with a detailed plan of action to address the above mentioned issues. We will then review your plan and determine whether to reinstate your selling privileges. For information on creating and submitting your plan, search on “Appeals for Suspended or Blocked Accounts” in seller Help. We look forward to hearing from you. Sincerely, Seller Performance Team [url removed, login to view] [url removed, login to view] I am happy to pay a fixed priced and my budget is $50 - $100 USD. I have not provided a detailed description and have not uploaded any files. 3 eBay, Industrial Engineering, Investment Research, Etsy Apr 20, 2017 Apr 20, 20174d 10h $130
Post some Advertisements online work post advertising data entry 21 Data Entry, Sales, Marketing, Advertising, eBay Apr 20, 2017 Apr 20, 20174d 1h $359
Ebay mobile optimze page Need eBay page with mobile optimization as per new eBay active content rule. Also need to add shop category bars. 8 eBay Apr 20, 2017 Apr 20, 20174d $220
Research Writing Highlights all feature of products 15 Copywriting, Product Descriptions, eBay Apr 20, 2017 Apr 20, 20173d 22h $1031
hello i'm looking for a seller from ebay or amazon Hi i need a seller in ebay or amazon or in any selling platform. if you are a seller im glad if you bid to my project and help me to my products 48 Data Entry, Sales, Marketing, Web Scraping, eBay Apr 20, 2017 Apr 20, 20173d 20h $507
Get my product back on Amazon.com We make battery replacement kits for iPhones. Recently Amazon sent me a message saying that no one can sell iPhone batteries anymore. But there are others still selling them. I have inventory in FBA and it't not moving. You'll either work for Amazon or know a lot about the inter working of Amazon Seller Central and FBA to help navigate and get our products back up and selling. ASIN :: B01MYU9UU7 29 eCommerce, eBay, Amazon Web Services, Anything Goes Apr 20, 2017 Apr 20, 20173d 20h $540
写产品描述 the description of electronic tape Write about the product description and selling point of the electrical tape. Bullet Point [url removed, login to view] by UL and CSA Listed. [url removed, login to view] temperature:Not more than 600 volts and not more than 80 degrees C (176 degrees F). [url removed, login to view]:Excellent stretch and insulating ,strong adhesion,weather resistant and flame [url removed, login to view] dimensions: 3/4 in x 60 ft x 7 mil [url removed, login to view] [url removed, login to view] GUARANTEED Require:Each Bullet point is about 20-35 words. 5 bullet point total is about 150 words. Product Description 1. 3 Pack PVC electronic tape 2. Size:each roll is 3/4 in x 60 ft x 7 mil 3. Features,Applications,Certified by UL and CSA Listed. this part total about 200 words is ok. 7 Copywriting, Product Descriptions, eBay Apr 19, 2017 Apr 19, 20173d 18h $13
amazon photography High quality Amazon product photography 21 Photography, Photo Editing, eBay, Etsy Apr 19, 2017 Apr 19, 20173d 17h $21
Write my Product Descriptions i need someone to post my products on [url removed, login to view] and bring them to first page 46 Copywriting, Product Descriptions, eBay, Amazon Web Services Apr 19, 2017 Apr 19, 20173d 13h $406
Sell something for me - REQUIRES BITCOINS You must have BITCOINS 10 SEO, Sales, Marketing, Advertising, eBay Apr 19, 2017 Apr 19, 20173d 3h $79
Scrivere alcuni Software We need to integrate our Magento 2.1.6 store with ebay and Amazon from 0. We require an expert on m2e pro or similar software to perform the integration. Products are already in Magento and have ASIN code, the integration have to syncronize: -clients -orders -Products (from magento to Amazon/Ebay) We have to easly modify quantity and price range for each product/datafeed. 40 PHP, Magento, eBay, Amazon Web Services Apr 19, 2017 Apr 19, 20173d $556
EBAY TEMPLATE TRANSFER Hello, we have 3500 products up on ebay, and we want to add a template to each product. the template will have other products in that category showing. We have a template now but you may require a special made one in order to complete this project. Remember the job entails uploading the 3500 products with new template. We may need to create a new template. 24 eBay Apr 18, 2017 Apr 18, 20172d 18h $591
Upload eBay Listings as Pins to Pinterest Account We have 1,000 listings on eBay and we need them uploaded as pins to our pinterest account. 44 PHP, Javascript, Web Scraping, eBay, Pinterest Apr 18, 2017 Apr 18, 20172d 17h $171
Improving eBay Search Results We have an eBay store with 1,000 listings. Our prices are cheap but we are not seeing much traffic. Looking for eBay experts in search results. 11 eBay Apr 18, 2017 Apr 18, 20172d 16h $214
Sell something for me Hello! I need Ebay sellers to sell my forex robot! I don't have Ebay account! Please apply your bids with answers for these questions: 1- Is this possible? 2- Is the Ebay right place to sell my robot? 3- Is it possible to deliver the robot after 24 hours? Or it should be instant? 4- What's the cost for me? 5- How I'll get paid after each sale?! Thank you 4 Internet Marketing, Sales, Marketing, Advertising, eBay Apr 18, 2017 Apr 18, 20172d 15h $392
Find me a Buyer Looking for someone to sell my Niche work from home websites sites are Drop Ship Sites. I need people who want to start a full time or part time business from home . This is how it works for clients. What happens when you become our client. Based on the information that you submit in the order form, we will find a profitable niche that will be best suited for you. We believe that this it the best approach instead of choosing a random niche that you have no interest in. The niche that we choose will meet each of our 6 criteria. High traffic volume High sales as per supplier data High and sustainable profitability Easy to scale Low technical skills needed Little effort required to grow traffic and income after our work has been completed. We don’t stop here. We will then provide a social media marketing strategy that is being used by top marketers who are now avoiding SEO. Google’s new update system penalises sites which increase in rank too quickly making SEO costly, time consuming and frustrating. Social Media groups are now driving traffic in areas such as e-commerce and we have embraced this shift using it to convert interest groups to customers. 3 Sales, Marketing, Buyer Sourcing, eBay Apr 18, 2017 Apr 18, 20172d 10h $189
Artwork seller (original paintings) I need sellers how can sell artwork (original). if you are confident and have greaght selling skills please bi so i can give you the details Payment will go through commission you can earn 30% or more ( if you sell more the commission gets higher) so you can have over 3000$ payment per month. you can sell on ebay amazon etsy aliexpress or any other site or social media you want 9 Sales, Social Networking, Facebook Marketing, eBay, Instagram Apr 18, 2017 Apr 18, 20172d 9h $4236
desarrollar script api ebay necesito que desarroles en script para la sincronizacion de mi tienda online con ebay, solo necesito controlar el stock en los diferentes paises en los que tengo publicado los anuncios, ademas se deben de actualizar mendiante tarea cron 18 Script Install, eBay, Prestashop Apr 18, 2017 Apr 18, 20172d 8h $716
eBay Listing and Management Garden Site Need someone to create and manage listings, including multi variation listings. May require the creation of templates and some design. Once a week check certain listings to ensure it hasn't sold out. These will all be inventory based listings from our website. I can provide more details via PM discussion. Experience needed: Extensive experience in creating eBay listings. Preferred eBay marketing and listing creation to increase sales. Preferred experience in designing and creation of templates. 25 eBay Apr 18, 2017 Apr 18, 20172d 8h $147
Hiring VAs Our business is expanding ,so ,we need new listers starting immediately. Applicants must be able and willing to list large inventory in timely manner and with professionalism. Knowledge of how to use HTML TEMPLATES AND How to build professionally made DESCRIPTIONS on eBay and or similar websites is a huge plus. Listing and preparing sales reports should take about 2-3h daily. OUR PRODUCTS FEATURE A RANGE OF HIGH QUALITY AND BRAND CLOTHING ACCESSORIES, FASHION ITEMS. All our products are GENUINE, HAVE PROOF OF OWNERSHIP . ALL ITEMS HAVE THE STANDARD MANUFACTURER WARRANTY, 14 - 30 day returns are accepted, We will teach you how to list if you are not sure for best practices. This is a simple but very responsible job - you have to CHECK INVENTORY AND PRICES DAILY . THEN YOU list, MONITOR LISTINGS, check sales, reply to all questions and prepare sales reports EVERY DAY. Then reports are to be sent and processed with the respective payment , and you get paid DAILY! We offer timely service, most our products dispatch in up to 2 business days upon receiving a cleared payment. Tracking information will be provided for each order. ALL APPLICANTS MUST BE RESIDENTS of one of the following countries USA, CA, UK,EU,AU,NZ,Japan, South Korea,Israel,South Africa AND TO BE ABLE TO SELL IN USA AND/OR UK ! ALL OTHER COUNTRIES PLEASE DO NOT APPLY!!! Please feel free to PM my inbox for more details .Please include your eBay ID and amazon storefront link in the message. YOUR PAYMENT WILL ONLY DEPEND ON THE WORK HOURS YOU INPUT !!! SO ,IT'S ALL UP TO YOU. THANK YOU FOR BIDDING 65 Data Entry, Excel, Virtual Assistant, eBay, Amazon Web Services Apr 18, 2017 Apr 18, 20172d 4h $18
Experience Amazon Person needed ( Genuine Person no fake profiles) I am looking for someone who can work on my Amazon, Create Promotions and increase sales. You should be genuine and no fake profiles. I will speak with you before I will hand over the work. Thank you 18 eBay, Amazon Web Services, Anything Goes Apr 18, 2017 Apr 18, 20171d 23h $27
Create New Ebay listing Scrape Supplier Site Products We have a large amount of supplier products that we would like scraped then added to inkfrog and then put live to ebay. Each listing will require description , image 500 pixels min for ebay or resized , price and SKU. Must have scrapping software and know how to work with online listing ebay and inkfrog 40 Data Entry, Excel, Web Scraping, eCommerce, eBay Apr 17, 2017 Apr 17, 20171d 18h $124
BOT - Automatic - Upload 200,000 eBay Listings to Pinterest I have an eBay Shop with 200,000 listings. Yes, 200,000! I want to upload these to Pinterest as Pins. This will need to be some sort of software/bot. I can provide all the eBay URL's. 18 PHP, Javascript, Web Scraping, eBay, Pinterest Apr 17, 2017 Apr 17, 20171d 10h $232
Upload my eBay Listings as Pins to my Pinterest Account I want to upload all my eBay listings as pins to my pinterest account. 15 eBay, Pinterest Apr 17, 2017 Apr 17, 20171d 9h $29
Write my Product Descriptions We need people to post reviews that will be provided by us on ecommerce websites. 20 Copywriting, Product Descriptions, eBay Apr 17, 2017 Apr 17, 20171d 5h $19
Sell something for me Niche website sales Home base Business Opportunity sales . 0 Advertising, eBay, Email Marketing, Internet Marketing, Sales Apr 17, 2017 Apr 17, 20171d 3h -
SPARES PARTS ALL TWO WHEELER SPARES PARTS 6 Copywriting, Product Descriptions, eBay Apr 17, 2017 Apr 17, 20171d 2h $4
American Based People Needed Only American Based People Needed Only To write for my long term the rate is $1/100 words, thanks 7 Technical Writing, Ghostwriting, Articles, Article Rewriting, eBay Apr 17, 2017 Apr 17, 20171d 1h $2
Expert E-bay Sellers I need someone who is reliable and ready to work. if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask. 5 eBay Apr 17, 2017 Apr 17, 201722h 10m $1119
Write my Product Descriptions AquaFX Barracuda RO/DI Units are 4-stage RO/DI units which produce ultra pure water for aquarium hobbyists that demand the best. AquaFX Barracuda RO/DI Units adds another filtration stage to its premier water filtration technology for TDS rejection rates beyond 90%! Standard unit comes with a high efficiency, 1-micron sediment pre-filter (Stage 1), high-capacity chlorine and Volatile Organic Compound (VOC's) removing Carbon Block (Stage 2) and a special TFC/HI-S RO membrane 14 Copywriting, Product Descriptions, eBay Apr 16, 2017 Apr 16, 201719h 44m $346
I need photographer around Fairfax, VA for some Amazon products. I have pillows that I will sell on Amazon. I need photographer around Fairfax area 14 Virtual Assistant, Photo Editing, eBay, Etsy Apr 16, 2017 Apr 16, 201717h 35m $1121
Telemarket for me serching for a pro telemarketin ppl 13 Telemarketing, Sales, Leads, eBay Apr 16, 2017 Apr 16, 201716h 40m $52
I need an eBay Seller !! -- 2 I'm looking for an eBay seller to sell all my product that i have , and we can make both a partnership on long term (that's what i'm looking for) What i will need: *An eBay account (with selling history , and no any other problems or bad feedbacks) I don't need a new eBay seller , i want one that have history or better to be a TOP RATED Seller. *The seller need to have a good standing PayPal account (no chargebacks / any disputes or any hold (21 day hold to be removed) *A communicative person that i can talk and that understand my type of business and to work together. *That's it I uploaded some of my products and the feedbacks on my eBay account ! If you are interested please let me know , and i'm looking for eBay sellers that want to make an extra income ! 4 Internet Marketing, Sales, Marketing, Leads, eBay Apr 16, 2017 Apr 16, 201713h 37m $2590
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