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    looking for an expert to set up a cpanel email system for my client. Need to ensure SSL set up and security settings to properly work. need to be able to set up email on gmail as secure also and be able to forward emails. also need to import contacts from old cpanel server to new addresses for about 6 emails. All emails are currently set up on new server but the ip address they login into is not showing as a secure link. They are having issue setting up a secure outgoing incoming on their gmail accounts. They are also having intermintent issues with receiving emails. Then today their main email info@ was seemingly hacked and thousands of spam emails were sent out under their account. So looking for basic help to properly ensure emails are set up. Many little simple fixes for cpanel email set up.

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    I Have a vps server and multiple ip address. it wants to switch ip address on each request fired by my server. it means when i fire a request from my server, each time when a new request occurs, it should use a different ip already bought by me for my vps server.

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    Need a team/developer, highly skilled to write a webservice that will do the following 1. Receive a soap request, log it sql data base, convert it to a fixed length string 2. Push the message to a remote IBM MQ server SSLV3 with TLS 1.2 3. Receive response, convert fixed string response to SOAP message, log to SQL 4. String to Soap will be defined on a XML configuration file

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    Descripción: PROYECTO DE SMTP EN LINUX PROGRAMADO EN C USANDO API DE SOCKET, DOS VERSIONES: PARA SOCKETS UDP Y TCP Entorno de desarrollo Estación de trabajo Linux API de Sockets Lenguaje de programación C Especificaciones del protocolo El servidor que vamos a realizar se corresponde con el protocolo SMTP originalmente definido en la RFC 821 ([url removed, login to view]). No obstante, nuestro servidor no implementará todo el protocolo, sino únicamente un subconjunto muy reducido de éste. Además, SMTP se proporciona sobre TCP pero nosotros realizaremos también una versión para UDP. Mensaje de petición del cliente El dialogo con el servidor comienza con la orden HELO. A continuación se envía un correo con tres pasos. En el primero se especifica la orden MAIL con información del destinatario, a continuación una serie de uno o más receptores con la orden RCPT y por último el contenido del mensaje con la orden MAIL. Si no se desea enviar más correos se finaliza con la orden QUIT La órden HELO se forma: HELO sender-domain[CRLF] La órden MAIL se forma: MAIL FROM:reverse-path[CRLF] Donde reverse-path es el correo electrónico del originador, y [CRLF] los caracteres de retorno de carro y salto de línea. La orden RCPT: RCPT TO:forward-path[CRLF] Donde forward-path es el correo electrónico del receptor. La órden DATA: DATA[CRLF] ... [CRLF].[CRLF] Los puntos suspensivos serán el texto del mensaje que finaliza cuando se mande una línea que sólo contenga un punto. Se pueden enviar los correos que se desee hasta que se finaliza con la orden QUIT. Mensaje de respuesta del servidor Algunos de los valores son: 220 Simple Mail Transfer Service Ready (Respuesta cuando el cliente realiza la conexión) 250 OK (Respuesta correcta a las ordenes MAIl, RCPT, DATA) 354 Start mail input; end with. (Respuesta al envio de la orden DATA) 221 Service closing transmission channel (Respuesta a la orden QUIT) 500 Syntax error (Respuesta a errores de sintaxis en cualquier orden) Ejemplo de dialogo (S: Servidor, C: Cliente) S:220 nombre-equipo SMTP C: HOLA [url removed, login to view] S: 500 Syntax error C: HELO [url removed, login to view] S: 250 nombre-equipo HELO C: MAIL FROM pepe S: 500 Syntax error C: MAIL FROM:Smith@[url removed, login to view] S: 250 OK C: RCPT TO:Jones@[url removed, login to view] S: 250 OK C: RCPT TO:Brown@[url removed, login to view] S: 250 OK C: DATOS S: 500 Syntax error C: DATA S: 354 Start mail input; end with. C: Bla bla bla... C: ...etc. etc. etc. C:. S: 250 OK C: QUIT S: 221 nombre-equipo closing connection Programa Servidor Aceptará peticiones de sus clientes tanto en TCP como en UDP. Registrará todas las peticiones en un fichero de "log" llamado [url removed, login to view] el que anotará: Comunicación realizada: nombre del host, dirección IP, protocolo de transporte, nº de puerto efímero del cliente y la fecha y hora a la que se ha producido. Una línea por cada mensaje recibido indicando todos sus datos y si se ha recibido correctamente o en caso contrario especificar la causa del error. Se ejecutará como un daemon. Programa Cliente Se conectará con el servidor bien con TCP o UDP. Leerá por parámetros el nombre del servidor de la siguiente forma: cliente nombre_o_IP_del_servidor TCP Realizará peticiones al servidor como se ha indicado anteriormente. Realizará las acciones oportunas para su correcta finalización. Durante la fase de pruebas el cliente podrá ejecutarse como se muestra en el ejemplo de diálogo, pero en la versión para entregar el cliente leerá de un fichero las órdenes que ha de ejecutar ([url removed, login to view]) y escribirá las respuestas obtenidas del servidor y los mensajes de error y/o depuración en un fichero con nombre el número del puerto efímero y extensión txt.

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    FREEPBX ISSUES 6 days left

    Hello to all, need someone to help me configure inbound route

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    I have been having a lot of email issues today, someone has access to be able to send emails from my email address, SPF records and all other records can be provided upon request, need help to resolve this.

    $28 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $28 / hr Avg Bid
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    linux NAS box 6 days left

    Budget 60usd we want to mount a folder in the /dev/md0/ as the disk to gain more space for actual disk space needed to install more apps, we need you to create swap file to increase the memory using /dev/md0 Machine has 1.2 GHz Marvell®/ARM® 6281 32bit/Single Core processor, and has 256MB of RAM we believe it is ARCHLinux on it .. we need , PHP ,Curl , Mailpipe software with Getmail installed on it ,.. let us know with your BID if you need any other output you wish to see . thanks. [/] # df Filesystem Size Used Available Use% Mounted on /dev/ram0 32.9M 16.9M 16.0M 51% / tmpfs 32.0M 256.0k 31.8M 1% /tmp /dev/sda4 371.0M 355.4M 15.6M 96% /mnt/ext /dev/md9 509.5M 135.9M 373.6M 27% /mnt/HDA_ROOT /dev/md0 5.4T 300.6M 5.4T 0% /share/MD0_DATA tmpfs 16.0M 44.0k 16.0M 0% /share/MD0_DATA/.samba/lock/[url removed, login to view] tmpfs 16.0M 0 16.0M 0% /mnt/ext/opt/samba/private/[url removed, login to view] tmpfs 1.0M 0 1.0M 0% /mnt/rf/nd [/] # [/] # This is all the commands there is on the machine , yum, apt-get, dont exist.

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    $48 Avg Bid
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    Sd card CID modification 6 days left

    I am looking for a freelancer to help me with my project. I want to have possibility to change CID from an SD card. The goal of the project is the application that can change the CID no of a given SD card. It can be a Linux app, windows console app or combination of hardware (build an micro that changes pcb) and software - it does not matter. The project will be closed then I will see that program changes a CID no of a card that I will send to the developer.

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    I need help regarding a Prestashop server migration on LAMP environment. After doing a Rsync (a normal Whm transfer account procedure), the Prestashop new server installation becomes not so much responsive and starts to put too much pressure on the new server. CPU processes go to the roof and make the new machine unstable. Need someone that is REALLY expert on : System admin (Mysql/Apache) and knows the inside/outs of Prestashop CMS to correct this issue ASAP. I WILL ONLY CONSIDER very proficient lancers, with minimum of XXX past tasks, with minimum XX% tasks completion and XX% past jobs customer satisfaction/Returning customers. I wont even consider/reply to any bidder that does not meet a high level background/backlog of tasks done here on Freelancer. Note 1: The bidder/winner must be able to speak in realtime on livechat during the whole task duration. Note 2: The Prestashop installation is related with adult products (Sexshop)

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    I need to install and setup an Asterisk PBX Server with full functionality of SIP integrated.

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    Hi there, just a short introduction. We are a well funded company with 10GH of mining power currently. Would like to start a miningpool & exchange in Singapore. Owners are singaporeans and well connected. We are also in the rig business. Please let me know if you would like to work together.

    $33 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    Configure mail server Linux 6 days left

    need to configure and secure mail server using linux kinldy specify the configuration required for 3000 inbox each inbox should be 15gb and the operation system required and security tools

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    $41 Avg Bid
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    Quick help with VPS. Clear some space etc..

    $11 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $11 / hr Avg Bid
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    I am looking for solusvm automatic maintenance script that I need: 1, monitor all KVM VPS broadband, IO, CPU; 2, If the VPS broadband "X" minutes average use of "X kb/s", through the QOS limit of "X kb/s", "X" minutes automatically lifted, and record; ("X" is any number) 3. If the VPS IO "X" minutes average "X mb/s", execute shutdown or stop command, and record; 4. If the VPS CPU accounts for "X%" of the hosting server (for example, 50%), execute the shutdown or stop command, and record it.

    $430 (Avg Bid)
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    Hello, I'm looking for an expert PHP/linux developer with experience of using and converting SSL certificates to make curl/soap requests from php/linux. I have a linux server running CentOS 6.8 and curl 7.19.7 compiled with Network Security Services (NSS 3.21) for SSL. I need to make requests to a remote soap/wsdl api webservice hosted on an IIS server. I've been given a .pfx file and a passphrase to sign the requests but I cannot make a successful request that passes their security. I've tried converting the .pfx file to .pem file(s) with various options, but I think maybe I'm not converting it correctly. To clarify; for this task I just need you to make a successful request/response to the remote API, I can fill in the full implementation from there. However, there is scope for additional work after this task, if desired. If you think that you can make this work please get in touch with your bid. Please include details of your experience of working with SSL certificates and a brief overview of what strategy you will take to debug the situation and find a solution. Please note that if selected to complete this task you will be required to sign an NDA and non-solicitation agreement.

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    we need a programmer who can code thermal printer driver for linux we already have our linux driver but we need to update and make some changes in it

    $176 (Avg Bid)
    $176 Avg Bid
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    System Admin 6 days left

    We are a Start-up in need of a System Admin as freelancer. He/She should have min. 5 years relevant experience. Our requirement is (a) to set up stuff - which will need intensive involvement for short duration and (b) maintain / monitor / modify - which will be periodic and ongoing requirement, but will require very less time as compared to (a). Skills Required are: Microsoft /Linux / VMWare / CISCO Certifications in • AWS Solution Architect • MCP • Redhat Administration Professional • CCNA or CCNP Proficiency in Networking and Data Centre architecture: Routing protocols and implementation. Load balancing. Clustering. Detailed JD Given below: • Migrate present VPS from Current Service Provider to AWS or GoDaddy • Migrate all connected VPNs to new VPS • Create scalable architecture and procedures to onboard multiple locations on one sub domain • Create multiple sub domains • Setup configuration and data backup and restore procedure • Setup restore procedure for replacement of our Gateway at customer location • Monitor VPS application for VPN connectivity and uptime • Monitor VPS application for uptime • Setup alerts if any VPN fails • Help in field team in onboarding a location through VPN connectivity including setting up WiFi credentials of the 3/4G WiFi routers and our gateway • Help infield team in trouble shooting cloud connectivity • Monitor data traffic size per VPN per day • Setup alerts if VPN data breaches max set limit • Willing to travel / work from our service provider's location

    $15 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $15 / hr Avg Bid
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    Linux PHP Réaliser une plateforme d'inscription en lignes de club de gym. Inscription, gestion des inscriptions. À priori sous framework laravel. Le cahier des charges est écrit mais je voudrais une méthode itérative.

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    FiWare Orion Context Broker implementation with simple data model Scope of project: 1) Understand Orion Context Broker [url removed, login to view] [url removed, login to view] 2) Install FiWare Orion Context Broker via Docker to our LAMP stack application [url removed, login to view] 3) Integrate existing Weather Data Model [url removed, login to view] Project ID: 15838238

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    Hi, I have a cPanel account with 5 emails. And I need to use only 1 email via G Suit. Rest of the 4 emails should work with cPanel. I need to configure the G Suit Split domain feature to use the Google mail and cPanel emails in same time. Thank You

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