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A microcontroller refers to a small computer on a single integrated circuit consisting of a CPU, clock, ports and memory. These chips are designed for small or dedicated applications. They are used in engine control systems in cars, medical implants, remote controls, power tools and toys. Your business may need help with designing microcontroller chips. You can find such help in the form of freelancers willing and able to do microcontroller work right here. Simply post your job today to get started! Hire Microcontroller Developers


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    programm a micro controller using a raspberry pi.

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    Hi, I am new in working with Arduino and I need immediately help - first only to integrate the DHT22 Sensor ([url removed, login to view]) I am having the hardware here and want a short help over teamviewer - how to integrate it. When I see that you have experiences further work/projects are possible.

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    USB Receipt Printer Sniffer 6 days left

    USB Receipt Printer Sniffer -------------------------------- I need to snif between a USB receipt printer and the POS Terminal in order to be able to get all printed data information. I cannot install anything on POS Terminal, so I need to trap all the information when it is coming to the Printer. This must be transparent for the POS Terminal and shall not interrupt in any way. It is important to remark, I need to receive on the monitor only Printer data, filtering out all USB protocol communication related data. Also, I need to the information that is captured to be sent to the cloud for the ability to read it in real time. Example of a device: ([url removed, login to view]) Another solutions proposals are welcome also.

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    Networks project 5 days left

    We’re going to build a simulated switched network and have a little simulated fun. In the first part of the assignment, we’ll just do some file parsing to create our network of hosts and 4-port switches. In the second part, we’ll send some datagrams and have the switches print out some messages to the screen as events occur (e.g., “SW2: Received packet for host B. Forwarding out interface 3.”). In the third part, we will add in the ability to build virtual circuits.

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    I need to disable the scanner check or trick it into thinking the scanner is connected and operational. I believe the printer sends some initialization codes to the scanner bar and/or reads a preset binary pattern while it’s in the parked position or when it’s moving into the parked position. I would like to find the sequence to send to the main board which will trick the printer into thinking the scanner section is still functioning. I will then write or contract out writing the code to run on an Atmel AtTiny chip which will listen for the scanner test and then respond with the correct string. I do not have a spectrum analyzer or digital scope so I am unable to capture the scanners input and output. The printer is one of the cheapest made by Epson ($60-90). I intend to repurpose the printhead and use it as an industrial label printer. Your bid can include the cost to purchase a printer. You may have to buy some ink cartridge “read only” chips which trick the printer into thinking the ink is full. Otherwise you will run out of ink after several start-stops because the printer cleans the cartridges each time. What I will expect will be instructions as to what signal to listen for, what signal to inject, and which pins off the ribbon cable to tap into the make this all happen.

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    Hello, i want to make a vending machine like this : [url removed, login to view] 1. change coin acceptor to bill acceptor 2. change lcd and touch panel into windows mini pc (pipo x8) Be my mentor and code the arduino to be like this and give the list what to buy in [url removed, login to view] Thank You.

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    PCB circuit design and fabrication for the project. Minimum project cost is very necessary. Batter backup upto 2-3 hours maximum in idle mode and not much

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    Project: Produce A “Search Disk Or Specified Hard Drive Program” for Locating Pictures stored on a Computer. Operational Programs Resident Location: USB Memory Stick only Operational Requirements: 1. Run only on USB memory stick A. Master Stick Installation Program can be copied or altered by me as owner B. Once Applied to a new USB Memory Stick, the Program cannot be Transferred removed or copied to any other source C. Stick may be updated with update code and User Identifier. 2. Memory Stick Program Function: “Opening Screen” look when plugged into the USB drive offering two choices: A. One/First has “Add and Update Picture Storage On The Memory Stick.” Selection “Box” when selected Opens new screen with a description name and two function choices: 1) Copy/Update/recopy all pictures to search and storage file on the stick as of today’s date (Option to delete older missing and changed pictures) a. select and enter in a box, the drive and/or file to search and copy/append to Memory stick b. select and enter in a box the picture types with choices (JPG, JPEG and so forth) to copy Individually or All c. Start Button 2) search and update and add all new pictures for permanent storage on the stick as of the date run (not deleting any missing or changed pictures from the source selected) a. select drive and enter in a box the drive and/or file to search b. select and enter in a box the picture types with choices (JPG, JPEG and so forth) c. start button B. Has “Picture Search Only Box” that when selected opens a new screen with choices: 1) Search drive box: all; plus C to J choices a. File name; or all files 2) Search Target for display box: a. Partial English word or words b. Or any number or numbers only c. Start button 3. When search completes and no target pictures results appear A. “Sorry task could not be completed, restart task.” and go to opening screen to begin again 4. As search begins and pictures start to appear A. Show pictures that come up in the search horizontally automatically size to fit the space available on the screen with three across only, and the forth picture starts new three picture row continuing until the same process to the end of the search. 5. When search completes: A. Need a choice box to Save all pictures found to a new File folder B. Or A Save Selected to a new File elsewhere or on the memory stick C. Need “Mouse Over” selection or entry box 1. With one picture or “mutable picture selection” 2. Need a drag and “drop to folder” Or “Mouse Over” or “send all to” function listed above 6. Need save Searches and data or “all tasks completed remove generated data option” to remove Memory Stick without damage to the “Copy from source” or disk operating program. 7. Need a button that gives a choice to “clear all data on the memory stick” not related to the operating program to free up memory space for future searches. 8. Programmer/Software developer agrees that all Intellectual property rights are held and owned by the person making full or partial payment for the program. The program may be altered by the payer without the loss of Intellectual property rights.

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    pic developer 5 days left

    tires monitor unit with mobile application

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    VHDL Radio clock 5 days left

    everything is going to be explained on the pdf

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    NEED CIRCUIT OF Static Voltage Stabilizer IGBT PWM- LIKE THIS LINK [url removed, login to view]

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    the objective of this project is to design a stepper motor controller, Using Two H-bridge (MOSFET) and a microcontroller (Arduino). The stepper motor driver supposes to be able to do micro-stepping and current Morphing. Micro-stepping is a basically controlling the current in both coils of the bipolar stepper motor in a way that it follows Sin and Cos wave. Micro-stepping. Micro-stepping is used to reduce the vibrations on the stepper motor at the expense of the torque.

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    To read DLMS Meters using microcontroller preferably using C

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    To read DLMS Meters using microcontroller preferably using C

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    cnc controller repairing 5 days left

    need to repair cnc cpntroller, make- mitsubishi, M70, TYPE- FCA70P-2B. DISPLAY IS NOT COMING.

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    I would like to control a LED-Strip (using SK6812RGBW LED´s) with a ESP8266. I want to do it like it´s done in the Adafruit NeoPixel Library for the Arduinos. I am using the Unofficial SDK ([url removed, login to view]) so the Code should work with this. It´s not possible to use the Arduino SDK or Nodemcu.

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    The project is based on data as input to drive the closed feedback system. The is data ( rainfall, soil moisture, humidity, date & time) drives the Arduino-dual relay module to control the opening or closing of two irrigation valves automatically which is the bases for my project. For now, there are 2 sensors namely the DHT22, soil moister sensor & a DS1307 (Real-time clock circuit ) to provide real-time and date, therefore there are 3 outputs to control the automation of solenoid valves (24Vdc-Normally closed) to supply water. The system is powered by a switch-mode power supply The problem comes with Arduino code, to run the irrigation system requires being turned on with real-time for instance by turning it valves on (2min) and off (1min) then on again, then use the two sensors to turn the system off once humidity value set or soil moisture value set is reached hence sensored by microcontroller. But once I integrate the library and codes for everything it does not function the way I want it to. To be turned on by the RTC circuit then off by initiating the two sensors I have a code that needs to be fixed that I was working with...uploaded below Need this done ASAP so I can conduct several experiments

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    arduino simple project 5 days left

    Hello, i want to make a vending machine like this : [url removed, login to view] 1. change coin acceptor to bill acceptor 2. change lcd and touch panel into windows mini pc (pipo x8) Be my mentor and code the arduino to be like this and give the list what to buy in [url removed, login to view] Thank You.

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    Arduino Uno Coms 5 days left

    Using 2 Arduino to communicates when 2 BMP180 sensors to read temperature from 1st arduino uno and transfer it to 2nd arduino uno as LCD output. C++ programming

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