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Asterisk & TDM400P issues - Asterisk (PIAF) set up outgoing Jumblo trunk Asterisk (small class project) - Asterisk + AGI party phone line project Asterisk + AsterClick + Java + PHP - Real-time Web GUI - Asterisk + Sugar CRM customisation, predictive dialer - open to bidding Asterisk + Sugar CRM customisation, predictive dialing - Asterisk , Voip, Complete Training, A2Billig Asterisk , Voip, Complete Training, A2Billigik - Asterisk - bridging call-legs with delay Asterisk - call center configuration Bucharest - Asterisk - Freepbx queue-callback Asterisk - Inbound caller ID issue - Asterisk - Simple queue like application Asterisk - Simple queue like application(repost) - Asterisk -AWS/EC2 PHP MySQL asterisk -elastix outbound routes configration - Asterisk / Elastic Based Autodialer System Asterisk / Elastix PBX System - Asterisk / IP PBX Asterisk / KIRK / QSIG / NET5 - Asterisk / Rapid / Starshop Asterisk / SER / SIP interconnect - Asterisk / Trixbox setup Asterisk / Trixbox simple call wallboard - Asterisk Final configuration - repost Asterisk 1.4.23 Need Expert view Server - Asterisk 11 AGI Call Queue Monitor xx Asterisk 11 AGI Call Queue Monitor xx -- 2 - Asterisk A2B small changes Asterisk A2Billing - Asterisk A2billing setup Asterisk A2Billing Small PBX envirment - asterisk admin Asterisk administration - Asterisk AGI Ping Script + Talking Voice Script. Asterisk AGI Prob extensions.conf - Asterisk AGI/AMI API - Jitsi Softphone Development - Lots of work available Asterisk AGI/PHP Coder Part 2 - Asterisk and A2Billing Asterisk and A2Billing - Asterisk and A2billing Modification Asterisk and A2Billing Support - Asterisk and freepbx -- 2 Asterisk and Freepbx 32 channels - ASTERISK AND LINPHONE (ANDROID) ENCRTYPED CHAT Asterisk and Lync integration Expert ASAP - Asterisk and VICIdial Tech Support Asterisk and voip - Asterisk Answering machines detecting (AMD) setting Asterisk API Integration - Asterisk attendant for pc and mac Asterisk attendant for pc and mac -- 2 - Asterisk autodialer transfer help - repost Asterisk autodialer transfer help - repost - Repost - asterisk based callback system Asterisk Based Carrier Gateway - Asterisk based PBX Asterisk based PBX config and phones setup - asterisk billing Asterisk Billing Self Service - Asterisk bluetooth solution Asterisk bluetooth Trunks chan-mobile - asterisk call centre asterisk call drop issue - Asterisk Call Recording Application Asterisk Call Recording to email - Asterisk Caller ID project Asterisk Caller ID Spoofing - Asterisk CDR and SIP/IAX2 Trunk Management Asterisk CDR Correction Script - Asterisk channel upgrade Asterisk channel upgrade (693727) - Asterisk click2call Asterisk click2call - Same again - Asterisk conector asterisk confbridge manager webapp - Asterisk Config/help Asterisk Configurat with Grandstream FXO Gateway - Asterisk Configuration Asterisk Configuration - Asterisk configuration for a CRM software Asterisk configuration for call centre - Asterisk Configuration Wizard Asterisk configuration/development - asterisk consulting Asterisk Contact Center - Asterisk Custom Extension Fix - Check Pin Against SQL Asterisk Custom Features - Asterisk Dev - repost Asterisk Dev ... - Asterisk Developer Needed Asterisk Developer needed - Asterisk development Asterisk development - Asterisk Dial Plan + Running a script Asterisk dial plan - urgent - Asterisk dialer(repost) Asterisk Dialler Developer/Engineer - Asterisk Distribution Asterisk DND button - Asterisk email to paging requirement Asterisk embedded - Asterisk Expert Asterisk Expert - ASTERISK EXPERT NEED ASTERISK Expert needed - Asterisk expert required Asterisk Expert Required - Start Working Right Away - asterisk extensions conf edit Asterisk extensions.conf modified to handle basic ivr/grps - Asterisk for hotels Asterisk Fraud Detection - Asterisk FreePBX Dialer Asterisk Freepbx Expert for Ongoing Support Programmer - Asterisk FreePBX voicemail to email Asterisk FreePbx,A2billing Installation And Configurations - Asterisk group outbound CID feature code Asterisk gsm Auto Dialer - Asterisk Guru Needed Asterisk Guru Needed - Asterisk hosted with freepbx help set up install and voip for 30 channels ** Asterisk HOTDESK - Asterisk Inbound Configuration Asterisk Inbound Configuration - open to bidding - Asterisk Install and Management System Asterisk install and setup - Asterisk Installation Asterisk Installation - Asterisk Installation and Configuration Asterisk Installation and Configuration - asterisk installtion with a2billing with transcoding ... asterisk installtion with a2billing with transcoding ... - open to bidding - Asterisk IP authentication Asterisk IP PABX Installation - asterisk ivr Asterisk IVR (payment gateway + SMS confirmation) + a2billing customer panel - Repost - ASTERISK ivr dialer - outbound Asterisk IVR DTMF AGI script - Asterisk IVR programmer Asterisk IVR programmer - asterisk job, edit dial plan, install security fail2ban Asterisk job2 - Asterisk Macro / Script Required Asterisk Macro Hotdesk - Asterisk MeetMe/Conference Asterisk Menu - ASTERISK MODULES SETUP
Asterisk modules/modifications - Asterisk need someone to setup IP Tables on PBX in a flash also add tweaks to fail2ban. asterisk new installation - asterisk on rent Asterisk on VPS installation and setup - Asterisk Outbound Dialer & Web App Asterisk outgoing script - Asterisk PBX Asterisk PBX - Asterisk PBX - a2billing webservices (for Yunas) Asterisk PBX - advice and some customisation required. - Asterisk PBX Bug fixes Asterisk PBX Call Forwarding/Lead Tracking System - Asterisk PBX Configuration utility Asterisk PBX connection button - ASTERISK PBX EN LA NUBE Asterisk PBX engineer needed - asterisk pbx installation Asterisk PBX installation & setup on OpenVZ virtual machine - Asterisk PBX Pager Dialer Asterisk PBX Phone system - Asterisk PBX Set Up Asterisk PBX Set Up For Voice Broadcasting and IVR - Asterisk PBX to Viber Calls Asterisk PBX tune up - Asterisk Peer Online Asterisk Performance Tuning - Asterisk PHP AGI Programmer Asterisk PHP Agi Record calls - Asterisk Playback Asterisk PopUP with data from asterisk - Asterisk prepaid a2billing astbill with Paypal, Asterisk prepaid Calling Card Setup - Asterisk programmer & consultant Asterisk Programmer Needed - Asterisk Project Asterisk project - Asterisk Queue Callback Freepbx Modules Asterisk Queue Dashboard - asterisk reconcimiento de voz - asterisk voz- vorepost 2 asterisk reconcimiento de voz - repost - Asterisk Reports (html) in webform Asterisk Reports and Recordings Display - Elastix - Asterisk script to detect trace calls Asterisk Script to dial numbers in text file & record outcome of connect status - Asterisk Server & Browser Sip Phone Asterisk server & GSM gateway - Asterisk Server Installation and Configuration. asterisk server maintenance - Asterisk service! Asterisk service! - repost - Asterisk Setup & ongoing support Asterisk setup / configuration - Asterisk simple dialplan asterisk simple task: setup asterisk and make a script to send a call - Asterisk sip trunk configuration Asterisk sip trunk load balancing - Asterisk specialist needed ASTERISK Speech Recognition ESPAƑOL - Asterisk Support Asterisk Support - Asterisk System auto dial Asterisk System autodial - Asterisk Telefonanlage Asterisk Telefonanlage updaten, anpassen und auf eine virtuelle Maschine oder FritzBOX - Asterisk to viber call asterisk to viber call - asterisk training and mysql new asterisk training and Prioxy Server - Asterisk Trixbox Maintenance and Intercom Solution Asterisk Trixbox modification - Asterisk Trunk Creation Asterisk Trunk for Termination - Asterisk unable to make outbound call Asterisk unanswered (lost) calls e-mail notification - Asterisk User Interface Asterisk User Interface - Re skin - Asterisk virtual Office Asterisk virtual Office - Asterisk VOIP - open to bidding Asterisk VOIP - Speech Dialler Application - asterisk voip expert full time Asterisk VoIP Gateway interfacing to GSM network AMBE+2 Codec - Asterisk Voip Server enhancements Asterisk VOIP server setup - Asterisk VPS Install Asterisk VPS Install (1102282) - asterisk webbase asterisk wertc training - Asterisk with fail2ban Asterisk with freepbx and 3G USB modems - Asterisk with LumenVox Speech Engine Asterisk with MySQL - Asterisk wth Goip gsm gateway - open to bidding Asterisk XIVO - Asterisk, A2billing and PHP developer required asterisk, a2billing install - Asterisk, Freepbx A2billing, Installation, Configuration and Training - open to bidding Asterisk, Freepbx A2billing, Installation, Configuration and Training - repost - Asterisk, Openvpn, Python, Apache Asterisk, Openvpn, Python, Apache, Php - asterisk, voip expert required Asterisk, Voip, Asterisk Expert for Calling card setup - Asterisk-Call Conference Web Sign Up ASterisk-CHAT conference room - Dll Events and IVR Flow in Dll Events and IVR Flow in - repost 2 - Asterisk/Callweaver Installation Asterisk/Cloud/Click to call - Asterisk/FrePBX Asterisk/MySQL Code Verification System - Asterisk/SBO Server [For VoIP Call Bandwidth Optimize] - repost Asterisk/SBO Server [For VoIP Call Bandwidth Optimize] - Repost - repost - Asterisk/SBO VoIP Call Bandwidth Optimize - Repost Asterisk/SBO VoIP Call Bandwidth Optimize - Repost - Asterisk/Trixbox Config Asterisk/Trixbox configuration - Asterisk/VICIdial Expert Asterisk/Vicidial installation on hosted server - asterisk: confbridge: announce ujoining and leaving user to specific channel Asterisk: Copy of - AsteriskNow 1.7_Configuration and Knowledge Transfer AsteriskNOW configuration - Asterisks based call center in Hyderabad Asterisks based PBX VOIP telephony and online stats page - asterisktunnel asteriskwin32 setup for bluetooth to send SMS - ASTERIX DIGIUM SWITCHBOARD SMB, provide, install, configure Asterix EPBX - Asterix Private Course asterix project - Asterix/ Vc Dial auto dialer configuration -- Urgent Asterix/ Vici Dial auto dialer configuration - Asteroids Asteroids - iOS Game (iPad/iPhone) - Astersik setup with Billing, Calling Card, Trunking etc Astersisk A2billing callback - astisk config and asterisk2billing3 ASTL Logo for onsitedreams - astor star Astore by amazon - ASTPP CALLING CARD - open to bidding ASTPP CALLING CARD SET UP - Astra Diesel Astra Online Project Manager - Astral Echoes