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Add a new screen to an existing iPad application - Add a new top section on our website Add a new url combination in the excel you worked before - Add a Nivoslider to an existing site Add a no-wordpress plugin into a Wordpress site - Add a Opt in Bar to a WordPress Website Add a opt in button to my blog - Add a page in a .net nuk site Add a page in a .net nuk site - repost - add a page to a website with admin add a page to a website with admin(repost) - add a page to my site wordpress Add a page to my Vistaprint website - page contains multiple swf files - Add a page to Perch CMS website & update Add a Page to React/Redux APP - add a password protect entry add a password recovery process to a my website ( - Add a payment gateway to my social network website ADD A PAYMENT GATEWAY TO MY WEBSITE - Add a Payment Plan Option to My Checkout Page Using OptimizePress/WP/Stripe Add a payment process to Wordpress that allows file uploads and option selection - add a persian language versian to wordpress site Add a persistent window mode to Ear Trumpet open source software - Add a photo gallery to my BigCommerce site Add a photo gallery to my BigCommerce site - Add a Php Mailer system to a website form Add a Php Mailer system to a website form - Add a Play button to 2 Flash animations(repost) Add a playback capability to an IAd audio widget (for IBooks) - add a pop up email subscribe type deal to my website add a pop up for my instruction site - Add a popup on Drupal site Add a popup page with T&C on current wordpress site - Add a price comparison feature to my WordPress store Add a pricing table to my wordpress template. - Add a product filter Add a product in my website - Add a project management tool to WP Site Add a project/picture gallery on my site - Add a quick function to Wordpress Theme. Add a Quick Page to my Joomla Template - Add a record to a table using Ninja Forms Add a rectangle for my text with library gd - Add a report to website with a mysql backend Add a reporting print all statement to Current Invoice Billing System - Add a Rig to my 3d Player Model for use with Mecanim in Unity 3d Add a ringtone to a digital Christmas card - ADD A SALES PHONE NUMBER TO TOP OF WORDPRESS HOMEPAGE ADD A SALES PHONE NUMBER TO TOP OF WORDPRESS HOMEPAGE -- 2 - Add a script to my wordpress site Add A Script To Wordpress Website - Add a search by user feature to my existing site Add a search database to existing PHP website - add a second and payment proccesor (skrill) to my already working site Add a second Banner option to our CMS - Add a Section to Wordpress Blog(repost) Add a Section to Wordpress Blog(repost)(repost) - Add a set of sliders to a website Add a setting to a script.stop trading if balance low - Add a shopping cart system and some products Add a shopping cart to a Drupal site - no online payment needed - customer just places order online and customer pays picks up product at the store - Add a Sidebar to a WordPress Theme Add a sidebar with categories for Event Calendar pages - Add a simple blog to my website + a form -- 2 Add a simple button from my questionactivity to my - Add a simple feature to my classified website Add a simple Feature to my Website - add a simple jquery plugin to my website Add a simple mail form to a website - Add a simple two field MySQL table and a 'Vote' button . . NOW Add a simple UI for a existing application and give support for compiling - add a size chart to the website Add a skin to a Win32 application - Add a sliding FB like box on Wordpress site Add a sliding menu to an app. - Add a small interop code addition to popular open source .Net project Add a small Javascript image edit/upload tool to a PHP/CSS website - add a sound push notifications in iPhone - repost Add a space before capital letters, - Add A Static Page to WordPress Website add a sticky footer part to prestashop - add a storefront with downloadable files upon payment to a site and/or possibly upgrade a joomla 1.5 to joomla 2.5 site but retain the look Add a style, design on my alerts in my website - add a survey poll to existing DNN site Add a survey section to our existing website (PHP/mySQL) - Add a tab to an existing web application Add a Tab to my existing website, an opt-in box and MailChimp. - Add A Template To Articles Add A Template To Articles(repost) - Add a textbox in form for add/update in existing Add a textbox in form for add/update in existing - Add a title to 2 business cards for me. Add a title, add a summary, and spin an existing article - Add a trade only section to our existing Magento website Add a trade only section to our existing Magento website -- 2 - Add a twitter feed to wordpress website. Add a twitter share button to a on-hover pretty image portfolio item - Add a user ASP.NET web page with email verification Add a user forum to my site - Add a very simple search function to my current existing website Add a very simple search function to my current existing website - Add a Video spokesperson to my website Add a video Tab to my Android app - Add a virtual tour to a wordpress website Add a visible counter to an email sending script - Add a Web View in iPhone Application Add a webform (code already created) to a wordpress site. - Add a welcome email to my registration process. add a wheel to original app - Add a widget to my navigation bar Add a widget to my website - Add a word into my logo, using the same font add a word to existing logo 5 min job - Add a Wordpress Contact Form 7 forwarder to an existing form Add a Wordpress Directory and Customize It To Work - Add a writeable field into a php file table grid Add a yelp clone user profile - add ability to change background and banner on PHP site Add ability to display previously purchased products to osc - Add abilty to create a customer quote on a php website app Add ablog in my site - Add accepted payment methods to footer of website Add access logging to COM add-in for Word - Add Account System Add Account Type/Alter Login/Registration Script/Mod_Rewrite/Smarty Script Alteration - Add action module for Magento Add Action to costume page template - Add Acuity scheduling widget to my WP website Add Acuity scheduling widget to my WP website - Add add ons and create certificate Add ADD TO CART button to RELATED products in Magento - Add additional columns with data in table ExOrders add additional contact page - Add Additional Features To A Flash Game Add Additional features to a Scraper, increase speed and move server - Add additional features to our Magento Webstore Add additional features to our oscommerce shopping cart - Add additional functionality ! Add Additional Functionality To A C# Function That Decrypts Hole Cards For A Poker Bot - Add additional functions to existing project Add additional ICON resolutions - Add Additional Options to ACF Drop Down and Edit HTML Display Based on Selection Add additional options to an already developed custom theme options panel - Add additional pricing to checkout page socalsticker Add additional query to php file - Add additional Video thumbnails to video site homepage Add Additions To Existing Website - Live Chat - Streaming - Add aditional admin users to plesk 8.6 *nix Add aditional features on an existing app - add admin panel to existing site
Add admin panel to Html / css website - Add admob ads into a android application - repost Add Admob Ads into Free iphone App - Add Admob code to unity ios app Add admob for android game (using andengine framework) - Add admob sdk to eclipse project - repost Add admob to an app written in Xcode and Eclispe - add ads admob to application Android Add Ads Admob With - Add ads to my game developed with xamarin(mono for droid) and monogame. Add ads to my small android game - Add Adsense Code in the Wordpress Theme of my Website Add Adsense Code to Blog - add adsense to wordpress Add adsense to wordpress - Remove encrypted links - add advanced search option to script Add advanced search to left column of magento site - Add advertising column and pull down menu to Invision forums Add advertising SDK (supersonic & nativeX) for Unity3D game - Add ads Add AES encryption to MySQL database on website (for sybian phone app) - Add Affiliate Links to CSV File Add Affiliate Links to Existing Website - Add affiliates to my global network marketing business Add affiliates to website - Add age verification to my website Add Agent Announcement to Queue Dial Plan - Add Ajax Call to Template Page Add Ajax Chat to my OpenCart Website / Create Gambling Script with Store Credit - Add Ajax Login ( With social Connect options) & Size Chart Add AJAX Navigation to Wordpress Website - Add AJAX to python web app Add AJAX to sliders and toggle effect to tab - Add Album & List View to my music player Add Album Art Image to MP3 File on Mac OS X - Add alert to MT4 indicator Add Alert to My Existing Metatrader 4 Indicator - Add Algorithm to Workflow SIm Add alipay for php script - Add all products in a new page and translate some field in Italian ADD ALL site modifications to MAIN theme, to child theme on YOUR local machine - Add alternative route for every destination. Add Amazon Ads - Add Amazon payment function on e-commerce system based on Symfony 1.x (Onsite in Hanoi, Vietnam) Add Amazon payment function on e-commerce system based on Symfony 1.x (Onsite in Hanoi, Vietnam) - Add Amazon Widget to Both Our Blog and Boonex Dolphin 7 Site Add AmazonS3 storage to php upload script - Add an additional 8 STR markers add an additional Access Control Level for in codeigniter - Add an affiliate program to a php script Add an Affiliate Program to an osCommerce website - Add an Api to Magento Add an app to my shopify store - Add an e-cart system to our website add an e-commerce payment system to my landing page - Add an email form to joomla Add an Email Subscriber ListServ system to my Wordpress website - Add an extension to product pages add an extension to root directory - Add an h1 to header on WP blog Add an HTML page and design an HTML e-mail START NOW !!!! - Add an Image Map to a 3Dcart store Add an image on the top of the website - Add an installer for my windows app - .exe or .msi Add an Instant Messanger in my web community - Add an onboarding screen to exisiting WebApp, a screen users see when they log in for the first time. Add an Online Booking Form to WordPress Site - Add an opt in form to my website add an option - Add an overlay to 30 second video. Add an QR scanner for my app - Add an Update Script to my current web app Add an Update Script to my current web app-1 - Add Analytics Tag/message submission system add analytics tracking to my wordpress + ninja form - ADD AND CONFIGURE TWO PLUGINS Add and connect database to new joomla site on Virtualmin - Add and develop two products properties in NopCommerce Solution add and display new information in listing - Add and Fix some Website Functionality Add and fix the functionality on the website - Add and remove events to Google Calendar and Yahoo Calendar - repost Add and remove features from my site - add and style a wordpress menu - very small quick job Add and style text to existing website HTML pages - Add Android Licensing to Eclipse Webview Project Add android native module in existing Titanium app - Add animated intro and sound to Joomla site Add animated text effects to 1 video - Add animation to logo Add animation to my real video of drive-thru location - Add annotation (text or lineshapes) to DarkroomJS plugin -- 2 Add annotation to 7 images. - add another feature to my website : Add another feature to plugin - Add another paid affiliate script/links to my existing website(repost) Add another payment function to a ready make php script - Add Apache ProxyStuff header and footer to Apache reverse proxy add apache virtual host - Add Api instagram Add API Integration on a website - Add API to our installer Add API to Templatic GeoPlaces V4 Theme - Add Apple Pay To Website & Test Android Pay On Website Add appliances to empty kitchen jpeg - Add AppRate To my Android source code Add appropriate Gallery to Wordpress - Add Arabic language option Add Arabic language support to a small wordpress site - Add archive mod to phpbb forum Add archivemod to phpbb forum - Add around 500 Woocommerce grocery products Add around 75 items to Wordpress Gallery - Add articles to aweber and blogs Add articles to blogger and volusion site - add asp backend and Ajax to allow quick schedule modifications Add ASP calendar application to page - Add at least 5,000 connections to my LinkedIn account Add Atachment for PHP Form - add attachments to client records in our custom site Add attachments to outgoing email in Wordpress - Add attributes in Magento marketplace Add attributes on Prestashop database or MySQL - add audio and sounds on 4:00 minutes animation vedio add audio and video chat to php text chat script - Add audio player to existing iOS app Add audio player to existing iOS app (Swift) - Add Audio To Site Homepage Add audio to text project - Add Auth user name to linephone for Android2 Add Auth-Only to web Signup - Add author link to Joomla library page Add Author Photo & Name in Wordpress Text Box - Add to Photography website - repost Add to RSForm Pro web form - Add auto parts to eBay Motors store Add auto populate list to BreezingForms - Add Auto-Suggest Text Field to Woocommerce checkout Add auto-zoom and selection of marker based on PHP $_GET[id'] passed to map.php - Add automatic country selection on my site Add Automatic Functions in our CMS - Add Autorenew Option to Admin Panel for Roommates Site Add Autoresponder Code + Fix IE Problem - Add AVReloaded playlist feature to 2.5 component Add AVReloaded playlist features to 2.5 component - Add AWStats to website Add Azure Push Notification to IOS App - Add backdrop and shapes support to scatter plot - ongoing work Add backend database support to my Muse built website - add background and logo