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Add appointment booking plugin & page to Wordpress site - Add Approximately 1400 Hi Res Photos to Existing Products on Volusion Platform, Add Approximately 200 new products. - repost Add apps to a Shopify store - add arabic text to a banner (psd) file Add Arabic text to a Illustrator Design - Add around 1000 woocommerce grocery products - Repost Add around 1000 woocommerce grocery products - Repost - open to bidding - Add article about profile in wikipedia - 2 Add article system and CKeditor to website - Add articles to Wordpress site. Add Artist Friends at profile Full Time Job - Add Asset Data To Beta Product (Smartphone with data plan required) Add Assignment Overlay Function - Add attachment field to PHP form code Add attachment field to PHP form code(repost) - Add Attribute to Google Product Data Feed! Fix Broken Link! ADD ATTRIBUTE TO MAGENTO - Add auction feature to my existing website Add Auction Script To Website - Add audio function for AVS Video Script Smarty PHP Add Audio function to Existing Windows App - Add audio to 9 (1 hour) video clips Add audio to a mov file - Add Augmented Reality to an existing app Add Augmented Reality to an existing app - Add authentication to a VB6 WMI function Add authentication to already existing app with backend database - Add logo to Footer and Shopping cart add on my site - add auto copy paste & submit feature to listing page Add Auto Find server to client - Add Auto-Language Translate Function to Wordpress Plugin Add Auto-Language Translate to Wordpress Plugin - Add autocomplto my php site search box Add autocroll (scrollspy) and get back to the top button to website - Add Automatic Update Check Option in My APP! Add Automatic Vertical Scrolling on School Reading Activity C# - add avatar option so users can upload their avatars Add Avatar to users page - Add aweber opt-in form to a banner Add aweber optin code to my html squeeze page.. - Add back-end code to HTML+JS + angularjs site Add back-ground to web site - add background audio player add background audio player2 - Add background image to website add background image to website - Add Background remove function into my app (solution : Grabcut algorithm) add background sound - Add backlinks to Arabic website (URL) Add backlinks to optimized site - Add Banner add banner - Add Banner on a wordpress website Add banner on Magento Category page - add banner to wordpress Add banner to Wordpress RSS feed - Add banners to images, shown in ColorBox(wordpress) Add Banners to index, view forum and view topic pages - add barcode facility Add barcode for invoices and packing slips - Add basic authentication to mini webserver Add Basic Chord Accompaniment Notation To Gregorian Chant - Add basic UI function to AS3 project. Add basic VOIP functionality to an iOS App - Add bespoke functions to wordpress instalation Add bespoke functions to Wordpress Template - Add Billing method on wordpress Add Billing Opennebula - Add BitCoin Payment option to website. Add Bitcoin Payment Solution - add bleed and check size of artwork ready for print - easy job Add BLEED and CROP MARKS to 3 PSD Files - Add blog to my current site Add Blog - Word Press - Add blog feature, fix forms and validate to W3C - repost Add blog feed to user profiles wordpress buddypress - Add blog page to shopify store Add Blog page to website and make some corrections. - Add Blog to existing Site. Add Blog to Existing Website - Add blog to my website Add Blog to my Wordpress - Add Blog to WordPress Website following the Documentation Attached Add blog widget to Wordpress theme - Add Bluetooth functionality to a solar display Add bluetooth keyboard input to existing IOS app - Add bold text to CS-Cart header - 11/11/2016 03:22 EST Add Bone For 3D character - Add booking widget (HTML code) to Shopify website Add booking widget to homepage of WP website - Add Bootstrap to 3-5 HTML pages Add Bootstrap to Existing Website - add br to php script add as payment gatway to my website - Add browser based mobile upload capability to website Add Browser Push Notification To My website - Add Bullet effect on Video Add bullet points to product description - Add Business Locations using Google Map Maker Add Business logo, description, video from admin area in website - Add button and Quantity Box in CS-Cart site in category page only Add Button and screen to ios app - Maximum $50 - Add Button into application Add button layer in flash banner - root clickTAG function - 15 minutes work - add button to mobile phone desktop Add button to MS Access form - Add buttons to a wordpress page with a shotcode (Please read the project description before placing a bid.) Add buttons to add/subtract rows - Add buy now button to woocommerce custom template Add buy Sell to the MT4 Indicator - Add caching to my rss.php file and make it only show the last 20 items Add caching to the existing video library and set it up as for requirements - Add calendar plugin to wordpress site (map view) Add calendar recurrence of fullCalendar plugin for lukeyan - Add call function JS in animation Flash add call statisics to a plugin - Add candle close confirmation Add candle close confirmation to existing EA - add captcha add captcha - Add captcha field Add CAPTCHA field on Contact Us page to Stop Spam - Add CAPTCHA on additional Form Add CAPTCHA on website form - Add CAPTCHA to ASP form Add CAPTCHA to ASP form -- 2 - Add Captcha to Existing Form Add captcha to existing form - Add Captcha to Form, Drupal 6.x Add Captcha to Form, php and cold fusion form - Add captcha to matukio component Joomla Add CAPTCHA to my online contact form - Add captcha to signup perl form Add Captcha to simple contest site - Add captcha to wordpress php form Add CAPTCHA to wordpress website form - Add Captions to Video Add captions to video(s) using simple online system ! - Add Carousel to Wordpress Header Add cars from csv into my site - add cash wallet in opencart add cashU to my website - Add categories to a joke app Add categories to CMS for Newsletter - add category drown down to series add category for site - Add Category to Wordprss site
Add Catergories to my Wordpress template - Add certain functions to the MVC website. Add certain promo to products on magento - mix and match promotion - Add changes to a task website Add changes to current website template - Add Character and Word Count Function To A Microsoft Word Doc Template Add Character To Existing Cocos2d Game - Add Chartboost and iOS7 support to our iOS app add chartboost to my gonga android game - add chat messaging like in freelancer site to my website Add Chat room to Site - Add Chatting, Social share functions to my app Add check all / uncheck all buttons to application - Add CheckBox to GirdEx Add checkbox to Joomla Search form - add checkout to site Add checkout to website - Add Christmas decoration to website Add Christmas Hat to the TideWater Logo - Add cities to a list of coutries in a WP plugin Add cities to a list of coutries in WP classipress - Add CKEditor to Admin Area Add Clam Coin Payment Option(Bitcoin like currency) - Add CleanSheets functionality Add CleanSheets functionality -- 2 - Add clickable link to Youtube video Add clickable links to tablet and phone adverts - Add ClickTag to Flash Banners Add ClickTags to a Couple of Flash files - repost - Add Close Button to windows taskbar button Add closed caption to a full length movie - Add CMS Content Management System add cms feature to a static website using or Dotnetnuke - Add CMS to existing website Add CMS to exsiting website and Database Elements - add code for 3 companies as discussed amd fix issues as discussed Add code for badges to Wordpress template - Add code to a wordpress website Add Code to Adroll section of Direct Paint - Add Code To Mac Software Add Code to MS Access To Close Out Users Who Are Inactive - Add code to shopify template to for app to work Add code to sidebar of website - Add Codecanyon CSS templates (menus, navigation, visual effects, etc.)to HTML5 websites add codes and cache mechanism - Add coldfusion pagnition to existing application pages Add Collapsable DIV to HTML - Add color filter in my website Add color graphics to jpeg for Facebook profile - Add color to drawings - open to bidding Add color to illustrations - Add color/pizzaz to this logo Add Color/Size Option in Opencart Site - Add colour to handdrawn images of fantasy adventure characters Add Colour versions of the bore cover images you made for me. - Add column to Product line Add column to website and cms admin - Add Command Line Parameter To Existing C# Application Add command on Linux server /etc/ - Add commenting to Movable Type 3.2 site Add commenting to Movable Type 3.2 website - add comments section and news section to existing website Add comments section to lyrics site - ADD Communication Platform (Quickblox etc) To Existing PHONEGAP app Add Community Builder features like facebook to joomla - Add Company Logo to High Resolution Apparel Images add company logo to project - Add completed/non completed filter and button to existing wordpress theme Add complex features to app. Awarded coins for registration, push notification etc. - add condition to macro Add conditional logic to Plugin form - Add Constraints to iPhone Storyboard project Add Contact and pay link on email - Add contact form to an existing page Add Contact form to Bootsrap - Add contact information to spreadsheet provided. Add contact information to spreadsheet provided. -- 2 - Add Contact Us page to my website Add contact us page to my website with captcha - Add Content & Menu to Google Maps Add content (from a file) to a file (html file) based on user selection of radiobuttons/checkboxes - Add content and effects to a short Promo Video Add content and expand on a template for a WordPress site... - add content and users Add content and Virtuemart to Joomla template already loaded on server - Add Content from old site to new WordPress Site Add Content From Old Website To Wordpress - Add Content Links to 4 Sites Add content management dashboard and landing page for research - Add Content provided by me to my websites Add Content Slider/Rotater to HTML Website - Add content to a website and make some changes in it Add content to a website using a CMS - add content to a wordpress theme Add content to a wordpress website - add content to blog Add content to Blog - Add content to existing article - Body Building Supplements Add content to existing Drupal site - Add content to health directory website Add content to home page on Wordpress from another site - Add Content to Joomla Site Add content to joomla site - Add content to my Magento website Add Content to my Site - Add Content to New WP website from OLD website Add Content to one Page in Wordpress - Add content to site Add content to site - Add Content To Web Site From PDF File Add content to webpage - Add content to website. Add content to word-press website and minor template changes - Add content to Wordpress site Add content to Wordpress site - Add content to Wordpress website + CSS3 transitions (Today!) Add content to Wordpress website + CSS3 transitions (Today!) -- 2 - Add Contents (written words, pictures, videos) to WordPress Site & User Registration. Add Contents (written, pictures, videos) to WordPress Site & Registration. - Add contents to my wordpress shop, add music articles to blog add contents to new whmcs themes and udapt colors shema - Add contribution to creloaded oscommerce templates Add Contribution to OsCommerce Site - Add Conversion Points to Existing Template Add Conversion tracker script to existing website - add cookie to javascript popup add cookie to javascript popup - Add coova chilli or similar to my already running freeradius server add coppermine gallery to phpnuke website - Add correct html tags to link website to G+ authrship and publisher. Add correct Path (link) - add counter to ASP form Add counter to listings - Add couple of webpages in my website. Project for SRV Media. Add Coupon box in OsCommerce - Add Coupon Payment to a php script Add coupon support to current shopping cart - Add Craigslist Clone Software to my site. Add Craigslist posting feature to Joomla RD Autos component - Add Credit Card and Bank Wire payment gateway options. add credit card and paypal logos - Add Credit Card processing to Japanese site Add Credit card simbol close to the paypal button to make visible the credit car optio - Add CRM to an existing WordPress websitei add cron - Add CRUD operations to Existing MVC Project Add CRUD to a NodeJS API - Add css design to a gravity form in wordpress 2