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Add Interactivity to Career Site - Add international countries to website -- 2 Add international countries to website -- 3 - Add into an existing upload script an video option Add Into and Otro to my video - Add Inventory Tracking Component to Existing HTML/PHP Website Add Inventory WooCommerce (Wordpress) - add invoicing and billings to kayako fusion Add Invoicing Functionality to PHP Website Backend - Add IP authentication to PERL simple socks 5 server script Add IP env_report function to Perl Order Form Suite - Add iPad TouchScreen swipe function to prettyPhoto image gallery Add iPad Universal to existing iOS iPhone (4/5) app - Add IPtables and Fail2ban on freepbx and goautodial servers (2 servers) Add IPtables for my Dedicated Server - Add italian fans to Facebook fan page. Add ITBMS (taxes) calculation - Add items on website Add items on website - add items to ios app Add items to Kaboodle - Add items to Shopify site Add items to Shopping Cart - Add J query function in existing applicaiton and fix some issue Add Jackpot function. Tablet Functionality and Chartboost integration. - Add Java Features to a game Add java functions to wpdatatables in WordPress - Add javascript code to my Prestashop all web pages Add javascript countdown to my page - Add JavaScript Play/Stop to our simple Flash player Add Javascript program and more customisation to an existing website - Add javascript to signup form Add javascript to simple html form - Add Job Filter Options To Website Add Job flow tab to existing job editor - Add Joomla Blog to Existing website Add joomla blog to my website - Add JoomlaComment to SOBI2 entries Add Journal board in Dating Website - add jquery colorpicker add jquery colorpicker - Repost - Add Jquery Layout and Forms to a Zend Framework Website Add jQuery Lightbox to ASP.NET MVC project - Add Jquery Slideout Feedback Form Add JQuery Slider & CSS fixes - Add JQuery tooltip bubble to Product attribute description on Wordpress Add jquery tooltip to flag images. - Add JS Copy PAste Function to multiple Elements Firefox Add JS for signup form - Add Jw player to my website Add jwplayer flash player to my website - Add keyword to product titles & descriptions Add Keyword, Data Source, Priority tools to tt-rss - Add Keywords\Tags for Videos in CMS Add Kinect Features into Existing Flash Game - Add labels to my 3D model Add labels to the buttons inside my app - Add language and more improvments Add Language Declaration to Website HTML / PHP Pages (CMS) - Add Language to Joomla websie Add language to Software - Add languages to wordpress theme add languge to website - ADD LAUGH TRACKS TO 20 MIN COMEDY PODCAST Add Launch/Navigation Header Images and QR Scanner to Existing IOS/Androids App Templates - Add Lazy Load and Responsive Add lazy load to my wordpress - Add leaderboard to my website Add leaderboard to Wordpress design - Add levels to developed game Add levels to ios game - Add light box to 2 web pages Add light box to image slider - Add LightBox to CreLoaded 6.2 B2B Add lightbox to Creloaded 6.3 - Add Like Box to Facebook Fanpage Add like button and fans to our Facebook page. - add limitation to ip on email subscription field (; ruby on rails add limited licenses feature to Expert adviser in MT4 - add link button as attached snapshot. Add link capability to Flash image gallery - Add Link to Flash (easy project) Add link to Flash Banners - Add link to website button when data comes up from MySQL Add link to wordpress form - Add Linkedin URLs to spreadsheet. Add LinkedIn user authentication to website - Add links to 10 or so Youtube videos. Add links to 10 or so Youtube videos. - Add links to Mega Menu in BigCommerce Add links to Menu buttons of PHP web site - Add links to site navigation Add Links to sites - Add list of countries to database Add list of countries to database(repost) - Add listings and pictures -- 2 Add listings and pictures -- 3 - Add listings to my website Add listings to my website -- 2 - add live chat on my website add live chat support to website / easy copy and paste code to HTML to the pages / there will be some more small things to work like reposition category menu. - Add live streaming capabilities and rtmp server to a website Add live streaming capabilities to existing iOS app and android app with the ability to also post the stream to Facebook via rtmp. - add liveperson infobox to oscmax website add livestreaming to mobile app and connect app to website - Add Local Dirctories sites to Senuke XCR - Via script recorder - open to bidding Add Local Directories sites to Senuke XCR Google Places Module - Via script recorder - Add location tags to photos Add location tags to photos - Add logging to existing code Add Logging to HR Application - Add logic to scraping script -- 3 Add logic to student email - Add Login Feature to MVC Application -- 2 Add Login Feature to Ringtone APP and fix features - add login system to our website Add Login to a Program - Add login with Facebook & Twitter and more Add login with facebook and Google functionality to website in Node js - Add logo + custom menu to wordpress theme Add logo and audio to explainer - Add logo and white border to 6 styling pivtures ADD logo create - add logo to a video add logo to a website - Add logo to InDesign files and create PDF's add logo to index picture and main picture - Add Logo to Photo (with screenshots) Add Logo to Photo's - Add logo to videos Add Logo to Website - Add logos & text to web site HTML/Flash website Add logos and install extension to Magento - Add Lot# to invoice+picking slip Add Loud Sound To Our CraftySyntax Live Help Chat - Add magazine content to a website Add magazine content to a website -- 2 - Add Magento products to google shopping Add Magento products and attributes - Add Mailchimp code into wordpress 1 minute job (5$ MAX) Add Mailchimp Form to Header - Add mailing service to android application Add mailing to an ASP MVC application using sendgrid, mailchimp or mailjet. - Add manufacturer logo to category page Virturemart -- 2 Add manufacturer products to website - Add Mapbox to PrestaShop Add Maps Function on Vtiger - Add marketplace sections on google Add marketplaces to my magneto website. - Add Master / Slave Contribution (PCP)
add master login to php script - Add mb.YTPlayer plugin to wordpress website Add MD5 Check to my php code - Add me 500 facebook friends Add me 500 facebook friends - Repost - Add me on skype Add Me on Skype for Project: ShaddyMzeghet - add media queries to a website Add media scan/scanner function to our app - Add members area to existing website Add members Avatar & some changes - Add Membership features to BuddyPress Site Add membership in WordPress site - Add Memebership Module add memes to my image - add menu footer to my website add menu fuction "Add Text" in my code app (Eclipse) - Add menu to existing program - Delphi - repost Add menu to existing website - Layered PSD will be provided. PSD -> HTML - Add messaging and multi-language support to 'Superlist' Wordpress theme, create "I'm Attending" function/sections for Events Add messaging feature to existing android app - Add Meta Tags to existing website SEO Add Meta Tags to my PHP site and make sure all links are working fine - Add metatags, title and SEO friendly urls to exited script Add method of payment for Magento - add microformats to site Add microPDF417 to quaggaJS - Add Misc contributions to OScommerce Add missing "Discount Amount" into Admin "Add new order" - Add Miva Shopping Cart Functions Add mixpanel tracking event into my Django project template - Add mobile gestures to image instance Add Mobile Landing Page Image to Our Website - Add mobile responsive support to an existing webpage Add mobile responsive website to existing website - add mod_pagespeed to a Bluehost WHM Add Mod_Rewrite to foum - Add modifications to already made video. Add modifications to an already existing app - 06/12/2016 16:23 EST - Add module in my exciting website add module in oscommerce and make it work - Add Module to osCommerce add module to php website - Add modules to existing application and revamping the architecture Add modules to existing phonegap application - Add moneybookers as payment system to youfiverr Add moneybookers in magento website - Add more an exchange to BitcoinBeeper Add more animation and texture on blender file 3D Modelling - Add more content Add more content (free public restrooms) to my database - add more feathers for my website Raj (Jsr3) add more feature on a php script - Add more features to a custom built PHP based application add more features to already developed tool - Add more features/functionality to a WordPress website. Add more fields from database on editproduct page - Add more functionalities to PHP, MYSQL application Add more Functionality into my Android application - Add more funtionality on the Website Add More Game Descriptions To My Site - Add more pages and content to existing site Add more pages in website need to be done in 3 Hours!!! - Add more round robin groups to kontakt interface - KSP Add MORE SEARCH FILTERS on select boxes - Add more trading pairs to BitcoinBeeper Add more traffic to my FB Page - Add motion or action movement to my iweb/MAC portfolio Add motion to a few simple compositions - Add moving Images to the website & linking HMTL pages together to get a link Add Mower product line to Wordpress site for website - Add MPU6050 IMU support and inverted pendulum control code to STM32F4 based controller Add MQTT/HTTP client to STM32F4 Discovery using GPRS - add multi day reservation, blocked (blackout) reservation and e-mail notification to working JONGman component for Joomla 2.5 Add multi file fields and progress bar to upload form - Add multi threading to existing python code Add multi user funtio to script - add multilaguage plugin to my website Add Multilanguage - Add Multilingual Support to PefexCRM add multimedia blog to existing flash site - Add multiple 'related' or 'featured' posts (with thumbnail) to static homepage add multiple api account on sms php script - Add multiple friends Add multiple image upload in admin web panel so in can interact with the app.. - Add multiple product inquiry function Add multiple product inquiry function (request quote list) to the customized products page - add multipule graphs and feed options in php emoncms system Add Multisite function to existing wordpress - Add Music Links to Site add music off button to flash intro - Add music to flash file Add music to flash slideshow - Add Music to your Movies/Video Add Music Tracks - add my apps to your live apps on app store Add my article to wikipedia - Add my coupon code to 200+ sites Add my credit card processor to my website - add my header to my shopping cart Add My HTML Code/Page In My WordPress Homepage - Add my logo to videos videos Add my Mac as a Jenkins Node - ADD My PRODUCT TO AMAZON WISHLIST - repost 2 ADD My PRODUCT TO AMAZON WISHLIST - repost 3 - Add my site to DMOZ plus ADD MY SITE TO GOOGLE - Add my website into your google merchant and adwords Add my website to Bing and Yahoo - Add Myspace Friends Add Myspace Friends - Add N-Tier Architecture to an existing C# ASPX program Add NAB payment to OpenCart - Add narration buttons to Book App in XCode Add Narrow Search Result's to my website - Add navigation to site Add navigation to slideshow - add new features,images in android app add new features,images in android app -- 2 - Add new articles to prestashop website Add new attribute to existing entity - Add new characters and arena to my game add new class to make torus (c++) - add new content type Add new copy to website - Add new design to back end Add new design to back end - repost - add new embedded player to musicbox add new embedded player to musicbox - urgent - Add New Feature in the Site - Urgent add new feature on alacarteachers - add new feature to classified script PHP/MYSQL add new feature to EA - add new feature to my website add new feature to my website - Add New Features and Change UI to existing App Add new features and corrections to MVC Application - Add New Features in Email Template Builder - Part 3 add new features in exist YuSic app - Add new features to a website Add new features to a website - Add New Features to Android Game Add new features to application - Add new features to existing CMS mockup Add new features to existing Cordova App - Add New Features to Existing uBot Source Code add new features to existing VB software - Add new features to Musicbox latest version Add new features to Musicbox version 2.3.4 - Add new features to Musicbox version 2.3.4(repost)(repost)(repost)