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Add new fields to k2 in Joomla - add new forms to an existing site Add New forms to xCode project - Add New Function to existing php - pdo - json - mysql chat script Add new function to existing web site - Add new functionality add new functionality - Add new functionality to my app Add new functionality to our existing iOS app - Add new functions in Music Community Website Add new functions on course componente - Add new functions to store in php Add new functions to website - Add new geo location functionality to app Add new GPS product to main Page & create new details Page - Add New Inventory to Amazon SellerCentral Add New Inventory to Amazon SellerCentral - Add new link and page on website add new links missing in link market 1 - Add New Menu To Existing Webpage Add new menu to Wordpress site - Add New Modules - php codeigniter expert needed Add new modules and features in PhoneGap iPhone and iPad App (only for coders that know PhoneGap!) - Add new or improve features to job board site Add new order options in magento store - Add new page to joomla and re-active button. Add New page to my website - Add new pages on Wordpress website Add new pages to an exisiting Joomla website - Add New Payment Gateway Event Espresso Add New Payment Gateway to Active Merchant - Add new piezoelectric Material to COMSOL Add new Piezoelectric Material to COMSOL -- 2 - Add new products to Custom Shopify theme. Add new products to ecommerce database - Add New Project Task function in workflow when project task is completed. Add New Questions To Trivia iPhone App - add new screens with menu and list of youtube videos in existing app Add new seaction - add new server a my script xvideosharing - open to bidding add new shiping address in joomla virtumart - Add New Structure Captcha in out API Captcha Server add new super administrator in database - joomla - add new text to flash movie. Add new texts and videos in home page and in other languages pages. Speed up site plugins installation, Banner installation plugin and set up, - Add new trunk to A2billing Add New Twitter Followers - Fast & Easy Project - Add new Verified installer module to Add new video trailer - Add newest Indian state to Naturalearth shapefile Add newletter and youtube extenstions to Opencart website - Add news filter to existing indicator Add news Filter to existing Metatrader 4 EA Robot - Add Newsletter functionality to website Add newsletter functionality to website - Add NHL Teams to Project Add NIC to Xen - Add Nominet EPP to AWBS Add non-native Wifi Settings to App - Add Notifications (for Truong) - repost Add notifications for mail - Add objects (plants) on a single picture Add objects from multiple images to the photos in photoshop - Add office furniture from your asset to a 30 sec 1080 HD clip and render again. Add offline capability to phonegap app with SQL Lite and MySQL sync - add on a product category that are not affected by blackout dates Add on a right column with 4 modules in there (2 counter for Funds, 1 gift certificate and 1 for tracking number) - Add on EA 30 Add on email, registration verification to my site - Add on for current wordpress Add on for email-ticket system (PHP, MySQL) - Add on for website for Risalat1 add on for whatsapp - Add On Module for CS Cart 2.2.1 Add on module for Magento Cart System - Add on script to track stock selection game Add on secret deal icon + pop up form - Add on to current Add on to current Joomla site - add on to exitsting project - booking add on to inventory program - Add on to website add on to wordpress - Add On: Pick Operating System Add Onboard Github File to current app - Add one feature into Magento Add one feature on order import and solve a bug on a Magento Module - Add One In-App in my Android Phonegap app Add one layer for current graphic work - Add one new function on my eCommerce Website Add one new page to an existing wordpress site - Add One Page to Website Add one page to Wikipedia - Arabic - Add one slider according to PSD and check with retina ready Add one small feature in the plugin Restrict Content - Add online games to my gaming website Add online gift card ordering to website in time for holidays - Add online show entry system with payment gateway interface to existing website Add online signup via existing website - Add ons for shopping site add ons on existing app - Add oogle Conversion Code to OpenCart Add opacity layer selection to background image in first section / page - Add opencart site mobile friendly Add OpenCart to website, html is already done - Add option Change Color of bubbles (Live Wallpaper) Add option displays after a few seconds wordpress plugin - Add option to existing MT4 Expert Advisor add option to flash program - Add Options and fix tabs and url issue Add Options and fix tabs and url issue - open to bidding - Add options to search in my webpage Add options to search page in Classic ASP page and fix minor bug - add or mirror sample copy site(repost) Add or Modified Liquid coding - Add order type form to Joomla site Add ordering page - add OSM tile to google maps flash api Add osnap functionality to gCADPlus - Add our company to Wikipedia Add our company to Wikipedia - Add our link in your websites!! Add our link in your websites!! -- 2 - Add our new logo to website and change background color. Add our product photos to stock images of homes/businesses - Add output file splitting to rtmpdump Add Outros (Endings) to Short Videos Which Promote Our Social Media Profiles - Add owl carousel Slider 2.0 to my site Add owl carousel Slider 2.0 to my site - Add Padfile Like Info for ~650 Pieces of Freeware Add page (gift registry) to shopify store - Add page or 3 columns to wordpress homepage Add page preloader effect to website - Add Page to existing PHP/AJAX site Add page to existing web site from PSD - responsive - Add page to web site, renewal details Add page to Website - add page wordpress -work 5min only!!! Add Page(s) to Website - Add pages -Website for INSTITUTE Add Pages / Products to Our Blog - WordPress Experts Where are You? - Add pages design to our website (Russian) Add Pages In A Wordpress Theme - Add pages to a wordpress Add Pages to Adobe - Add pages to existing website Add pages to existing website - Add Pages to Joomla Website Add pages to - Add pages to site and credit card pay process
add pages to the site - Add pages to Wordpress site add pages to worpress - Add Pagination Plugin to Smarty Template Add Pagination Support to PHP Script - Add PagSeguro payment gateway for phpFox Add PagSeguro payment gateway for phpFox 4.5.1 - Add parallax effect to my background. Add Parallax Element - Add PARSE database to wordpress database Add Parse Push to PhoneGap app - Add Password Field to Wordpress Register Pop-Up Window add password login function to wordpress site - add password to website Add Password-Protect to PHP project - Add pay-per-lead feature to our site - ongoing work Add Payfast payment gateway to WP Rentals - Add payment features on iPhone app Add payment function in current website - ADD payment gateway /FIX some bugs PHP Script add payment gateway alertpay to prestoshop website - add payment gateway to angular app Add payment gateway to classipress - Add payment gateway to Wordpress Multi job theme (6h) Add Payment Gateway to Wordpress Plugin - Add payment method in Opencart Add Payment Method on a SpreeCommerce online store - Add payment processor And recurring billing Add payment processor as discussed - Add payment system to page ( Paypal , credit card , bank transfer , cash after delivery (italy only) ) Add payment system to website - ebay like website - Add paypal direct payment for only one of our website service Add paypal direct payment in only one of our website service - Add paypal and credit card Gateway and fixed all pages to be responsive ...( Expert Codeigniter) Add paypal and credit card payment gateway. - Add PayPal Automatic billing to custom PHP (code ignitor) shopping cart Add Paypal bussines solution for web-service - Add PayPal checkout Add PayPal checkout - Add PayPal Express Checkout to Interspire Shopping Cart Add PayPal Express Checkout to Interspire Shopping Cart - Add PayPal IPN to Application(repost) (303033) add paypal links, credit card link to shopping cart - Add Paypal payment gizmo to existing site Add Paypal payment link on website - add paypal processing to form add Paypal Rest API to my existing chrome extension and website - Add Paypal to an OsCommerce website Add Paypal to Codeigniter - Add Paypal to PHP ADD PAYPAL TO PHP LINK POSTS - Add PaySafeCard to my checkout form add PaysBuy into existing project - add pdf file to static html page add pdf files to a form - Add PDF's and correlated pricing for Suzuki Outboard engines - open to bidding Add PDF's to a site. - Add People on Twitter from Company Account Add people to a photograph - add persistent heap to freeplane mind mapper Add person into pictures - Add Phone Number Add Phone Number and E-Mail Address to the top menu bar of my website - Add phone number to registration options Add phone number to registration options - Add Phone verification using an API to existing C# .NET & Angular JS Website + More future work Add phone, email verification plugins and create payment milestone system - Add photo cms to Add Photo contest on my facebook page - Add photo gallery, fix lightbox & site cleanup add photo gallery,penpal,capture email and send newsletter - Add Photo Upload to Simple PHP system (which is already created) Add Photo Upload to Wordpress Site - add photos to a web page Add photos to AE video template - Add Photoshop effects to pictures add php (code) to Wordpress site - add php code at the beginning of each account on server Add php code on widget of a ranking basketball - add php file upload to a web page Add PHP File/Source to a website - Add PHP pages Add PHP pages to Wordpress site and link it - add php to my small website Add PHP to User Interface Script - ADD PHYSICAL MAILING ADDRESSES FOR EMPLOYEES (18a - IC) Add Physical Mailing Addresses for Employees (18b - IC) - Add picture and adjust PHP just a bit. Add picture and emoji ability to comment area on my website - Add picture to website Add picture to Wikipedia article - Add pictures to articles and post them into wordpress Add pictures to articles and post them into wordpress. - Add pictures to Open Cart ADD PICTURES TO SHOPIFY - Add PinIt Button to gallery images within Oshin Wordpress theme add pinpayements to previous work - Add places on google maps Add Plagiarism functionality in my custom php website - Add plays to counter - NEW Music Player Myspace Freelancers Add Plex Channels to a database - Add Plugin - Jquery Bulk Image Upload to Joomla Component - DJ Classified Add Plugin Android - Add plugins to a word press website Add plugins to a zen cart website, and overall check. - Add pointer functionality to Bones compiler Add POINTS AND REWARDS to CRE loaded 6.4 - Add pop out image gallery to site !urgent! add pop unders and banners - Add pop-up for Sign in Vtiger 6.1 Add pop-up form to button on web page - Add popup notification functionality to an Adobe Fillable Form Add popup on wordpress site - Add Portfolio Category Pages To Wordpress Add portfolio items to a WordPress site - Add post code search to home page Add post data to MySQL and configure server - Add postal feature to website plus modification to an icon. - open to bidding Add postback system for HasOffers & Cake Marketing On AlstraSoft Affiliate Software - Add Poster Needed Craigslist add poster needed for craigslist - Add posting Add posting - Add posting backpage Add posting "Clad Genius" software setup - Add posting on a site. three times a day 7 days a week - open to bidding add posting on backpage - need poster - Add Posting With A Brand New Vision Add Posting work (Online) - Add posts to my forum Add posts to photo blog - Add Premium Features to my Website add premium features to the theme - Add previous_post() and next_post() to my wordpress theme Add Price Based Search Functionality For Cre-Loaded Store - Add prices to a PDF catalogues Add prices to Jigoshop variations - Add Print and Save Functions To PDF Add PRINT Button to Flash File - Add print/pdf/email functionality to Joomla articles #2 Add printer driver to an existing web print server. - Add Pro Theme To WP Add probabilities and simulate button - Add Product Attribute Picture in my OSC template-product info page. Add Product Attribute Picture to my OSC template-product info page - Add product description + images to Woocommerce products Add Product Description to the Variants in my shopify site - Add product from Wholesale Website 3 Add Product Identification to Ebay listings, find duplicate listings and correct - Add product images to a website