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Add modal pop-up form - Add Modifications to live project add modifications to php ajax chat room script - Add module on joomla 3.x template Add module position in opencart - Add module to website Add Module- gift certifcate/ Add 1 Customized Product - Add Modules to OSCommerce Add Modules to OsCommerce - add monitoring of the exchange Add monitter widget to - Add more categories to existing Wordpress website. add more cateory in currently Wordpress theme - Add more Detail and depth to the colored drawing Add More Detailed Registration Form to Joomla Site - Add more feature to my keylogger.. Add More Feature to my Site - Add more features to Authority Engage Add more features to existing add in - Add more fields to my page Add more fields to Opencart address book & autocomplete on checkout page - Add More Functions Add more functions on Wordpress Template - Add more language features to my Monologue for ''Mice and Men'' -- 2 Add more languages to Wordpress website - Add more photos to the banner (urgent) add more phys - Add more textboxes to a functional ajax script Add more than 1 product to the basket in product page - Add mosule cass suffix joomla 2.5 template Add motion capture data to 3D model - Add Movie and Music Playlist to Flash Site Add Movie and Music to Flash Page - Add MP3 Player to my webpage. Add Mp3 player to website easy project - Add MT4 code to EA Add MT4 EA trading logic around an existing indicator - Add Multi Login Types to existing PHP site Add multi player mode (Game Center) to simple iOS game (Cocos2D) - Add multi-language interface to an AuroraGPT script Add Multi-Language Support to our Site - add multilanguages on Joomla based site Add multilangual setup - Add multiplayer functionality, change design, and add some new features to my game. Add multiplayer functionality, change design, and add some new features to my game. -- 2 - Add multiple currency select option to search box Add multiple currency select option to search box -- 2 - Add multiple items to cart (wordpress page, not using WooCommerce) Add multiple items to cart page - add multiple shipping charges to magento multi store Add multiple small Angular.js components to existing project - Add music and sound effects add music and sound effects to an edited comedy youtube clip with no sound - Add music to a go pro video Add music to a powerpoint - Add Music to PowerPoint(repost) Add music to shopify store - Add my admob to android app game and little graphic modification Add my adsense code to about 150 html pages. easy work. - Add my client's to directories, social media and more Add my company details in wikipedia - Add my friend in to a photo ASAP! :) add my friend to my groups - Add My Logo To Current Header & Center Align The Nav Menu Page Links Add My Logo To Current Header & Center Align The Nav Menu Page Links - ADD My PRODUCT TO AMAZON WISHLIST - repost ADD My PRODUCT TO AMAZON WISHLIST - repost 2 - Add my site to DMOZ plus ADD MY SITE TO GOOGLE - Add my website to Bing and Yahoo Add my website to Bing and Yahoo- pågående arbete - Add MySpace Friends - No Skills Required Add Myspace Friends for Callinds only - Part 2 - Add Name & SKU to page in MAgento add name and info of individual to various web directories - Add native features to iOS App Add Native Map Search to An App Listed in Apple App Store and Google Play Store - Add navigation to website Add NBA Teams to Project - Add new a`pi connectivity to joomla rent a car web add new admin feature in jadujukebox - Add new banners Add new block to drupal website page - Add New Company to 75 Online Directories Add new condition to redirect script - Add new data into database Add New database driven Product Page, MyForce Product - Add new disk drive to Linux file system Add new domain name settings - Add new fatures to my android game but i don't have apk. Add new feature - Add new feature on our Woocommerce Plugin & Bug Fixes Add new feature on php online soft - Add new feature to existing website. Add new feature to jQuery script to grab Instagram images in real time - Add New Feature To WordPress Theme & Test Everything Add new feature to WP-Admin - Add new Features for PHPProbid v5.25 (Auction Software) Add New Features for the website - Add new features to a real estate website Add new features to a running website - Add new features to an existing wordpress theme and other edits Add new features to an existing WPF project. - Add new features to existing Android APP Add new features to existing Android APP - Add new features to existing Slack ap Add new features to existing software (no source code) - add new features to music script(repost) add new features to musicbox - Add New Features to Our Windows Mobile 5 App in C# Add New Features to PHP App. - Add New Features to Twitter Who to Follow Widget add new features to Visual Basic.Net / ASP.NET webpage - Add new field 'size' in woocommerce product page Add new field and one form only with custom texts - Add New Fields to a Payment Module on Interspire Add New Fields to Barcode Program MySQL - Add new form field , send data via API Add new form to visual basic project - Add new function to an Opencart / Bitcoin Extension Add new function to existing EA - Add new functionalities, features and design on a existing website -- 2 Add new functionality - Add new functionality to my app Add new functionality to our existing iOS app - Add new functions on course componente Add New Functions on current web site which made by yii2 framework - Add new functions to website Add new functions to Wordpress site - Add new GPS product to main Page & create new details Page Add new graphic in Opencart template - Add New Inventory to Amazon SellerCentral Add New Inventory to Amazon SellerCentral - add new links missing in link market 1 add new links missing in link market 2 - Add new menu to Wordpress site Add new mods to my phpbb forum - Add new modules and features in PhoneGap iPhone App (only for coders that know PhoneGap!) Add new modules and features in PhoneGap iPhone App (only for coders that know PhoneGap!)(repost) - Add new page and update header Add new page in admin side in the code created by PHPMAKER - Add new page to web application Add new page to website, and edit header and footer of the remaining pages - Add new pages to existing website Add new pages to existing website, mainly typesetting of existing material - Add new payment gateway to wordpress plugin
Add New Payment Gateway to WordPress Plugin (Event Espresso) - Add new privacy tools to Add new Product - Add New Products to ECommerce Website - Data Entry Add new products to my website - add new registered username automatically to 2 parts of my html on profile field like how tokens work but it does not work fusing this :( drupal 7 profile2 modules and other modules i need this so that new users sign up and there username automatically ge Add new reports functionality to preexisting GAE app - add new section - FBML Add new section to Android App - Add new site to indicator system Add new site to pdf download application in java - Add new Tab to website Add new table/fields in Easypopulate.php - Add new theme to Shopify add new theme to wordpress website - Add new url to multiple pages on wordpress Add new user class/group on existing site - Add new web page in my existing flash website add new webpages to my website - Add news and download list system to flash site PHP/MYSQL/Flash --( Add News and Portfolio Items to Old Website - Add News page to PHPMotion Site add news script to html site - Add next, previous and random button Add next, previous and random button (Squarespace) - add no design boxes add no theme color - Add Notification alert Add notification and facebook login - Add NoVNC support to existing WHMCS module Add Number and Website URL to Logo - Add OE PART field to CS CART product admin and listing so that it can be searched for Add oembed to our fronted add content form. - Add OMR using Adobe Output Designer IDF MDF Add On & Off Swich For PHP Web Site Splash Page - Add on class to Sphinx doc engine to index user specified items. Add On Click Tracking to links inside of WP theme - Add on features to a previous completed VBA Project Add on features to existing email functionality from website admin section & add captcha - Add on for Power Point add on for previous project - Add On Menu to existing Application add on module - Add on popup and exit popup page to the website Add on previous work - Add On to Allow a member to sell videos, photos Add on to an existing illustration - Add on to existing site, make it responsive Add on to existing website - Add on to the monitoring for the previous project (wiki pages) now to 18 May 2014 Add on to the section of site on Joomla - Add on work for existing website Add on work for - Add one easy feature in php add one easy function in my current site - Add one Functionality to Joomla component Add one image to web page - add one more select field in a Drupal module Add one more textbox into a laravel blog script and save entered value to mysql - Add one page to RS website Add one page to the website. - Add one small feature to the existing ruby on rails web application Add one star to php site - Add online mulitplayer function to existing iOS source code Add online order button to website - HTML Code Provided - Add online store in app Add online store to a wordpress website - Add ons on our site Add Ons to a Struts Application - Add opacity layer to image Add open Card to my website - Add OpenCL functionality to an algorithm written for CPU/CUDA Add OpenDocument to Document Assembly Application - Add option for user input in an existing mobile application. -- 2 Add option for users to favorite other users - add option to oscommerce site add option to oscommerce site - repost - Add options to APP Android Add options to database, functions and images - Add or Change Domain in Apache2 Virtual Host Ubuntu 11.04 Add or create Distance widget for wordpress blog - Add Order Form Integrated with PayPal To Website Add Order Form To Each Product in OS Commerce - Add OsCommerce AJAX-field for XML-export Add osCommerce contributions - Add our 3 hour long video to our site Add Our Action Video to Amazon Vendor Central Storefront - add our form on our wordpress website -- 3 Add our frame picture to our website - Add our logo at screen window Add our logo at the start & end of video clip - Add our site to major script websites / Data entry! add our skype id: khan99271 - add overall high score (php and sql) Add overide for bids in auction system on wordpress (PHP) - add owner to everyones profile add P&F stock chart buy and sell signals to PHP program - add page download video page to already completed website and fix any error Add page Familytree and more functions - Add Page to c# .net Website Add page to current website - Add page to my website! Add page to OC - Add page to wordpress site / fix errors Add page to wordpress website and repair some things - Add pages add pages to our site - Add pages and Inport all products to magento Add pages and Inport all products to magento - repost - add pages to a flash template Add Pages to a Website - Add Pages to existing English Website and convert it all into a German Website Add pages to existing mobile site using AngularJs and RatchetJs - Add pages to GV website Add pages to HTML Site - Add pages to our current website in mandarin Add pages to our existing site - Add pages to website, add Map Medium rework of site Add pages to website, medium rework of site - Add pagination and create template for page/2 Add pagination capabilitie to jquery quicksand plugin - Add pagination to Yootheme Widgekit Add pagination to Yootheme Widgekit Gallery - add parallax effect to images Add parallax effect to my background. - Add parking lots in Manhattan to my database Add PARSE database to wordpress database - add password login function to wordpress site Add password protecoitn to web site - Add pause and mute button on iOS and Android add pause button and linking ability to javascript slider - add payment api to web site Add payment api to website - Add payment gateway Add payment gateway - Add Payment Gateway In my PrestaShop Account add payment gateway in our portal (Visa Card and Master Card) - Add payment gateway to Open Source ticketsystem Add Payment Gateway to Oscommerce website - Add Payment Integration Option Add payment link to website - Add payment process to website Add Payment Processing and Extend Current Programming - Add Payment system