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Add Myspace Codes To Site - Add MySQL database, New Page to Show All User Records, and Copy to Domain B Add MySQL Db Support to a existing app already using MSSQL Dataset/Dataapater (VB.Net ADO.NET) - Add names from a PDF file onto a spreadsheet Add names to a Spreadsheet - Add navigation for products on modified oscommerce Add Navigation from excel sheet - Wordpress/Woocommerce - add new features(images) in android app - open to bidding add new features,images in android app - Add new articles to prestashop website Add new attribute to existing entity - Add new clothing to existing 3d character rig Add new column to order list in the prestashop backend - Add new CSS class for homepage Add New Custom Fields Type Module To Wordpress Thesis - Add new design to our site Add new designs to website templates - Add New entries to fashion/clothing website Add New Entries to Online Directory - Add new feature on my website Add new feature on opencart e-commerce module - Add New Feature to Existing Website Add new feature to existing website. - Add new feature to WP-Admin Add new feature/game play in ajax - Add new features for words puzzle game Add new features in android and iOS - Add New Features to a Website Add new features to a website - Add New Features to Android Game Add New Features to Appointment script- 8/2/11 - Add new features to existing custom WP Plugin Add new features to existing Excel VBA Macro - Add new features to existing wordpress template Add new features to existing wordpress theme - Add new features to my existing plugin Add new features to my existing plugin Part 2 - add new features to startftp(repost) Add new features to T-Shirt designer and bugfix - Add new features, including a blog to current, incomplete property listing website. Add new features, including a blog to current, incomplete property listing website. - repost - Add New Fields for Product Pages Add New Fields for Product Pages - ongoing work - add NEW fONTS to my editor and fix email subscribe ADD NEW fONTS to my editor and fix email subscribe of VBulletin - add new function on my php website script add new function php script - Add new functionalities to our CakePHP application Add new functionality - Add new functionality to our existing iOS app Add new functionality to PHP football site - Add new functions on existing iPhone app Add new functions to a job portal. - add new funntion on my flask website add new funntion on my website - add new hdd to linux (another one later) Add new header to wordpress blog - Add new items to webstore, cut pictures Add new javascript functions to existing page - Add new locations to our website Add new locattion to Bing map and trip advisor - Add New Module and Modify existing one. Expert Freelancer Needed. (Urgent Task) -- 5 Add New Module based on existing Modules, Restrictions to Website and New Customer Accounts - Add new music to existing flash site. Simple. add new navigation to portfolio - Add New Page Template to Wordpress Theme add new page to android app to use for calling API with map - Add new pages & logic to a WHMCS module Add new pages & menu to a restaurant website - ADD NEW PART Add new partner - Add New PHP Page in Admin Panel Add New PHP/HTML Code To View Videos On Mobile Devices - Add New Products and Images to Etsy Shop Add new products for website - data entry - Add New Project Task function in workflow when project task is completed. Add new quoting, sign up and payment system to 2 accountancy websites - Add New Search Criteria - PHP Add New Search Page - Add new shortcode to plugin Add new single page - Add new tab to php page Add new Tab to website - Add new theme to Shopify add new theme to wordpress website - Add new user role and bidding feature to NOPCommerce Add new user to htpasswd file that is protecting a directory on web server - add new widget location Add New Widget to Wordpress Site - Add NEWS carousel to website using WP Posts -- 2 Add news feed widget - Add Newsletter to website Add Newsletter Box to site - Add NFC support for existing Android App Add NFC to existing android app - Add nofollow to all External links Add NOINDEX to uncreated pages on MediaWiki - Add notifications for mail Add notifications to an existing App & fixing some bugs - Add objects to database through a web form. Add objects to excisting wordpress site. - Add OKPAY payment processor to PHP Script Add Old Calculator Script To New Wordpress Website - add on an article Add on assignemnt - Add on features from an earlier project with PhoenixTech add on features in exsisting iPhone app - add on for plugin quiz master next Add on for Power Point - Add On Menu to existing Application add on module - Add on previous work add on programs to edit pictures form website - Add on to an existing iPhone application and Android application Add on to an existing Website and add more features - Add on to existing website Add on to existing website - Add on to vp-asp shopping cart Add on to Website - Add ON/OFF hotkey to my program that I can chose and change Add On: Pick Operating System - Add one feature into Magento Add one feature on order import and solve a bug on a Magento Module - Add one line of code to iPhone app Add one line of html into a php based file. - add one page and content in joomla add one page content - add one product for purchase, on 2 pages Add one product return form on current web site - Add online booking system to website Add Online Booking, Calendar, Reservations, to Existing Website - Add online quote request to our site Add online registration and payments to existing C# MVC application. - Add ons and updates to existing Wordpress site Add ons for - Add onto an exisitng brochure Add onto an existing APK code - Add open source python code to sub-folder -- 2 add opencart exertion - Add option displays after a few seconds wordpress plugin Add option for link parameter to flash ad - ADD OPTION TO LOGIN WITH EMAIL TO WP SITE (0 DAYES) Add option to members mail - Add options to a software
Add options to ABTW - Add Opus audio codec to VoIP application add or change coding of Simple Moving Average EA Stop Loss and Trailing Stop settings - Add order form to our page. Add order form to our page. - Add OsCommerce Mod - Header Tags / SEO Add Oscommerce Module - Add our app startapp and mosfsdfbile core ad Add our apps to Windows App Store - Add our link in asp, asp .net, software resellers or HR software site in different countries Add our link in websites - Add our logos and brand name to existing video Add our lyrics to instrumental version of song - Add out of stock message on prestashop Add outline of Atlanta skyline to existing logo - Add overlay to our Revolution Slider Add overture to competition finder - Add Paddle licensing to Mac App -- 2 Add Padfile Like Info for ~650 Pieces of Freeware - Add page preloader effect to website Add page profile in my website - Add Page to existing Website Add Page to existing website - Add page to website Add page to website - Add page/fix browser incompatibility. Add Pageing to Search Result - Add pages and fuctinalities to my website Add pages and functionality to my existing App - add pages on website Add pages site - Add PAges to Content Management System Add Pages to Drupal - Add Pages to Flash Site Add pages to flash site - Add pages to my website, add and design landing page tweak. Add pages to my website, add and design landing page tweak. - repost - Add pages to Website Add pages to website, add Map Medium rework of site - Add pagination capabilitie to jquery quicksand plugin Add pagination dots to iOS app - Add PagSeguro payment gateway for phpFox Add PagSeguro payment gateway for phpFox - add parallax scrolling effect to html page add parallax scrolling to slider - Add Parse to my mobile application Add Parse to my mobile application -- 2 - Add password protection for Admin section in Add password protection option to buddypress group creation - Add Pay Pal Subscription To Membership Site Add pay per click to existing meta search engine - Add payment feature to website Add payment features on iPhone app - Add payment gateway and payments for existing website Add Payment Gateway and Restricted Sign Up - Add payment gateway to existing Django website Add payment gateway to existing ecommerce site - Add Payment Gateways + Form with Databse Add Payment Getaway to the Project - add payment page option Add payment pages to two websites - Add payment solutions and email options + other tweaks -- 2 Add Payment system - Add Paymill to a P2P car rental platform add payoneer as a payment method - Add PayPal Adaptive Payments to WPMUdev Appointments+ WordPress Plugin. -- 2 Add Paypal and Payment Code to PHP Scipt File - Add Paypal as a checkout option to a functional OsCommerce Website.... Add Paypal as additional payment option to website. - Add PayPal Cart to Flash Photo Gallery Add Paypal Cart to swebite - Add Paypal Express Checkout to ASP/SQL Ecommerce Site Add PayPal Express Checkout to Interspire Shopping Cart - Add PayPal IPN to Application(repost) (303033) add paypal links, credit card link to shopping cart - Add paypal payment method to chrome extension Add paypal payment method to chrome extension - Add paypal shopping cart to (Already integrated with paypal IPN) Add Paypal shopping cart to the site - Add PayPal to my existing checkout Add Paypal to my OSCommerce website - Add paypal to website Add paypal to website - Add Payza to existing order form Add PAYZA, VEROTEL, PERFECT MONEY, WESTERN UNION in my magento store DURING THIS WEEKEND - Add PDF Metadata Add PDF page count code into my existing program (called - vPDFjobs, i.e. my vPDF Server software) - Add people in three 3d renders Add people models to scene and create 6 seconds animation - add perfectmoney payment to a script Add permanent login to my website - Add phone # - Townhomes Add phone & email numbers and emails - Add Phone Number to header of WordPress website - Repost Add phone number to home page and change number throughout website - Add phone sip registrant to phone native memory Add phone verification on a page using Twilio + Some other small stuff. Read description - Add photo block ( drupal ) Add photo capability to Mobil Phone Speeding Ticket App - Add Photo Gallery to Website Add Photo Gallery to Website (Flash integration) - Add Photo Upload to my website articles Add Photo Upload to Simple PHP system (which is already created) - add photos to a web page Add photos to AE video template - Add PHP / SQL Shopping Cart to Existing Webiste Add php and css function in theme wordpress - Add PHP code to existing Email contact script Add php code to Existing Theme (WORDPRESS) - Add PHP Function to UX Script Add PHP Functionality to my project - Add php script for comments and fix responsive on 3 web pages Add Php Script To Existing Website - Add PHP/CSS to HTML5 CANVAS Script Add Php/mySQL in Schockwave - Add picklists to donation paypal php template add pics and music - add picture slide display to website Add picture tagging (like Facebook) to my twitpic clone - Add pictures and slides to PowerPoint-presentations Add Pictures and Text to a Template - Add pictures to my eBay auctions Add Pictures to my Joomla Websites and Text $20 - Add pinch zoom, disable cut past select all from UItextview, Add pinhole to cisco 1840 - add places in google maps add places in google maps -- 2 - Add plays counter NEW Music Player Myspace Freelancers Add plays to counter - NEW Music Player Myspace Freelancers - Add Plugin Android Add plugin code for wordpress website - Add plugins to wordpress and customize Add plugins to wordpress blog - Add Policies to existing WooCommerce store Add policy links to website - Add pop up to joomla website add pop up to my wordpress site - Add Popup (Pen UP) Keys to Custom Keyboard Add popup / notice to wordpress theme - open to bidding - Add popup to plugin Add Popup to wordpress site - Add possibility to add costs to payment method - ongoing work Add possibility to cancel backup tasks for existing android application - Add Post Back URLs to site