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Add selection field with db on my existing website - Add send email to php script if script fails Add send option to my code (file transfer) - Add SEO Title to my website posts Add SEO titles on each tips - Add Session Cookies to Login PHP Add session event handler to flash - Add shadow effect to an image similar to attached logo add shadow in image - add SHARE capabilities or BOOKMARKS for a joomla site add share feature - Add Shipment calculator to my site Add shipment fee module by province with various tax% and fix CSVI Pro plugin - Add Shipping Fields to Magento Checkout Form Add shipping for Magento 1.4.4 - Add shoes to cart before timer expires Add shoesize in checkout and orderconfirmation mail. (Modified oscommerce) - Add Shopping Cart Add Shopping Cart - Add shopping cart and e-commerce funtionality to existing php website Add Shopping cart and FB/Twitter badge to wordpress website - Add Shopping Cart Plugin to wordpress site Add shopping cart plus payment options to a html/css theme - Add Shopping cart to my website Add shopping cart to my website - add shoppingcart paypal will pay 30$ Add short CSS to WP Plugin - Add Sidebar to product listing pages WP Add Sidebar To WordPress Category Template - Add sign up and login to joomla 1.5 based website Add sign up and social bar to homepage (Wordpress) - Add Signature To My iOS App Add Signature to PDF - add silent print into a cocoa JS API Add Silver Star Yachting in Wikipedia - Correct + energizing text on SSY website - Add simple coin store feature in ios app Add simple contact form (with captcha) in HTML page - Add simple feature to existing MySQL database for Web page Add simple feature to Opencart - add simple functions to excel VBA macro for data entry form Add simple geocoding service to existing google map - Add simple news section to website Add Simple Page Purchase DVD, Tshirt , Goodies - Add simple product to magento Add simple responsiveness to HTML. - add simple user search to page Add simple Video Gallery to Joomla site - Add siple e-card to Drupal-site add SISTEM of PAY and register users SISTEM in mi site, like CMS with payment SISTEM - add site to dmoz directory Add site to - Add sites header & background to installed Gallery2 program Add Sites to Directories - Add Sizes $ Colors To Spreadsheet for Monstercommerce Shopping Cart Add Sizes and Colors To Spreadsheet for Monstercommerce Shopping Cart - repost - Add skip silence feature on app -- 2 Add Skrill & Payza to site - Add slide function to website page Add Slide menu to my site! - Add slider to a created site Add slider to a HTML website - Add slides and video to game file Add slides to a Prezi Presentation - Add slideshows to web page Add Slideup to Wordpress - ADD SMALL CHANGES IN PHP ADD SMALL CHANGES IN PHP - Add small features to android app add small features to my app - add small plugin Add small popover to file - Add smooth scroll and flipping image effect to Wordpress page Add smoovpay Payment to my CS-Cart - Add sms to my website (Easy) Add sms to woocommernce in WordPress (api / webservice) code will be provided. - Add Snipcart to Squarespace site Add snow / "Christmas feeling" to logo... - Add social data to search engine algorithm Add social features - add social login to a website page Add social login to existing login system - Add Social Media buttons on my WP Website Add social media buttons on posts on my wordpress website - Add Social Media Icons Links to Wordpress Header Add Social Media icons to 2 Tumblr blogs and find new Tumblr followers - Add social media links to our landing page. Add social media links to the website header - Add Social Media to OS Commerce Site Add social media to sticky-menu on dropdown [wordpress] - add social networking pluin in my site. Add Social Networking to exsisting site - add social stuff to a wordpress site Add Socialize Action Bar to .apk - Add some "if statement" lines on a php file. Add some ad scripts to Drupal 7 site. - add Some Api to my app Add Some APIS and Develop Simple admin-panel based on it. - Add some C programming questions on my website. Add some calculations to Excel 2003 spreadsheet - Add some code to a Flash/Actionscript project add some code to a website - Add some coding to a chat site Add some color and style to my site! - Add some content to my website Add some content to our website - Add some custom jobs in my shopify website Add some custom pages to my Wordpress Site - Add some design to a website wireframe Add some design to my blog - Add some extra config to Squid3 VPS Add some extra features to a wordpress plugin - add some feature in system add some feature in system3 - Add some features and correct some others to avaysys site Add some features and cosmetic changes for my ready iPhone application - Add some features in my website Add some features in our webapp - Add some features to a C# messaging project add some features to a Delphi grid (CIV 2005-12-12) - Add some features to access DB Add some features to access DB - repost - Add some features to application #2 add some features to booking script admin panel - Add some features to my auction website Add some features to my brand new website - Add some features to my OSclass Script Add some features to my Ruby On Rails social network - Add some features to our website Add some features to our website - repost - Add some features to Wordpress theme (2) Add some features/changes to my app - Add some flash to website. Urgent Add some force to our current Email Marketing Campaign - add some function to my php script Add some function to my Project - Add some functionality in php page Add some Functionality in POS system made in WPF, MVVM - Add some functionality to appasoft/laravel-5-boilerplate Add some functionality to existing railsproject - Add some functions and fix existing issues add some functions and fix graphics issues of web site - Add some functions to PHP script Add some functions to the site - Add some graphics to my completed project!! Add some Html Code for my shopify website - Add some information to Shopify App I had created -- 2 Add some integration tests to open-source project - Add some Jquery + JS to a Wordpress Site
Add some Jquery and Ajax to our site - Add some little options to my Video-Software add some live chat code to TYPO3 sub pages - Add Some modules to Iphone App. Add some more - Repost - Add some new features to existing page (Write PHP code) Add some new features to my Webapp - add some options add some options in admin panel - Add some payment extenstion to my website using a template Add some payment method - Add some PL/SQL features to an existing Java Application Add some plugins to a specific website - Add Some Programming code to my current script Add some references to my e-book - very quick job - Add some silder (jquery) in my webpage and convert PSD to HTML. Add some simple content to wordpress - add some static block and google checkout in Magento cms Add some static text to top main body in Chamilo LMS course section. - Add some text and images over header image add some text in flash movie - Add some things to my site and remove some others Add some touches for Websites - add some vote - open to bidding add some web elements to various pages - Add something in my software Add something my project on online examination - Add something to the exsisting website (cms) NO WORDPRESS add something to the picture - Add sort feature to a C application Add Sort Feature to my website - Add Sound Alert To Forex Indicator MT4 add sound alert to mt4 default stochastic oscillator - Add sound recorder function in flash swf movie Add sound recording to my app - Add sounds to itadmin-c-l-group site Add soundtrack to video in After effects - Add sparkle to the - repost Add Speaker & USB Port To Bag Image - add specific functionality to my site Add Specific Instagram Users - Add SPF record for godaddy Add spf record from DNS host - add Sponsors to kvWebME IssueTracker plugin Add Sponsorship Portion to Website - Add SSL and mySQL password to small site Add SSL (https) to React/Redux - Add ssl certificates and Ip address to websites -- 2 Add SSL certs to my website+other website touchups - Add SSL to my payment page Add SSL to my Project - Add standard blocks to Magento pages Add standard navigation control to 4 SWF files - Add Static Content to my web site Add static image behind flash - Add step to profile process of dating site. Add Sticky Bar At Top Of Header - Add stop button, session highlights to iOS app Add stop type to airfare_model - Add Store Locator to Wordpress website Add Store to Existing WordPress website - Add stripe as a payment gateway to website Add Stripe CC Payment to FloreantPOS (JAVA) - Add Stripe Payment Proccessor to custom PHP Website Add Stripe payment to existing website - Add studio system to camscripts Add Stuff to New site - Add sub menu color in joomla 1.5 + virtuemart with css Add Sub Menus to HTML Page - Add Subcategories to our Shopify Store add subcriber email marketing script on registration page - Add submit image button to a form Add subnav page item to buddypress profile - Add subscription pages to Prestashop cart checkout Add subscription payment API to Magento order - Add subtitles and header banner to a 6minute video Add Subtitles in English to Spanish Video "Must Translate" - add subtitles to streaming to video/movie from megavideo Add subtitles to streaming video/movie from Megavideo, Novamov or other videohosting provider - Add Super Admin User Level add superfish left menu to responsive site - add support for some rtmp url - open to bidding Add support for the eBay messages API to OsTicket - Add Swagger documentation to my spring boot project Add swallows in flight photo to a photo of an adobe building - Add Syntax Highlighting Feature to Simple Project - repost Add Syntax Highlighting to My Code Editing App - Add Tab to Site Add Tabbed info Window to Google Map Api Mashup - Add table to DB, and update web page forms and reports.(repost) ADD TABLE TO EXISTING PHP WEB TEMPLATE - Add TABS functionality to the editor Add tabs on page in WordPress site - Add tag on my website Add tag on the header of a specific page in CS Cart - Add tap to focus on existing custom camera app ADD TAP&TAP to our application in ANDROID - Add taxonomy to press-this.php Add Tcadmin to My Whmcs Website For my Users - Add Telerik Bar chart and Gauge to app add telesign (sms) verfication to a2billing signup - Add template to osCommerce site Add template to our website - Add TestFlight SDK to our Build & Upload to TestFlight Add TestFlight SDK to our Build & Upload to TestFlight for Testing - Add text an color to a business logo add text and fix contact form - flash - add text and logos to 100 images add text and logos to 100 images - Add text boxes (and arrows) to graphics in PowerPoint(repost) Add text chat to website - add text links to wordpress template Add text message (SMS) capabilities - Add text tags to PDF graphics Add Text That Fades In And Out to Web Page - Add text to a Poster using Photoshop Add text to a robot's body - Add text to - 2 Add text to circle infographic - Add text to Header and Footer on WP Add text to header/footer of Office/OpenOffice format using Office and OpenOffice object model - Add text to logo Add text to logo - Add Text To Photos (Photo Editor) **** Only Bid, If you have pas experiences on Photo Editing Apps. And Put your past work links. Add Text to Photos for Wordpress Theme - Add text to uploaded image Add Text to Video - Add Text-Link-Ads to Oscommerce Page Add Text/Images to Flyer Template and Banner - add texts to joomla website Add Texts to PSD files - Add thank you message to contact form Add Thank you page to WordPress Landing Page and submit form input to excel - Add the ability to Post data via an API Add The Ability To Upload Images To A Wordpress Theme - Add the drop down boxes to my website Add the Dynamic Form Generator to My Custom Php Submission System - Add the function "search" on a website Add the function "search" to a website - Add the new Custom Menu support to existing Wordpress Theme Add the new design to my apk - add the real estate search area - repost 2 add the real estate search area - repost 3 - Add the threads to my board Add the uploaded files name in database. - Add Theme to existing website