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Add Search features to Site - add search functionality to catalog page of site Add search functionality to UITableView in iphone application - Add search to joomla module Add search to site (veneer) - Add second footer to WordPress site add second language for WP Page (frontend) - Add Secondary Domain Controller to Existing Forrest Add Secondary Menu to WordPress Header - Add Secure Payment portal to a website Add secure server seal to store pages - Add security plugins to my Wordpress Website add security to member area with secure sessions - add security to wowza Add See New Posts to bbPress - add sem-transparent coloured layer x 10 Add Semantic Features to Task App - Add SEO keywords on website CMS back-end Add SEO module for digital printheads website - add server side validation to an existing form processor Add server side validation to our contact form - Add several pages to my Joomla site Add Several Products To An Online Store (Opencart) - Add Share Buttons On Blog Posts/Fan Box Add share buttons to feedback of form - Add ShareThis to blog posts Add Sharing Buttons Sidebar to Wordpress blog - Add shipping cost per product. Add shipping features to our checkout page - Add Shippings to Shopify Website and integrate an App from the app store. Add shoes to cart before timer expires - Add Shopping Cart Add Shopping Cart - Add shopping cart and e-commerce funtionality to existing php website Add Shopping cart and FB/Twitter badge to wordpress website - Add Shopping Cart Plugin to wordpress site Add shopping cart plus payment options to a html/css theme - Add Shopping cart to my website Add shopping cart to my website - add shoppingcart paypal will pay 30$ Add short CSS to WP Plugin - Add Sidebar To WordPress Category Template Add sidebar to wordpress posts - Add sign up and social bar to homepage (Wordpress) Add sign up form to website in 2 places. - Add Signature to PDF Add signature to word document and tidy up. - Add Silver Star Yachting in Wikipedia - Correct + energizing text on SSY website Add Silverstripe Gallery in Footer - Add simple contact management to PHP application add simple contribution to oscommerce - Add simple features to Avatar chat Add simple features to existing Ipad application - Add simple In App Purchase feature to existing iPhone app Add Simple JavaScript Features - Add SIMPLE Photo Gallery to My Website Add simple php equation to form - add simple sound api to my 1 page website, Add Simple Spread Rule to EA Add Simple Spread Rule to EA - add simulcasting support for video streaming app Add Singapore/Malaysia Females Into My Facebook Group - Add site seal in magento Add site search engine - Add Site's Feed to Google Base and Other Aggregators. Add Sitelinks to website - Add Sites to Web Directory Add Size and Color Feature to Shopping Cart - Add sketches pics in gallery in my wordpress based website Add skin and logo image to Wordpress Blog - Add SKU to Woocommerce email ADD SKYPE: khan99271 - Add slider and setup contact page Add slider effect and contact form to SOBI2 template - Add Slider to WordPress Site Add Slider To Wordpress Theme - Add slideshow to site Add slideshow to Tumblr site - Add small banners gallery to my wordpress website homepage Add small change on javascript/php code - Add small features for Joomla Module Add small features for Joomla Module -- 2 - Add small jquery button to display/hide links Add small logo to top of website. - Add smilies to tufat chat application Add smooch-cordova plugin to Ionic2 App - Add SMS to existing iOS/Android Location Finder App Add sms to my website (Easy) - Add Snipcart to Squarespace site Add snow / "Christmas feeling" to logo... - Add social data to search engine algorithm Add social features - Add social login to existing login system Add Social Login to existing project - Add Social Media Buttons through CSS Add Social Media buttons to articles on a page - Add Social Media Icons to Blog add social media icons to footer - Add Social Media Login and Signup Process Add Social Media Login to Mikrotik Portal - add social network Add Social Network Engine to Wordpress Blog - add social networking to phpcow Add Social Newsfeed to Website, add navigation bar to website and FAQ page - Add SOCKS4/5 Functionality to HTTP Class Add Soft Descriptor field in credit card transactions - Add some additional functionality (html, css, jquery) Add some additional functionality php/joomla/component - Add some background processes to complete and unfinished web form. Add some background processes to complete and unfinished web form. - ongoing work - Add some changes to existing software written with c# Add some changes to existing software written with c# language - Add some code to existing site Add some code to existing VB6 project (IF....THEN Statement) - Add some content (free public restrooms) to my database Add some content and forms to my wordpress site - Add some content to WP site Add some content/video links to web site (Joomla) - Add some data fetching capabilities to my EXISTING Instagram Plugin on my website -- 2 Add some data on our website - Add some effect like fire on 360 rendered video Add some effects to an image - Add some featues and changes into a working cloud (upload/download[dropbox like]) website add some featues to an non finished website - Add some feature to my Navigation Bar Add Some Feature to My Web Project - Add Some Features In My Current App - Cookbook Add Some Features In My Current App - Cookbook -- 2 - Add some features to a C# messaging project add some features to a Delphi grid (CIV 2005-12-12) - Add some features to access DB - repost Add some features to access DB - repost - add some features to booking script admin panel Add some features to C# progarm. - Add some features to my CRM Add some features to my current website - Add some features to my WordPress site & template Add some features to my WordPress template - Add some features to SimplyLinks Joomla Component Add Some Features to SoftSwich - Add some fields in a DB and in an existing search script Add some fields in wordpress jobroller theme - Add some function for PHPprobid auction software! add some function in last script for charli18 - Add Some functionalities in Website Add some functionalities to a launchpage - Add some functionality to an existing Magento website Add some functionality to an existing OSCommerce template - Add some functionality to my site add some functionality to my website - Add some functions to my script
Add some functions to PHP Gallery images. - Add some graphics to my completed project!! Add some Html Code for my shopify website - Add some information to Shopify App I had created -- 2 Add some integration tests to open-source project - Add some Jquery + JS to a Wordpress Site Add some Jquery and Ajax to our site - Add some little options to my Video-Software add some live chat code to TYPO3 sub pages - Add some more - Repost Add some more - Repost - open to bidding - Add some new features to my Webapp Add some new functionality (like Ads & Leaderboard) to an existing IOS game - add some options in admin panel Add some options in my theme on redux - Add some payment method add some payment method to our website - Add some plugins to a specific website Add some plugins to VPS via ssh - Add some RSS FEED to my Aggregator Deals Add some script to an Excel sheet to make lists - Add some simple functionality to Open Cart Add some simple modification to ready made app - add some stuff to website Add some style to my tabs - Add some text to a photo Add some text to a pic i already have - Add some update on my app with same source code just replacing some functions add some user stories to a program with java FX - Add some words to my image Add some works - Add something to admin panel add something to homepage - Add song to an existing video Add Songs to Spotify Playlist - Add Sorting accoring to price to existing Expedia API Integration Add Sorting Button to search results page. - Add sound feature in my video grabbing software Add sound play cabability to dynamic website - Add sound when a new data drops on a table Add Soundcloud Link/Artwork to Website - Add SPANISH subtitles to ENGLISH videos Add Spanish Subtitles To English Videos and upload them - Add specialchars and captcha to emailscript Add Specialized Captcha to Gravity Forms - Add spellcheck to a comment box Add spellcheck to comment box - add splashscreen java code Add splashscreen to android - add ssh key using putty Add SSL and mySQL password to small site - Add SSL certs to my website+other website touchups Add ssl in 2 domains in Centos server 7.2 with plesk controll panel & correct the permission in order the domains' users to upload files via File zila FTP client - Add SSL to our website Add ssl to the kloxo server - add start app video to app & Fix the download title issue ADD Startapp Ads - Add Static Price Field to Magento Backend Add static route to 1841 to allow accessing local web server from public IP (hairpinning) - Add stock level option to Wordpress MusicPro Store template Add stock photo and page to CMS - Add Store Front to Local Shop Website Add store front to magento Store - Add Streaming Movie and TV links to my website Add streaming audio to my website - Add stripe library via composer Add stripe merchant to event ticket website - Add recurring billing API to my website Add Stripe.js To A 3 Page ASP C# Website - Add styles to some pages Add styling to a Zendesk help center - Add Sub-Products mod to Creloaded 6.2 Add sub-skill possibility in a clone GAF script - Add submission fields to existing script Add submission form to website - add subscription facility to CRE B2B 6.4 Add subscription for website. - Add subtitle in (italian) translate from english voice Add subtitle in Bangla a Arabic lecture - Add subtitles to existing animation Add subtitles to FLV videos - Add summary pages to database Add summary tab to our spreadsheet - add support for rtmp url wih space character add support for some rtmp url - Add SVG Needle to JustGage JS Plugin Add SVG rendering API to existing web application which currently uses VML - Add Sync to PDA from Access Add Syntax Highlighting Feature to Simple Project - Add tab to facebook page wizard add tab to my product page - Add table to DB, and update web page forms and reports. Add table to DB, and update web page forms and reports.(repost) - Add TABS functionality to our WYSWYG editor Add TABS functionality to the editor - Add tag on my website Add tag on the header of a specific page in CS Cart - Add tap to focus on existing custom camera app ADD TAP&TAP to our application in ANDROID - Add taxonomy to press-this.php Add Tcadmin to My Whmcs Website For my Users - add tell a friend and bookmark feature Add tell a friend script to website - Add Template To Surf Script Add template to website + ongoing work - Add Testimonial Feature add testimonial page to my website - Add text and image to an Indesign CS 5.5 BOOK Template (already created) Add text and images to 11-18 web pages. The template is already in place. - Add Text and Polish Video Add Text and Polish Video - Add text document data base for e-mail Add Text Entry Field ability to FPDF - add text on top of a .jpg for a menu board Add text on two images - Add Text to a Existing banner Add text to a few images - Add text to an image with PHP Add text to an Image(repost) - add text to flash movie and export Add text to footer homepage. - Add text to images Add text to images using JavaScript - Add text to pdf Add text to pdf - Add text to the 2 document you already made me Add text to the app you created. - Add text with instructions to a web based template for a designer to follow. Add text, image and barcode to PFD in JSP/Tomcat - Add texts and transition effects to a promo video Add texts attributes to a Twenty Fifteen modified template and have the attributes available in the WYSIWYG editor - Add textures to Blender model required - repost Add textures to model - Add the ability to have advertising in my desktop app Add the ability to have editable fields to a PDF document - Add the drop down boxes to my site Add the drop down boxes to my site as well - add the following to the site Add the function "search" on a website - add the needed code Add the new Custom Menu support to existing Wordpress Theme - add the real estate search area - repost add the real estate search area - repost 2 - Add the threads to my board Add the uploaded files name in database. - Add themed pages to Shopify Add Themed Previous and Next Buttons to Wordpress - add things on about us page quick