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Add the new Custom Menu support to existing Wordpress Theme - add the real estate search area - repost add the real estate search area - repost 2 - Add the table to MySQL DB and screen Add the threads to my board - Add Theme to WP 3.8 - Integrate RESPONSIVE Design add theme uploader to installation wizard of CMS - Add Third Column to Sample Page Add Third Column to Web Page - add this plugin Add this script into my site. - Add threading to C source Add threading to desktop app (c#) - Add thumbnail display w pop-up for articles and pictures to view on wordpress site Add thumbnail functionality to store item detail page - Add ticket and currency system Add ticket entry function need for Helpdesk - Add time zones option - repost Add time-lapse clouds to a still - Add timings to a transcription Add timings to a transcription - ongoing work - add title page to show rel Add title to 15 sec video add. - Add to a group only some Facebook Friends included in a list (ID list) Add to a label arabic text - Add to Add to Address Book Hyperlink - Add To Auction Site Add to background, dogs and cats - Add to Card Magento Fixation Add to card PHP script modification - Add to Cart Booking Add To Cart Bot - Add to Cart Bot- Nike products other than shoes. Add to cart Bot/Program - Add to cart buttons added to menu. Add to Cart Buttons Missing from Magento Product Pages - add to cart function add to cart getting a 404 magento - Add to cart request links on adidas using adidas client ID Add to cart robot - Add to Cart/Wishlist Bot Add to CGI Script and program new - Add to existing application add to existing call flow script parallel tasks - Add to existing website Add to existing wordpress site - Add to header - adress and phone on the left 3 logos on the right Add to header menu Open cart - Add to logo design add to made website. - Add to my mailer website add to my map geotagging - Add to MySpace and Facebook option add to mysql and connect to php front end. - Add to Pinterest Group Boards Add to playlist plugin for wordpress - Add to Site (site built) Build out Frame - Pages Display Database Content Add to site catalog - add to website Add to Website - Add toggle buttons to my php program... Add toggle switch to Silverlight app - Add topic-targeting to my OpenX Ads on my website Add toplist code and ad codes on youtube template - Add toy image to kids room image Add TPS data to exsisting system - Add Tracking to an in-place secure document exchange Add tracking to Bulk Email System - Add transition animation to my HTML file Add transition effects to existing banner slider - Add translation to Django site Add translation to Django site - repost - Add triggers to SQL Manager App Add trim and bleed to existing artwork (6 page Plasma brochure) - Add turnkey sites to server Add tutorial feature on first launch of app - Add twitter and facebook to laveral existing site and link with the current user profile and our current system Add twitter and facebook to laveral existing site and link with the current user profile and our current system - add twitter follower Add Twitter Followers - Add Twitter logo to website home page(repost) Add Twitter Module and Blog to Joomla Site - Add two ballons to an existing image Add two banners to the left and right side of a website - Add two dropdowns to Contact Us form Add two email forms into Flash file - Add two fields to service record print off in SQL database Add two filter on search page in chameleon script - Add two menu's - drop down and vertically up. Separate header to own file. Add two more booklets to Flash site - Add two popups to chrome extension Add two products to existing PHP order form - Add two tabs to an existing App Add two tabs to current site - Add txts to photos. Add Typed.js Effect to Template - Add UI JQUERY Add UI Layer - Add Unified Inbox to Rainloop webmail client Add unified Inbox to Rainloop Webmail client - Add Universal Analytics and track sub domains on Drupal add unlimited sub template to jsveiws - add update products Add update to Connect2 HTML5 game. - Add Upload feature to wordpress add upload feature to wordpress - Add upload progress bar to current site Add Upload Progress Bar to existing page - Add ups real time shipping calculator based on LB and zip Add UPS Shipping API Kit into Woo Commerce Wordpress - Add URL Scarper to existing plugin Add URL script or software - add USA Facebook likes with USA IP Add USA on oscommerce registration - Add user chat To my site Add user Control to Dynamic HTML - Add User Login Section and Update Design with .psd files I created Add user login to purchase.php - add user registration area to joomla Add User Registration Module In a Drupal Site - add username of person who goes on cam spot Add usernames from an Instagram account to excel sheet - add UTF-8/unicode support to htmldoc add UTF-8/unicode support to htmldoc (818430) - Add Validation to online form Add validation to php forms - Add Variables quantities buttons in a woocommerce site with dynamic price change Add Variables to PowerShell Script - Add VB.NET form to Tabbedgroups example Add vbscript functionality into Excel - Add verbiage to 12 YouTube videos Add verification field for mailchimp subscription - Add Video on How To Add Video (PnP) to my YouTube Outro - Add video capability on Anypic by Parse -- 2 Add Video Capability to IPhone Photo Application - add video conference ability to website Add video conferencing to website (Flex/Flash) - Add video file to website Add video footage to 2 hours of audio - Add video montage to music for youtube site Add video on a joomla - Add Video Product Page Magento Add Video Provider To Jomsocial - Add video support to open source controller Add Video Tab To Drupal Product Listings - Add Video to header of existing site
add video to html - Add video to new template and modify mobile Add video to OpenCart homepage Slider - Add video to squarespace cover page Add video to the top of my website - Add Video Voice / Video dubbing Add Video w/voice over - Add videoplayer (mp4) to project Add VideoPlayer fix to iPhone app - Add videos to porn site add videos to technology site - Add Vimeo support to existing webpage Add Vimeo support to existing webpage -- 2 - add virtualhost to server Add virtuemart conditional discounts - Add vlan to a ddwrt router Add VLC Player & controls to an existing project. - Add voice over to 2 powerpoint presentations and convert to video Add voice over to motion presentation. HD video - Add volume to subsystem Add Volume/Mute, Pause and Start/Stop Options to Existing Slideshow - Add Vserv Ads In Android App Add vserv interstial ads in my app - ADD WATCHERS AND PAGE HITS TO eBay LISTINGS -- 3 Add Watchers to an Ebay Listing - Add Watermark to 5 x Images Add watermark to 500 photos - Add Watermarks of 3 files in pdf - total pages 72 Add WAV into AVI - add web form and adjust margins on home page Add web forms - Add web to Baidu webmastertools Add web to search and search within specific time frame - Add webpages to BigCommerce - Edit Menu Add WEBPAY module in JOOMLA site - add website content, possible design update, add logo, pages, text and update as needed and make live - repost Add website cookies - Add Website Search Capability Add Website Services Content with image - Add websites to existing software and upgrade cron jon functions add websites to my directory - add wheels to a lego cube Add wheels to shop - Add WHMCS Theme header to my blog Add WHMCS Theme header to my blog header.tpl - Add widget support to mobile application. ( Widget Design And Function ) Add widget support to WordPress page - Add WIF (Windows Identity Foundation) to Dotnetnuke Add WIF (Windows Identity Foundation) to Dotnetnuke - Add Window Media Player to my Flash Site add window to joomla site - add wmv video clip to website Add WobBB Forum to website - add woocommerce module to wordpress site Add woocommerce on existing theme - Add Woocommerce to existing WP Site (incl Theme) Add WooCommerce to My Existing WordPress Site with 3 Digital Products - Add wordpress and a wordpress template Add Wordpress Articles section to existing HTML website - Add wordpress blog to our site add wordpress blog to startlogic site - Add wordpress functionality Add Wordpress Header to top of Non Wordpress Order Form page - Add Wordpress Post images Add Wordpress Post name to slider - add Wordpress to subdomain and document Add wordpress user integration and change functionality of existing Meme Generator script - add words to video add words to woocommerce checkout. - Add Wow slider to my volusion website - Repost Add Wow slider to my volusion website - Repost - Add WP blog to site (TOG) Add WP blog to site (Unique) - Add writing to an existing eBook on wine tasting Add Writing to Articles in Wordpress - Add wysiwyg JS library to a text editing box (OneFileCMS + Simplemde) Add WYSIWYG on existing CMS - Add Xml data of various sites into control panel settings (repost) Add Xml data of various sites into control panel settings (repost)(repost) - Add XML Sorting to existing javascript xml parser. add xml support for vtiger open source CRM - Add yellow freight lookup to virtumart cart(repost) Add Yelp like userprofile to my site - Add Youtube and Soundcloud API to website Add YouTube Auto Import to Joomla Website - Add Youtube Video Function to chimpgroup jobcareer theme Add YouTube Video on my Website. - Add Zen Cart Multi Site Module 3 sites Add Zen cart plug-in to Wordpress - Add Zombie effect to faces in video Add zona ,photo draging customize..and add zona in me website - Add Zopim Plugin to Existing WordPress Site Add ~10 unique articles to medical website - Add, modify, design... new ready site Add, remove, and modify image and text content to a WordPress theme - add-in for Microsoft PowerPoint to Track Changes(repost) add-in for Microsoft PowerPoint to Track Changes(repost) - repost - Add-ins for Outlook -- 2 add-ins project. - Add-on Extension Development -- 3 Add-on extensions. Offers and discount code solution. - Add-on for firefox Add-on for firefox -2 - Add-on for skype Add-on for web browser - Add-on payment module needed for osCommerce using Payment21s gateway Add-on per Google Docs - Add-on to Existing Perl Script Add-on to existing PHPCake project - Add-on web pages Add-on Wordpress Popup products + prices - Add-Ons for Oscommerce Add-Ons for the site - Add. Logo design 3 types for 3 branches Add. Specifications and improvements on Renard2 - Add/Copy Products from Merchants and Wholesale Websites Add/Copy Products from Merchants and Wholesale Websites -- 2 - Add/Edit 4 pages to our existing website Add/edit a few pages to my Wordpress website (potentially using Thrive Themes / Content Builder) - add/edit product in Ebay using c# or VB.NET Add/edit product pictures for 88 products (3 pics each min) - Add/Fix mulitlanguage-support for typo3 website Add/fix print function for webbased file viewer - php - Add/Invite 40K contact list to my Telegram Channel Add/Invite 40K contact list to my Telegram Channel - Add/Message Friends for MySpace Add/modify content on website. - Add/record short video and add it to a TableViewCell Add/Remove Billing Codes to Nested Form w/Search on Client and Code - add/subtract 2 numbers (up to 100 digits) add/subtract 2 numbers (up to 100 digits) - Add: W3 Total Cache & P3 Plugin for Wordpess site Add Navigation Buttons and integrate a Jobs and Classifieds Plugin to - addd a logo to this videro addd me on skype i need help fix program - added cms to real estate list site and seo Added Data - Email - Added fullscreen to my videos embedded on webview Added function in social sharing iPhone app - Added Inforamtion To Ebook Added information on car audio for different company cars this is the sample websiteI worked on . - Added visit me on facebook to my zen cart web site. added wav functions - Adders in verilog Addes zip file, make 2 images like the finished one - Addicted to Love