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A portrait - repost - A Post Card A post card advertising a huge inventory liquidation (clearance sale) - a poster A poster - A Poster for my short film A poster for my website - A power point presentation comparing two company reverse logistic solution A power point presentation done with infographics - a powerpoint on a dental office A powerpoint pitch deck. - A powerpoint presentation of my work A powerpoint presentation on a sales team - A PPT done on Gaza Project a PPT file from English to Cambodian - A pre listing package that needs help A pre wedding photographer in london - a presentation a presentation - A Presentation on Toilet Etiquette A presentation over. Are american's public school resegregating? - A Press Release in English - open to bidding A press release revised and edited - A Pretty Simple Website with jQuery A preview web page for a mobile application - a pricing scheduler app A primary research assistant - a privat grant,feed for cows a private botnet - A private project A private project - A Private Project for Link2gether A private project for LucidThoughts - A private Project for writer1234 A Private Project To Build An Adsense Website - a pro logo for an educational website a pro rewriter needed - A problem with uploading images to my website A procedure that produce a list. - A product catalogue A product catalogue for cushion covers - A product for assistance of hand wash clothing cleaning... a Product for me -- 2 - A product that allows precision marking of points A product website to be built in PHP framework. (Laravel) - A professional and creative animator to develop a number of video ideas into effective and entertaining animations A Professional and experienced Business / marketing plan writer with a passion for Scuba Diving needed - A professional creative Facebook page A Professional Custom Real Estate Squeeze Page - A professional eye catching logo for a new laser cutting company A Professional Facebook Header Design - A professional Logo a professional logo - A professional logo needed - very urgent A Professional Logo needed for website and t-shirts and other products - A professional photographer A professional photographer required at north-east Indiana - A professional site membership system a professional social network for architects - A Professional Voiceover - Young American Male A professional web design & development company proposal - A professional website of an it company. A professional website to act as a portfolio for my creations and accomplishments - A Professional Writer - FR12116 A professional writer is needed to write a Research Paper - A proffreading of a english written university synthesis of max. 15 pages A Proficient Portuguese Translator (Eng-Portuguese) Needed - A progam needs testing a progamme for a machine i have build , IT IS MORE OF A SOCIAL NETWORK like facebook - a program doing one simple task in a short amount of time A program for an average computer user to read SQL - a program in C++ a program in C++ -- 2 - A program that archives a file you select and sends it to an ip address A program that archives a file you select and sends it to an ip address - repost - a program that computes non conventional financial processes A program that Connects to a web page for live hit stats - A program that keeps track of websites and gives updates when new material arrives - repost a program that logs in to secure page, submits form and reads results from HTHML - A program that will crawl informations from a website A Program that will download video of a given word based on user input (the videos would have transcripts) - a program the allows my clients to send and recieve e-mails to and from socila networking sites without having computer access a program the allows my clients to send and recieve e-mails to and from socila networking sites without having computer access - A program to copy term from website into google and then paste browser site back to website box A program to create a graphical display(repost) - A program to interface data that is in XML format to Turbo Lister II csv format A program to issue an Arabic invoice - A program to reside at the Smartphone and send out every SMS/MMS A program to reside at the Smartphone and send out every SMS/MMS -- 2 - A program which calculates boundary point (lim). A program which can fetch data into MongoDB - a programer A programer - A programmer A programmer - A programmer for web A Programmer In AutoCAD Environment - A programmer to fix errors A programmer to get me an application done. - A programmer/coder/software achitect A programmin project - A project A Project Simple FTP retrieval app - a project building and other a project building and other - open to bidding - A project for Adortalukdar A project for adortalukdar only - A project for ArmyMon only A project for articlewriter9! - a project for CierraGayle A project for cityhub only - a project for developerhunk A project for devrimi - A Project for EVERYONE A project for exclusively for DuronXP - A project for guru004 only A project for Hafiz786 - A project for Jain A project for JanHart1 :) - A project for Krivcheva only a project for Kudakitsune - A project for manig4 only A project for manvillar only - A project for moustafaa-1400 words for $ 2.35--12 hours deadline A project for mrmallick144 - A project for Ottuboy only A project for Pandeypria only - A Project for Quality Rewriters A project for qualitycontent1 only - A project for Sergii A project for shamsulislam - a project for simulnetcoda1 a project for singlar social - A project for templatesale only A project for Temur - A project for Visrta A project for Vitalisierend only - a project for yoou A project for YOSIF - A project for zdrenga a project for Zdrenga - A project involving a network design and report needs to be completed A project involving a network design and report needs to be completed - A Project manager for long term VERY interesting work A project manager or engineering manger or construction manager or maintenance manager jobjob - A Project on Embedded Systems A project on Facebook - A project on selenium webdriver framework ? - open to bidding
a project on semaphores and mutex - a project related to big data systems A project related to sensor system, IEEE< Elsevier letter etc - A project that is very urgent and need experience A project that needs (PHP, Creative Graphic design, Native IOS& Androis Apps + SEO + affiliate system + technical Support) - A project to open a Borneo-Malaysian restaurant in Madrid, Spain A project to US residents ONLY - A project you've done for another A Project! - A promoter A promoter - A Promotional Poster A promotional video - A proofreader for crochet toy patterns A Proofreader who can get my articles accepted by Contant Content - a proposal essay a proposal for a capital grant - A proposal to redesign a website A proposal well designed and written - A prototype app similar to QUORA app a prototype for a app - A prototype pen-holderthat can accept a number of standard biro/rollerball/ A prototype performing speech comparison using Java - a PSA on anorexia A PSD - a psycho chatbot a psycho chatbot - a publisher a publisher needed - A pyramid scheme A pyramid shape logo with my company name "Pyramid productionsInc." somewher by it - A python program a python program - A python script needs to be developed for a task A Python Script that moves folders to a location based on folder colour - A Qualified Helper A Qualified investor CFO/CEO operations management - a quality joomla header design A quality Perl developer who can work on a contract basis - A quantitative analyst / modeler with Python or Excel / Access Proficiency A Query and Dropdown Menu Select - A question about sql 2005 column permissions a question about the power state machine calculate - A Queue Class A queue management system for restaurant - A quick and easy java test, maximum one hour, need today support on skype a quick and fast writer - A Quick Bug fix on a Drupal Site a quick c # developer - A Quick Facelift - Website Redesign A quick file matlab file fix - a quick HTML designed catalogue A Quick HTML Edit - A quick logo - open to bidding A Quick Logo design - A quick question. A Quick re writing work - A quick Symbian S40 J2ME java developer wanted for Book apps A quick Task - Need Quality Guy - A quick work A quick writing task - Business writing- - A Quiz Portal for Nigerian Students A quiz system in Django/Angular/PostgreSQL - A quote for...TI, re-edit website, possible app, someone who understand a minimal spanish, and have time to work and done the project..and others more... A quote on a website - a rails work - open to bidding A raiser of money for a driverless trucks solution provider (per commission (5% of the investment)) - A range of new logo ideas based on our current logo. A range of smallish modifications to my site. - A rather simple Android application developed in delphi XE 7.0 and above A rating mobile app - a ReactJS developer A read later app - A Real Estate Company website with Content Management System A Real Estate Company website with Content Management System -- 2 - A real life novel about the way it was going up in the 40's and the great adventures (very funny) that my friend Mickey and I had back then. I need a writer that can put to words the way it was. I believe this could be a best seller and possible a movie. A real magneto expert - A real, current HR professional remote interview. A Real-time Collaborative Text Editor - A reality television show writer/producer who can write my treatment for producers a really basic sketch of a picture - A really simple app for my website A really SIMPLE comparison site between Sky and Virgin - a recepyionist in patna a recharge website with oxygen api - A recording of an original song as a 50'th birthday present A Recording Studio - A Redirect Script That Hides Referrers A Redirect Script That Hides Referrers - A registration form/site with admin. A Registration Page for Wordpress ultisite - a relatively simple web app A relatively simple website for an innovative mobile entertainment company - A remake for a video A remake for a video - a replica king aurthurs round table on a wooden round table provided A Replica of a skimmer device - a report about 2 business uses the system - open to bidding A report about cloud computing - A report based on a companys financial statements - open to bidding A Report based on National Statistics Data for 2 Cities - a report needs to be rewritten to remove plagiarism A report of 2000 words - A report on Cannon Inc. A report on Consultation - A report on Risk Analysis of investment in Kuwait (1500 words) A report on Shenzhen manufacturers, you have to be residing in Shenzhen - a report writer needed urgent A report writer skills in contact centre and website - A request to every one A Requirements Specification including use case diagram(s)/ use case specifications. - a research following exact guidlines provided and example A Research for living in ukraine - A research paper A research paper - A research paper of music A research paper on Margaret Sanger. A high school paper - A Research Project Specific to Sweden A Research Project Specific to the UK - A researcher needed : Prove the benefits of prayer using studies. A researcher required - a response about Frankenstein by Mary Shelley A response from a doctor Round 3 - A responsive menu for the theme I'm using a responsive mobile design for www.smslÄ - A responsive website but optimized for Web app. A responsive website but simple - A Restaurant design a restaurant design - A Restful Application - repost a resturant - a retail shoes and bags shop redesign a retail shop - a review of attached file A review of gender and choices in higher education - A Review Website Needed(repost) A review/optimization of my Android game app - A rewriting A rewriting of promotional text needed (60 000 characters) - a robot A robot for finding surebets and bet in auto - A ROBUST TALENT HUNT ON SOCIAL NETWORK SITE A robust web crawler - A Rotating Content Joomla Component / Module (cancelled) a rough 3d drawing done of bar / restaurant not to scale - A Royal Affair - Logo Design